Make sure you have read and do understand the Site Rules before continueing here. 

1.         Character 

I. Application: Once you have made your account, you might be ready to create your character. You can go to Character Creation or Application at the top of the header or here. There you'll find the character template, which you can copy and paste in a new thread. Than you start filling in your character applicationYour character needs to be approved before you can begin roleplaying.

II NPCs: NPCs are characters played by Staff and are only used when it is necessary in certain events for example. Or in the member lounge bars. Some of the NPCs are Canon Characters. This is the main reason why you can’t use their names, when you create a character. Your character cannot know the canon characters. You cannot make your own NPCs, since they are for event use only. However you are allowed to make friends that are not really a character in your solo training threads. 

2.         Timeline

I Chronological Order: This site has a chronical order in the way of the Threads. Unless you specifically mention another day, the day you make the thread is the day in the RP. It can for example be a Friday, if you started it on a Friday. Unless you specifically mention it is a Tuesday and so on. 
Apart from that if you make a thread and two days later you make another thread, even though the first one isn’t finished yet, it is later. This means that there is a possibility that some events have not played out yet in the first thread. Stay open for every possibility 

II. Roleplay Setting: This site is based in the setting of Fairy Tail itselfNow, you don’t have to be familiar with Fairy Tail as a series but there are a few things you should know. Things like cars or cell phones do not exist. It’s a pre-modern setting with a few magical examples. For example, there are magically-powered cars that run on an Self-Energy plug (SE-plug for short).  This is a small device that is wrapped around its user’s wrist and converts their mana into fuel. Trains, in the form of steam locomotives do exist. To use these, you have to buy a ticket.

3.         Posts

I Posting: When you post in a thread or create a thread, please refrain from using acronyms like "omg" and "lmao" and so on. Try to write correct grammar and with that correct English. There is a minimum amount of words necessary for a post. Staff would like to see at least 100 words per post. The more you write, the easier it is for the other person(s) to write more too. 

When a certain topic has been dead for a couple of weeks already, please refrain from posting in that one. You are allowed to have three topics at any given time. If you want to start a fourth, you have to exit one of the other three first. You exit by simply posting "exit" at the end of your last post. 

A rule for big topics or battle topics is that, unless you make small rules with the people in your thread, there is a 24-hours rule. This means that if the person before you didn't post within 24-hours. It is your turn again. 

II God Modding: God Modding is not allowed. God Modding is when you write or imply something for another character that you're not playing. If you suspect God Modding, you can inform Staff by reporting it in the 'Other' section of Staff Center. 

V Meta-gaming: Meta-gaming means that you use information that you know Out Of Character (OOC) while playing In Character (IC). For example when you meet a Certain Dark Mage, you are able to see that because of the colouring code that is used for the Guilds and the Council. However if you have never met this person before in character, your character doesn’t know this. He or she needs to figure that one out by interacting with that Dark Mage. You can only know things In Character when it is told to you by someone or when you found it out by yourself also in character. For instance let your character go to the Library, but even the Library doesn’t know everything. Keep that in mind too. 

VII Plagiarism: On this site we do not tolerate plagiarism, which means that everything you type should be from something you created. You are allowed to use a few little things here and there but it is not allowed to copy and paste already existing stories and so on. 
If you suspect p
lagiarism, you can inform Staff by reporting it in the 'Other' section of Staff Center. 

4.         Ranks 
More can be found in Information and Claims: 

5.         Requests

I. RequestsOf all the citizens in Fiore, only 10% is able to use magic and call themselves a mage. But the remaining 90% of the citizens still greatly rely on magic in their daily life. People without magic need mages to do certain jobs and put these jobs on request boards. Mages can find these requests and do them to earn money and experience. 

Each request can be done once per month, which resets each first day of the month. 

Unless mentioned otherwise, each request is rewarded based on rank following the table below:

Depending on your own alignment, you can pick different requests. Evil mages can take requests for evil mages, but not for good mages. Every character may only do one request at a time.

Once you have picked out a request, you can simply post in the request topic that you want to do the request. Staff will give permission to do so as soon as possible. Don't forget to post the request topic in the Staff Center to inform them that you have a pending request. 

Once you have the permission, you can start the request. Start a new topic in the city of the request, given that you are in the city yourself. Execute the request's Day program. Every aspect of the day program must be at least mentioned. Otherwise, the request may be denied upon turning in. 

The moment you are done with the request, you can post a link in the request topic itself again (in the same one where you asked for permission) and staff will check it as soon as possible. Again, don't forget to link the request topic in Staff section again, as this will tell staff that you want it checked.

If all goes well, Staff will approved your request and award experience and jewels. If not, they will state what needs to be done and you need to start the previous step again. After this, you are done with your request. 

Remember that doing things together is always more fun and can help getting to the required word count. You may take requests with multiple people. If you do so, everyone partaking the request gains the reward as mentioned in the request itself. 

II. Teams: You can make teams with a group of people (a minimum of three). If you do so, you can get a double amount of jewels for a request that you did as (part ofteam. Teams are bound only by the rule that they need to be in the same guild in order to form one.

6.         Traveling

Keep in mind that when you travel to another city, that you have to exit all your current topics. It is not possible to be in two cities at once!

I Walking: This is the easiest way to go from place to place. You make a thread, state in the title: Traveling. Walking is free, but requires a certain word count and waiting time in real life. The amounts depends on your region. Moving from Central Fiore to North Fiore takes significantly less time walking than moving from South Fiore to North Fiore. The amounts are stated in the matrix below: 

II Train: Walking isn't the only method of travelling. You can also use the train to go to any city (except Galuna Island) without having to wait. Instead, you need to make a post of at least 200 words and pay 5.000 Jewels to buy a Train Ticket (see Shopping District).

III Boat: Like trains, you can also use boats to get to certain places. A boat can only be used to travel between Galuna Island, Era and Hargeon, as they are the only places with a dock. A boat ticket can be purchased at the shop for 7.000 Jewels and travelling by it requires 200 words. However, traveling by boat takes longer than travelling than by trainand still requires you to wait 1 hour before you can resume roleplaying.