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Shizuka Mori

Posted on February 4th 2016 09:29 AM
Mana: 1250

Name: Shizuka Mori
Age: 20
Birthday: April 26 x772
Gender: Female
Guild: Lamia Scale
Magic: Sky God Slayer
Insignia: Shizuka's guild insignia is found on her right shoulder and is an icy blue color.

Shizuka is an interesting character, to say the least. Often times she may seem kind and outgoing, deep down she really is, but regardless she tends to give off this "I think I'm better than you" vibe. She tends to have a bit of a superiority complex, which can be a bit troublesome when first making friends. However, once you get to know her it becomes clear that she isn't really as elitist as she seems. Compassionate and loving towards her friends, as well as extremely loyal, Shizuka is actually an overall good person. Her temper, on the other hand, is something that shouldn't be tested. Quick to anger and hard to calm down, she often lets her rage get the best of her. This is one of her main faults and it often gets her into trouble that could have been avoided. Not only that, but she is very defensive of herself and her friends. Insulting her or her companions earns you an instant spot on her list of people that she is going to beat up. While some of her friends see this as a good thing, others see it as her once again getting them into trouble that could be avoided. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind and is very direct and blunt about it, making her pretty incompatible with people who are easily offended. If you can't take her crap, tough, she doesn't need you around anyway. She's a bit of an adrenaline junkie as well and will do whatever she can to get a rush, whether it's combat or just some other ridiculous nonsense. 

Like many young girls Shizuka is a bit of a romantic, hoping to one day find a perfect love. However, her daydreams aren't clouded with princes and fairy tales. All she wants is a powerful mage who can fight by her side. She's flirtatious and straight-forward with those who she admires and her rather direct approach can often times be intimidating for some men. Of course, she'll deny any claims made about her romantic fantasies. She's the type that keeps her love interests to herself.

Shizuka is rather intelligent. She is a very quick learner and easily picks up on subtle details that other people would miss. This allows her to excel with strategy, that is, when her emotions don't get in the way. Her anger often causes her to make illogical choices and her desire to protect her friends sometimes leads to the same outcome. In other words, she doesn't always take into account the risks and consequences of her actions. In certain situations she seems to be able to turn off her emotions and focus completely on the logistics, but this normally only happens in very dire situations. For the most part, she'll act based off what she feels in her heart and not what she's thinking in her head.


  • The Sky - Needless to say, with sky magic the sky is Shizuka's domain. There's something calming about staring up at the vast blue expanse that brings her a sense of relaxation and euphoria.
  • Adrenaline - Shizuka is a complete and total adrenaline junkie, whether it's fighting a group of people or doing daring stunts like free-falling. As long as it can get her that rush, she's in.
  • Adventure - One of the things that is always exciting to Shizuka is going out on new adventures and exploring places she has never been before. The world is a big place and she wants to see as much of it as possible.

  • Arrogance - As ironic as it is given her superiority complex, Shizuka can't stand being around people who think they are better than others, namely her. Unless you're willing to back up your words with actions, don't go around talking trash to her.
  • Loneliness - Shizuka has a fear of being abandoned and therefore hates being alone, especially for extended periods of time. If she hasn't seen someone she is close to for a while she begins to worry that they have left her life for good.
  • Authority - Since she considers herself to be superior to most other people, Shizuka has a bit of a problem taking orders from others. The one exception is her guild master, who is one of the very few people she actually recognizes as a superior.

Shizuka has pure white hair that flows down almost all the way to her feet. She normally lets her hair fall naturally behind her, cut in a way that makes the sides longer than the center. However, occasionally she will put her hair up in a ponytail. She only really does this is it is getting in her way during a serious fight or if she is working out. Her eyes are an icy blue color and sometimes appear to have a silver hue to them in certain lighting. Her skin is a light tan color. Her clothing is typically dark colored (almost always black) with blue designs and accessories. Commonly this consists of either a short-sleeve or sleeveless top with a short skirt but it varies from day to day. Shizuka is on the shorter side, reaching only 5 feet 2 inches. She has a petite frame with a small bust and is rather light.

Faceclaim: Vocaloid, Zhanyin Lorra

The product of a marriage between a powerful mage and a merchant’s daughter, Shizuka was brought into the world into a relatively well-off family. Her father travelled a lot for his work as a mage, and so during her early childhood Shizuka didn’t see him very often. She was raised primarily by her mother and her grandparents on her mother’s side, living with them in the small village they ran a shop in. While not particularly a life of luxury, Shizuka’s childhood was fairly normal and a lot better than that of some children. She grew up with a loving family and was happy from a young age.


Eventually, around her thirteenth birthday, her father was severely injured on a job and made his way back to the village. The doctor in the village visited their home regularly, trying to do anything he could to ease her father’s pain, but traditional medication wasn’t doing the trick. It seemed that his condition would worsen indefinitely, until one night Shizuka had a strange dream. She was standing in an empty plain and heard a voice, seemingly coming from the wind itself. This was the first time she was contacted by the sky god who would teach Shizuka her magic.


The next day she told the village elder of her vision and she was brought to where the sky god was said to reside. Once again, this time while awake, she heard the whispers on the wind, instructing her to come inside the temple while everyone else remained there. Here she met the sky god and for a week straight she trained, practicing the techniques that she was being taught. Eventually, when the god had deemed her ready, she was released back into the outside world. With the new techniques taught to her by the sky god she was able to heal her father and perhaps even save his life. This was the start of her journey.


Now possessing a powerful magic of her own, Shizuka decided it was time to follow in her father’s footsteps. She left the small town where she was born behind in order to travel the world. She wanted to become a powerful mage like her father and become known worldwide. After all, the power of a god was something that should be shown off, right? Around a year into her travels she ended up meeting a few members from Lamia Scale and was convinced to join their guild. Now she switches on and off between travelling alone and visiting the guild, going wherever she believes her destiny is leading her.

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Posted on February 4th 2016 10:25 AM
Mana: 5000


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