Oak... Overall a beautiful city if not for the dark presence ever looming over their heads. This city was the Headquarters of the Phantom Lord Guild, but since they were a Dark Guild, it wouldn't be so easy to find it, and some people might not even know it existed... But the City itself sure did. Alisa turned her head up, watching the grey, dark skies, brushing a strand of raven black hair behind her ear as the breeze fluttered it aimlessly... It would rain soon... She heard it rained a lot in this town, the sky itself was weeping for the dark, corrupting presence dwelling in the shadows below. Yet she didn't currently had the power to stop it. Alisa clenched her fist and stared at her covered forearm, knowing that was the power she would use to achieve that goal... Which in itself was only a stepping stone for a much larger ambition: To Take back the life that had been stolen from her. She would find her father, her sister, and kill those responsible.

 As she elegantly walked around the deserted streets of Oak, Alisa didn't feel the same reassurance with the lack of crowds as she normally did. The city shouldn't look like this... She calmly walked through the streets, eyeing the relatively empty businesses. She wore black pants and a light blouse, covered by a black muffler and a white, fluffy coat, perfect for the cold air... She was used to the cold - being born in a northern town - but that didn't mean she enjoyed it. She might prefer too much cold over too much heat, but still, being warm and cozy was still best.


 She also noticed a "Join Lamia Scale TODAY" poster which the Dark Mages had yet to remove. Yet she just scoffed and shook her head... Joining a guild huh? Bullshit... Why would she crowd with so many people like that? Having others around her would only make her quest harder. The thought of joining the Magic Council crossed her mind at some point, but no way she would ever be fettered by such reins of laws and bureocracy. No, her vendetta was hers and hers alone. Plus, all guilds were waaay too rowdy for her. Fairy Tail was the most perfect example...

 Having wandered to Oak looking for bounties, a rather clear thought hung around her mind: "what better place to hunt Dark Mages than a town where they made their home?" Naturally, this meant she had to be careful and sneaky about it, but that was perfectly fine with her... The ends justify the means after all. With this, she headed for the closest job board, wondering what bounties might be displayed there