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Advenes Drin

Posted on January 24th 2016 10:29 PM
Mana: 500

Name: Advenes Drin

Age: 24

Birthday: October 6th, X768

Gender: Male

Guild: Sabertooth

Magic: Flames of Serenity

Insignia: Crimson, located on the back of his left shoulder.

If one would watch Advenes work, they would witness a mage of unshakable tranquility yet ruthless efficiency. Nothing seems to shake his confidence or his single-mindedness to get the job done. He seems to care little for collateral damage and the well-being of others, displaying a sheer lack of empathy. Ends justify the means and results are what matters most. One would be inclined to call him a villain.

One would not be right. Advenes is ruthless and dangerous, but he is not an evil man. He does want to help people where possible and would give his life for the right causes with no questions asked. He is not cruel and does not go out of his way to spread ruin and chaos. A villain he is not.

But is Advenes a hero? No. This strange moral compass of his has a simple, yet very wrong cause: Advenes does not feel emotion. He does not experience joy, nor does he feel hatred, fear, anger, kinship, compassion or anything else a functioning human being feels. As far as Advenes knows, this is how he has always been. He does not regret his placid emotional state, for he cannot regret. He isn’t anxious about the fact that this is wrong, for he does not experience anxiety. 

Then how does one feel motivated if one cannot feel driving emotions such as compassion or greed? Simply put, Advenes splits things up in things that are “favorable” and “not favorable.” Working as a mage is favorable, for this grants him money which he can use to have food and shelter of adequate quality. Extorting people is not favorable, for this will make him a wanted man, which will have him end up in jail, where the food and shelter are of considerably lower quality, which is unfavorable.

Advenes’ mind is one of sheer, unparalleled logic. He does not understand social constructs such as friendship, sarcasm or compassion and they confuse him. He does not know how to handle them which results in an extreme level of awkwardness when he interacts with other people. As a result he is a lone mage in a world that does not understand him, nor does he understand the world. Still, if at all possible, he would find it favorable to make the world more favorable for everyone. He's a good soul at the core.


  • Efficiency. No detours when traveling, no unneeded actions, no shenanigans.

  • Serenity. Tranquility is favorable, for a silent surrounding improves the ability to think.

  • Comfort. A nice house and good food are favorable, as they keep the body in peak condition.


  • Irrational behavior. Evil “for the lulz,” sacrificing one’s life for random people and such confuse Advenes, for he cannot rationalize such actions.

  • Surprises. Unexpected events are unfavorable, as they ruin otherwise perfectly fine plans and expectations.

  • People that keep talking to him and want to get to know him for some reason. They get in the way and Advenes sees no favorable side to indulging such persons.

Advenes is tall and sinewy, making his physique look tough as nails. His hair is medium-long, greasy and shabby, and colored jet-black with a few grey strands. Advenes has red eyes that leer into the world with an analytical coldness. His face is etched by sharp features: pointy jaw- and cheekbones, sharp chin. To top it all off he’s hawk-nosed and he has stern eyebrows and lips. 

His most distinguishing feature, however, is the scar on his right cheek. Inflicted in a rather explosive event and poorly healed, the scar has damaged Advenes’ muscle tissue in his cheek, rending him unable to change his facial expression on the right side of his face. As a result he has a menacing half-grin caused by the scar pulling on the corner of his mouth, giving Advenes an overall intimidating look. 

His clothes are simple and dark in color. They are well-kept and sober, barring his leather chest armor and cape. Both of these garments carry the logo of a now-disbanded guild that Advenes used to be a part of: a fist on fire. The high-quality cape is black and stitched with red threads, giving the appearance of being on fire when in motion. 

Advenes’ physical weapon is a simple bastard sword that has clearly seen a lot of action but is still kept in good condition. 


The shown artwork is an original work I commissioned from a friend of mine who happens to be a talented artist. I have paid money for her service and the artwork is mine to use. 

I know that most of the faceclaims (if not all of them) originate from anime and manga sources and this is as such a bit different, but it is still 2D and thus I hope that it meets the requirements.

Advenes was born in a small village in the Waas Forest. It was a simple town, inhabited by simple people with simple desires. Nothing ever happened there and that was just the way Advenes’ parents liked it. they too were simple people with simple desires. One of these simple desires was for a child much like themselves: completely normal. Instead, they got Avenes Drin.

Straight from the start it was obvious that Advenes was not a normal baby. He never laughed, never cried, and was utterly placid. This worried his parents, but he never got into any trouble and seemed physically healthy so life moved on. But as Advenes grew up it became more and more evident that he was devoid of emotions. His mannerisms alienated him from the people of the village and made him isolated and bullied. Alas, Advenes did not mind, for he was unable to mind. And so life moved on.

It was years later that Advenes’ powers manifested and marked him as a fire-mage. This was too much for the people of the village to handle, and they started to outright fear him. In the end, his parents decided to have young Advenes be taken in by a guild located in the nearest city. As luck would have it, when Advenes arrived a recruiter of a small but specialized guild happened to be in town. This recruiter was Darmid Fost, and he represented Efreet’s Fist, a small guild that housed the best fire-mages in all of Fiore. Darmid saw Advenes’ uncanny placidness but he was more interested in his undeniable talent and potential. He recruited the boy then and there. Advenes never saw his parents again.

Efreet’s Fist was a guild located in the mountain range south-west of Waas Forest. On high altitude, mages perfected the craft of fire magic using discipline and endurance. At first Advenes fit right in. he picked up the theory with ease and underwent the training without hesitation or remorse. Darmid foresaw great things for his new pupil. 

But of course, things couldn’t go well for long. Once again Advenes’ complete inability to socialize with his guildmates alienated him from the group, and it did not take long before other young trainees came in conflict with Advenes, disgusted by his never-ending tranquility and quick advancement in the skills of the fire-mage. 

But now things were different. Back in the village Advenes had endured the bullying for it had no negative impact on him as he was never physically harmed. However, when the other students tried to harm Advenes with their magic he decided that taking the abuse would be unfavorable as it would harm his body. He lashed back. Mercilessly. 

In one fight, two students had been severely wounded by Advenes’ attacks and Darmid could no longer turn a blind eye. Efreet’s Fist was an elite guild, but a merciless one. The guildmembers were calling for Advenes’ blood, and Darmid could not deny them. 

Advenes also knew that, and when he pondered what the best course of action would be, he reached a horrid conclusion: if Advenes were to live his life without being hounded by the people of Efreet Fist for the rest of his days, he would have to destroy the guild.

And thus he set out to destroy the guild.

The guildhouse of Efreet’s Fist was located on a mountainside, and Advenes was planning to use that to his advantage. He rigged the foundations of the guildhouse with explosives and waited until he knew for certain that every single one of Efreet’s Fist’s members was in that guildhouse. He got out of the guildhouse and set of the explosives. The ensuing explosion shook the mountainside and sent debris flying everywhere. One chunk of rock cut Advenes’ face as he watched the guildhouse tumble into the abyss below to make sure no guildmembers had left the building. None had left. None could have survived that fall. Efreet’s Fist was no more.

After this event, Advenes started wandering the country, looking for ways to find favorable conditions: a home, decent clothing, income. He found it when he wandered his way to the guildhouse of Sabertooth. The people of Sabertooth instantly knew that Advenes was extremely weird, but he also showed ruthless efficiency and a willingness to work with no questions asked. Just the kind of person Sabertooth would welcome into their rank.

For years now, Advenes has worked as a guildmage of Sabertooth. He leaves the other members alone, the other members leave him alone. He has a home, he has income, he has food. Current circumstances are... favorable. 


It’s quite long and the setting (Sword Art online ripoff) is slightly different from Fiore RP but I feel that this gives an idea about my writing style. 

"In that case," Z spoke while he equipped a buckler and a sword, "would you mind dueling with me? I'd hate to have to fuss over someone who thinks they can handle themselves while in reality they can't, so show me your prowess in a friendly fight."

Regis' smile returned. "A duel with Zorro, huh? How could I ever turn down that opportunity. Even if you are obviously a beta tester and probably higher level than I am. I accept your challenge."

True enough, an invitation for a duel popped up and she accepted. She drew her blades and got in an offensive stance, waiting for her opponent to get ready and the timer to run out. Z didn't draw his sword. "You know, it'd be a smart move to draw your weapon if you're going to duel."

"I want to see how well you can attack, so I will only dodge and block... in the beginning."

She frowned. "I don't think that's a good idea. What use is seeing how good I can attack if I don't have to concern myself on the defense?"

Z sighed. "As you wish." He then drew his sword and a few seconds later the timer ran out and the duel began.

Regis dashed forward and raised her left sword in a swinging motion. She closed the distance between herself and the target, lowered her sword in an attacking move, and Z took a step back. Had she continued her swing, she would have missed and leave an opening for him. However, the blow with the left sword was never meant to happen; it was a feint, created to provoke Z to take a defensive action, which had worked. Following up on the feint Regis dashed to the right and front before Z could recover and while crouching she swung her right sword in an uppercut aimed at his jaw. Even though Z couldn't step back again as his footwork was all wrong his reflexes were good and he raised his buckler in time to deflect the uppercut successfully. However, Regis had anticipated this and the moment Z raised the buckler to deflect the uppercut she prepared her left sword for an Art: Horizontal, a simple horizontal slashing motion. Z's guard was completely open and the sword, coated in a bright red hue from the Art, hit him right in the shins. Regis jumped back before Z could retaliate and took a look at his HP bar. It had decreased, but not much even though she had scored a direct hit with an Art. This confirmed that Z was indeed of a higher level than her. She'd have to hit him like that at least one more time if she wanted to win this duel and he wouldn't fall for the feint again. On the other hand, Z would probably have to score only one or maybe two direct hits on her to drive her HP bar into the yellow zone.

Z recovered quickly and took an aggressive stance. "My turn."

He dashed and Regis tried to determine where his sword would hit but Z was faster than she was and instead of dodging the blow altogether, she had to raise her blades on intuition to narrowly block the blow aiming for her neck. Z immediately tried to sucker punch her with his shield but Regis jumped back again and pushed his sword away with her own, trying to bring him out of balance. The latter didn't work as well as she hoped but she managed to dodge the buckler. Barely. Regis recovered and Z moved in for the next attack. This time she predicted in time and she moved to the left, catching the blow with her right sword. She aimed a quick blow with her left at Z's head but he raised his buckler and deflected. He then went with a hard overhead blow which would surely bring her into big trouble if it hit. Regis crossed her blades above her head and blocked, after which she pushed his sword away and with her own swords still crossed she activated the basic dual wield Art called X chop, which hits the target with both blades in an X pattern. The Art went straight for Z's chest but his buckler once again saved him. It stopped the Art on the crossing points of the blades, preventing half of the damage the Art was supposed to cause. Even so, the damage done was nearly as much as the direct hit with Horizontal had been. If she'd be able to score one more clean hit with an Art she would win this.

But she was running out of tricks and she was in trouble now: by blocking most of the Art, Z had staggered Regis and she was vulnerable. Z took this opportunity and hit her with an uppercut, which luckily wasn't an Art, as that could have put her out of the fight in a single blow. Even so the damage was significant and she couldn't permit another screw-up. 

Z was about to finish it with a follow up blow but Regis recovered and dodged, creating some distance which she soon again closed in hopes of getting a hit while Z recovered. However, he was fast enough to recover and even go on the offense at the same time as Regis. She blocked the blow aimed at her hip with her right sword and her left lunged forward to stab Z in the face, which was once again prevented by the buckler, which knocked the sword to the side. This opened up both of their defenses and on the spur of the moment Regis used her momentum to kick Z in the chest. Naturally this hardly caused any damage but it did stagger him. Regis was already moving in and prepared an Art with her right sword, the diagonal swing Slant. She aimed at his neck and she was certain that this would be the killing blow; Z was staggered and could not step away or block with his buckler. There was no way he'd evade this.

But suddenly she felt a sharp pain at her chest. Gasping, she lost her focus and her Art ended mid-swing. Regis looked down and saw Z's sword sticking into her chest, a faint blue hue betraying that Z had used an Art to stab her while she was vulnerable in mid-swing. But that speed! How did he...?

Z withdrew his blade and a sound effect declared that Z had won the duel. Regis put her swords back in their sheaths. "Oh wow, I really thought I had you there, Z. Your speed is something on a whole different level. Quite literary, probably."

Z put his own weapons away. "I have to hand it to you, Regis. You make clever use of those two swords of yours. But you rely on Arts too much to deal the damage."

"Oh hush, if I had been on the same level as you, my second Art would have won me the duel, and you know it."

"Tell that to the boss who killed you because you left your defenses open after an Art. 'If you were a lower floor boss you'd be dead!' But yeah, I guess you're right. Hey, let's walk around town for a bit. I can show you around and maybe do you a favor or two to make up for stealing the win from you?"

Regis nodded, smiling. "Sure thing! Lead the way, Zorro."

Posted on January 25th 2016 06:03 PM
Mana: 5000


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