For the mages that are a little bit more developed in magic, it is possible to focus on their magical energy and form a Thought Projection. A Thought Projection is an exact replica of yourself that you can cast to be shown next to you. Your Thought Projection can even show up in another city, but you have to have visited that city before for real. You have to project yourself in that city after all. Now your Thought Projection can eat, dance, touch things like a chair, hold things like a cup. It's just like you are really there, the only thing you can't do is use your magic. 

Buying a Thought Projection makes it possible to have a fourth and fifth thread and in another place than where you are at the moment (as long as you have been there before). 
How do you activate your thought projection? By simply posting in the thread: Thought Projection activated. Or anything along those lines, but make sure that it's clear for the other person (and staff in case they pass by) to see that it's a thought projection. 

Prize: 85.000 Jewels