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A suggestion of Things and Stuff

Posted on January 11th 2016 04:04 PM
Mana: 1270

First suggestion: Go!

Ye olde bounty topic:

A roster kept preferably by an NPC. It lists the bounties currently active within the kingdom of Fiore, issued by several influential groups or individuals. This topic would be ideally divided into two sections: Sanctioned bounties and unsanctioned ones. The former being legal, government-issued bounties on wanted criminals and other dangerous individuals or members of certain organisations(!). The latter bounties placed out of spite, revenge or for example, for political gains. As the name suggests, these are illegal and normally only posted by people in dark guilds or criminal organisations. Although with the right ties, individuals would be able to put up bounties on others as well. Although for a hefty fee which comes with going through illegal channels.

This could further be separated into two sub-categories: NPC-driven and player-driven bounties. As the name suggests, these NPC bounties are given by NPCs and factions. For example the royal court decreeing the capture of certain high-profile Grimoire Heart players. Or of course, issueing the death or capture of certain bandits, ring-leaders and other criminals. Of course, there's nothing stopping the more illegal guilds and organisations from putting a reward on the head of individuals that prove themselves to be a real problem for their operations too many times. These bounties can fall into either categorie, legal or ilelgal, depending on the source.

Player-driven bounties are trickier but by no means dificult. Like mentioned before, these bounties would most likely be illegal ones. To put up a bounty like this people would need a solid, written motivation along with enough money to actually cover the costs. This should be pretty high. High enough to discourage people from simply posting bounties for the thrill of it without consideration. Anyone below C-rank should be considered immune. On top of that, bounties are always at the discression of the admin team. It's a method of creating story and atmosphere. Not to exact revenge or bully members. Generally speaking, the only players that should be considered for these rare kill-viable bounties are for example criminals or vigilantes that have killed before. This should prevent most people from becomming too trigger happy.

An extra paragraph should be dedicated to capture-viable threads. These should be more common and a lot easier to place because these actually lead to generally positive character progression and strengthen both the sensation of playing an evil or criminal character and that of more lawful-orriented personae as well. The former because it adds a degree of realism: breaking the law can and will be punished. The latter because it gives our heroes a chance to chase the bad guys. Ontop of that, having your friends from Grimoire Heart breaking you out of the royal dungeons should prove some very interesting stories.

Lastly, player-driven bounties could also be an interesting way for players to interact with NPCs. After all, there is nothing stopping a player from submitting a bounty on an NPC character. Much like a request. This should be encouraged and perhaps be free of charge. Granted of course these NPCs probably won't be key figures but rather characters made up for the sake of the bounty. 

Although a slightly rough gem, this is definitely something that could be set up. It would validate the choice of several characters to become bounty hunters and mercenaries and provide them with more suitable assignments than rescueing cats from trees.

I do think that pretty much covers the idea. I've annecdotal evidence of bounty lists working with a lot less restrictions and monitoring so I'm pretty confident. Heck, when I first started roleplaying somewhere, bounty hunters were some of the most popular characters to create and a few people actually created quite a name for themselves as famous hunters. Helped to discourage people from doing silly things too. Breaking the law should have consequences.

Rule one: You don't talk about it.

Now, a second suggestion is something I cannot name because of the first and second rules. I cannot talk about this. It provides a safe place for people, of all origins to test their mettle against one another. It can be as famous or underground as people like. The idea follows a few simple guidelines: No shoes, no shirts. No weapons (optional). Only two guys to a fight. Whenever someone guys limp says stop or otherwise taps out, the fight is over. Other than that, fights last as long as they have to. 

So, now that everyone's got the obvious Fight Club reference, this might be a good way to institutonalize duels: It gives people a place to go when they're looking for a friendly fight with people they might not know whether it be of a magical or a physical sort. It's small but probably more effective (and cooler sounding! Rule of cool folks!) than a 'wanna fight?' topic.

Library of many things and stuff 

Third Suggestion: A library. I love books ergo libraries are like little pieces of paradise for me. Which leads to the following brain child: We could have a place for people to create and record piece of lore on subjects that matter to them or their characters: foreign countries they came from, their noble lineage, new spells and magical applications they've invented or even new places they've discovered. 

The Crocus Royal Society of Explorer

This last bit leads us into the fourth suggestion: The Crocus Royal Society of Explorers. The name says it all: they go boldly where none ever's gone before. And they need you to do it for them. It's not a guild so anyone could join up to go on expeditions with the society and discover new places. Well, perhaps not all these places would be undiscovered, but who knows what's beyond the horizon, on the other side of that vast ocean? Explorer missions could be an interesting way to not only gain a little bit of money but also fame, rare precious items or even open up new areas for others to go. All in the name of glorious imperalism of course! 

Personally, I like this idea a lot. Probably the most of these suggestions. Could really open up the world, so to speak, with minimal effort in actually figuring out what the world looks like in the source material. People will have a chance to actually shape the world. Fits nicely with the previous suggestion too. Which is kinda why it's up there.

Now, this last one, I'm going to hell for this...


And the finally: The Fiore Amore dating board. I was going to suggest this as a joke but why not. For all you lovelorn mages who can't seem to find the one. Who knows, you might even gain some experience by going out. Now, please shoot me for even suggesting this.

There you are folks. Discuss!

Posted on January 13th 2016 02:56 PM
Mana: 500

Personally, I like all these suggestions!

More specifically:

Bounty Hunters a gogo:

The only thing that would make me nervous about this is that it could lead to some instances of meta-gaming via consent?  For example, what if Griomoire Heart wants to kidnap/kill someone who has no interest in playing a bounty-like story? I'd assume that there would need to be some kind of consent, or the illegal bounty would have to be kept out of the know of the target? The former could be gamed by the target with constant private threads, the latter sounds just plane unfair. 

Like I said, it's a pretty small issue, and it's one of those blue moon issues that I don't know will surface, but the possibility is there, which is why I thought it worth mentioning. But otherwise bring it on!

Fight Club:

I definitely like it! I think it could also be fun to explore the potential story/legal ramifications of participating in one of these clubs! Sure, it's fun to match up against opponents, but should mages be fighting amongst each other? What does the council think about this? If it's illegal, do you get to pay extra for the opportunity of a Kill-viable fight? Food for thought!


Yeah, I'd like a place to dump my background fiction for my characters too! The main question would be: are we treating this like a location or is it going to be more ethereal a la The Sleeping Giant, where it's assumed this information is just "known?"

The Crocus Royal Society of Explorers:

I like this idea a lot, but the one hiccup I see is that it's going to be a LOT of work for whoever runs it.  Might I suggest that if this goes through that there is either a dedicated GM for the Society, OR that each new thread have a dedicated story master (as in player made plots and such?) I think the latter would be fun, especially since I have some fun ideas I think would be worth exploring. Then again, how would the current Mods regulate the kinds of stories generated by the players? Perhaps a system similar to the request generation? Also, would we need a whole new map area to explore, or would these places exist within the cities currently standing in Fiore?

Lots of questions all around, but I like where these ideas are going! More discussing, please!

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