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Future plot

Posted on January 9th 2016 03:23 PM
Mana: 1445

Akiva Xerxes/Beast Bane

So I want Akiva to meet more people and just set up basic information. His rumour is known in the Sleeping Giant for those of you that haven't seen that yet. Please fill in the small list below if you want to join the list. 

- Scáthach Sgitheanach
- Lilith de Clare


- Bellamy Siddheart [Rival]

Reason why:

Victorious Theme

Posted on January 9th 2016 03:38 PM
Mana: 1245

Enemy: Bellamy Siddheart.

Bellamy had a brother, Finn, who seemed to be involved in some shady businesses. He never spoke about them to family, but he suddenly found himself a fortune, which he didn't share. Even not with his parents, as he was in dept with them. But Bellamy moved out, moving to Era. Ever since, he had not spoken any relatives again. 

But in this time, Finn had found himself in a nasty position. His businesses involved being a contact person to several mafia's and... well... other, not-really-legal-businesses. He was one of the people that delivered their contracts for money. Simple deals, Finn gets money for getting something done, and sells these contracts to the businesses. Usually, he mentions something about a small price. But the small price quickly escalated to immense margins. He started at a threatening. Some official was misusing his powers, and as a result, offended some minorities. Finn got into this, and promised to fix this for 50.000 Jewels. He later sold this fix as a contract to a mafia member, for 45.000 Jewels: 5.000 Jewels straight into the pocket of Finn. The buyer intimidated the official so badly, that he quit he job right after. A business was opened!

Some of these deals later, he got to a murdercase. A worker wanted his boss killed. He offered 250.000 Jewels, which he had stolen from the boss. Finn sold this contract for 150.000. He managed to do this several time, profiting in the millions. 

Finn always held his profits a secret. But one man discovered the numbers, and reported to a man called Xerxes. He sent his son out to hunt this man down. The son called Beastbane. 

Today, Beastbane uses his past victims as summons. One of these, indeed, Finn. 

Note: Bellamy does not know of the death of his brother yet.  

Posted on January 9th 2016 11:07 PM
Mana: 825

Lillith de Clare


They might not have a lot in common, he loves animals and she doesn’t care much for them. He might be rude and impatient and Lillith has all the time in the world and cares much for manners. He is brave and she rather uses her name to bluff herself out of a fight. But in a way opposites attracted. They are both wanted and wish to stay clear of the magic counsel, which means they have at least something in common; maybe it will even lead to a bond. And you have to admit that even though rumors brought them in this mess they both have a very interesting background story so there is plenty to talk about. Who knows they could end up being friends, or maybe there will be even more feelings in the end.

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