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Yumi, Hateshiginai

Posted on January 9th 2016 12:43 AM
Mana: 975

Name: Yami Hateshiginai
Alias: Yumi
Age: Real age 25. Looks 12-13 as Yumi says he is 16.
Birthday: October 20th 
Gender: Male 
Guild: Lamia Scale
Magic: Water Magic
Insignia: Right inner thigh, purple.

Yami is a complex individual who enjoys the art of deceit, playing an act in order to fool all those around him. Due to his rather feminine appearance, he uses this to his advantage, taking up the act he dubs as 'Yumi'. He dresses and acts like a young girl to hide his real gender and his true agenda from the world. He uses this appearance and personality to get close to other's, to make them drop his guard, allowing him to slide in the knife. 

Positive Traits - Yami:

  • Alert: Yami is always alert remaining vigilant, encase someone it as able to pierce through his disguise. While it may appear his guard is down as 'Yumi', it is in fact always up, keeping a keen eye on his surroundings in order to pick out any threats to his being. 
  • Calm: Yami always remain calm and level headed, even when he thinks his Yumi act has been discovered. He remains cool under intense pressure in order to assess and analyse his situation. In combat he stays calm in order to calculate and find his opponents weakness, no matter how bad things get he stays calm.
  • Confident: Yami is extremely confident, when he is himself. He shows pride and confidence in everything he does and is. He will attack his opponents and while many think he is arrogant he is just confident he can win. However while confident he does not believe he can beat everyone he faces, He uses his confidence in such a manner it is designed to throw off his opponents.
  • Patient: Yami is an extremely patient individual, capable of lying in wait as Yumi for months even years on end. He keeps himself in check waiting for the perfect opportunity. He is capable of dealing with the most annoying of individuals without lashing out, though there have been a few cases where his patient with certain individuals has broken.
  • Observant: Yami, even as Yumi, is always observant of his surroundings, counting how many people are in a room, who leaves, when they return, what people are wearing, how tall someone is, what their eye colour is, he takes in it all and retains it in his memory palace. He watches everyone's movement's, watching every detail, even the smallest thing, such as how many times they blink. His Observant nature allows him to pick out targets amongst a crowd, those perfect for him to try and play his act with.

Neutral Traits - Yami:
  • Aggressive: While normally, calm and patient when facing an opponent that makes his blood boils, he begins to show his aggressive side. He will attack relentlessly aiming for all vital spots. He can also be aggressive when he wants something whether it be seeing someone's sorrow, or even them. he is at his most aggressive when he is killing, as he unveils his more sadistic side.

Negative Traits - Yami:
  • Sadistic:Beneath the bubbly, fun loving, innocent shell of Yumi is the true sadistic side of Yami. He takes great joy in seeing the pain of others, it is his nourishment. He seeks to see the grief, anguish, suffering and pain in all he meets, even if he is the one that causes it. He takes great pleasure in seeing others in pain, even going to the point of torture just to indulge in his mannerisms. He rarely has the chance to reveal his more sadistic tendencies, so when he does he over indulges away from prying eyes, often ending in the death of those he has chosen to prey on. 
  • Deceitful: Yami is a deceitful individual, using lies and half truths to get what he wants. He puts on the act of Yumi to fool everyone around him bringing them under his control. He hides who he truly is from the world, making everyone believe he is the childish and playful young girl Yumi, when in fact he is a dangerous individual who should be feared.
  • Treacherous/Faithless: Yami holds no allegiance, not even to Phantom Lord. He is friend to know one, and loyal to no one but himself. He may seem loyal, but it is only a means to further his own goals, once they are complete he will stab you in the back. He had no faith in any god whatsoever, he doesn't believe in it at all. The only faith he has is that the Strong Live and The Weak Die. 
  • Malicious/Murderous: Yami is a Malicious individual who seeks to bring harm to all those he meets. He is mischievous, destructive, poisonous and malignant. With no morals he is free to cause as much harm as he desires on the world, he will torture, steal, maim, kill and rape without distinction. He will leave a trail of bloodied corpses in his wake to bring chaos to this world.
  • Amoral: Yami has no morals at all, giving him no restraints over what he does. He does not see anything as right or wrong, simply that everything is. He has no standard of principals what so ever and will kill, torture, maim anyone without distinction, young, old, male or female he doesn't discriminate, nor with colour or race. He doesn't care if your black, white, tan, half this or half that he will kill without a care. He is not against robbing from the poor, working for the rich even if it harms thousands. He will kill thousands without blinking an eye if it means he can indulge in his sadistic nature. He doesn't care what reason you have for living, or what your goal in life is, if you goal is to kill wipe out a king he doesn't care, if you wish to create a medicine that will save thousands of lives he will kill you and take it for himself to sell to the highest bidder. He is also not against blackmailing other's for his own gain.
  • Secretive: Yami enjoys his secrets, and other's keeping them to himself. He enjoys searching out the secrets of other's to be used later if needed. He will also kill to keep certain secrets hidden. If needed he will also kill to keep his other deceptive nature hidden to the world.

Positive Traits - Yumi Persona:

  • Innocent:Under his Yumi persona, Yami acts as an innocent young girl, who has appears as if she has no problems in life. Yumi interacts cheerful with everyone she meets, regardless of how scary they look. She shows no worries against frightening individuals, simply smiling and laughing as she talks to them. She will warm up to anyone and everyone.
  • Playful: Yumi is rather playful, laughing and giggling at anything funny. She will pull others with her if she sees something fun, wanting to enjoy it with as many people as possible. She can be rather forceful when she wants someone to have fun with her. She is always lively and full of joy, rarely anything can ever get her down. 
  • Fun Loving: As Yumi, Yami enjoys having fun, running about and seeing what the world has to offer. Yumi enjoys dragging others along to partake in various activities that install joy. As Yumi, Yami is relatively easy going, not much can get him/her down and carefree. 
  • Energetic/Enthusiastic: Yumi is a bundle of energy, always running about on a limitless supply, no matter how much Yumi does he/she never seems to run out of energy. Yumi is always animated and active, bouncing off the walls with her unlimited supply of energy. Yumi is passionate and fiery in everything 'she' does, never seeming to tire. Yumi's energy can be called infectious as it's been known to jump to other's giving them a giant boost, simply due to 'her personality'.

Negative Traits - Yumi Persona:
  • Impatient: As Yumi, Yami acts impatient unable to sit still for more than a moment at a time, unless it's concerning sweets. As Yumi 'she' wants to do things now and then instead of later. As Yumi, Yami pretends to be quick to irritate or provoke, usually in a comical manner to enforce Yumi's childish nature. 
  • Distractable: When Yami acts as Yumi, he/she is easily distractable. Yumi can be distracted by the simplest of things, dragging her attention away from what she is currently doing. Often Yami does it in such a way, that is enhances Yumi's cute, childish mannerisms.
  • Excitable: Yumi is an extremely excitable person., impulsive and restless, wanting to jump right into the action.The smallest things will excite Yumi making her/him jump around in joy.


  • Sweets: As both Yami and Yumi, Yami has a sweet tooth. He loves all kinds of sweet foods, just adores them. He can often be seen eating sweets at any time of the day, morning or night it doesn't matter to him. He doesn't like others to touch or take his sweets, as he can be pretty protective over what is his, try and take one of his sweets and he's likely to try and bite you, the mildest of things he could do, the worst take your head. When it comes to his sweets he won't share and if he does, it's only so he can earn your trust. 
  • Toying with Others: Yami enjoys toying with the emotions of other's. He enjoys using others to his advantage twisting them into his little pawns to be used in his game of chess. 
  • Negativity: Yami is a being who feeds of the negativity in the world anger, aggression, rage, sorrow, fear, grief,  shame, cowardice, hatred, sanity, sadness, violence. Yami will actively seek to cause these emotions in other's for his own amusement. He will tear down friendships and relationships just to view the whirl wind of emotions that will appear in their eyes. He is like an emotional vampire, feeding off the negative emotions of others. He will cause destructive for his amusement if it allows him to see the pain of others, to bring out their suffering.
  • Torture: When Yami unveils his more sadistic side, he enjoys torturing other's, using various methods to earn their torturous screams. He will use what ever at his disposal to create new inventive ways of torture for his sick sadistic pleasure.

  • Law and Order: Yami has an extreme dislike of laws of society and the rules that dictate the world. He despises the laws of society, finding them to be restricting, he much prefers his freedom. He hates the order of the world, he prefers disorder, chaos. He wants everything to be out of order, to be in a world full of chaos, so he will cause as much as he can't to turn the world on it's head. He wishes to see the world in anarchy. 
  • Weaklings: If there's one thing Yami can't stand, it's weaklings. He believes in the simple chaotic order of 'the strong survive and the weak die'. The weak are simply fodder to be used by the strong for whatever they desire. Power to Yami is measured by ones own strength, not by money or politics. If you have no real then you desire to be killed in the most horrific way imaginable. Anyone he sees as weak he will use as his pawns for his goal of bringing the world to chaos.
  • Mercy: If Yami can't stand weaklings, he can't stand mercy at all. The act of being merciful is something he despises. He never shows any mercy in anything he does, the only mercy is the release of death but then even that is slow and excruciatingly painful. The only time he offers mercy is when he must as Yumi, even then it makes him want to throw up and go on a killing spree.
  • Spicy Foods: While yami has a high addiction to sweets as both Yumi and himself, he hates spicy foods. He has never been a fan of spicy foods as they have never agreed with him. His tongue is incredibly sensitive when it comes to spices, even the mildest of spice often results in his tongue and mouth burning up from a single bite. He has managed to curb this so he can consume foods with a tiny amount of spice, but anything more and it gets to much for him.

To Most Yami, or Yumi as he calls himself in public takes the appearance of a small young girl. Yami/Yumi looks to be around twelve or thirteen years of age. Yami stands at a height of four feet ten inches and weights only one hundred pounds.

Yami has long flowing black hair reaching his ankles with a large black and red bow on top as an ornament, that look like ears.He has dark red eyes.  Yami has a very petite frame with a feminine body, wide hips, slender waist almost an hour glass, with a slightly than larger chest giving him the appearance of a small bust that fits his tiny frame. He has a heart shaped face with a cute button nose that enhances his soft angelic features. He has long slender legs with milky white skin. His skin is milky white and flawless, not a shred of markings or scars on it what so ever, nor sign of a single hair and is smooth to the touch. He lacks any sign of an adam's apple. 

Yami as Yumi wears clothing reminiscent of a Gothic Lolita style. He wears a black dress dress with red frills that stops at his upper thigh revealing quite a bit of leg. The front of the dress is designed like a vest almost with white down the middle, with a red criss cross of fabric binding it together, with the sides being black. The dress is backless from below the shoulder blades to just above the waist, revealing a good portion of 'Yumi's' back.Attached to the back of his outfit is a large red ribbon tied in a bow with the tails flowing down to the back of his knees. Yami wears black stockings reaching past his knees and half way up his thighs, supported by black and garters. He accompanies this by wearing a pair of red boots up to his calves. The boots have high heels adding an extra four inches to his height. The boots have a red 'X' shape at the front. He wears fingerless black arm warmers that reach his knuckles and half way between his wrist and elbows, with the ends being tie by a red ribbon.

Being that he wears dresses and skirts he had become accustom, and very good at hiding his real gender making sure even if his dress or skirt is flipped one will not notice his real gender, and still believe him to be a girl.

When he wishes to act out as Yami, he will tie his hair in a samurai style ponytail. He will keep a few bangs to frame his face, over shadowing his eyes. He will change his entire attire, going with two different looks. The first he will wear dress in a suit, consisting of a long sleeved collard, buttoned white shirt, black tie, black suit jacket over the top with long black trousers. He wears baggy clothing so it doesn't hug his frame, in order to make it appear he has a slightly larger build. He will wear thick black shoes that add an extra three inches to his height. He will also chose to wear long baggy black hakama style pants, a long sleeved black kimono top with plenty of room. He wears waraji and white tabi socks. He will wear a black obi sash around his waist, keeping it lose to hide his hour glass figure.

Faceclaim: Rory Mercury | Gate

One might ask how Yami's sadistic personality and lust for blood came to be? Why does he cross dress as a young girl? Did he grow up in an abusive home? Did he have a tragic past. In fact it is the exact opposite, Yami had none of these. In fact he led a happy life, once a cheerful child with loving parent's, that was until the darkness in his heart since birth came to life. Yami is simply one of the few who was born with a dark passenger.

Yami was born on October 20th, 25 years ago in the town of Magnolia. He was born to parents Hateshiginai, Miyuki and Hateshiginai, Kurama. Both his parents were part of the medical practice, his mother a general practitioner and his father a surgeon specialising in heart and brain surgeries. His family was well off and showered him with love, affection and gifts. Yami took surprisingly after his father inheriting a feminien body and his mother's luscious long back locks. From his father he inherited his dark red hues.

From the early days, Yami spent most of his time in his mother's office, lying in a small crib. By the time he was four, Yamni's mentality had developed already he was thinking and acting almost twice his way. He was reading and writing well above his age with a developing vocabulary. It was with this enhanced mental state that he gained in an interest medicine and decided to follow in their shoes, to become a doctor. 

Yami lived with his folks showered with love every day. He was a bright and warm child who loved to play and interact with others. he even had a fascination with acting. Regardless of his feminine looks his mother made sure to dress him in a way to show he was distinctly a male.

By his eighth birthday, things soon began to spiral into events that no one foresaw. At eight he was enraptured by the thought of death. One day while watching his father perform a complicated open heart surgery on an elderly gentleman, the man passed away on the table. Yami could only watch in fascination as the corpse just lay their lifeless and it amused him. The man's family crying in sorrow seemed to pull him in. The way they cried, the look in their eyes the grief and pain, the way Yami saw it, it gave birth to something dark inside of him, allowing it to rise tot he surface. It was on that day Yami would never be the same, for he now wanted to see the sorrow of the world.

By the age of twelve he began to use his unique appearance to his advantage. He would often be mistaken as a girl so he took to dressing at one to deceive other's using the act to improve himself and learn various new skills. He made the village folk believe he was a warm heated, kind but strange male.

At fourteen he had his first experience in kills. He killed his own pet hamster, a hamster he had loved and raised for two full years as an experiment. One day he simply look at his pet and imagined what it would be like to kill it. He took to grabbing a kitchen knife and sliced his pets neck with out any remorse. He felt no remorse as he watched the look of betrayal in the eyes of the creature that was his friend. He soon began to indulge himself in studying up on the art of medicine, learning as much as he can on the human anatomy as possible.

By the age of sixteen he took his first human wife. He kidnapped one of his classmates after drugging him, before taking him away to a secluded location. He made sure to tie the teen securely to a chair and proceeded to torture him. He began to use what he learned from his medical studies to prolong the torturous experience as long as possible, keeping the teen alive in order to practice his methods. He uses everything at his disposal even hitting various nervous points in the body he had learned to designed to enhance pain reception. Yami could only laugh as he watched the fear in the teens eyes, listening to his agonising screams before he finished off killing the teen in one fell swoop.

However Yami wanted more, so he left for home and waited patiently for his parents to return. His father like always wouldn't return till late, but his mother was always home first. He grabbed a kitchen knife and snuck up behind his mother, stabbing her right in the back. He listened to her screams, her pleas and her cries it all filled his heart with joy, as he stabbed her over and over again. Soon he was covered in her blood. When his father returned that night to find his wife dead, he quickly raced to find his son, only to find Yami sitting in his room covered in blood. Kurama went to console his son and find out what happened, only Yami turned on him, a crazed look in his eyes. He then lunged forward burying the knife deep into his father's chest. Yami then fled his home before anyone found out about what he had done. He fled his home travelling out into fiore.

For the next eight years Yami would travel all over Fiore learning about the art of magic in order to expand his abilities.He would travel town to town, city to city, village to village covering a vast distance, never staying in one place longer than a week. He would learn everything he could, expanding on his knowledge and on his ability to act. He would use the act he now called Yumi, creating a new identity for himself making everyone he comes in contact. He would even began looking into learning a style of magic for himself, finding the best magic that suited him to be Mizu Mahou (Water Magic). After his travels he would eventually come to reside in Hargeon becoming a member of Lamia Scale. His goal to use Lamia Scale to his advantage, becoming a member of a light guild to hide his secret agenda, to bring Anarchy to Fiore.


Goal: Yami has one simple goal in life, to bring disorder, to bring Fiore into Chaos, to break the laws that government the people to allow Anarchy to begin. He will use everything in his arsenal as a weapon, he will flaunt his appearance in order to earn the trust of others if it can be used to further his own goals.


Old Rp Sample from FTRP:

Yami flicked a retractable knife back and forth in his hands. His emotionless gaze bore down on his exhausted opponent. He licked his lips as a mad glint slowly began to form. Oh yes the look of fear in his opponents eyes brought him great joy. Yami reached out grabbing some brat next to him by their hair making the child, probably only ten years scream in pain. Fear in his eyes as Yami lifted the knife to his throat. Yami cackled at the sight and with one swift motion the deed was done. He dropped the corpse to the ground watching the pain flicker through his opponents eyes at the sight. Yami lifted his knife to his lips and licked the blood before he shot forth at his foe. Yami slashed with the knife cutting his foe across the chest. He went with a jab stabbing the knife up to the handle in their flesh. He shivered with delight at the sound of their pain filled screams. He ribbed the knife out and grabbed their throat with his left hand. He lifted the knife to their face and began to push the sharp edge into their cheek drawing blood. He slashed making a deep laceration as he dropped them to the ground. He lifted his right leg and stomped down on their stomach relishing in their screams again.

He laughed as he continued to stomp down never stopping until a good few minutes. His foe lay on the ground in a fetal position shaking with pain. Yami crouched down and plunged the knife in. He watched as the life left their eyes. Oh how sad it was all over. He stood up removing his knife with him. He flicked the blade and put it away. Yami ran his bloodied fingers through his hair and looked around the room. Corpses were strewn across the floor, blood staining the walls. Yami cackled as he saw the looks of fear in their cold dead hues. He tucked his hands into his pockets and began to walk away. It looked like his job was done for the day.

He spat on one of the corpses and began to leave the room, kicking the door open as he did so. What a pity he had hoped to enjoy that a little longer, oh well perhaps he would find another request in which he could enjoy the sorrows of his targets. He laughed the entire way as he left the building, there were corpses every, in the hallways and the gardens. His target had only been a single man but he had taken joy in slaughtering everyone like they were pigs. The feeling of blood on his hands was oh so enjoyable. He released a mad laugh as he walked down the streets of clover town his body covered head to toe in blood. The towns folks got out of his way as he headed back to oak to report in on his request to his guild master and collected his reward.

Character Sheet

Posted on January 29th 2016 11:22 AM
Mana: 5000


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