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My Kingdom for Some Soap [get the soap quest]

Posted on January 8th 2016 02:57 AM
Mana: 500

Jace walked out of his little inn in Hosenka.  The cold air nipped his cheeks in greeting, and the sun shone overhead in the clear sky.  Jace stared up at the crystal blue with a broad smile. "I think today is going to be a good day." He said to no one in particular.  Since he had a little money saved up from his quests before, he decided to treat himself to a new pea coat, a large charcoal wool coat that broadened his shoulders and covered his body down almost to the knee.  He'd have looked sharp if it wasn't for his messy mop of hair and wrinkled pants.  As he stepped out to see what what the City had to offer today, he listened to the sounds his travel boots made crunching in the snow. He chuckled to himself, and tried to vary his steps to see if he could change the sound.

Hosenka itself still seemed like it was waking up, even though it was mid day.  All the festivities of Christmas had taken a toll on the city's occupants, and they were still taking time to recover.  Even so, the foot traffic wasn't anything to scoff at; the vendors were still busy, and the chatter and hustling merchants was enough to get Jace's attention darting back and forth across the street.  Sweet smells wafted through the air as he approached the food carts, and he tried to piece together what they belonged to. Sleuthing out the cuisine of a city had started to become one of his favorite past times and it was a miracle that he hadn't started to gain weight.

Ultimately he settled on a Tomorokoshi stand, the sight of corn making his stomach growl with anticipation. As he stood there, with a couple of ears in his hand he looked through the local advertisements. Hosenka in particular had been a very fun place to read for its goods and especially its services.  Even though the Blue Pegasus guild was a famous host club, it was by no means the only game in town. Hosenka was littered with things to help you feel better, look younger, and even regurgitate your energy.  Jace took pleasure in seeing some of the things people came up with in the name of beauty and youth. He giggled at one machine that supposedly "shakes the fat out through your feet," and wondered at how many people had tried to use it.  One advert had caught his eye in a good way, though:

Appointments always available, come reguvinate your weary soul"

Did he have a weary soul? He wondered. Even so, a trip to a hot bath at the spa sounded like a great way to spend the day, and since he specifically planned this day to himself alone, what better way to spend it? Finishing the last of his tomorokoshi, he tossed the sticks in the trash and headed for the The Golden Bubble.


Jasmine ran around the building like a mad woman. She hardly had time for the few appointments that she did schedule herself on. She was the scheduled manager for the day, she had wondered why the other managers were so eager to give her the work; People were cashing in on their holiday gift cards in the droves.  Every which way she turned there was another problem. One customer wasn't satisfied.  There was a clog in one of the bathing suites.  One of the masseuses had called out sick.  She did her best to take it all in stride, but one more problem broke the camel's back:

"Um... Jasmine?" The girl's eyes looked so apologetic, "We're out of soap."

"What?!" She half cried. Jasmine plopped herself down on a near by chair. She was nearly in tears.  Her hands felt raw, her feet protested from walking miles on the hard tile floor, and now she was stuck with a problem that she couldn't fix. "What am I going to do..." She pondered out loud, holding back the tears. "Every hand is on deck right now. Every one! I can't leave, I've got another appointment in just a few minutes!"

"Er, excuse me?"

Jasmine snapped out of her pitiful trance to see a man standing there, he couldn't have been any older than twenty six by her estimate. His hair was a silvery mess and he had a piece of paper in his hand. Was that the work request from town?

"Is this The Golden Bubble?"

It had to be the request. "You're hired." she said standing up. 


"Here's the list. We especially need the soap. Here's the company card, get yourself a little lunch too if you want. Sorry, I don't have time to talk to you about company regulations, you can get the spiel at the end of work today, but for now get going!" She quickly gave the young man the list and kicked his butt out the door again.  She felt bad sending him on an errand that large so early, but what else could she do? She began to prep a nearby room for her next massage.


Jace stared at the list, suddenly back out in the cold air. "... What? How does this keep happening?"

Count: 915/1000

Posted on January 8th 2016 08:44 AM
Mana: 500

Jace walked around the shopping district nervously, the list tight between his fingers. He had no idea that there were so many different kinds of soap! Just looking at a single vendor, even the seemingly specific "porous soap" from his list had different strengths, fragrances, coarsenesses... Jace felt his head begin to spin.

"Yes, can I help you sir?" The man behind the table said, patiently.

"Um..." Jace gave him a nervous look that said "Help!"

The man just chuckled, and said, "Well, can I see your list? Maybe I can help." Jace Gave it to him. The vendor's eyes widened a bit. "That's a large order you've got here, son. You stocking up for a small army?"

"Actually, its for a spa," Said Jace, "The Golden Bubble?"

"Aha!" the man smiled, and turned the list back to Jace. "Well for an order that size, the only place that will be able to help you is two blocks that way, on the right." He pointed, and Jace could see a large building that had the word "SOAPS" in large letters scrawled on top of it. "Big Base distributor, it's where most of us get our foundation soaps, before we add the fragrances. Don't worry, I'm sure they have an account with The Golden Bubble, and you can just make a repeat order and I'm sure it will be fine."

Jace gave the vendor a deep bow. "Thank you so much! How can I repay you?"

The vendor simply arched a brow and looked down.

"Oh, right..." Said Jace, picking up one of the bars off the table, "I suppose I'll try this one for myself."


Jasmine had been a mess in the twenty minutes Jace had been gone. She already had asked three families to wait for silly lies she made up while the new kid was out getting the supplies. She sat eagerly staring at the clock, each second threatening to dig into her mind just a little bit deeper than the one before.

"I'm back..." Jace stood there, looking at Jasmine for direction, with a list in one hand, and a wagon full of different kinds of soaps and salts in the other.

"Great! Drop those off here!" she snatched the list out of Jace's hand and replaced it with a new one. "Sponges next, our main sponge dealer is on the opposite side of town, in the business district. We'll probably be fresh out by the time you make it back, so don't daughtle!"

Jace looked at the new list and sighed. He wondered how many more lists he'd have to go through before he could get his bath?

Count: 455 +915= 1370/1000


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