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The Moonlit Crossroad

Posted on January 7th 2016 04:27 PM
Mana: 2500

Welcome to the Moonlit Crossroad!

This is a inn where you can look at the Storyline Board. The question is of course, what is a storyline board?
A storyline board is for plot requests that you can ask for. Your own plot requests! All you need to do is fill down the list below and staff will make the request for you. Afterwards, they will leave the request to me and I'll post it for you. Keep in mind that it can take some time for the staff to finish your request. 

Link back here for staff to check. Now another question is probably: What can you get from your own plot requests? You can earn up to a certain amount of discount to buy a new faceclaim for example or magic or weapon.

Aspects: (What do you need in your Request)
Small History: (Why do you need it)
Posted on February 1st 2016 01:17 PM
Mana: 975

Name: Yami Hateshiginai - Also known as Yumi
Goal:  Yami has one single goal in life, to bring about disorder. To unleash never ending chaos upon Fiore. He desires to destroy the system of law and order to bring about Anarchy. He thrives in madness and wishes to live in a world of nothing but Chaos, Disorder, Lawlessness, Hate and Anarchy. He will do whatever necessary to bring about this goal lie, cheat, steal, kill anything in order to achieve this, even cross dress as a girl as a means to hide his agenda.
Aspects: Discount for Arc of Embodiment. 
Small HistoryYumi and Yami, Yami is the main aspect of my character with his Yumi persona as a mask. I hope to acquire a secondary magic, eventually Arc of Embodiment so Yumi can use Water Magic and Yami Arc of Embodiment to make it seem as if they are to separate people. It will allow me to create two very different people for Fiore to see, even though they are one in the same. With each using a different magic Yumi can be the face in the light and Yami the darkness that comes from the shadows seeking to invoke his dream. Also with two different magic's it will prevent people from connecting the dots between them, if they both used the same style of magic with similar spells the mages of Fiore would no doubt put two and two together.

Character Sheet

Posted on February 6th 2016 12:47 PM
Mana: 1445

Name: Lilith de Clare & Akiva Xerxes
Goal: Darkness Magic, both Lilith and Akiva had an ability of Darkness that is following them. Both need Darkness Magic to complete their history and continue plot. 
Aspects: Something dark with them for exampling entering a cave where they can't go out. 
Small History: Akiva has been followed by the Darkness, the reason why he went mad and killed his father. To complete his history and continue with his plot that I had in mind, I need Darkness. 
For Lilith she had Darkness as a child, this changed into Arc of Time which made her past very dark. To continue with her history, she needs the magic again that she had as a child and continue for plot. 

Victorious Theme

Posted on February 7th 2016 12:06 PM
Mana: 2500

Yumi-san: Your request is still in progress, Staff would like to apologize for taking so long. 

The request for Akiva and Lilith:

You can either come up that it’s a request from someone else or that you two decide to go to the place where the request is happening on your own.

Description: There is a cave down in the city (Whatever city you pick). This cave is covered by the mountains and almost invisible to find. There are a lot of legends from the city and the villages around it. Most people can’t find it. It’s deeply hidden. You will find this cave at the lowest point of the mountain, you have to walk through water, maybe even swim a bit before you reach the real cave mouth.
Once inside you can find all the jewels and more. The legend is about a wish. One wish per person can be fulfilled, to find answers, to remove pieces of the past. Whatever you would want. That might be your goal.

However it’s kind of a maze in the cave and as soon as you leave the waters to enter the maze, the waters are gone and it looks like you are in a whole new place. Time to find the exit. The reason why there are only rumours and legends about this cave is because no one ever returned before. The Darkness is here and will find you.

Enemies: Dancing Skeletons +  the Darkness
Rank: C + B-rank (A-rank)
Description: There are six dancing skeletons and they possess the Darkness magic that you seem to avoid. There are three moments in your maze-request that you bump into six skeletons. The first is when you just start your adventure, after the water disappears. Four Skeletons are C-rank and 2 B-rank. The B-ranks stay a little behind and are left over after you defeated the C-ranks.

The second round is while you’ve been walking around for a while. Either your third post in the maze or fourth. Those are 4 B-ranks and 2 C-ranks. One or even the both of you is/are getting hit and wounded by one of the B-ranks. Make sure to support each other. The last is when you are at the center of the maze and find the golden monkey with the red ruby in its hands, this is the wish stone. This time it’s only 6 C-ranks, take care of them.

After a short discussion maybe, one of you wants to pick the wish stone. Either to get answers or get out of the maze. However the stone turns black before even one of you touches it. It’s the Darkness that you have been trying to avoid. You will have to fight him but you are not strong enough to take him down. However you will not be killed or wounded, the Darkness will become a part of you.

Spells: Come up with some Darkness spells for the Skeletons and Darkness itself. The Darkness is an A-rank. Make sure you overpower him since you can’t defeat him.

Wordcount: 2000  Words.
Reward: Both 20% discount on Darkness Magic.  

Posted on February 7th 2016 12:40 PM
Mana: 2500

The Request for Yami (Not Yumi):

You can either come up that it’s a request from someone else or that you two decide to go to the place where the request is happening on your own.

Description: There is a story about the Fountain of Healing that will fulfil your wish. Somewhere near the city (whatever city you pick) there is rumoured to be a talking parrot that knows about the whereabouts of the Fountain of Healing. However when you ask for it, he does not know but his friend, the singing tree, knows. The parrot tells you where to go to find the singing tree.

Once you arrive at the singing tree, he sings to you that you have to climb a stone mountain a bit behind him. In a rush you immediately move to the mountain but the tree was not done singing. He was meant to explain to you that you should not look back, once you started the journey.

Halfway through your journey, a familiar voice calls your name and you decide to look over your shoulder. You will be startled by the sight of Yumi, your other self. You may look around but everything is faded to white. As you look back to Yumi, you can only see her and nothing else.

Everything you say is replicated by Yumi at the same time. It is as if you’re talking to a mirror. However something strange is happening to Yumi. From behind you, you can feel water coming but from behind Yumi, you see/sense something else. Something not very nice.

At this point you can try to talk things out, which won’t work. The only option actually is to fight in which you use your water magic and Yumi uses Arc of Embodiment. (You may want to make spells for this yourself as it is you).

Enemy: Yumi.
Rank: B-rank
Description: You have to be able to defeat Yumi in order to get Arc of Embodiment.

Wordcount: 2000 Words
Reward: 25% discount on Arc of Embodiment

Posted on February 9th 2016 02:19 AM
Mana: 1245

Name: Bellamy Siddheart

Goal: Achieving/starting up Archive magic and starting to dislocate his right path again.

Aspects: Bellamy gets a reason to travel to Worth Woodsea (request, letter, something). When he finds himself in a certain spot, an outbreak of mental power appears: Archive. He'll hear the thoughts of the people around him, including a thought that knows he'll be able to hear it: Selena Siddheart, sister of Bellamy and elite in Grimoire Heart. She speaks to him about the murder of Finn, their killed brother. Selena tries to convince him to take revenge and kill the murderer, but Bellamy refuses, as he is not the evil man she thinks that he is. He finds out where she is hiding, only to be enraged and attack Selena with a new found Archive powers that he accidentally used before. Selena purposely takes a fair beating, which she uses to convince Bellamy that he might still be evil and takes her leave in Bellamy's confusion. 

Small History: Bellamy once was more evil than he now is, but his dead brother was still evil and his sister still is. But Bellamy swore the evil path off and joined the Magic Council, trying to prove that he really turned good. Finn, Bellamy's brother was killed, which he quite recently found out himself. He nearly went insane from the thoughts of revenge, but managed to control himself. 

Posted on March 15th 2016 06:43 AM
Mana: 1250

Name: Shizuka Mori
Goal: Heavenly Body Magic
Aspects: Something involving a meteor shower and one of the meteors crashing into earth near Shizuka. She witnesses the destructive power of the celestial object and decides to acquire that power for herself, leading her in the pursuit of Heavenly Body Magic.
Small History: Shizuka has always believed her powers as a god slayer were superior to most others, but she knows they cannot compare to that of an actual god. The phrase "the sky is the limit" bothers her because she can control the sky, but a true god should be able to also control the heavens. She has witnessed the beauty and the destructive power of celestial objects and wants to obtain that power for herself. With the combined might of the sky and the heavens beyond she will be a dangerous force to mess with.

Posted on March 18th 2016 07:30 PM
Mana: 1445

First personal Request is Done!

Victorious Theme

Posted on March 18th 2016 07:50 PM
Mana: 5000

Approved for the both of you. 

Posted on April 3rd 2016 12:58 PM
Mana: 2500

The Request for Bellamy:

You get a letter send by a healer from a small town in Worth Woodsea. This healer asks for help from the Magic Council and since you are a Paragon, she knew your name. This is all a lie for the letter is send by your sister Selena Siddheart. There is no healer and it’s quite frustrating when you find out you fell for her trap.

Description: You’ll get this letter and go from Era to Worth Woodsea (you do not have to travel there and can make a topic in Era as long as you end up back in Era in the same topic). When you arrive in the small town where the letter came from, you will find a lot of people too afraid to get outside. With this burst of magic called Archive, simply because you want information, you figure out that they are very afraid and you hear another set of thoughts about your brother. You follow this track of thought and find your sister Selena Siddheart who confesses that she had send you the letter as the healer to get here.

She is trying to provoke you for becoming evil because it is in your blood. She points out herself and Finn as the example of the dirty blood that is in you. You two clash and fight because you think you are a mage of the Magic Council with a reason. Unfortunately Selena knows a lot about you, such as the murderer of Conchita and the rages that you had because of the dead of Finn and more. You might doubt but she will let you go full out on her just so she can convince you again. She leaves mid battle because she wants you to think all by yourself.

While you are planning to go back to Era, you feel this outbreak of pain in your head which is the Archive magic, and with that you destroy the small village in the Worth Woodsea, it’s up to you if there are casualties or not and in case you have casualties how many.

Enemy: Selena Siddheart
Rank: A-rank
Description: Selena will walk away mid battle to convince you of her very bad wounds that you are evil. Selena has the power of Heavenly Body Magic, you have to figure out some spells on your own. You can just mention them and the effect in your post, you don’t have to write spells.

Wordcount: 2000 Words
Reward: 25% discount on Archive. 

Posted on April 3rd 2016 01:51 PM
Mana: 2500

The request for Shizuka:

You can pick either that you go to a city because of a request or letter or you were already there to start this request. That’s up to you.

Description: At a certain point during your regular day, you will notice that the day is getting darker and suddenly there is a solar eclipse. During this solar eclipse there is a meteor shower with one asteroid coming down to Earthland, straight to Fiore. You decide to investigate the fallen rock that is quite close by and you decide to head to the landing site.

Arriving at the site, you notice the ruins of what seemed to be a village. The village is surrounded by a strange almost astronomical feeling, coming from the centre of impact. You decide to absorb the power with your God Slayer Magic, to claim it as your own and extend your own powers. Since it practically came from the sky. This process however is exhausting and takes longer than you would have expected, but you can’t stop. When you feel like you are almost done absorbing the power, you also realize that you are out of mana and you faint.

The next moment you wake up, floating in the sky. Looking around you, you see all sorts of planets and stars. You also see this entity, a creature of some sorts, you see it’s moving, throwing out projectiles. Out of instincts to fight it as it looks like it possess a real threat. Half way through the battle you begin to realize it’s not fighting you and the entity takes a shape, the entity represents a solar system. Whose planets are dancing around each other. Instead of fighting it you mimics its movements. As you start mimicking the movements and start dancing with it, you begin to notice sparks that seem out of place: asteroids. With the dancing, the asteroids start to go back to the place where they belong. And you begin to feel yourself waking up back on the Earth surface.

When you wake up, there is still the asteroid on Earthland and with your newly gained power, you have to bring it back into the constellation where it belongs.

Enemy: Solar Entity (But not really an enemy)
Rank: S-rank
Description: Using Heavenly body magic but is not actually fighting as well dancing.

Wordcount: 2000 Words
Reward: 25% discount on Heavenly Body Magic

Posted on April 3rd 2016 03:52 PM
Mana: 1315

Name: Nastasya Crowe?
Goal: The Curse of Terra, custom curse magic for 300k Jewels. 
Aspects: When Nastasya was but a child she bump into a demon called Rafael, she wants to destroy him because he made her weird and killed her mother (not that she cares about that point a lot), he walked straight through her and gave her some sort of an attack when she was but a child and from that point on she went a little insane. She wants to kill him as a payback for laughing at her at that time and show him what she got. Because of that she will get his magic or because of possessing his blood she can get curse magic and more or less turn into half a demon, since she would still look and be like a human. Also with his blood she will not age and will forever be 19. It actually should look like an accident that she bumped into him. Because I think that Rafael simply knows that she is out for revenge on him. 
Small History: Because of Nasty her left green eye she is able to see ghosts and demons, this is how she met Rafael when she was around seven. He had attacked her with some sort of magic by walking straight through her, the magic burned her inside and in her brain which made her also go insane, she screamed the whole night and day and when she finally woke up everything in her mind seemed to be boring, she stayed a lot with her mother, not knowing that the reason to this was because Lilja had met Rafael too. She wants to take revenge for her damaged brain and for attacking an innocent child, she wants to show him how much stronger she got with the shadow make magic that she has. She wants to be impressive. 

Posted on June 7th 2016 03:42 PM
Mana: 2500

The request for Nastasya:

You can pick either that you go to a city because of a rumour or a request that involves bad and dark people. You think it’s the demon that you met many years ago.

Description: You arrive in a the town where you heard the rumour/request took place. There will be a towns board in the middle of the town with a letter on it. In thick black letters there is the word: Nastasya. The rumours were made up by no one else but Rafael himself.  

He will take you down to a different location, which you can compare to some sort of demon nest. You can think of a way he does it but he won’t show you the road. The Demon’s nest is some sort of maze and you will have to find your way through traps and pain before you finally will find Rafael. He isn’t a prize that’s waiting at the end of the road, he will show up somewhere random.

There you will have to show him how strong you are and impressive by fighting him. He is of course not an easy person to take down because he is a demon. You will end up wounded and close to death, Rafael gives you his blood, because to most people it’s like poison. But not to you, instead you will be healed and gain his power slowly, he will be losing it slowly. You have to fight him again.

Enemy: Rafael
Rank: S-rank

Description: You’ll be kidnapped and taken to the Demon’s Nest where you end up in a maze and have to find the way out as well as Rafael. You will fight him, lose and fight him again after gaining the Curse of Terra.

Wordcount: 2000 Words
Reward: 25% discount on Curse of Terra

Posted on June 13th 2016 03:24 PM
Mana: 1245

Done! Now with link

Posted on June 13th 2016 04:12 PM
Mana: 5000


Posted on June 23rd 2016 02:07 PM
Mana: 1210

Name: Nathaniel Abbadon 
Goal: Discount for Steel Hammer
Aspects: Nate intends to go to the ruins of his childhood home, gather the metallic seals that used to be used to protect it, and then melt them down to make his Hammer. When the seals are removed the dark spirits they held in place will be released. 
Small History: Nate left the house after his mother was taken from him, and has never returned since. With his power now at a much greater level, he aim to lay his daemons to rest, both internal and external, by collecting keepsakes to turn into a weapon of vengeance and burning the house to the ground. 


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