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Valason Seffer

Posted on December 28th 2015 05:55 PM
Mana: 500

Name:Valason Seffer.
Age:33 Years Old.
Birthday: November 24th X759
Guild:Guildless, can be recuited.
Insignia:top of his right hand, dark brown.

Valason can be mentioned in very different ways most commonly he is often: cold hearted showing no interest to anything positive or negative of any type of events even most of the time he could be remarked as uncaring to the point were he could be considered an emotionless monster, even with things that would interest him he does not show much emotion or feeling to it just seems to always carry the blank face to him.
Valason views a lot of things he could interact and do with others unneeded the type to just watch even if it is some one that could be consider his ally or friend. Valason doe not value friendship or over things viewing them as tool to be able to use at his will, However he is not againist working with other if it means to move forward with his own plans, often being sometimes being able to be some one elses pawn if it  works out in his favor.
But even if being like this if he is not again back stabbing anyone who plans to either leave him for death or for people who change there minds later, if it means that he  himself views it as a major problem or no longer working in his favor even if the end goal is good.

Dispite these natures Valason seems to care about his family viewing himself as having no problems with his sisters no matter what his sister may believe, often times Valason's past actions have been for what he considered better for them, even if they are wrong or not what is in either of their eyes.
There are some good things about a man whom seems to empty and cold. Some good points of him are:
Blunt: Valason dispite his cold and empty behavior will always be to the point about anything brought up to him viewing things such as beating around the bush and too be scared to be honest right away is not such problem to him.

Determind: Once Valason as a goal or task either he has to do or wants too, Valason's mind will be trying almost anything he can to the highest point to get it done or more forward to get it done, this is often hightented by his own believe or it being the right thing to do.

Quick to learn: Often picking up what he feels he needs too sometimes Valason will remember on hold on to what most people considered not important details to remember. these details often range from what people wore shoe wise one day, what people's favorates foods are and other sometime random stuff.
A Good Keeper of Information: Anything Valason hears important or not to him often times will be remembered by him. Often times upon hearing converations or things about people that they do not want known Valason will never speak it.
Unbound: Often doing what h can Valason if he feels will often not consider laws or feelings of other when he feels he needs to step in on something. if Valason feels something must be done a way he feels and it breaks laws he will do it anyway.

Negative traits:

Blackmailer: Valason is not against blackmailing some one if he has the information of it, dispite his quiet nature and good way of keep information to himself, if he has to use information again people he will.
Cruel: Valason is not againist being overly cruel for proving a point or doing something, as such inflicing suffering is not something off of his mind either.

Anti Religious: Often viewing it as a problem Valason hates and often make people know he hates reglious believes, not going as far as to be little it infront of a reglious person, thinking its nothing but a sham and causes more problems then good.

Arrogant: With how he is, it comes to no shock that Valason sometimes comes off as overly arrogant and thinking high of himself from time to time about parts he has not, he is not again going into strong exterated detail of something he has done, often mentioning he does not regret anything he has done with it being good or bad.


  • Food, Mostly fish based: Valason really enjoys eating fish Valason has a large stomach often eating larges amount of food, but he seems to enjoy salmon as his favorate kind of fish.
  • Easy Solutions: If there is a problem sometimes simple and quick soluations as sometimes messy or bloody as they be are more favorate to Valason because it means he does not have to deal with it later.
  • Not having to get his hands dirty: Dispite not caring if he has to get his hands dirty or not Valason most of the time avoids having to stick his hands into events, most of the time attempting to make sure it does not happen from the start.


  • Being wrong: All of the things Valason has done in his life: good, bad or between He has always done it because he feels personally its right for either himself/family or the person he is with.
  • Misunderstanding: Valason really seems to dislike when people do not get or think different from his intention of what he was doing. He will not mention the correction of it due to it being a waste of time.
  • Uncoopertive behavior: When the time of working with some one else does arise Valason often does his best to make sure people are able to cooperate together effectively, people going off on there own or just not listening when needed too just leads Valason to believe more problems will come.

Valason bares hair that long and stops at his shoulders blades he also wears a dark orange head band, Wearing a long sleeve black shirt with a golden marking on it with sleeve long enough to his wrists, he covers his hands with fingerless gloves and half black and half golden yellow with more patter going along it stopping at his forearm.
He wears black pants with the legging of the pants up to just below his knees also having a patter in golden yellow to follow long with his  gloves and shirt. Valason wears black shoes with golden yellow trim but no patter much like parts of his clothing.

Valason covers himself with two capes that he seems to hold in high reguard, these are worn for traveling reasons for given weather situations. the first one is a light brown with yellow tirm that looks like a show piece more then for pratial reasons and the other is an orange one that looks likes more of a pile of cloth that some one cut wildly and put on feeling it was good.
Faceclaim: Tales of Phantasia - Dhaos.

A son with a different view on life Valason believed that life was possible and better with out having to believe in higher powers,he often mentioned and complained about such things to hi mother and father wanting to be right and prove that life was better for everyone and possible outside for this what he call "Stupid and unneeded believe of control." Most of the time there was not a week where he did not mention or bring up the conversation of such things. Often viewed as Valason wanting attention or him being spoiled trying to get his way Valason then eventually set out to prove exactly what he stated.
That life outside of believes and faith was better for everyone as a whole then just dealing with what was infront of them, It was not uncommon for Valason to dissppear for days at a time, but little known to his family was Valason's life going down hill.
Upon learning of which was prized for one of his sister was dealing with Valason eventually made ties and deals with a group of bandits to steal it under the deal that even if people died his entire family must remain unharmed. Breaking this meant no payment from Valason himself and would result into problems with him.

When getting the report of his mother and father passing on, but hearing nothing about his sister it drove Valason mad, Mad enough to kill enery single bandit of that group with his bare hands no aid or help of anything else. Finding this artifact the bandits had with them Valason picked it up and sold it off, not caring what would happen to it.
His life from that point did not fair any better, being the way he was Valason ended up attempting to settle down twice, his first wife did not feel Valason was right and slowly believe she was going to die at his hands some how some way. just from looking at him so she left him behind, even with that feeling gone and no longer being in contact of any of the Seffers she felt something with off with Valason.

His second wife was a case of trying hard to fix a broken man to no effect, she saw some one she needed to be saved and brought to a new path in life, with that slowly turning away and other events in her life she left Valason behind.
While his second wife remained the same it is rumored now his first wife has gone to the path of a dark mage under the stress and thought some how her mind broke from what people mentioned stress.
to the point were they would cross paths again, Valason viewing it as unneeded for anything to happen between them it ended up with a fight and the other dying and not Valason himself. With his mind slowly turning to a different path, it is only to wonder if he will still the same and continue this way, or would a change come.
Reality and faith have many path to move forward, for one man his only goal was the prove that he was right, with nothing to show. Will his life continue a road of dark or will fate turn a new path for him and what will family think of him, These questions and ties would be up in the air while Valason travels and keep to himself all he knows is he will find a place to be shortly.


Leaning down to touch the soil of the ground below him with the blank stare. Sometimes the plain soil brought back thoughts some were good some were bitter and some were mistakes he really wished to clear sometimes.
Valason's mind also went off when he was fire reminding the flames of that single mistake, all he wanted to do was prove a single thing. but in the return everything else proved him wrong. but the man he was he would prove himself right even if it meant doing wrong to do so.

"I was wrong, I can admit." Staring at the soil he picked up a small amount of it and watch it slowly fall between his fingers."But I will prove myself right for I told them things were better if they didn't live there" Was this his mind was so stuck on one thing it never seemed to rest from it.  Always he never moved on much it was something that people it was a problem he did not think he had but then again he was never to express much, everyone told me other things. It built up, but he was honest about everything even when asked he would admit to many things...even murder. It could easily be considered him easily have a mental disorder a dangerous one some one could easily get Valason to do many things.

After stopping his mind from lingering much Valason would enter a town it was the time of day everyone was packing up, Valason looked like the black sheep showing up in town or some one who was not invited to the party just everyone stopped and stared for a moment. To him not even caring he minded to himself like he was just there and use to it.
No one said a word, it was the thought of if some one said anything something would happen to them. Valason wondered if it was fear that drove that or something else in there mind he wouldnt ask nor did he truly care enough to ask.
Valason stopped in for a moment and thought to himself for a moment, let out a sigh and continued walking again choosing that nothing was important in town for him. He would just continue upon what he intended to do eventually leaving town on its path to what it was.

It seemed like hours passed maybe even a day Valason never kept track of time fully. But he ended up at a grave yard, walking over to a grave  he just stared at it and let out a sigh. "Even you wanted to prove me wrong, It had its price." He was looking at a grave stone to a name he was once use to saying and hearing. "You can't change one who isn't willing." Valason placed his right hand upon the grave for a moment. It was like his own way or paying respect to the dead, he turned around and left finishing what he wished.
Posted on December 28th 2015 09:27 PM
Mana: 5000


Oops, seems like we found a few things that need to be fixed while checking your application. But no worries! Simply fix the following things, repost your application in the staff center and we will take another look.

The things that need to be fixed are:

  • Please add a year to your birthday. 
  • With your insignia, we need to know the future colour. 

Posted on December 30th 2015 12:04 AM
Mana: 500

Done as requested.

Posted on December 30th 2015 11:00 AM
Mana: 5000


Congratulations! Your character has been accepted to Fiore RP. Before you do anything else, we would like to ask you to set up your bank account (here) and your character sheet (here). After that, you are free to start roleplaying!

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