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Scáthach Sgitheanach

Posted on December 13th 2015 02:35 AM
Mana: 800

Name: Scàthach Sgitheanach
Age: 19
Birthday: December 23, X772
Gender: Female
Guild: Guildless
Magic: Mineral Mold
Insignia: Right Shoulderblade, Royal Blue

Scáthach Sgitheanach walks around with an air of confidence and a calm yet unwavering face. She has a cool, calm and collected demeanour. This demeanour of hers makes one think that she does not enjoy the company of people, which she very much enjoys. She is a friendly and well mannered girl.

Scáthach has her own quirks; being an enigmatic person at times. One moment, she'd like to take a refreshing bath and the next moment, she decides she wants to go out for a stroll in the park. She may also decide to be cryptic about sensitive topics she has knowledge of, which she does not wish to reveal. It takes a special kind of person to get up on Scáthach's list of people she dislikes. Her attitude takes a 180º flip in this case for a brief moment, being hostile. She resumes her normal demeanour afterwards though, even if she's still in front of the person she dislikes.

She can be the very embodiment of laziness at times. Activities or tasks that she considers troublesome affairs aren't her cup of tea. She'd rather go do something else such as reading; eating; swimming; or anything that she enjoys in general. 

Books are her one of her favorite things for they keep her occupied. She dislikes being bored, so she keeps a library of books in her house and at least one in her bag. For those times when she forgets her books, she always goes and finds a way to do something to keep her occupied.

Scáthach loves the color blue—it's her calm color. This doesn't mean black is her only favorite color. Red and gold are the other favorite colors of hers.

She is an observant and alert person who is quick to notice things. With her having an eidetic memory, she can easily keep notes of things she observes in people.

Occasionally, she may get extremely fidgety and nervous.


  • Flowers — They are beautiful plants in nature.
  • Colors — Among her favorites are red, gold and blue. These colors are pretty in her eyes and also, the color blue calms her.
  • Winter — It's like a world covered in cotton, and she loves the cold seasons.

  • Books — They keep her occupied.

  • Caster — She is suspected as one of the instruments in the destruction of the floating nation of Skye.
  • Pests — She can't stand pests and humans she considers pests.
  • Assassin — Another instrument to the destruction of Skye.

Scáthach stands at 5'4 . She possesses a body to be jealous of, with curves in the right places. Her waist-length scarlet hair combined with her red as fire eyes makes her recognizable in the streets. Her clothing choices are diverse, ranging from bodysuits and armors to dresses and skirts. One thing she never removes is her left earring, which has the Grand Order insignia etched onto it.

Faceclaim: Lancer (Scáthach) — Fate/Grand Order

The Gaels were a proud and happy race. They were advanced and excelled at all arts. This race had descended into legends and myths as they built a floating nations hundreds of years ago and migrated.

Scáthach Sgitheanach was born on the floating nation of Skye. At a young age, she had been trained to be the upcoming Grand Prior of the Grand Order, as well as being the next ruler of the nation.

One day, Scáthach was in the gardens of the Castle of Étaín. She was enjoy the sight and smell of the flowers. The redhead was currently in her bodysuit, having finished her training just 20 minutes ago. Her deadly spear was resting on the bench, its power sealed for the meantime. She admired the clouds which were on the floor.

Loud footsteps didn’t go unnoticed by the woman.  The clacking of metal was also very loud. She immediately ran to the bench in her heels and grabbed her spear, Gáe Bulg. Immediately spinning around, she got ready for an attack from the armed warrior.

She quickly sidestepped the attack of the warrior and turned around to stab the assassin in the back.

From that day onwards, the peace in Skye soon became an illusion. A hollow ataraxia, one could say. And this false sense of peace was what brought the Gaelic race to its knees.

A year later, an outsider had infiltrated the barrier of the floating nation. Scáthach remembered this female infiltrator.

The same infiltrator visited Scáthach and left the royal throne room with her famous parting words being, “I don’t think you’d ever be able to kill me in your life.”

It was also during this time that many assassins had tried to assassinate the upcoming ruler. Due to rising suspicious activity, meetings were called for the nobles of Skye, and for the Grand Order regarding security issues.

This time period went by in the blink of an eye. The Capital had been decimated, which meant the government was also down.

Bringing the government down to its knees brought forth a domino effect. The nation’s people were in disorder, and the island’s operator were also killed. Over the months, the island lost power.

The inevitable day came when the nation fell back to the land. Scáthach were among the few survivors of this incident.


Violet locks flew by as Elena Si Fiore walked down the grand stairs, gripping onto the railings. She wanted to go and see all the Christmas decorations that were sitting in the storage room. The violet-haired woman arrived at the central atrium of the Royal Palace. She stopped to gaze at the gray skies outside from the glass domes. Snow was building up already, she noted.

Taking a turn for one of the hallways connected to the atrium, she soon arrived at the storage room. After preparing herself for the dust she would encounter, she placed her dainty hands onto the doorknob, turning it and pushing the grand oak doors open.

As she took a step into the aging storage room, the first thing she noted was the grand Christmas tree sitting at the back. We could put this one in the central atrium, she thought to herself. The storage room looked like a library at the front, full of shelves where small items stayed, while the furnitures sat at the back of the shelves.

She was now in an aisle where the Christmas decorations were placed. In the dimly lit storage room, she could see the glittering decorations sitting on the shelves. Wonderful!

Speaking of which, what color combination shall she use for this Christmas season? The traditional red and gold color scheme or something else new? 

Mulling over color choices, she looked around and saw another aging shelf. It caught her attention as it was also full of Christmas decorations. She walked over to the shelf, and placed her hand on it.


Uh oh, she thought. She could sense a disaster coming. This soon became true, as the shelf fell down and knocked over another shelf which was beside it. In turn, at least 3 more shelves fell down.

What a grand mess she had created now. The ruckus was sure to call the attention of the staff and maybe one of her cousins to the storage room.

Posted on December 14th 2015 11:47 AM
Mana: 5000


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