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Fiore RP is for everyone, we support socials but also have the opportunity to use a lot of combat. Apart from that the staff hosts a couple of events per year in which you can gain more experience to rank up, powers to train and other potential prizes. Our site is character based, which means we support character plots and development.

July 15th 2016 - We're sorry to announce that Fiore RP has closed down.

Akiva's Character Sheet

Posted on December 10th 2015 06:56 PM
Mana: 1445

Have you heard of Beastbane? The man that came, that saw, that conquered.

Victorious Theme

Posted on January 8th 2016 11:49 PM
Mana: 1445

People I've met





Victorious Theme

Posted on March 20th 2016 03:15 PM
Mana: 1445


Panthera Onca - C-rank
Element: Darkness
Health: 10, MA: 9, MR: 6, MS & PS: 5
Pam was a business woman that wanted guys for entertainment. One was Akiva, whom had to kill her. She was a lively and rather mean person. She is now a black panther with dark red spots in her fur.
Darkness Claw: D-rank (offensive)
Twisting Tail: D-rank (offensive)

Procyon Lotor - C-rank
Element: Fire
Health: 10, MR: 6, PA: 9, PR: 3, PS: 7
Weapon: Baseball Bat (6 PA)
Liam was a janitor in the building owned by Xerxes, he made everything a little more difficult than necessary and didn't pay to Xerxes, so he needed to be killed. He is now a small raccoon of 65 centimeters high in a orange jumpsuit.
Rocket Raccoon: D-rank (Buff)

Garrulus Glandarius  - C-rank
Element: Metal (Earth)
Health: 15, MA: 10, MR: 3, PS: 7
Finn was an informant that didn't give all the information and kept some money behind the Xerxes their backs. Akiva had to kill him. He now is an Eurasian Jay from 36 centimeters with the wingspan of 60 centimeters.
Metal Claw: D-rank
Steel Wing: D-rank

Macropus Rufus - B-rank
Element: Air
Health: 25, MR: 3, PA: 8, PR: 5, PS: 5
Weapon: Red Boxing Gloves (12 PA)
Octavia was a good informant in the mids of the Xerxes clan, however she was two timing. Because of not being too smart and having a short temper she was found out, it was quite a fight to kill her. She is now a red Kangaroo of 1.60 centimeters high and 90 centimeters tail and red boxing gloves.
Boxing Boost: C-rank (Buff) 

Lernaean Hydra - A-rank
Element: Water
Health: 48, MA: 24, MR: 20, PR: 12, MS: 8
Henry owned a lot of hotels in favour of the Xerxes Clan but he didn't play the right game. Beastbane killed him by drowning him in his own swimming pool. He is now a Hydra with a lower body of 1.5 meters and three heads and necks that are all 2.5 meter long. When you cut off one head, another set of two will grow back and so on
Hydro Pump: B-rank (offensive)
Water Shield: B-rank (defensive)
Water Nebula: B-rank (offensive)
Water barrier: B-rank (offensive)

Arachne - A-rank
Element: Darkness/poison
Health: 48, MA: 18, MR: 26, PR: 8, PS: 12
Alyssa was the assistance of Xerxes but stole his money to use it on silly stuff like make-up and new jewelry. She was locked up in the basement for three days, when Beastbane opened the door to find her, she was crying over the spiders and thus he snapped her neck out of mercy. She is now a Spider humanoid with a lower body of 1.80 meter and eight legs. With on top a 86 centimeter upper body. With the face of a pretty lady with blood red eyes and long black hair with silver hairs.
Spider Dome: B-rank (offensive)
Spider Wall: B-rank (defensive)
Sticky Stuff: C-rank//Sustained (rooted)
Sticky Shot: C-rank//Sustained (offensive)

Harpies - B-rank
Element: Air
Health: 2, PS: 18 (Per Harpy)
Charise was schizophrenic, she had five other personalities with one of them being a spy, knowing important information from the Xerxes family that she would sell to others. She had to be killed, which was quite annoying because she kept screaming and switching between her and her five 'sisters'. She is now made into six Harpies, small women of around 1.40 meters in height. Their arms are dark red wings, their legs are looking like claws till their knee and their upper legs are dark red feathers. Their heads and torsos are the only human part but their chest is covered in feathers and their are lines on their face in red that makes it look like they have a beak. Their hair is long and reaches around their hips and is a little lighter than the colour of the feathers.
Silent Screech: B-rank (offensive)

Argos Panoptes - A-rank
Element: Earth
Health: 48, MR: 30, PA: 14, PR: 20
Andy was one of the bodyguards of the Xerxes Clan. He fought for honour and justice and even though he wasn't a teacher of Akiva, he learned a lot from this man and liked him a lot. Andy was kidnapped and brainwashed to fight and kill Joram Xerxes and eventually the heir of the Xerxes Clan. Beastbane was send to kill him and prevent him from killing Joram. He is now a giant with 100 eyes everywhere. He is 3 meters tall and wears only a short brown pair of trousers that comes around his knees, he has a bare chest and eyes everywhere, even in the back of his neck. He has short black hair.
Bowl of the Earth - B-rank (defensive)
All Eyes can See - B-rank (detection)
This Wall has Eyes - B-rank (defensive)
Wall of Faith - B-rank (defensive)

Chimera - A-rank
Element: Fire/Lava
Health: 48, MA: 20, MR: 20, PR: 16, PS: 8
Charles was a good man in the wrong circumstances. He was killed by Beastbane in order to get his boss to work with the Xerxes Clan instead of against it. Unfortunately Charles his boss was killed soon afterwards and only Charles his soul was spared from going to heaven or hell. He is now a Chimera, which is a monster with a Lion's head and body but at behind the Lion's head is immediately a head of a goat that looks the other way and the body ends in a tail that is the head of a snake. the beast from claw to shoulder is 1.2 meters and a head of 60 centimeters. It is 1.5 meters long and the head of the goat is also 60 centimeters. With the tail/snake being 80 centimeters long
Fire Breath - B-rank (offensive)
Fire Claw - B-rank (offensive)
Lava Floor - C-rank//Sustained (offensive)
Lava Rain - C-rank//AOE (offensive)

Medusa -A-rank
Element: Earth
Health: 48, MA: 12, MR: 20, MS: 8, PA: 12, PS: 12
Meredith was a person with a very bitchy attitude. Because she and her husband were losing money rather quickly, she decided to become the concubine of Joram Xerxes. However all the information that she got out of the bedroom, she should do the highest bidder. She is now a woman of around 1.72 meters but her legs are a tail of a snake that still continues for another half a meter on the ground. She has hair that ends in snake heads and her body is normal and pale with some cracks like she is made of stone. Her top is made out of scales and her middle changes into scales into the tail.
Earth Rumble - B-rank (debuff PS)
Stone Eyes - B-rank (offensive)
Earth Snake - C-rank//Sustained (offensive)
Heart of Stone - C-rank//sustained (rooted)

Spartoi - A-rank
Element: Metal (Earth)
Health: 48, MR: 12, PA: 17, PR: 15, PS: 20
Weapon: two silver swords from 1 meter long. 
Kane was a person that was training to become a bodyguard for the Xerxes Clan, however he was being shadow for they didn't trust him and because of that they figured out that he was selling the location of the Xerxes Clan. He was challenged for a training by Beastbane, not knowing he would be killed. He is now a Spartoi, he is totally looking like a skeleton with only a leather belt around his hips as well as two straps around his stomach and shoulders that hold the two swords that he uses. His empty eye sockets contain a red light that are actually his eyes.
Skeleton Power - B-rank (buff)

Gryphon - A-rank
Element: Lightning
Health: 48, MA: 25, MR: 30, MS: 12, PS: 14
George was an unlucky soul as he married to Meredith whom turned into Medusa, he was killed because of her actions even though he didn't knew any of her shady businesses. He is now a Gryphon, which is an animal with the head, talons and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. The height of the Lion body is 1.28 meters and the head of the eagle, with his puffy ears is up to 60 centimeters. Making it almost 1.90 meters in height. He is 2.50 meters long from head to tail and the wings of 2 meters. He can fly with these up to 12 meters high.
Lightning Strike - B-rank (offensive, AOE)
Lightning Barrier - B-rank (defensive)
Lightning Orb - (offensive)
Lightning Hit - (offensive)

Victorious Theme

Posted on April 30th 2016 01:16 PM
Mana: 1445

Darkness Spells
Death's End: Wall. C-rank.
Reflection of E.N.D.: Barrier. B-rank.
Screaming Dome: Dome. B-rank

Matter destabilizer: An orb that looks like a cloud that will explode. D-rank.
Waning Crescent: Crescent shaped object. D-rank.
Swirling Death: Orb shaped object. D-rank.
Exterminate: A Ray shaped attack. D-rank.
Blade Storm: Star shaped object. D-rank.
Crystal of Anti-matter: Sphere shaped object. C-rank.
Harvester Scythe: Cresent shaped object. C-rank.
Dissonant Globe: Orb shaped object. B-rank.
Ocean of the last dreams: Tidal Wave. B-rank // AOE.

Killers redeployment: teleportation through portal. D-rank.
Veil of Midnight: becoming barely visible for people within a 5 meter radius without a detection spell. C-rank.
Curse of the one who hides: Creates a cloaked effect on the user. C-rank.

Victorious Theme

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