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Akiva Xerxes

Posted on December 10th 2015 04:29 PM
Mana: 1445

Name: Akiva Xerxes
Age: Twenty-three
Birthday:  27 May x769
Gender: Male
Guild: Blue Pegasus
Magic: Take-Over, theme: Beast Bane
Insignia: On his right shoulder in Dark Blue colour. 

Akiva is a rather solitary man. He loves to hang out with some people and most of all girls. However he rather goes home alone and keeps his house for himself or some of his spare time. He doesn't want to be with people twenty-four/seven. Because of the fact that he likes to be alone, he can come of rather arrogant, because he might be a bit too confident in what he can't and can do. Which makes him flirtatious, dominance and from time to time dishonest. He likes to keep himself a secret and not spill his personal life too much which makes him a liar. He is greedy and impatient and maybe even rude from time to time, but these traits only show up when people reallly annoy him. Akiva tries to stay polite and not ruin the world or mood for everyone, he tries his best but he is a negative person to begin with. He has his moments that he falls back into the negative state but most of the time he fights for it, altogether he is not lazy. Oh and don't forget: He is vain

Akiva would like to call himself brave and adventurous, he is also very ambitious. At some points he might not know what he want for his future, but he keeps on going and keeps on trying. Nothing holds him back and he doesn't stop for anything. He keeps other people in mind and is not too selfish. He doesn't want to be a bother for others, because he is rather on his own from time to time. Doesn't feel like hearing complaints all the time. He tries to be as creative as possible and likes to take on the same quests or jobs or training often because he wants to try a different approach. He tries to be friendly and faithful because he knows how much it can hurt, not that he tells anyone but he isn't a person that would betray or hurt someone on purpose. He also tries to be helpful for everyone that dares to ask him a question, this is also the reason why he joined a guild. He wants to do something for others, as long as they leave him alone in the process or afterwards. He is hard-working, independent and intellegent and he proves that to everyone that want to know. 


  • Solitude - Akiva really likes to be alone. It might have to do with his past but it's also because he grew up like that. He was left alone for time to time as a child and because of that grew used to it. 
  • Animals or Beasts - it has to do with his magic but also with more than that. Because cats for example can be quiet and just lie next to him and pur. Animals don't constantly have to talk and can enjoy the peace and quiet just like him. 
  • Fighting - Akiva turns into a total different person when someone wants too find him, too arrogant and too brave maybe but he knows that if he gets the hits, he need to train better. 

  • Huge Crowds mainly because he likes to be alone but also because he can't keep control over everyone, or keep an eye on everyone. Two or three people is fine but that's it. 
  • Alcohol - Sure once in a while it's fine to take a drink but people always tend to drink too much and get drunk and gosh he hates it. 
  • Unnessary bloodshed - Fighting might be his like but he doesn't like to shed blood for nothing or torture people or animals. Which idiot would do something like that?!

Akiva is a tall guy, who stands at the height of 1.85 or 6'1. He has broad shoulders and rather trained body, which makes him slim and muscled. He has high cheekbones and blue eyes. His hair is short and blue which he keeps up a bit high, most of the time thanks for the movement of his hand through his hair, but never for three little tufts of hair. He doesn't really mind. He wears casual clothes, most of the time thight t-shirts to show off his muscled arms but it just depends on the day and the laundry. 

Faceclaim: Grimmjow Jeagerjaques - Bleach

Akiva was borned as a basterd of his father, whom had an affair with his mother who was named Festival. Fortunately for his mother, his father Joram decided to split from his real wife and life together with the baby and the mother. Which made it all a little happier. However Joram expected a lot from his son and moved him a lot, trained him a lot and expected him to do everything that he ordered, even if it was unnessecary bloodshed. Which he hated, but his father trained him from the moment he could walk, He made sure that Akiva learned everything, and his teaching matters weren't very nice. He hit Akiva a lot of times. Which had given him a problem with his jaw. Akiva had fixed this with Magic, however sometimes he still has to wear a supporting system, which he made to  let him look awesome. 

When Akiva was eighteen he finally understood the job that he had to do day by day. His father was part of the mafia and his mother, which was a rich woman had fallen for him. But this only made the relationship with her own family very bad. She pampered Akiva as much as she could when Joram wasn't looking and he loved to be with his mother and he swore to protect her. On one day, Festival declined to give the money that she got from her parents and just as a heritage to Joram. He kept on hitting her again and again, even when she was knocked out. Akiva just came home in time, there was this surge of anger in him. Something that he already felt growing for the past few days. He was just as tall as his dad already and he pulled him up, his teeth had grown, his hands turned more into claws. He turned into a beast, with no longer the power to control his thoughts or actions, he turned his father's head to far and killed him. At that moment the magic and anger in his body stopped and he turned back in the human form. His mother was scared of him but she quickly pushed it away as soon as Akiva began to cry. He didn't meant to kill his father but he wanted to protect his mother for everything. She didn't deserve a man as Joram. For the rest of his life he lived a fine life. The mafia heard the story and left him alone. Spreading the rumors of the kid of Joram: Akiva or Beast Bane. 

It was his take-over magic that had done it and the name he gave to it was beast bane thanks to the rumors. Some might have heard of him, but most of the people, even in Blue Pegasus don't know it's him. He is just Akiva, Beast Bane is just Beast Bane. When Akiva was nineteen he left the house to travel but he always returned to his mother. He told her all the adventures that he had done and she told him to join a guild, just like she had done when she was a teenager and he joined Blue Pegasus because of that. 


The hotel was pretty boring lately, not that Akiva minded his solitude, oh not at all don’t get him wrong. It wasn’t even a quiet hotel and well the lively city of Hosenka was known to Akiva so this was absolutely nothing for him, this was actually boring… more boring than suspected. There was nothing happening and nothing interesting, okay maybe one person that was rather interesting but! He didn’t want anything to do with women or any other species, no other human. There was no problem with other humans, or well Dark mages might be a problem but Akiva had not met one in his whole life, unless you counted his father.

Akiva had sat his pretty bum on a quite luxurious chair, because Akiva liked his luxury, that must have happened  during his days with his mother and his father. They had enough money, no problems and just that tiny thing that made sure that Akiva never felt save, not as a child and not as an adult. Right now there was something that made him believe he was never save. Not save from him, not save from anything. He was always in danger. The reason why Akiva loved a solitary live was because of the danger that was lurking around him, that made it problematic for him to be around other people. Some days, he knew the dangerousness was far gone, some days he could feel it lingering, almost licking it’s lips with its tongue and he would stay inside, inside wherever he was. His apartment in Hosenka or his hotel room in any other city. Maybe this is why he travelled, so people couldn’t hang out with him and wouldn’t hang out with him, he wasn’t useful, not any more. He had been useful but the idea was that it was over now. With the Xerxes family line destroyed because of the heritage that his father had given. Darkness through his veins, darkness through his body and soul. Nothing could stop him and nothing would stop him unless he would focus on what the real world had hidden for him. “My name is Akiva Xerxes.” He muttered because he felt the darkness again as a monster, liking its lips, lurking in the shadows that surrounded him in this room. It wouldn’t help if he put on all the lights, there will always be a place for the monster to hide. And most of all: in his heart.

Victorious Theme

Posted on December 10th 2015 05:54 PM
Mana: 2500


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