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Dig up the Jewels! [Lilith/D-rank Mission!]

Posted on December 9th 2015 09:13 PM
Mana: 1315

So Lilith always found jobs and took them but Nastasya seemed to be the one that always was the one to go along. Maybe it was time for her to pick up a request. Afterall Phantom Lord didn't have a requestsboard for nothing. Guilds were often invited to take up requests, and get the job. Owning a good name (or a bad name in the case of Phantom Lord) for the Guild and a good handful of money for the person (in this case Nastasya) herself. Which was satisfying. When she remembered the waffle like pancakes and the hotdog she bought of some of the money of her first job, it felt delicous. Serious business: eating! 

So she was standing in front of the requestboard that was at the end of the lounge and she was reading the easier ones. No idea which one she had to pick. What would be fun, but not too much dirty work. Something like the Nessy request from the afternoon before now. They just had returned but maybe it was the mood but Nasty could feel it coming: she was getting bored and grumpy so they better should do something. She plucked an easy looking one off the board and asked Crowley, the crow on her shoulder what he thought. "Might be weird to dig a grave." She nodded but atleast it would give them money and it was the only one the board that she could take. She wasn't sure about Lilith but she wasn't yet so good with magic. Although she had assaulted a dollmaker with her shadow objects, she had been very angry there. So who knew what would happen this time. She sighed and walked back towards the bar in the lounge where she saw the white short hair of her friend Lilith. She walked to her table. "There is a new job, we can even take tonight if you want. I only don't know what to think about the idea of robbing a grave." she said. She said it more for Lilith to keep liking her because she had no idea what the white haired one thought about it. It was not a problem for a girl who had never understood the matters of standards and values, because she simply didn't care. This person was dead: didn't need his money, she could use money. So why not. That's how she thought about it. 

"If you don't want to, you don't have to come along." Crowley said and Nasty didn't like it that he said that, what if she would decline now. She wouldn't be alone, Crowley would be with her but yet it didn't feel right. 

They would go to mister Smity and talk to him, either alone or with Lilith. Better be with Lily. Nasty looked pleading at her friend. "Please come along!"


Posted on December 9th 2015 10:10 PM
Mana: 825

Lillith looked at Nastasya, startled. “You are kidding me aren’t you?” She had seen the request, but there was a reason why she had picked the others. “There is no way Nastasya, robbing a grave? That is disgusting.” She looked at Crowley who told her she did not have to come along and she agreed. She did not have to. Yet she sighted. “You have already decided on going now haven’t you?” She asked. She closed her eyes for a moment, she was a sweet one Nastasya, but she wasn’t very smart. Or at least she didn’t have a lot of standards. “Well fine, but next time you decide to pick up such a disgusting request you are on your own understood?” Her voice was dismissive but yet she stood up. The thought of letting this young girl wonder around at night to dig a grave on her own was unsettling.

It did not took very long until they found this Mister Smithy and Lillith had no kind looks she wanted to spare with the old man. The man looked uneasy, and so he should. “So, you ehm.. you’re gonna help me with my request?” The man asked. He looked from Nasty to Lillth and Lillith was pleased to notice her dead cold stare gave the old man some chills. “You haven’t spoken to anyone else about this right?” He asked. “Oh don’t be such a coward and tell us where that grave is.” Lillith hissed with a soft voice. “Oh, yeah, it’s only a few meters ahead of you. I know there are some jewels hidden in there, feel free to keep the 500 jewels I promised. “1000” Lillith answered again. “And just be thankful that is all we ask.” The man looked at the white haired girl and nodded. “Sure a thousand, But I really would like the ring I know the corpse is wearing.” He whispered greedy. “And no one can know about it.” Lillith sighted, why again had she joined Nastasya in this? “Yes we know.” She grabbed Nastasya her hand and pulled her with her. “There are better ways than this to earn our money you know Nasty.” It was the first time she didn’t called the little girl by her full name, but it was very nasty indeed.  “You know what, since you’ve seem to decided that you would want to work we could go to Worth Woodsea tomorrow.” She suggested. “I’m sure there will be a more requests down there that aren’t so… disgusting.” Lillith found that it would be up to Nastasya to do the dirty work. But you see, they do put a lot of earth on top of a coffin when they burry a body and so after a while she decided to help digging anyway. She just wanted it to be over as soon as possible. Finnaly they reached the coffin and Lillith looked at Nasty, for that girl was very nasty indeed. “here.” She said after reaching for a clean handkerchief. She already kept one of her own in front of her mouth and nose. “It’s for the smell.” After that she broke open the coffin, oh disgusting! Never again! “Just grab those items quickly please.” The handkerchief did not stop the smell as much as she would have wanted to but at least it was something. It took to long for her liking but finally they could close the coffin and burry it all over again. Her face was far from friendly when they handed over the items to the old man. “I hope you join the dead quickly.” She hissed. “Come along nasty.” She told the girl commanding her to come with her again.


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