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Dead man tell no tales [Nastasya] D-rank request

Posted on December 9th 2015 06:49 PM
Mana: 825

Lillith had not suspected that the little girl would be off help the other day, but Nastasya surprised her. True the man was a coward but it made it a lot easier that Crowley scarred him and they could pick the suitcase up, though she didn’t suspected it would be a big problem to make the man give them their suitcase. All together she decided that there was no harm into inviting Nasty to come along once more. “Nastasya, I have to pick up another item at Nessy’s. Do you want to come along?” She asked instead of demanding it this time when she walked up to the girl, but she did offer her hand to her again. She still believed the girl was very young so it felt like the right thing to do.

They walked towards the store and Lillith opened the door so she and Nasty could enter. Then she walked towards the counter. “Are you Nessy Lilac?” She asked the woman behind the desk. “What do you want?” the woman answered. Lillith didn’t say much, she just reached for the little request paper and handed it over to the woman. “You had something you needed us to deliver?” Nessy looked at the paper and then she looked at both girls. “There are two of you?” She asked, she had not expected a duo that was clear. “Any problems?” Lillith simply asked not losing eye contact with the woman. Nessy bit her lip and looked at both girls again. “half the price.” She said. “The full price, for both of us, or I’ll make sure the guard will check up upon your little business.” It was a bluff, she would not walk to one of the guards because she did not wanted to be caught. “You wouldn’t do that.” Nessy responded. “You want to see me try?” Lillith simply answered. “Fine, full price for both of you.” Nessy didn’t really seemed to like it but she certainly wouldn’t want to risk it. “Follow me.” Lillith looked at Nastasya and smiled a little. “After you.” She said.

Once they reached the back of the store Nessy reached for a small bottle. “Here, be careful you don’t want to spill it. “ She handed over the bottle to the girls and Lillith took it. “I want you to take it to Remon Drake, he will be waiting for you at this address.” She gave a little paper to Nastasya with the address on it. “Now, the guards are keeping a close eye on my shop, and if they catch you with that potion they will know it is mine. So whatever you do make sure they won’t catch you, and if they do make sure they won’t find that little bottle, or else you can forget about you payment.” The look in Nessy her eyes told both girls that the payment was the least of the shop-owner’s worries but it wasn’t like anyone would want to get caught with such a potion at hand. “Understood?” Nessy asked again before any of the girls could have responded. “Good, just go through the back and make a detour to shake them off, you can’t be to careful and I don’t want to lose any of my customers.”


Posted on December 9th 2015 07:25 PM
Mana: 1315

Nastasya had worked not much the days before she met Lilith and most of the time that made her very bored. Now she understood that working wasn't the least of her troubles. Being bored was very, very worse than working. Because working gave her a little thrill and had her something to do. So she was really excited to go on another job with Lilith. Although when Lilith asked her she frowned. "Nessy's?" She had to think about it for a minute before she remembered it was a sort of apothecary in Oak itself. She wondered what Lily need to do there, Nasty never went there before, yea she passed it but that was it. The black haired mage jumped up from her chair and smiled broadly towards Lilith. "I would love to come!" Which was clear enough, she took the hand that Lilith offered and followed her out of the guild to the city center of Oak. She waved at Crowley whom was flying out side, she could see that he was following the two of them from high. Nasty was actually very interested in how old Lily thought she was, but she didn't feel like asking at this point so she kept on skipping a step behind Lily while they were on their way to Nessy. 

She didn't talk much when they were in the shop. Her red eye kept looking at all the herbs, pots and pans that were standing in Nessy her little witch shop. There were all kind of things and she wondered why she had never been inside before. Maybe because the woman that was Nessy Lilac wasn't that nice. She asked grumpy what they want and Nastasya eyed the woman while Lilith gave her the request paper. She didn't like the way the woman looked, like she had a permanent sneer on her face. How lovely. Nastasya sighed and listened to the discussion that Lilith and Nessy had. She didn't feel like talking about it, she just eyed the woman with a narrowed red eye, making sure that she and Lily were not people to joke about. In the end Nessy agreed that it would be full prize for the both of them and she led them towards the back door to leave through there. She pushed a small piece of paper in the Phantom mage her hand, with the address of the client that needed the death potion. Friendly was not a word that Nessy knew. 

Before they left the backyard of Nessy, Nastasya stopped Lilith. "Let's ask Crowley as a look out. I have seen him follow us." She gave the three tones while whistling and the crow came not much later and landed on her extented arm. "Keep an eye on the guards for us. When you caw two times it means danger, three times is safe." Which was a smart plan. With that the three of them left, Crowley flying up high and keeping an eye on the path. With some small detours and waiting moments they arrived at the address given and entered to give Remon Drake the potion to die. He gave them a thank you note that he just wrote and let the two of them out again. With some difficulty they walked back to Nessy, they didn't want to become suspicious of them because of going in twice but never coming out. Nothing happened and when Nasty gave the thank you note to Nessy. Nessy now had to pay them for their job and they left with the money in their pockets. Crowley came back to sit on her shoulder. Another job, well done. 


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