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Crowley and Nastasya [Training]

Posted on December 8th 2015 02:20 PM
Mana: 1315

Dolls everywhere. There were shelves and bookcases with many many dolls. Nastasya was walking right through this sort of museum of dolls. Her hands a few centimetres in front of the dolls, not touching specific but it looked like this. Hello, hello she whispered to each and every one of them. These where the dolls that her dad made or would have made, he was a doll maker and she always had one with her. Even now in her room she had a couple. These were not hers, this was just a dream. Nasty was fully aware because she wasn’t wearing her eyepatch but she didn’t see any dead people, that only happened in her dreams. She stopped in front of a doll with almost white blonde hair. “Hello Lilja.” She said softly, her mother had been the exact opposite of her father and she had taken the dark look of the Crowe family. The honours to the name. “Do you want to play Lilja?” Nasty asked to the doll while she hunched down to see if the doll would blink. The Lilja doll had bright green eyes or actually eye, there was one hidden behind the bangs of the doll, but when Nasty pushed the blonde hair away there was an empty socket. She quickly dropped the bangs and touched her own green eye. She remembered very vaguely that her dad indeed had made a doll to resemble her mother but did he take the green eye out of the Lilja doll to give to her? No right it was an extra one. “That’s not funny mommy.” Nastasya said as a small child. She had no idea what she had to do and turned around and stood up, all the dolls had their heads hanging to the left and one eye socket was empty. The differences between all the dolls was gone. They all wore the hair like the Lilja doll and the same dresses. “Stop us Nastasya. Stop me, your mother.” The dolls said all in one harmonious beat. Nasty turned towards the first Lilja doll and kicked the chair. “I SAID IT ISN’T FUNNY!” She yelled and the doll fell on the ground and broke in tiny pieces, which was normal for a porcelain doll. However all the dolls on the shelves and bookcases stood up and made their way to Nastasya, whom jumped up on the chair but some dolls were bigger and could climb on the chair. She kept screaming, searching for her eyepatch.

Nastasya woke up screaming, in her own room, in her own world, in her own Guild: Phantom Lord. She was just in her own bed and Crowley was sitting on the edge of the bed on the end. He was picking next to her legs, hoping to wake up his beloved friend. However the problem had been that in Nasty her dream that were the tiny hands that reached for her. Her bright red eye stared at Crowley and she realised that she was not wearing an eyepatch and quickly grabbed the one from the night stand an put it rather roughly on her green eye. I don’t want to see you today, mother. she thought a bit angry. She stepped out of the small bed and turned back to it to let the white sheets cover it whole. This was her way to keep the bed warm. However it didn’t really matter because the Guild made sure it was warm enough in every bedroom. She walk to her closet and looked through her clothes. She was used to the cold. She was born in the far North of Fiore, where there was almost permanent snow. She would be an Ice Mage user, however it changed and she got Shadow. Which was only more for according to her. She looked for socks and found some black high knee socks, she put them on, under her night gown before looking for something else to wear. She yawned and rubbed her eyes before getting shorts out of it, they were red with little black blocks on it. She took a white long sleeved shirt and pulled it over her head, after she removed her night gown. She yawned again and headed back to her bed and twirled in front of Crowley. “What do you think?” Crowley shivered. “Looks good, caw.” She smiled and walked towards the door but Crowley didn’t see to come, so she turned around and looked at him. She crooked her head to the left and shuddered because it reminded her of the Lilja dolls in her dream so she quickly lifted her head back up. “What’s wrong?” Crowley fluttered with his mechanic feathers. “Crowley wonders why Nastasya is so grumpy this morning.”
Now Nasty wasn’t grumpy, but normally she could be hyper-active because she figured out that today brought a new day with funny things that she could do. She might be a little down, thanks to the nightmare. “Crowley wonders if he could ask and help Nastasya with her dream.” Crowley still called it a dream but it was clearly a nightmare and he knew that too. She plastered a smile on her face. “No you don’t have to. It was a stupid dream. It just surprised me that’s why I screamed.” She smiled to Crowley, although she had the idea that the crow wasn’t that stupid to not see the difference between her normal smile and this one. Crowley crooked his head and she immediately yelled that he shouldn’t do that. She petted her shoulder and waited for him to sit on there before she opened the door and walked into the hallway. She didn’t feel like seeing Lilith at this moment anymore, because she didn’t feel like interaction today. Today was a bad day and she would do something fun to run it for someone else. She wasn’t the one that should feel bad about herself, someone else will pay that price.

For a moment she wished she could punish her dad for this but she couldn’t. “I need to become stronger Crowley. I want to punish people that hurt me.” Crowley nodded and cawed shortly. She nodded again for herself and walked down the stairs on her socks to get some breakfast. She would go outside and fight the elements or work on magic. She had not done that in a long time and she had the idea that she forgot everything that was needed for her Shadow Making Magic. She probably had had too much fun. She started to walk a little faster and went to the lounge of Phantom Lord downstairs to eat something. She ate actually quite a lot for now, some bread, some meat, some fruit and drank some milk before she took of her socks and headed outside. People must think her crazy but she wasn’t. She was working on keeping her resistance to the cold up to date. Nastasya Crowe from the North had always walked on barefoot in the snow and after a while she didn’t care anymore and her feet also didn’t turn blue anymore. Which was good because Nasty actually hated shoes. She watched where she was walking though because she didn’t feel like cutting her feet open on sharp glass or stones. Although it would probably take a little effort before that happened, but she didn’t care: rather prevent it than be doomed and have it happened anyway. “Want to fly?” Crowley asked and Nastasya thought about it for a moment. It would be fun but actually she didn’t feel like having fun. She was not bored yet, she was plotting something evil in her mind. She would go to the city centre of Oak and the first person that would ask her if she was cold, she would ask for shelter and haha than it would come. Torture, pain, hurt, blood. She grinned wickedly and liked the whole idea very much. But with that she could fly a little. “Yes let’s go fly Crowley.” She said with that grin. Crowley wasn’t sure if he liked it but he knew she wouldn’t hurt him and neither would he hurt her.  

Physical Resistance to stat 3: 1350
Left: 15 words

Posted on December 8th 2015 10:42 PM
Mana: 1315

She wanted to fly with Crowley now and she stared at him. How he changed into a small black ball of metal, which she could hear softly screech and turn and twist. He changed, two big wings with metal black feathers came on both one side of the ball, that turned into a sort jacked of straps, this was to keep her secure while flying. She liked the black metal wings, they felt like her own. The straps were attached to her, crossing from her left shoulder around her stomach to the right and vice versa. The wings were 30 centimetres longer than her arms, which made it a total span of around 2 meters. She had to command Crowley through her mind and speaking allowed, she could mutter it softly, whisper it that no one else would hear. The crow couldn’t talk for himself anymore but he was still able to hear her. So he would go up and they could reach a height of 10 meters.

Nastasya had met Crowley at the summer of this year. She found him in the woods that surrounded Oak and with that Phantom Lord, which was a bit placed up on a hill outside of the city itself. Crowley had been left behind by the other not magical crows. He was a magical one, he could talk, change into a big set of wings, although it took them some time to figure that one out. He was made of metal and feathers at once. The metal was made into feathers, so nothing fluffy and surprisingly: nothing heavy. Which was what Nastasya first suspected. He was pecked and some parts of the metal were out, some bits and nails and so on and he was left to die on the ground. There was even oil coming out of the poor bastard. Nasty had been surprised when she found him and he had his eyes closed, she had tiptoed around him until he had opened his eyes and asked her for help. Which surprised her even more, even though she knew a lot of weird things, she had an artificial doll eye after all and that made her see other things. She had bitten her thumb and sat a little away from the metallic crow, not knowing what to do with him. He couldn’t talk much, so he couldn’t explain. She didn’t think that moving him would have been a great idea, so instead she asked him what he needed and she went into the city to replace every tooth, nail, and bits that needed to be replaced, carefully and listening to him about what needed to be done. The oil she couldn’t replace but he said it wasn’t necessary, once he would be up and top again, he would drink it and it would refresh him up enough. He was a weird crow, one the Crowe-girl had never seen before. She was intrigued by it and it made her forget that she was bored, grumpy or lonely. “Do you have a name?” She had asked during that summer. The crow told her that he didn’t have a name, he was just a crow. No one ever needed his name, yes it was a sound of special cawing. So while the crow was rehabilitation in one way or another Nastasya was thinking of a name. “I’ll call you Crowley.” She said, she once heard the name when she meet a guy that she could only see through her eyepatch. But that wasn’t important, the name always had a nice ring to her and well it might had to do with the fact that the first part looked like Crowe and it would be fun. “I like the name, thank you.” Crowley said and at the beginning of the evening, he had felt well enough to sit up straight again and hop around. Nastasya had clapped enthusiastic for him and decided to leave. She would come the following morning with slices of bread, apple and everything that she could take with her and some water. She had not find oil in the Guildhall but Crowley apparently could also drink water. He took small bits of apple and bread and said he slowly felt stronger and for some weird reason, Nastasya had the idea that his metal feathers began to shine more. But she didn’t comment on that. “Will you go back to the murder you were in before?” Crowley slowly shook his head and told her that it was impossible because they kicked him out and left him for dead. The girl felt sorry for him and she thought and thought until she found the right solution: they would become friends. So she suggested this to Crowley and his little round black eyes started to shimmer. “That would be my honour.” He said very respectful and noble and Nasty clapped again out of enthusiasm. So they talked a lot and they decided that they would be friends forever. Nastasya solemly swore that she would never hurt him or bring him into danger and so did Crowley. They laughed about it together and Nasty had meant it from the bottom of her heart. She never had a best friend so why would she ruin this moment.

“We’re almost there Nasty.” Crowley said which got the Phantom Mage out of her daydream about a certain memory. “Remember how we meet? It’s almost half a year ago. We should buy cake to celebrate.” Crowley cawed happily, which Nasty assumed was a yes. So they would have something to do in the city. However thinking about the memory and how Crowley and Nastasya met, didn’t change her not so happy mood. She still remembered the shivers on her back about the doll in her dream, the dolls of her mother. She had to shrug it off, although right now that was still impossible, since they were in the air. Crowley was aiming for the landing and they had trained hard and long to get this fixed. It had to be a specific amount of speed, so Nasty could touch the ground, and continue walking. Instead of almost breaking her shins or anything else what almost happened the first few times. Or instead of being dropped on the ground. They now got it perfect under control. As soon as the mage her feet touched the ground, she took a few quick steps before stopping in total. She would loosen the straps and get out of the jacket and wings. The wings would go back into the ball and the ball would slowly get claws again, smaller wings and a head and be changed back into Crowley himself. “Thank you.” Nasty started, “I loved the flight. It cleared my head a little.” Crowley said he was glad to hear that because he was indeed worried for Nastasya. She gave him a little time to calm down after the flight before she jumped up. “Let’s go find something to do! Or maybe first something to eat!” She grinned. She wondered if Oak had a doll shop, maybe she would pay it a visit. She checked if her eyepatch was still in front of her green eye before she turned her back towards Crowley, waited for him to land on her shoulder and walk into the city centre of Oak. Where she would look for something to do. Someone to punish for the nightmare she had or someone to torture for the bad mood she had or anything else. But mainly she would get lunch, she herself wasn’t even that hungry, it was because she was getting bored but she knew, out of experience of course, that Crowley needed to eat something to regain his energy level up. She bit her lip to hide her grin, because it wouldn’t be nice to spoil the fun, she knew her smile could be scary and wicked and she didn’t want to scare away all of it yet. She would find something to punish for her nightmare, yes indeed. Plus, she would not speak to her mother for a couple of days, if Lilja could influence her dreams and made it into a nightmare, it was actually Lilja her fault.


1363 +  1374
Physical Resistance to stat 6: 2700/2700
Left: 37

Posted on December 9th 2015 01:11 PM
Mana: 1315

The soft stones of the street, or well stones weren’t soft but the stones of the streets of oak were mostly covered in greens. Which made it soft to the bare feet of Nastasya Crowe that was walking into the city centre. She came from her Guild Phantom Lord, which was placed a little on a hill, she could see the big black building from where she was standing, if she would turn around her back to the city and her face to the building. But she didn’t, she kept on walking, skipping a little. It seemed like she was in a good mood but she wasn’t. The Guild looked like an old black castle from here though, although enough citizens of Oak knew that, that wasn’t the case. Now most of the Guild members didn’t harm the people in Oak because this was their hometown and it would be mean, so the small villages and other cities around Oak and through the rest of the country had to believe in the boredom or revenge or anything else that was bad from some Phantom Lord members. Nastasya was always too lazy to travel so she just hunted down people in the city. But not too obvious. She would do it in the shadows, with help of Crowley whom sometimes liked it and sometimes did not. It probably depended on his mood too. Most of the time they had the same mood but not today. That was of course logical for Nastasya had, had a nightmare about her mother and Crowley had slept very well. Besides Crowley couldn’t get into a foul mood because of the fact that he didn’t hear the story of Nastasya’s dream. He was mostly very sympathetic and able to change his mood according to hers, but only when he had a reason: as in that he knew why she was like this. Ah yeah the guild. Nastasya liked it a lot, not specific the Guildmaster who was most of the time not being seen but just the atmosphere and for now her new friend Lilith de Clare. First they would go eat now, so forget everything about her dream and the guild, and the soft stones underneath her feet, or well the greens. “What do you feel like eating today?” Nasty asked her good friend that was still sitting on her shoulder. Although he seemed to clean up his metallic feathers. “Meat would be nice, something like a hotdog or so.” Nastasya stuck out her tongue because she didn’t feel like eating that, now she had no problem with meet but a hotdog.. now? No. But she went to look for a place where she could order a hotdog and something that would suit her fine. Something like pancakes! Wouldn’t be that difficult right and otherwise they should make it for her, she would find something else funny to do, to make sure that she would get one hotdog and a set of pancakes. She sniggered and continue to walk. “Where shall we eat, where shall we eat.” She sang softly and finally opened the door to a small café where she could eat: food. She was hungry now more than before of course, it was now annoying her: which wasn’t very smart for her mood.

“Hai hai,” The Phantom Mage started to say to the girl behind the counter. She was either sixteen or seventeen and probably thought herself older or the same age as Nastasya. Dammit why did she look so young. “I would like to have a hotdog and a set of pancakes.” Which must be a surprising order from a small, skinny girl with a metal crow on her shoulder. The girl must have seen her Phantom Lord Insignia on her right ankle when she stepped inside, because she didn’t mutter a word but just simply nodded and went into the kitchen. “Easy as a pie.” Nasty muttered to Crowley whom again crooked his head to the right and nodded, since he was sitting on her right shoulder. They went to take one of the many empty tables and waited for the waitress to get back to them with the food. Which took some time and made Nasty a bit more agitated. She ticked annoyed with her fingers on the table because waiting was not her best trait. No patience. The waitress came with a little bit of a shaky hand, she set the hotdog in front of Nastasya and she switched the pancakes to her right hand to place them again in front of the black haired girl but she was shaking very much. In a quick reflex, Nasty grabbed the hand of the girl. “Before you spilled.” She said rather cold instead of the enthusiastic tone she had given a bunch of minutes before. This seemed to scare the waitress even more but she managed to put the pancakes also down in front of Nastasya, gave her a small bow and walked back to the kitchen counter. Nasty shoved the plate with the hotdog to the other chair, on which Crowley was sitting or well he was sitting on the back of the chair. But not for much longer, he hoped a bit far and ended with a thud on the table. “Careful.” Nasty said when she picked up her fork and looked at the small waffle like pancakes in front of her. She licked her lips with her tongue and smiled more honest towards Crowley. “Let’s dig in!” And so Crowley started to eat the hotdog, or more he dug into the hotdog with his beak, he would make a mess but after that he would look up all the crumbles until he was satisfied with the cleaning up or either ate them all. Maybe even the crumbles that Nasty left over from her three big waffle like pancakes. She finished them all, which might even be more surprising than a big crow that finished a hotdog. Although it must have been weird to look at. Nastasya had seen certain people look through the window to look at them but as soon as her red eye met their eyes, they would continue walking. People were stupid. As if they had never seen a crow eat or a girl pancakes. It was probably because Crowley sat on a table and the whole café was empty except for the two of them and the waitress. Of course there would be people in the back, in the kitchen but you didn’t see them yet. Nastasya was a little surprised that those people didn’t come to check on her and Crowley.

When the both of them were finished and they had gathered all the left over crumbles back at both their plates, the Black haired mage stood up to go pay for the food and continue to walk outside. They had not ordered any drinks, so she bought a bottle at a vending machine and headed for a small pool behind some houses where Crowley would drink water. She sat there for some time, because Crowley had decided after taking a sip of water that he needed oil. So he had flown up and went to look around for it in some garages near them. It wouldn’t take him long, he could smell it, feel it, or whatever it was: he was a fast one. Nasty had to wait for around fifteen minutes before Crowley returned satisfied with his drink. She let him hop back on one of her shoulders, this time the left before she stood up again. “Well I had thought about nothing for absolutely all fifteen minutes.” Which might not be completely true because she had thought about what Crowley was doing in the first five but it was not much, because she knew how it worked. It wasn’t the first time since last summer that this happened. “Let’s look around if this city has a doll maker, shall we?”, “Why?” Crowley asked surprised because Nastasya might have 3 porcelain dolls in her room and 2 others but she never really showed interest in them. They were placed on a shelve that was al. “Because I want to ask him or her something.” Nasty giggled again, it’s time to go looking for a doll maker. 

1385 + 2737
Physical Resistance 0 - 9: 4050
Left: 72

Posted on December 9th 2015 08:49 PM
Mana: 1315

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Very, very slowly. That’s how the time went back in the Crowe-families house, in the part where Regulus Crowe, Nastasya her father, had his doll maker shop. Nasty never stayed long in the shop, it was as if time stood still there. As if nothing moved but her dad, the dolls all staring straight in front of them, being dressed in their little suits or dresses, very boring, very dull. Maybe Nastasya her life became a little bit dull when she half turned into a doll. She didn’t remember very well how it happened that she got a doll eye but it happened none the less and it didn’t turn out the way her parents wanted.

She remembered vaguely that as a third year old it was difficult to keep her left eye open and most of all to see through it. The dimensions of the world weren’t deep enough and she couldn’t see the right corners, bumping into stuff on the left side mainly because she didn’t see it. She had to go to the doctor but he had hurt her by pulling on her eyelashes, shining light into her eyes, everything that was hateful. She had screamed, bitten the doctor in his hand and shadows had come on the floor.  Different ones than from the people around her or herself, shadows that moved. The doctor had pointed at Nastasya, saying it was her fault and he never wanted to see her again. Her parents waved it away, Nasty couldn’t create shadows, she was an ice mage after all. Or that’s what they thought at that time still. Something needed to be done and Regulus had taken the task upon him. With magic and a doll eye he would fix Nastasya her sight and eye. With potions, ice magic and a green doll eye, that perhaps was taken out of the Lilja doll that he had once made for her mother, he prepared the surgery for Nastasya. He had been a doll maker for most of his life, which was a secure job and because of that, the surgery went good enough and of course because of the ice magic that he possesses. Now this was something that Nastasya didn’t remember but when she had woken up, in her own little bedroom, with her mother Lilja at the bedside, she had started to scream very loud. Because not only her mother was in her room but many more people had come to greet the person that was alive and yet able to see them. Ghosts. But how to explain as a three year old. Nastasya had pointed at the people, her eyes darting from left to right and her small index finger moving from one to another, but Lilja didn’t see anything. “Mommy! Mommy! Who are all those people!” At first Lilja thought it were the dolls that they had made for her daughter that were on the shelves on the opposite of her bed. So Lilja went to the dolls and lifted one up to turn to her daughter, whom only started to scream more. “How can you walk through them, it isn’t funny mommy.” So it was not the doll and Lilja realised, her daughter saw ghost. Plus the fact that indeed there were shadows crawling around Nastasya, or even coming off her. Her daughter indeed, didn’t possess the ice make magic as she and Regulus did. She had made her own nasty version: Shadow Make Magic. And worse, her eye rejected the ice magic that was in there and with that made the artificial eye able to see people that were no longer alive. Ghosts.

Lilja had run downstairs and looked through all kind of drawers to find something that could function as an eyepatch for her daughter. She had some back with a towel that she tied around the three year old her head, to cover the green doll eye. It had worked. This meant that they had to find an eyepatch and Nasty still couldn’t see well on the left side. However in case it was necessary, Nastasya could take of the eyepatch and see for 100% and a little bit extra. It had taken a few years before Nastasya was really used to seeing ghost, at the age of five she regularly took of her patch and started talking with someone. Sometimes she told proudly to her mother that there was a girl in their living room of the same age, and Lilja couldn’t see her. Which made her maybe a bit scared.

But enough about the past. The Phantom Lord Shadow Maker Mage walked with a steady pace through Oak, searching for a doll maker. Which she found at the end of one of the main streets, right before they would enter the old houses from people that barely could afford to live. The wrong neighbourhoods as people would say, people that didn’t know about Phantom Lord at all. They ruled this city, not the backbone less people from these places. The shop looked rather lovely, the window had a lovely colour of read: Ted’s dolls. Was it a word joke or did the guy really was called Ted? He should have started making teddy bears instead of dolls. Maybe he did both. At the end of the shop name was a red ribbon, which made it seem even happier. Nasty almost stuck out her tongue in distaste. Blergh.
There was a happy tingling of a bell when she opened the door and stepped inside with Crowley still perched on her left shoulder. “Hello.” A man’s voice came from the back of the shop. She heard footsteps coming towards her and a man appeared from behind a curtain. “Wow such a magnificent crow.” Well at least this man knew what was awesome. She let Crowley hop on the counter and turned to the man. “I have a question, you can check him out later. But what do you think of this.” She slowly removed her eyepatch to keep some tension. There were no ghost in the shop, her mother wasn’t here either. She had gotten the message.

The man his mouth fell open. “Is that a real..”, “yeah yeah.”, “From the famous doll maker Regulus Crowe?” How did he..? Nasty didn’t understand. “How do you know?”, “He was the only one that could fix that colour of green. Only real doll makers know. The rest of us, the green eyes are pale compared to the one Regulus made. He said his inspiration came from his wife Lilja Crowe.” Nastasya slammed her hand on the counter. “You shouldn’t have said that word. For I know the two of them. I am Nastasya Crowe. And he probably never told the world about his misshapen daughter.” She had become so angry, that she slammed her left hand into her right palm. “Hammer.” She muttered and a hammer made out of shadows appeared and slammed the counter, it broke clear in to two pieces. “I’m sorry Ted. You just meet me on the wrong day and in the wrong mood.” She muttered the word shield, to prevent the splinters of the counter to slam in her face, the shield appeared on her right arm and she lifted in front of her head. Crowley was flying behind her to protect himself. “I’m sorry my friend. Sorry that you had to see me like this.” She said softly and sweetly, including honestly, to Crowley, she meant that. She didn’t mean it to Ted. She didn’t care at all. She decided to add an barrier while she was add it, because her shield was already damaged from the splinters of the shop counter. Luckily for her: Ted wasn’t a mage. She eyed around, fully save for any backfiring spells. She smiled because there were indeed three big teddy bears on the left side of her in the store. “What’s easier to make? Dolls, doll eyes or bears.” Ted followed her eyes and pleaded her to take the bears and just go. It would probably be a very expensive job to fix the counter and for a second she felt a tad sorry. But he wouldn’t know how it would feel to be born a doll maker’s try out. “Did you know that Regulus made a doll for his dear beloved Lilja, took the eye and put it in their daughter? She can still talk to the death Lilja thanks to that eye!” She yelled a bit after every word, a little bit louder every time. “What’s your answer on that! I want it gone!” But there was no option, this artificial eye, could not be removed without harming herself. She again pushed her hands together and coordinated a shadow pair of scissors into the first teddy bear. “It isn’t funny.” She threw a butcher’s knife in the second. “It isn’t nice.” And the last teddy bear got an axe in it. “It is nothing fun at all!” Every time she had said a small sentence and threw a weapon into one of the teddy bears and walked a step closer to Ted. “So how.. do I fix it!” Ted was slouched down on the ground, behind a large part of the counter,  “I can’t. I’m sorry.” He said, his voice much higher than it did before. “You should know something. You have to help me.” Although he didn’t have to help her at all, she just destroyed a part of his shop, so why would he help her. She walked closer to him, let Crowley hop on the counter that was still standing. “I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want a part of my mother in me. It’s killing me. I don’t want to see her all the time.” Which wasn’t true, it had never bothered her before, never before the nightmare of last night. Ted keep shaking his head. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He kept repeating and repeating. Nastasya got up from hunching down in front of the doll maker. “Yeah I’m sorry too.” She turned around, beckoned Crowley to come with her and walked out of the shop. “A good day to you.” She said before she closed the door and left. “What was that about Nastasya? I thought you liked your eye.” Nasty quickly responded with that she didn’t want to talk about it, not here at least.

So they left through the bad neighbourhood of Oak into a part of the forest where Nasty told Crowley about the nightmare she had and how it seemed that she had stolen the eye from her mother’s doll. Something that the spirit of her mother could not forgive her. Which was weird: she had never heard about it before. “I don’t think that’s true Nasty. It was just a dream.” Crowley tried to calm her down, but he understood the feeling very well. He was kicked out of his own murder, he knew how it felt to be dependable on someone else and just the same as Nasty: he didn’t like it at all.

1855 + 4122 =  5977
Physical Resistance 0 - 10: 4500/4500 Words
Nasty's Shadow Spells: 1350/1350 Words
Axe 450/450
Shield 225/225
Shade 225/225
Scissors 225/225
Butcher's Knife 225/225

10% discount thanks to the Phantom Lord Training Ground
Left over: 127

Posted on December 10th 2015 11:15 AM
Mana: 1315

The incident at the doll maker’s shop was not something she wanted to repeat. It made her tired and she had to use Magic. Using Magic was fun but it was not nice what she did. She knew that, oh yes she did, she only did not care enough. However it was something she had to do again, or well partly. She didn’t have to destroy a counter or kill three teddy bears but she had to use magic again and most of all train more. She shivered, which made her stop in her track. She hadn’t noticed the cold for so long but right now she felt a cold breeze sweep pass her and it made her shiver. There were still so many things she could do in the city but she decided to head back to the Guild, put on some socks, shoes and a coat and go train in another way. She might get a cold after this and that was something that had never happened to Nasty before.

She had said before, in the morning that she wanted to become stronger and for that she needed more training. She knew exactly what she would train. She skipped back to the Guildhall of Phantom Lord, her mood a little lighter than before she entered the shop. But yet she wasn’t her happy self yet. It would probably come after she went to bed, and had no nightmare. It had been nicer to walk on the soft green moss instead of the street stones that were covered in moss. This felt softer and warmer against her feet, instead of the cold icy stones. They headed back this way because the woods were horizontal to the city and lead them straight back to the black castle that actually hid their Guild. It might even be fun if Crowley got his own Guild stamp! Somewhere small on his wing of so. But she would mention that to him later, she was a little bit lost in thoughts and apparently Crowley didn’t feel much like talking either after the incident. He kept flying low, almost next to her head but didn’t say anything. So Nasty started to hum a song, even though she still had a lot to think about. Before they reached the main doors of the Guild, Nasty realised that she forgot to put her eyepatch back on, there were a lot of people walking here, but a lot of people were walked straight through, this was when she realised she could see ghost again. So she put on the eyepatch, making sure that she wouldn’t see her mother, whom was probably still in her room.

She muttered hello to a few people in general but actually continued to walk with her head held high, back to her room, she had her socks still in the little bag that she had been carrying over her right shoulder all the time. But she put them on when she was back in her room. Inside she would walk on socks all the time but never outside because she didn’t want to ruin them. So she put back on her black high knee socks and looked for her red patent leather shoes, with little high heels and grey-ish black ribbons that she tied around her ankles.

She put on a black coat which made her even look younger with the fake fur and little balls of fur that were hanging from the hood. It could be described as a sweet Lolita coat, but only still in black. Which was always an option with Lolita but just for the sake of it. She kept the zipper down, so it would be easier to move. Crowley was sitting on one of her shoulders again as they moved down the stairs, through the back door to the Training grounds. She should have stayed here instead of to cause trouble. But she shrugged about it, almost made Crowley topple off, why did she care. Did she get emotions? Standards? Values? Nah she was probably getting a cold. Crowley flew to one of trees that were around the training grounds of the guild. She walked that way to but when she came to the point that she was close to Crowley, she turned her back. She formed her right hand into a fist and pushed it against her open left hand. “Shadow Make: Hammer.” She muttered and again the big hammer appeared, there were dummies on the field and she coordinated the hammer to go a little forward from her and smash into one dummy. These dummies could take a lot so they wouldn’t get destroyed but at least it started to wobble so Nasty had the feeling she had done something. She wasn’t impressive of course as the Ace of Phantom Lord and the Guild Master Durain, but she would train to become a little impressive herself. She would like that attention.

The Hammer disappeared after it collided with the dummy. But that was what Nastasya had suspected. If only she could use more spell at once. She might train and try that. She focused and got a frown in her brow. She closed her eyes for a few seconds before she opened them very fast and furious. “Shadow Make: Scissors! Shadow Make: Butcher’s Knife.” Sheesh she should have changed that name in just knife, this was too long. But she had one scissor and one knife and both she moved them towards the dummy. Her shadow scissors stabbed it on the right side and the Butcher’s knife on the left. But they disappeared soon enough. Nastasya skipped to the dummy to check though and she could see little puns on there from the attack. Which made her enthusiastic clap in her hands. She had left a dent for now!

She wanted to try her defensive spells but since she had no training partner for now, it would be difficult. She shrugged, it would happen another time. She didn’t feel like doing too much at once. For now she focused on her offensive side. She had a lot more spells to check and try. She had a lot of tools. So she tried her Saw, to cut of the head of the dummy and well she made little progress with that but indeed the dummy had a cut in its neck! She yawned behind her hand because this was costing her loads of energy and she wasn’t used to it yet but she was determined to at least kick the dummy back a little. She tried her Axe for a dent, together with her Scythe and the same happened as when she tried her scissors and butcher’s knife. Which was something she wanted but she had to get stronger! She tried her shovel before she was done with the fact that it didn’t work. She became a little angry. “Why doesn’t it move.” She said and shadows came from her feet and sort of oozed from her body. Crowley didn’t say anything, he wasn’t sure if it was save. He could feel the power coming from Nastasya. It might not be much compared to big mages like Durain, but it was rather impressive because he never felt it before. Again the Hammer showed up and she slammed it in the Dummy, it didn’t move but it at least fell backward. Which was good enough for Nasty. She laughed and jumped up happily. “Let’s go inside Crowley. I’m done for today.” The Phantom Lord Shadow Make Mage waited for her pet friend to sit back on her shoulder, even though it was a short walk, she made sure to zip up her coat. She would get a soup tonight, nothing more. She had already eaten so much and she was afraid that she might indeed get a cold and she didn’t plan to let that happen.

So when she got inside and opened the door to her own room, she first took a shower. Went to sit on her bed to read something, not that she really read what was standing in the book, because she was still so happy and satisfied about her hammer spell. When it was time to eat she indeed stuck to a soup only. She had learned enough for today.

1388 + 5977 = 7365
Physical Resistance 0 – 10 = 4500/4500
Nasty’s Shadow Spells: 1350/1350 (checked already)
Magical Attack: 0 – 3 = 1350/1350
Health 0 – 1 = 150
Left: 15

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