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Something less Boring! [Mission/Lilith]

Posted on December 8th 2015 01:27 PM
Mana: 1315

Nastasya was a little bored this morning. It was still early and she was sitting downstairs in the lounge, climbing around on the chairs and table. "The floor is lava!" she yelled at some of the younger guild members. But everyone just laughed at her and continued their business. Crowley sat on the back of one of the chairs and he kept screeching: Lava! Lava! It made him sound stupid but he did it just to entertain Nasty, he knew a little what was necessary even though they haven't been friends for too long. However after twenty minutes Nasty was done with jumping to chairs and tables. She understood that people want to sit down, eat breakfast or relax. So she went to the chair where Crowley sat on and went to sit on it too. He had to fly up a little as she was sitting on it upside down. He went to sit on her right leg that she kept wobbling to entertain him and herself a little. "Ne, Crowley what are we going to do today? Shall we look for Lily? I don't know.." She already answered her own question before Crowley had a change. It was more that she had no idea where to look for Lilith, her friend from yesterday. 

Nastasya was so bored that in the middle of the guild she removed her eyepatch. However not many people would see that because her head was below the table, you had to stand next to the chair or so. "Hello Lilja." Nasty whispered when she could see her mother, she was sitting underneath the table so Nasty could look at her perfectly. "What shall we do today?" There were more ghosts she could see, a lot might come to Phantom Lord just to see how it goes, but she ignored them for now. She wanted to talk to Lilja. 


Posted on December 8th 2015 02:38 PM
Mana: 825

Lillith had picked up a mission, not that she cared much for doing missions, but she needed the jewels and it sounded like it would be easy money. Picking up some items, probably in a suitcase, don’t pay for it and leave. How hard could it be? She figured she would just go there, scare the crap out of that person in the way she always used to do and leave.

She walked through the guild hall ready to leave when she suddenly heard a childish voice. She looked up in the corner of her eyes to notice it was little Nastasya who shouted that the floor was lava. Silly little child, but she did remember the other day, the child had a problem with getting bored very easily and well, since it was such an easy task..

She was almost at the door when she turned around to the girl and her intriguingly pet crow. “Nastasya, pick up your stuff, you are coming with me.” She told the little girl with a little smile. Little enough to be sure that no one but Nastasya would see it. “I have a task at hand and since you look like you could use some.. fun, I want you to join me.” After those words she held up her hand to invite the girl to tag along with her. 


Posted on December 8th 2015 03:55 PM
Mana: 1315

Nastasya her green and red eye focused on someone else, someone who wasn't dead although a lot of ghosts seem to flick around her but that could also be the standard guild ghosts that Nastasya never recognized, because she didn't pay that much attention to faces. "Pick up my stuff?" She said and she crooked her head a little to the left. "Interesting." She sat up straight again and with that made Crowley fly up. She put her eyepatch back on, waved, hopefully invisible for Lilith, goodbye to Lilja and stared at Lily. "Okay what task. Tell me everything!" She said while following Lily out of the door of Phantom Lord. Crowley flew close behind them but decided not to come with and said that Nasty had to whistle if she needed him. She nodded and walked along to the city centre of Oak. 

She listened to Lily explaining and thought she understood everything. When doing a request you first have to meet up with a person. She took the paper of the request that Lily had and read along. “Joanne. Stupid name.” she muttered, she liked the names Lilith and Nastasya better. But yeah no one asked her opinion. “It says midnight, that takes some time.” Although it wasn’t that early in the morning anymore, thank god. Imagine waiting for seven hours before midnight would come, or worse. Since eight o’clock in the morning! 


Posted on December 8th 2015 04:09 PM
Mana: 825

“Oh it’s quite simple really.” Lillith answered. “We just need to pick up a suitcase for Joanne, and she doesn’t feel like paying for the suitcase so all we have to do is take it with us and leave.” She didn’t expected a lot of trouble out of it. She looked like she thought of something and well at that moment she reached for something in her pocket. “here.” Since she decided to take little Nastasya under her wing she might just as well let her read the request as well. Therefore handing over the little paper.

She smiled a little, “You really are an impatient one aren’t you?” Funny little thing. She liked the company of this girl for some reason, not that she had any idea how long it would last but she just might as well go and enjoy it as long as it would last. “I want to be there on time, the sooner it’s done the sooner we get our payment, don’t worry, I’ll make sure she’ll pay you as well since you are now going to help me.” Besides there was always the chance that their request giver was a little nervous herself, and would be waiting for them earlier in the evening. And if that was the case they could be done even sooner. Lillith most certaintly wouldn't mind that.


Posted on December 8th 2015 08:43 PM
Mana: 1315

Nasty frowned, but if the woman didn't want to pay for the suitcase, why pay for a second mage that helped stealing it. She shrugged though because she couldn't really care, as long as she would get the money with Lilith. They could do a lot of fun with that! So they meet up with Joanna whom talked to them to the forest around Oak. They had to wait for a long time before the suitcase would be there, Joanne would go home in the mean time which Nasty didn't like. They waited and waited, tried to have fun and just talk to Lilith some more. She whistled for Crowley at one time and even though they were far from the guild, the crow came towards them to keep them company. 

When it was midnight, the guy with a suitcase showed up and Nasty suddenly started to wonder what was in there, but this was because she was bored. They had made a plan and Crowley was a part of it. He would fly up from the woods, covered by the shadows to the back of the man and caw very loud. It went exactly according to plan. The man jumped up and turned around to look what it was and Crowley scared him again out of fun (not really according to plan) however the man had let go of the suitcase and Nasty and Lily went to get it while the guy just stood there. "Hey thanks mate. Unfortunately we have to go." Crowley went to sit on Nastasya her shoulder and she gave him a nasty stare, before she lifted her eyepatch and wink, apparently the guy was easy to scare because he remained standing there while Nasty took off with Lily her hand in her own. Together with Lily she took a small detour to end up at Joanne her house. They gave her the suitcase but Nasty couldn't help but ask what was in there. Joanne only gave the money and slamed the door in her face. Well so much for an answer. Nasty looked surprised at Lilith. "That wasn't marvelous." She said and she walked back to the guild, at least with money, for the both of them. 


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