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Belamy Siddheart

Posted on December 7th 2015 04:26 PM
Mana: 1245

Name: Belamy Siddheart
Age: 22
Birthday: 20/10/770x
Gender: Male
Guild: Magic Council
Magic: Virus Summoning
Insignia: From shoulder to shoulder on his back. Belamy chose for this, because he needed to convince himself in a way that he'd do good. The insignia is black. 

They didn't tell me how to do it. Just, what to do.

Belamy is one of the stranger people. On one hand he is arrogant, vain and proud. When people ask him to do things, usually sighs, rolls his eyes and usually agrees to do so, as long as either it pays well, or it is for a good purpose. And that is where Belamy's good side awakens. He is noble, and wants to do good. But this is very hard for him. His past leaves a mark of darkness. He has been on an evil path for a long time, and up to today, he still leans towards it, but wants to do good things so badly.

But this leaves a dangerous goody two shoes. When people ask him make a bully stop bullying, he hurts the bully so much or makes him so scared that the bully won't ever dare to get near ever again. It has been a concern to some people. But he does that for a good reason. He just doesn't like to do things in a "boring" way. This, plus the fact that when it comes down to magic, he likes to overdo things.

When you get to know him, Belamy indeed is a guy who likes fun. Depending on his mood, he can be really enjoy a talk from time to time, but usually he doesn't, and just likes to be alone. He smiles most of the time, but it may seem like an arrogant smile.

Finally, Belamy is lazy. Plain lazy. Belamy likes to try to create viruses to take over tasks that he doesn't want to. His first creation, the Virus Alpha, now serves a purpose as drink retriever. But this can be a good thing too. Where others fails to see a good solution, Belamy's creativity and out-of-the-box thinking has lead to great solutions.  

Few tips: don't talk him down, show respect and know when to talk and when not to talk.


  • Doing good, although it struggles to do so all the time;
  • Having fun, especially if he can combine it with doing good;
  • Showing off. Belamy is quite proud of his viruses, and likes to show those;
  • Observing nature and its creatures. His viruses are usually based on aspects of nature.

  • People who show off (quite hypocritical);
  • Things that "have to be done" and are boring;
  • Strict rules, as he likes to do something in his own fashion.

Belamy has a rather pale skin, with red hair that seems purple in some lights. Belamy's eyes are red, but on pictures of him around 14 years old and younger, he appears to have blue eyes. 

He usually wears almost formal clothes. Sometimes, Belamy likes to wear a long, open coat without shirt if the weather allows it. 

Faceclaim: Rin from FREE!

For every boy, there is a moment in his childhood that he want to become an officer of the law, a policeman: a Rune Knight of the Magic Council. And so it was too for the young Belamy Sidheart, an enthusiastic boy from the northern parts of Fiore. Born as the third born of Garth and Melody Siddheart, a couple of honest and hardworking bakers. The couple were busy, and overloaded by work from just the bakery. In addition to their bakery, the three children were not the easiest. The oldest, Belamy’s brother, Finn, was a troublemaker. He was mischievous, needing constant supervision. Selena, his sister, wasn’t such a threat until she reached the age of five, where things became complicated. Where Finn was just toying around, Selena was just criminal. She stole a lot, but was caught quite a lot. But she did not receive punishment for it, as she was able to make it up with cuteness. People would not mind, as she was such a cute little girl. Finally, there was Belamy. This young boy was feared by his parents, who were awaiting a third troublemaker. But to their surprise, this young lad was a goody two shoes. As he grew up between the runaway brother and the criminal sister, he was inspired by men who took care of the two siblings: the Rune Knights of the Magic Council. They were able to see through the tricks of his siblings, and punish them for their actions. Even before his teenage years, Belamy became obsessed with becoming a Rune Knight, a true soldier to the country of Fiore.

But throughout his teenage years, Belamy gained interest in nature. More like, biomechanical nature. He started to experiment with creatures that lived of Belamy’s energy. As our out-of-character machines work on electricity and code, Belamy’s machines work on his mana and a form of magic. At a relative young age, Belamy created his first ever virus, as he called it. It was seemed to resemble a centipede, yet bigger. It was about half a meter long, quite useless, but Belamy was incredibly proud of it. He named it the Virus Alpha. He showed it to everyone, but most people didn’t like it. Some even disgusted him for making those. He felt really underrated, and decided to show them what his virus could do. From that moment on, Belamy had found himself a dark path to walk upon. He went to the store to figure out a plan to show the people what his viruses could do. As he walked down the aisles, he figured it out: a theft. A big one. He’d steal as much money as he possible could. But he needed a distraction. And well, his viruses would automatically give him away. He decided to go for a little trip into nature and try to make a new virus to fit his plan.

He can still hear his footsteps and his thoughts. He walked along the beach and saw a squid. He walked up to it, and the squid blew a cloud of ink and swam away quickly. That’s when his plan started to come together. He ran home and started to construct the next virus: the Virus Malitia. The virus resembled a fly, which third limb was replaced with a sack. The sack was filled with a liquid that it can spit up to create a cloud. But this cloud turned out to have a little side effect. The limbs of a living body would become to feel numb and slow down. The mind of those who stood in this cloud would feel hazy. But Belamy knew that this would not be a problem. It would be better actually. The next day, he immediately executed his grand plan. He walked into the store, walked into the first dark aisle he could find and summoned Virus Malitia. Virus Malitia created the cloud, and Belamy sneaked towards the safe, grabbed as much Jewels as he could get and ran off, dispelling Virus Malitia.

As the years went by, Belamy grew darker and darker. But one day, Belamy realized this was not his path. A conscience had settled in his mind, telling him that he was not doing right: his infant thoughts began to reappear. He realized he wanted to do good. He wanted to become a Rune Knight again. 


Belamy's summoning uses viruses, as mentioned before. A virus is a mechanical creature that can be summoned. These creatures seem like machines, but work like actual living creatures. 

Each virus is able to think on its own, but Belamy can control the viruses too. 

Viruses are summoned from what is called a Save state. When a summoning is dispelled, the virus is uploaded to the save state. When a summoning is killed, the virus is not uploaded to the save state again. This means that any experience or memories build up since the last time it was summoned, is lost if it is killed. 


“So what is a virus now actually?”, a man said.

I was in a conversation with a man who was watching me build a new virus. A curious man indeed. I’ve never seen anyone as curious. I quite liked it.

“Well, a virus is like a mechanical creature. A living entity, but then as machine. Kind of like a car, but not for transportation.” I replied.

“But what is it for?”

“Well… right now, they serve no real purpose” I lied. Of course they had a function. But I won’t want anyone to know. Secrecy is key.

“So, you just like to make those… viruses?” he asked.

“Yeah. That’s… That’s basically it.”

“But, where do you keep them?”

“That’s a complicated thing. You wanna hear?”

“Of course!”

“Well” I started with a sigh. “You know requip magic?” He nodded. “Well, this works similarly. But I keep viruses in my mind, in sort of the manner as a requip keep theirs is a dimension bladibla pocket”. He looked confused, but he nodded again.

“I think I get it. But don’t these… things need to breath?”

“They do. But they are not alive while there are in my head. In my head, I create save states. Every virus has a save state. When I call upon them, I summon my save state. If I dispel it, they get uploaded to the save state.”

“So if they die, you lose them?” The man asked quickly. His eyes were wide open. He was absolutely shocked. Funny, actually.

“Of course not. If they die, I can load of the previous save state. As if I hadn’t summoned it.” I said. I couldn’t help it, but notice a grin on my face.

After a quite long conversation, I managed to scare him away without even loading a save state. I don’t know, I kinda like the curiosity. I mean, I like it when people realize that I am powerfull, but lately, the curiosity is quite… boring. Always the same questions with the same answers. Maybe I should join the Magic Council after all. I mean, as a child I was so focused on becoming a rune knight. Why shouldn’t I…? Maybe they won’t like my powers. Maybe they’re afraid that I truly am evil. But what if they are right? I don’t know it anymore…

Posted on December 7th 2015 10:19 PM
Mana: 5000


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