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Nasty's Character Sheet

Posted on December 7th 2015 03:58 PM
Mana: 1315

My name is Nastasya Crowe and this is my Character Sheet!

Posted on December 7th 2015 04:32 PM
Mana: 5000

Congratulations you won a Metallic Crow!

This little fellow is a black Crow that also is some sort of metallic, it can walk, hop, talk, fly and do whatever normal magical crows can do. Your crow also has a special ability, it can change into a set of wings for you. At this moment, the crow turns into huge black wings that will attach to your shoulders and help you lift yourself up from the ground and enter the sky!
You can fly up to 10 meters high and the speed of your wings is 5 meter per second. 
Feel free to give your crow its own personal ideal name!

Posted on December 9th 2015 03:24 PM
Mana: 1315


Butcher's Knife

Shadow Coat
Stairway to Heaven
Shadow Body

Frying Pan
Skull Wall
Ghost Barrier
Rose Thorn

Shadow Sight (Detection)

Posted on January 23rd 2016 11:42 AM
Mana: 1315

Dear Dairy

x761 - x785

It was the year x761 when Lilja Ólafurdóttir was born to the parents of Ólafur and Ada. She was a cute little girl that loved everything in the world, especially things beautiful. She wished she would become beautiful herself but to be honest her genes didn't help very well. She was bothered by that, her little sister Elfa, born two years after Lilja, had the better genes, which made her elder sister a little bit jealous. In the year of x765 there was a fire in the house of Ólafurdóttir. And Lilja choose not to safe them. A demon called Rafael came into the burning house of the Ólafurdóttir family and asked the four year old Lilja what she wished for. She wished to be beautiful and in an instant Lilja Ólafurdóttir became fourteen years old in the year of x765. So Lilja had to escape from the city of Sjöfn where she was known as the Demon Girl. She fled away to a city called Húsavik and was raised by the church. Never was her story found out and she was the most beautiful girl that Húsavik had ever seen. She almost immediately fell in love with the soft spoken and mysterious guy called Regulus Crowe. In the year x769 when she was just eighteen years old, they married and she couldn't be more happier, even though there were a lot of men in the village jealous to her newly wed husband.In the April of the year x773 Lilja figured out she was with child and her little baby girl was born on 21st December of x773 Her life became completely normal, with a baby girl that could see ghosts but she was happy and satisfied with her live even though she knew her end would come rapidly. In June of the year x785, she became ill as in her body became weak and she didn't have the energy or air anymore to run after her child or cook or clean. In July x785 she died of an unknown illness, which wasn't true. She died because her time was up after she sold her soul to a demon, Rafael had given her 20 years to live, only to die now already. 

x749 - x793

In the year x749 little Regulus Crowe was born to his parents Regna and Augstar Crowe. He was their only son and the pride of the family but raised very strict by his father Augstar. From the moment he was born with his bright red eyes that he inherited from Regna, it was already known that he would become a doll maker like his father. Although it wasn't known that he would become one of the most famous people in the world of the doll makers. Regulus was not really a social kid, at school he didn't make many friends and he only had time for school and homework and the arts of becoming a dollmaker. He didn't have time to check out the girls in the city but he had heard the rumours about Lilja Crow when he was sixteen in the year x765. He spotted her some times and immediately developed a crush but he expected to not be good enough for her, so he never tried and simply tried to forget her which was impossible. When he was eighteen in the year x767 he was ready to take up the master's task to finish and become a proper doll maker. It was the time that he was working on a doll for Lilja her so called cousin, that actually didn't exist, as well as on his own project. He was making a doll of her. Embarrassed his showed his father Augstar, whom approved him as a good doll maker. Only a few weeks later the house of the Crowes was burned (not the working place that was in the garage), and the doll that represented Lilja was found by Lilja. That's when they started dating though. In the year x769 when he just turned twenty and she was eighteen they got married, which didn't get all the approval in the town of Húsavik but that was mainly for jealous people and people that thought they were too young. In the year x773 Lilja figured out she was with child and Regulus decided to stay at home for the rest of the year and the following first years to come. He had become a famous doll maker that traveled through the country to meet up with others, teach some of them his ways of making dolls and just sell more dolls than only in the small town of Húsavik. He made a lot of dolls for his daughter and he was so proud to be a father. Although it had been very hard on him when in x776 he had to replace his daughter's left eye with an artificial eye to help her see better. Thanks to him, she was able to see ghosts because of the channeling of her magic, he had never forgiven himself. When his baby girl was attacked by a demon in the year of x780 and she screamed so badly, he had almost given up on becoming a good father but he held on for five more years, when Nastasya was twelve and Lilja very ill and died in x785 he gave up. Mainly because his daughter had become a monster that was his fault and because his soulmate had died. He wasn't sure what to do and left his child after three months with his grandparents to go travel and get back to his work as a doll maker. But he carefully calculated her birthday, knowing that his daugher was insane he started travelling in the year x790 to make sure he wouldn't let her find him. He remained for a while with Fairy Tail for protection before he moved back to Húsavik and hid in a small house just outside of the city, unknown to anyone but Augstar and Regna whom were still alive. That until in x793 indeed Nasty found him and managed to kill him very easily, he had seen it coming and he thought he deserved it. He was rather proud on how strong she had become and how pretty, she was the dark reflection of her mother, but he didn't tell her. He embraced the idea of being reunited with his soulmate even if it was in hell. 

x532 - x793

Demons according to the stories that Nastasya had heard were some sort of parasites that would live in the bodies of humans, to make sure they would die and once they did, they would take over the bodies. They needed vessels to become a human look-a-like. If that is true, Rafael would have become a human look-a-like in the year x532. From that moment on he stopped aging, becoming the mid thirty guy forever. But handsome enough to woo enough girls and women and even men to like him, trust him and drink their blood, kill them or whatever else demons do. He have been all around the country as well to the countries that surround Fiore and he doesn't have a particular place to stay. 
When in x780 he was on a tour through the North, invisible for the people so his beauty wouldn't make them linger around him, he met a girl that was able to see him. She must have been around eight, and just for fun he messed with her head, walked right through her in his ghost like form. He had activated his terrorizing magic, he had the power of the disastrous nature and hit her with an almost invisible lightning rod that she felt like she was burned inside. It was leaving his mark on her without actually having to sign for it. He would have never guessed that thirteen year later that same girl would hunt him down and try to kill him and that he would pass his magic on to such a human, turning her into at least half a demon or whatever she already was. 

Posted on April 3rd 2016 05:05 PM
Mana: 1315

x773 - ...

Nastasya Crowe was born in the year x773 on the day the autumn turned into winter: the 21st of December. It was always cold in Husavíck so today wasn't an exception. She was a small fragile child but quickly accustomed to the cold. Nastasya's life went pretty much the same as other children and especially other children in Husavíck because she wasn't always dressed for the cold, since she was born there, she was used to it. She learned to walk when she was about one and talk when she was one and a half. She was dressed like the dolls that her father made. However her walking around seemed to go with some difficulty, she couldn't always keep her left eyelid open and she kept bumping into things when she was walking, and it was not because she was wobbly.
In x776 her parents Lilja and Regulus figured out that her left eye was not seeing anything, it had been degrading slowly until she became completely blind. Her parents had brought her to an eye doctor but because the man was pulling on her eyelashes and shining a hateful light in her eyes, she had bitten him to make it stop. At that point shadows had appeared but almost invisible and different shadows than the one cast by light. No one had paid attention. The doctor didn't want to help her anymore and it was too far to travel to another one. 
Since there was no one else that could take care of little Nastasya, Regulus took it upon him to do it himself, he was really secure and knew exactly what he had to do to fix her eye. So in the beginning of the year x777 he worked on her eye with potions, ice make magic and a green doll eye. The doll eye came from the doll he made for Lilja, because he loved the colour so much. He even had a fight with his parents Augstar and Regna about the colour because they wanted her to keep the red eyes and found that Regulus should not be so selfish and just fix a red eye. Although their reason was just as selfish because it was the same colour as Regna. 
Regulus had fixed the surgery pretty enough and there were no scary scars, the next day she woke up in her own room with her mother at her bedside. She had immediately started to scream for a lot of strangers were in her room, but according to Lilja there was no one. Thanks to the dolls eye she was able to see ghost walking around her. At that point there were also shadows erupting from her body, she didn't posses the Ice make magic like Regulus and Lilja did, she possessed another version: shadow make magic. To help her daughter with the ghost Lilja found an eyepatch to hid the ghosts, so even though she had a perfect working eye, she still needed an eyepatch. 
In the year x778/x779 she often took her eyepatch off to talk to someone because she was starting to make friends with the ghost since the age of five. She was getting more used to it because there was a girl from her age. 

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