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Nastasya Crowe

Posted on December 7th 2015 01:34 PM
Mana: 1315

Name: Nastasya Crowe
Age: 19
Birthday: 21 November x773
Gender: Female
Guild: Phantom Lord
Magic: Shadow Making Magic
Insignia: On the inside of her right ankle, black.

Nastasya is a Crowe-girl born from the North part of the Country. Which makes her typical stubborn and having a rather short temper. She can be sarcastic and blunt. But it’s not per se to hurt people, she just says whatever comes into her mind without thinking too much about it. Most of the time Nastasya is bored and she tries to seek something to prevent her from getting much, much more bored. Because of this she doesn’t really care what’s right or wrong. No one ever sorta taught her the differences with standards and values. Even if her parents had done that: she wouldn’t care.

Nastasya likes to have fun and because of that she often does something against the rules, because be honest: that’s the most fun a girl can have. She likes to laugh and socialize and she can be really nice, if you let her. She just needs to know people, and people especially need to meet her when she is not bored. Then she can be even nicer than normal. 
Nastasya never cared for higher ups or people that demand her to listen to her. Her parents never tried because at the age of nine, they figured out it didn’t work. She does whatever she wants without keeping in mind the other feelings of people. That’s also a reason why she never had friends and according to herself she never needed any. She only needs people to have or make fun. Which can mostly mean: people to hurt or laugh at. However even though her parents didn’t teach her the values and standards, she is not stupid, she is very curious and intelligent, just not very social.

Positive traits: Likes having fun, socialize, curious, intelligent, friendly when in a good mood
Negative traits: Stubborn, Short temper, sarcastic, blunt, easily bored


  • Dolls, when not having much friends you need something. Maybe it has to do with her eye.
  • Pain, this means not only to inflict pain to others or animals but also to herself because it means she is alive and has done something that makes her not bored for a few minutes or so. 
  • The undead, most of all: she needs someone to talk to from time to time!

  • Huge crowds, it has mainly to do with, people probably expect something from you or don't like you in a way you are. Especially because Nasty knows her behaviour is not tolerated. She doesn't like too many people in the same place. Two or three is really a maximum. 
  • Her eyepatch, but it’s a thing she has to do because seeing the death all the time doesn’t work well either and besides having two different coloured eyes is also not very nice.
  • Being excluded, because that makes it only more boring?!

Nastasya is a girl of an average height, she is 1.68 meters (5’6”) and has a very pale skin and tender hands and feet. She has raven black hair that reaches just above her shoulders. Thanks to her hair, she looks extra pale. She has one red eye, which is her right eye that functions well, her left eye is bright green. She has not much curves but you can see she is girly but that’s it. She is rather skinny but she doesn’t care, she eats well and healthy. She likes to wear dresses and skirts. Her green eye is an artificial eye that is most of the time hiden behind an eyepatch. 

Faceclaim: Mei Misaki - Another

Nastasya was born in the cold northern part of Fiore. She was a small fragile child but quickly used to the cold. She has a pale skin and the raven black hair that runs through her family and her parents thought she was perfect, until she grew up. Nastasya her nickname quickly became Nasty because she was a nasty child, but none the less, Nasty liked her new name more than her old one.

At the age of three, her parents figured out that Nasty couldn’t see with her left eye. She kept bumping into things on the left. They brought her to a doctor but Nasty terrorized the clinic so much, no one wanted to see her again: so something nasty had to happen. Her dad is a dollmaker and had knocked her out, replaced her left eye with a doll eye. A green one instead of a red one. He did a fine job, no bad scars or anything: Mister Crowe knew what he was doing. Unfortunately both parents had not known that the magic of their daughter was different from their own, which was Ice Making Magic. Nasty possessed a Shadow Making Magic, which makes her able to see ghosts, demons and death through her now green doll eye.

At the age of nine, mister and misses Crowe realized that Nasty was different from other children, apart from speaking to ghost, she was more of a loner. She didn’t make friends at school and she didn’t want to. She didn’t listen to the rules that were set at home, alright she followed them when was necessary, but it was on a regular base that they found her pulling on cats or dogs tails or things much worse, that better stay undescribed. Nasty described that whatever she was doing was because she was bored and she wanted to see something interesting.

When Nasty was twelve, her mother became very ill and within the next month she died. It was not really a big problem for Nastasya because she was able to still see her mother and talk to her mother on a regular base. Even now she has not let go of her mother spirit and randomly can talk to the ghost of misses Lilja Crowe. Her father Regulus Crowe tried to live with his daughter who could still see his beloved wife, his one true love. So after three months he was done and kicked her out of the house. She had to live with her grandparents. Which she absolutely hated because they didn’t except her to go traumatize little children or animals and she had to go behave like a normal child. Of course Nasty talked to her mother about this, which her grandparents didn’t like and she was left more alone every time she mentioned Lilja her name. On the age of sixteen, to great relief of her grandparents: Nastasya left the house. She decided to go find the great Guild Phantom Lord and has been there since then.


For some reason the smile the receptionist gave to Ares made him even more embarrassed. Even though she tried to assure him that he wasn't the first. 25 minutes ago he decided that he wanted a cat. Now he was here and probably taking a real cat. He softly bumped his index finger against the back pocket of his jeans, to make sure his wallet was there. Thank god the purse with money was there. "Euhm... well." He said when he looked up and the receptionist waved at him to follow. She asked him what kind of cat he wanted while opening the door to go indeed into the shelter itself. "I don't know. I don't mind that the cat goes outside but I rather want her inside when I'm home. Which is in the evening. Oh and euhm.. female." It felt even more stupid to admit that he a man from 22 wanted a female cat to snuggle up to him when he was watching a movie! Why was he so lonely, not desperate because he didn't really feel like having a girlfriend. He thought about Lola and shivered, hopefully unnoticed, no, definitely not a girlfriend. He looked left and right to the first cats that he would be able to see but it wasn't much, it would come when they go into the next room probably. However his eyes darted to the windowsill and he stopped. There was a red with white cat and well intruding eyes for a cat. Or maybe Ares had never thought about that. "What kinda cat is that?" He asked the receptionist pointing at the cat in the windowsill. Not sure what to do with her but he walked to the window where the cat was quickly scratching the window to mew at him or so, he put his index-finger top against the window and smiled at the cat. "Hello you."

Posted on December 7th 2015 03:05 PM
Mana: 2500


Oops, seems like we found a few things that need to be fixed while checking your application. But no worries! Simply fix the following things, repost your application in the staff centre and we will take another look.

The things that need to be fixed are:
  • You have 'likes having fun' written down at your personality, as well as 'fun' at your likes. This is dubble and might be a bit 'too easy', so please change it into another like! :)
  • Same for 'easily bored' and 'being bored'.

Posted on December 7th 2015 03:18 PM
Mana: 1315

I changed my like and dislike! I hope it's alright right now :)

Posted on December 7th 2015 03:47 PM
Mana: 2500


Congratulations! Your character has been accepted to Fiore RP. Before you do anything else, we would like to ask you to set up your bank account (here) and your character sheet (here). After that, you are free to start roleplaying!

We wish you a lot of fun!

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