By doing requests you get experience and thanks to that you will be able to rank up after a while.  

D-rank – Beginner (500 Mana): When you hand in your character application and get accepted, you start immediately as a D-rank Mage. This means that you are a beginner. But don’t worry, if you train and do some missions, before you know it you are already a Rank up! 

C-rank – Basic (5.000 Exp/800 Mana): You levelled up, you see it’s not all that difficult before you know it, you are already one of the most known people within the Country. Don’t give up. Just try and try again. Right now you are one of the most common mages in the Country but as it seems you have a lot of potential. 

B-rank – Intermediate (15.000 Exp/1200 Mana): Being fully able to control your magic and even show it off a little! That’s great. Isn’t it nice to be a mage. But keep up the good work! There is always room to grow and become even better!

A-Rank – Advanced (50.000 Exp/1800 Mana): Wauwie look at you. A-rank mages are really impressive. Some people in some towns might even have heard of your name! When you train a little harder, work a little better, you might even be able to work yourself up to the S-rank mages, such as Erza Scarlet!, Sting Eucliffe and what about Mirajane Strauss?!

S-rank – Expert (100.000 Exp/2500 Mana): Being a S-rank mage, makes you insta famous. I mean have you ever not heard about the S-rank mages, I didn’t think so! But don’t become too arrogant, no one likes that. Although that’s up to you!