Welcome to Fiore RP. This is a roleplaying site based on the world of Fairy Tail, from the manga and anime, which we will refer to as the series. However, we are not completely canon. This means that although the site is based on the world of Fairy Tail, we do not use the events of the series. Instead, we create our own. We do use characters of the series as NPC’s, but those will be affected by our plot, not the series’ plot.

It is mandatory to at least read through the rules. You do not need to remember the rules by heart, but it is advised to be aware of them. 


I Character: Your account will be your character. This means it will need the same name as your character. Once you have picked a name, you can start applying and registration on the site. We do not allow names from the series. However common names like Lucy we allow. 

II. Multiple Characters (Alts): Of course you are not restricted to having a single character on Fiore RP. One can have multiple characters on his or her account. All these characters must be active unless proper reason is given. Only one character may have a limited magic. Additionally, your first character must have been active for some time before you are allowed an alt. You are only allowed to have social threads with your alts and one of your other characters. All other interactions with your alt + other character mainly those that are there to gain experience or jewels are prohibited. Your characters can join the same team but cannot go on requests together. For more on teams: see requests. 
A maximum of 4 characters is allowed. However if you want more, you can purchase two additional slots by buying a certain potion (twice) in the magical shop with your main character. buy two more alts with your main/alt by buying a potion in the shop. A total maximum of characters (including the shop alts) of 6 can be reached.

III Faceclaim: To make this easier, we use what is called a faceclaim. This is done by taking a 2D image of a Character from either a series or similar source. This cannot be a Fairy Tail character nor can it be overly explicit or offensive. Finally, you cannot have a faceclaim someone else is already using. So please consult the faceclaim list before picking a faceclaim yourself. 

IV Avatar & Signature: Once you have your faceclaim, which represents your actual character, you are able to pick an avatar. Your avatar should contain your faceclaim. The size of your avatar is 250x400 pixels. Signatures may be up to 500x250 pixels. If you use a character in a signature, it should be your faceclaim. 

V Guilds: Most mages are part of a guild. A guild is a faction that represents a group of mages that share a common goal or purpose. For example, Sabertooth is a guild that wants to be the strongest is Fiore. The Magic Council on the other hand wants to maintain order and peace, usually ignoring any rankings of guilds. Whereas Sabertooth does not care as much about law and order as the Magic Council mages. Note that you are not bound to a guild, and you can also choose to become guildless for any reason. Switching guilds can be done by being invited in a social topic by someone from that guild or by doing a personal request, which will be explained later. 
Switching Guilds too often may leave Guildmasters and their members curious and suspicious. This means that if you switch too often, a Guild may refuse you. 

2. Behaviour 

3. Staff

I Respect: Please respect the Staff for what they are doing. They try to put as much time as possible into the site and to make it as enjoyable for you as they can. Remember: they are human beings and not robots. So not everything is possible and occasionally things will take a little more time. We thank you for your understanding. 

II Bugging: Please refrain from sending private messages to the Staff members to ask for approval or anything else related to their job, neither ask for approval or permission or anything else in the chatbox. 

III Staff & Roleplaying: As told before staff members are no robots but human beings. Which means that they would like to enjoy some roleplaying themselves. Originally their staff characters are NPC that are used for staff or events. However when you figure out whom the staff members are when they play their own character, please refrain from bugging them when they are roleplaying, you could see it as: the staff is offline and the other characters are just members. 

IV Meeting Staff: Of course we don't want to be strangers to you. So we decided to give you a bit information about ourselves. Lets say an introduction. You can find it here