Fairy Tail has always been one of the Strongest Guilds in Fiore, but don’t underestimate the others. Fairy Tail is especially known for their loud and enthusiastic members. It is said that: “Breaking things is a specialty of everyone in Fairy Tail!”. The Guild contains a few of the strongest members in Fiore: Erza Scarlet, Gildarts Clive and Mirajane Strauss, only they travel so much, they are almost never in the Guild itself. 

The Guildmaster, Adhene Red, may not be the best Guildmaster that the Guild has had, but she is doing her best to make Fairy Tail a home for everyone. Maybe it’s because her Ace has been missing for a long time, since Gildarts is traveling all the time. She is there in the Capital of the Fairies: Magnolia but she is often too busy to visit her own Guild and talk to her own Guildmembers.

Sabertooth is one of the Guilds that has been hidden for a long time, just to show up at the Grand Magic Games and become one of the new Strong Guilds. For the Dragon Slayers this Guild is really interesting with the Twin Dragon Slayers Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney but unfortunately they have not been seen for a long time. Sabertooth is known for its strong policy. Sure as a newbie you can join but you better train hard and fast otherwise you might be kicked out by their super mean Guildmaster, Felix Caracal.

Felix simply knows what he wants: To be the Strongest Guild in whole Fiore. Maybe he needs a break and socialise more with his members.

Blue Pegasus is maybe one of the most classic Guilds there is. It isn’t only there for fights, for being the strongest or for breaking things no: Blue Pegasus is there to help, and be sophisticated around everyone. "A Guild with style," as their Guildmaster, Robin Goodfellow, would like to say. He believes that Magic and the world is something beautiful and that the whole world needs to see that and understand. Goodfellow is maybe one of the Guildmasters that can mostly be found around his guild to promote and to love the flowers, women and mages around him.
At this moment it's not possible to pick Blue Pegasus as a Guild. The guild master pulled himself out of the organization and no longer supports the country. More info: here.

Lamia Scale is a Guild where everyone will feel right at home. It is a place where you are certainly feeling that you belong somewhere and maybe even have a bigger new family. With a lot of strange characters inside the guild, but the more fun is that! The Guildmaster is one that looks a little bit stern but I bet she has the biggest heart to welcome everyone, Luna Avress, is a real lady if you keep that in mind. 

Phantom Lord has the biggest issue with the Fairy Tail Guild. It is rumoured that the Guildmaster, whose name is well unknown by many, is the big brother of Adhene Red! Now most members are considered Dark Mages but you could say that Phantom Lord is rather neutral, unless their Guildmaster Durain is laying low and is planning something big! 

If only Fairy Tail knew what they were up to. Even I get afraid.

Grimoire Heart is the worst Guild in the country, or well that’s what the Magic Council thinks and I can agree! Their Guildmaster is not even afraid to hide, because she knows she is strong enough. Or her ego is talking I don’t know, her name is Victoria DunBroch! Be aware of that name, if you don’t want to have any problem with the Darkness Princess her followers. 

If you have heard of a Grimoire Heart member and you are not one yourself: Please contact the Magic Council, for these baddies are a real problem!

Magic Council is not a Guild, but we must not forget those brave knights that fight crime every day. With Grand Prior Gregory Malcolm, no one has to be afraid anymore. He might even give Victoria nightmares! He isn’t your easy old grandpa but a tough fighter, and very stern, or so I've heard. He sees to it that everyone in the Council has a tough training to fight crime and keep the peace. Not just between the mages, but also between the non-magical people and the magical people. He sure is a good man. If only he could learn how to smile or laugh.

Everyone who chose to not join a Guild, is considered Guildless.

Ps. Keep in mind that you can't change Guilds all the time. read more about in the Site Rules section.