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Guard the Bridge [ERA]

Posted on November 20th 2015 09:05 PM
Mana: 500

Client: Nico D'Angelo

Location: Era

Reward: 500 Experience & 1500 Jewels

Description: I need someone to take my shift in guarding the bridge here in Era. I must have eaten something wrong for dinner yesterday and I can't continue my job. You would really help me out and I would give you my loan for the rest of the day. Which will be around 1000 Jewels.

Day program: You go around your daily business and find in the early afternoon, end of the morning, a brand new request about guarding a bridge here in Era. You decide to go and meet up with Nico in his appartment not far from the board. He explains to you quickly and you head off. However he forgot to mention one thing. Someone wants to destroy the bridge.

Name: Thalia Jackson
Rank: B-rank

Spells: Lightning Rod - B-rank this spell will send one big lightning rod down from the heavens to hit you, it will leave piercing damage. Air Block - B-rank this spell is a shield that Thalia can use around her arm to block incoming spells. Thunder - B-rank this is a 5 x 5 meters sized spell that makes it rain little pieces of lightning. So make sure that you protect yourself.
Health: Thalia can take up to 1 B-rank damage.

Wordcount: 1500 Words

Posted on December 9th 2015 07:59 PM
Mana: 815

I would like to take this please 

Posted on December 9th 2015 09:02 PM
Mana: 500

Well don't mess up! 

Posted on December 10th 2015 07:14 PM
Mana: 815



Posted on December 10th 2015 08:38 PM
Mana: 500

Keep in mind your name is not Ryko.
Approved and rewarded. 

Posted on June 29th 2016 06:35 AM
Mana: 500

I would like to take this

Posted on June 29th 2016 09:19 AM
Mana: 5000

Off you pop

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