Hanon made sure everything was perfect and the citizen of Crocus were able to come and enjoy the hot weather in their swimming pool. It was huge anyway, enough for at least 50 people and so why not. It was nice to do something for the country and especially after some sort of rough time the people from Era and Hargeon went through with the Island incident even though it was two or three months ago, she didn't really count and only knew it happened but that was because a lot was happening. The reason for this party was not only the weather but also her mother's birthday was coming soon and she wanted to do something for the people to celebrate as well. 

She looked at the decoration, the doors to the palace where closed and there was a special path around the castle that lead to the outdoor swimming pool at the back. Which was invisible from outside the palace because of the hedges and well walls. There was a bar that served cocktails and other sorts of soda. There was a bar with shaved ice and normal ice cream and a lot of chairs and loungers with parasols. Everything was set and ready, now it was only waiting to see whom got an invitation from the runners that she send out and would show up in the castle.