Finally the end was there where she was able to leave the island with the ship send by the magic Council. Because the stupid pink haired woman, Bellamy's girl and the rest were forgetting tp get her off earlier. The idiots, how could they even live with themselves. Cowards, stupidities. She had no more curse words for them but she was sure as hell pissed off. All she needed to do though was behave for the last couple of hours. Months it had taken and months had ruined her life, her friendship with her best friend a metallic crow and her quest to kill all doll makers and in the end her father and grandfather. Good thing though that Era probably thought that the doll killer was done and now she returned. Three months it had taken, three months skipping through a jungle and on a beach in a broken dress. She was now wearing a shirt that was too big for her. 

She liked being on the sea, especially now she knew how to swim a little. It still wasn't perfect but Zhao taught her a lot. She yawned and couldn't wait to start her personal quest again. People were waiting to be killed and especially someone in the north of Fiore in the city of Húsavick must be dreading for her to come back. When she arrived back in Era, George was waiting for her and pretending to be her father. All was well in the end. 

Arrival: Era in an hour.