Name: Nyu Kino
Age: 18
Birthday: August 1 x175
Gender: Female
Guild: Guildless
Magic: Summoning- Imperial Legion
Insignia: Upper Right Arm-Red

The mindset of Nyu is that of someone who does not believe in the weak. Ever since her childhood Nyu had learned the hard way of being weak which gave her serious mindset. When speaking with people she is generally kind and will listen to what they have to say. However anything regarding asking for help or to pity someone without the proper guidelines will set her off. She will snap and change her entire demeanor to remind whoever dared ask her such a thing to curl over and die. She is not afraid to physically threaten or harm people.

Nyu despite this cold side to her is naturally kind to people, those who are not weak. In her opinion who are not weak are those who do not cower in fear and are brave. Cowards are those who run and hide and can not face their problems head on. To those people she will offer a hand when theirs  aren't enough. They are also the people she wants as comrades.She would use anything within her power to help them as long as it's within the law and inside her own creed.

While in battle Nyu is completely quick to take down her opponent as fast as possible. She won't typically resort to dirty tricks but will use full force against a opponent even when if helpless and savor every defeat. Battles against people stronger than her she even respectfully watch herself and make sure to use everything in her prowess to finish them off. However anyone weaker she tends to be more ruthless in torturing rather than killing.Being mainly a swordsman she likes to think of herself as her blade.graceful,swift, and beautiful all at once. Along with honor Nyu believes in allowing the enemy to hear the name of what she believes to be finishing attacks and will say nothing if she feels it won't  catch them off guard.


  • Honor: Nyu likes people who stick to their word or follows a code of some sort. Even if she doesn't do so himself all the time she still instantly respects anyone who does and most likely to treat them differently depending on the situation.

  • Training: Being a born fighter Nyu loves the thrill of training to become a stronger person everyday. The burning and intensity and the blood sweat and tears that go along with it.There is nothing she is more passionate about.

  • Fighting:Nyu has been fighting ever since she was a child and enjoys it for a living. Facing new and opponents is just joyful for Nyu even if he's brutally beaten down. The thrill and clash of will is all worth it and addicting.

  • Cowards:Nyu is all about those who are strong and face their problems head on. People who pathetically beg instead of trying to make a distance with their own two hands are fodder and deserve to go lie in a ditch somewhere.

  • Disorder: Growing up with rowdy bandits taught Nyu the importance of having a certain amount of order for that is what pieced them together.Without it there was nothing but wild chaos which led to nothing.

  • Bugs: Nyu has a intense hatred of bugs and hates them with her very core. During her training she was dropped in to a bed of worms forever scarred mentally. Wheter big or small she will use over excessive force to kill them with all her might.

Nyu wears a intricate black button down shirt connected at the stomach by three large gold colored buttons with a yellow tie. The shirt has a standard notched collar and is trimmed with a gold color as well. The sleeves go all the way down to her wrist and have a cuff with the edge being trimmed in gold as well. On her hands she wears white gloves. Attached to her collar is a badge carrying the symbol of death on it and she has a yellow tie to go along with her outfit. Nyu wears a short black skirt that goes a few inches past her waist with black leggings and black open toes style boots.

Standing at 5'8 feet Nyu has a tall slender body. She has average sized head with long glossy dark blue hair with side bangs that flow all down to her chest. Her bangs are cut neatly and curl towards the left side of her head. She has a oval face and pointed chin with soft matching azul eyes that are average sized and rounded. Her eye lases are somewhat lighter than her dark hair and naturally semi curly.. A small chubby nose sits on top of semi thick pink colored lips. Her ears are fairly small as well and hidden behind her hair.

Nyu's body is well built from her childhood making her quite tone. But after with care and work she now has glossy and healthy skin that hides her muscles. Except for her stomach which is well maintained 6 pack that isn't too muscular.  She has D sized breast along wide and rounded hips. A long scar runs up the left side of her back towards the center due to a childhood incident. Nyu also has small feet which are calloused and smooth.

Faceclaim: Baton Saionji-Akai Katana

Nyu was born to a simple merchant and his wife and grew up with the average childhood until she was 5. She grew up getting all the toys and clothes she could have ever wanted. However Nyu was also the type to share with others of all backgrounds and usually he needy for as a child she had such a big heart. This was in spite the fact her parents never really loved her and showed much affection outside the typical necessities.It wasn't shown to her until a certain incident happened. Nyu and her parents had traveled occasionally through the Worth Woodsea to travel across the land and was something they had all gotten used to due to the  business.However unfortunately this time they were ambushed by bandits.

It was quick and sudden when they were ambushed as the cart was halted and the family rounded up. Cowards were Nyu's parents as she watched them grovel at the knees of the bandits and asked to walk away with their lives and they would even throw in their daughter. Those words struck at the young Nyu's heart tears filling her eyes as she heard and understood her parents were giving her up to safe themselves. It pained her to hear she was nothing more than sacrificial pawn. Digust showed in the face of the bandit leader as he walked forth drawing his crimson red blade ending both of her parents as she could do nothing but cry as the man walked towards her and picked her up. But to her surprise all he did was hug and pet her head.She cried and cried in distraught with her emotions feeling comfortable in the arms of her parent's killer. He introduced himself as Xeco a ex dark mage who now resorts to thievery. He explained to her that she was now his property until she had reached 18 years of age.

From then on Xeco took on Nyu as a apprentice teaching her the way of the sword and even helping her gain magic. Her summoning magic, which she dubbed the Imperial legion. Along with her summons the bandits and everyone became her close allies and friends. However along with her traumatic experience she gained a new perspective on life against those like her parents. Who were weak to sacrifice a young child,their daughter at that to save their own hides. For the the next 13 years Nyu had trained vigorously under Xeco learning not only hand to hand combat and how to use her magic but also the way of the sword In that time she took on many jobs getting experience as a mage before saying goodbye to the bandits and setting of to make her own journey. To purge the weakness of the world and find a more defined purpose.