Name: Nova Saynora
Age: 17
Birthday: 09/15
Gender: Female
Guild: Guildless
Magic: Sky God Slayer

Insignia: Neck in a pink color

Nova is a complex entity. Often she can be indifferent towards the world, she doesn't care much about what happens to the world around her so long as she and the ones she cares about is safe. Along with her apathetic attitude, often she is very phlegmatic, as she almost never gets angry and when she does, often she keeps it to herself so that her anger can be fueled even more. Despite her indifference of the world, Nova could be described more of an optimist since often she focuses on the good of the world rather than the bad. She is unscrupulous as she often lies and her actions tend to benefit only herself and the ones she cares about. However she is controlled, she thinks every action out thoroughly and is deliberate in whatever she does. Her actions are always cautious, since she knows what goes around comes around, and she wants to minimize the consequences of her actions. However, Nova can also be bold as well, but not brash. She does seem to fear anything, despite the fact she does has fears. If she is scared however, she tends to keep it to herself for she believes fear is a sign of weakness which her enemy can exploit. When presented with new situations however, Nova tends to adapt as quickly as she possibly can or at least pretend to so she looks professional and make it seem like she knows what she is doing. When it comes to revenge, she isn't exactly for taking revenge on another individual however she is also not against it either. Her sense of humor is quite dry, often people even consider that she doesn't even have a sense of humor. Nova although she isn't an extrovert she is also not an introvert but rather in the middle of the spectrum. Similar to this, Nova although she doesn't forgive and forget, also isn't someone who will gleefully take revenge. She tends to forgive, but she will never forget. 


  • Food: Who doesn’t like food?
  • Traveling: Nova loves to travel and see new places
  • Magic: Using magic is a privilege she has that many others do not so she loves and appreciates this small wonder of life

  • Alcohol: The bitter taste of alcohol does not work for Nova
  • Darkness: A lingering childhood fear for Nova, she isn’t afraid of the dark anymore however she dislikes being in dark spaces
  • Dust: She is allergic to dust

Nova takes the appearance of a young girl around the age of 18. She is around 5’2 and is 99lbs. Her build is rather on the slim side although she has some curves. She has long black hair that reaches the middle of her back and white eyes that are tinged with lavender. She dons loose fitting, lavender and cream hooded-jacket with lavender cuffs over mesh armour. She also wears navy blue pants, black, low-heeled sandals, and a forehead protector around her neck.

Faceclaim: Hinata Hyūga from Naruto

It was rare for a person to disappear from the world without a trace, however it stranger for someone to appear without a single word or even the slightest bit of history. This was the case for Nova, whom had appeared on the world of Earthland without even the slightest hint of history. She had simply appeared upon the doorstep of a noble family without much idea of how she got there and a strong case of what appeared amnesia. The family, taking pity upon the child decided to adopt her as their own as they had always wished for a child of their own but were unable to create one. They had named her Nova because it was said a star exploded on the day this child was found.

Throughout her childhood, the girl received bursts of memories. However it was not of her lost memories, but rather of her past lives. However these memories scared the young child so she kept these visions a secret for many years. However she never forgot and continued having them throughout her teen years as well until it abruptly stopped at the age of 16. Shortly after her visions stopped she received a book containing information about a magic known as Sky God Slayer. The young girl, who already loved anything that had to do with magic, took the book and read it. However Nova was not content with just reading about the magic. No, she now wanted to learn it. After years of practice and experimenting she learned this dangerous magic. Once she learned to how to use it, she then trained herself to see what her potential was. However it wasn’t long before tragedy struck

A rival family had hired assassins to hunt and kill her family. After successfully murdering her adoptive mother and father they had also tried to kill Nova as well but, in a fit of rage and sadness, she whited out. When she awoken the assassins laid next to her, dead. She did not remember what she did to the assassins. In fear that she would be convicted of murder she took disguised one of the assassins’ corpse as her own and she fled. She had to travel far away as this country was no longer safe for her as they thought she was dead. Sneaking her way onto a cargo ship, she found herself headed to Fiore. When she snuck out the ship she found herself in Hargeon where her journey began.

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