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Yuniwa Fen

Posted on June 27th 2016 11:15 PM
Mana: 500

Name:Yuniwa Fen
Age: 16
Birthday: March13th X777
Gender: Male
Guild: Guildless
Magic: Molding Magic (Black Lightning)
Insignia: Center Chest, Black

From a young age Yuniwa has always been a caring and kind person. He's not afraid to stick up for others and helps those in need even at the cost of his own suffering and pain. He has little to no seconds thoughts when running to someone's help and shows mercy to even his enemies. That is if they were to hurt only him and not someone else. Although there is times where if the line is crossed Yuniwa will not hold back to protect those who needed to be protected.

Yuniwa has always been a energetic yet laid back guy. His honorable and protective nature comes out when the situation calls for but normally is calm and collected. He loves to train and talk with people and is somewhat of a outgoing person. Always smiling and a cheerful person non the less. Not to mention happens to be really shy around girls he really likes. And while not much of a show off will try to impress her.

Finally is the wild and carefree side opposite of Yuniwa kind nature. With all his common courtesy Yuniwa can be pretty wild at times. He'll do his best not to cause and regular people to much trouble but if he set's his mind on something he'll do everything in his power to accomplish it. Not to mention his immense hatred for controlling and snobbish people. He hates people who simply look down on others with a passion and may show little to no mercy to them whatsoever. Yuniwa loves to make these type of people's lives living hell and go to pretty drastic extremes except killing so that they can feel the pain they caused.And since these people can come in all forms and sizes Yuniwa is always on guard for as a warrior he must not allow his guard to be down either way.


  • Training: Everyday is another chance and opportunity to better himself. Nothing like a satisfied workout and feeling amazing after the fruits of training.

  • Saving People: Ever since learning magic Yuniwa has been using his magic to help others and even before then stuck up for those in need and who deserve help.Nothing is going to much out of his way in his book.

  • Combat: Combat is when Yuniwa feels alive because he is usually saving others or amidst a heated battle of will against a strong opponent or multiple opponents.


  • Snobbish People: People that believe they are better than everyone else and look down on others whether they can back it up or not irritate them. They cause him to want to knock him off their high horse within seconds.

  • Centipedes:Once during a job Yuniwa was forced to exterminate a giant centipede which spit out even smaller ones. Not only that it was capable of shooting out webs with smaller cetipedes attached that scarred him for life. The smallest sign of one puts him on edge and will make him use over excessive force to squash it.

  • Abuse: Being a radical person Yuniwa can't stand anyone who does wrong whether their position in society. Anyone who uses their power to abuse and manipulate people.

Yuniwa has a set of short wild spiky black hair with two long bangs at his side. He has a oval face with a defined chin. His eyes are large and rounded with a light green color sitting below his long thin black eyebrows. Thin rose cherry lips and small rounded ears on his head as well overall giving him a baby face while still looking right for his age.Yuniwa has a long lean and tone body standing at 179 cm tall. His skin is somewhat of a pale color with a glossy and smooth look. He has average length arms that reach to his mid thighs at a resting position. Yuniwa's hands are calloused do to his years of training however they are smooth due to taking care of himself as well as his feet. His legs are quite long giving him most of his height with slim calf muscles. His stomach is firm 6 pack that isn't too heavily defined.

Yuniwa wears a dark blue military like uniform which consist of a dark blue button up shirt with a tight circular collar that stands around his neck topped with a white line. The shirt also is lined with two rows of yellow buttons three on each side. On the sleeves of his shirt two neon green stripes wrap around creating rings.On top of this Yuniwa has a dark blue cape that he wears connected by a string near his collar with the inside being completely neon green. The cape reaches down to the small of his back and has a collar itself that stands up flared out reaching half way up Yuniwa's neck.Yuniwa's pants are a matching dark blue that are neatly tucked in to a pair of long black combat boots. The pockets on pants are lined with a neon green strip signifying where they are. The black boots are trimmed with white on the sides and stop half way up his shins creating a dual triangular shape with a space in between.

Faceclaim: Yuu- Owari no Seraph

Yuniwa was your average orphan who lived in the grand city of Crocus. His parents or whoever had seemingly left them at the doorstep and he had spent most of his life there. The orphanage was a kind and happy environment which helped nurtured him in to the kind person he was. After a few years and at age 10 a few of the kids around his age all went to the Domus Flau where they all witnessed the amazing battles that occurred there.However it was the final match he witnessed which left the biggest impact on him. He wasn't very well known but the way he battled was if it was a dance. Not to mention the magic he wielded a ferocious molding magic that was black lightning. Soon after the match Yuniwa snuck down to meet the man after the fight who was somewhat startled and flattered to have a fan. Yuniwa surprised the man with asking him to teach his magic who was reluctant at first.For the next hundred days straight Yuniwa watched the man's battles day by day and would continually beg him to teach him being shut down every time.

It wasn't until a event occurred which changed everything around. Yuniwa was out with his friends from the orphanage when they took a short cut to get home. A group of thieves stumbled upon them and were trying to rob them of what they all had. Yuniwa didn't have any second thoughts before he rushed in to attack the man. Of course being a child it didn't do much except allow his friends to escape as he was beat down before passing out. Little did he know that the man soon to be his master had been watching him the entire time and jumped in to take out the thieves. Later that day he woke up at the man's place being filled in what happened and also to hear that he would accept Yuniwa as a student and be adopting him. After getting all the paper work and such done the man had finally become Yuniwa's guardian and the young 10 year old would now travel the countryside for the next 6 years learning how to use his new molding magic and enhancing it while doing different jobs along side his master battling foes and saving people while also having  fun times. Upon turning 16 however Yuniwa and his master split to leave him on his own and to go find his own journey.

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Posted on June 28th 2016 09:40 AM
Mana: 5000


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Posted on June 28th 2016 08:23 PM
Mana: 5000


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