This little guy is an Exceed. An Exceed is always looking for a new friend to hang out with and they are actually only available for Dragon Slayers. The Exceed is a very intelligent race and this fellow is no exception. Shame he has such a short temper but alas, that might change. This guy is even a special version, his ears are a little bigger as is his tail. Please don't comment on that, he doesn't like and especially don't call him a fox, someone in the shop made that mistake. 
This guy is 50 centimeters tall and is able to talk, walk and eat and drink with you. Apart from that he has the special ability to use the magic called Aera, which means he can fly. He has the ability to fly 10 meters from your starting point with a speed of 5 meter per second, and up to 10 meter high. 

You can give your exceed his own perfect name!

Careful: You can only have one pet, make sure you want this one!
Prize: 50.000 Jewels