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Dylan Krei

Posted on June 22nd 2016 11:24 AM
Mana: 500

Name: Dylan Krei.
Age: 18.
Birthday: 2nd February x775
Gender: Male.
Guild: Sabertooth.
Magic: Lightning Dragon Slayer.
Insignia: Left shoulder blade. Electric yellow.

Dylan is seen as a calm, cool and collected individual who likes to makes friendly and is usually a person who likes to be around people that he knows. Strangers pose no problem to him, as long as they are not too evil. Dylan's posture while walking is straight and confident, he walks straight and doesn't like walking goofy, because it is just embarrassing for him. He is usually quiet unless he likes a person and is interested in them in a friendly manner and who he'll like to talk to, he is also an charming and intelligent gentleman who likes to compete in things of intellect and sometimes just crosses the line. He usually doesn't just burst out his emotions of his mouth, shouting like a madman is not his style. He is good social skills, talking about what is the subject and keeping his mouth when he doesn't want to get in trouble, real bad trouble. Dylan was born in a very wealthy household, his parents loved him and he grew up to be the same like them, well-mannered, courteous, polite, loyal and clever. He is seen as witty person, who likes to to deduce information in a clever and humorous way. He is not hot-headed, but if somebody insults him real bad. He will lose his temper and would say things so bad that the person will run away crying and Dylan would leave everybody in awe of what just happened. He has good skill in every type of activity he dopes, because he was given private tuition and was home schooled. He guesses the scenario, and imagines the worst case scenario, after that he tries to make solution to it in advance. He loves adventure, venturing out alone or with friends to discover the secrets of nature, the possibilities seemed endless.

Dylan is calm in battle, rarely showing emotion and making brash mistakes but if angered by his enemy he will fall in a rage and would do anything to eliminate the threat and would go in a bloodlust. While, his body might look real angry and falling out of his mind, it's probably as surprise that he will be still calm mentally and making decisions quick in the battle with his mind and will react the same as he was reacting when he was not in enraged. He has a rule - don't be a hero if it's not needed in a fight but protect your allies. He will sometimes overreact of what is happening in a battle like shouting if he gets angered by somebody and ordering people around to do what he wants them to, usually becoming a dictator in that battle. A tactician with a practical mind who likes to fight hard and doesn't want to lose, Dylan's personality is quite complicated as it gets for he is more than when it meets the eye. The thing is that if he firmly believes that his calculations and deductions are right and other don't accept them. He will go as far as being disrespectful and violent. Over the years, he also scammed people being a skilled liar and gambler because those rich people were stupid into investing in his scheme which seemed intelligent to them as it was but he flew before the dawn and nobody never know what happened. He told false identity and used false ID's to sam them, because his ideas seemed just to brilliant. They didn't even research on him, he did this for food after he lost his parents and his uncle took over the company throwing him out of the house to fend for himself while he was just 15 and he used his intelligence to scam people. He has always been a hardworking person, who crafted most of his things by himself and showed natural talent in several fields. 


  • Lightning and Thunder: Being a Lightning dragon slayer, Dylan is addicted to lightning and the sound of thunder and is not scared but rather amused by it, it's probably because it's element. He will sometimes stand in a wild and destructive thunderstorm without shelter just to enjoy the sound of lightning and thunder.

  • Magic: As a child, Dylan was fascinated by the properties of magic, he always wondered how many things it could do because the possibilities and when he met a dragon who agreed to train with him, it was one of the best days of his life. Dragon Slayer was one of the strongest magics there was and he loved to be one.

  • Mother Nature: Dylan was fascinated by nature, the animals. The ecosystem and natural habitats, forests, jungles. That was because he wanted to explore the forests and find if anything sacred or of value was found there.


  • Filth or Garbage: Filth or dirty places are disliked by Dylan, as he grew up in a hygienic and neat environment where there was no sign of dirt. If there's garbage in a place not contained. He will close his nose and call people to clean it up.

  • Spiders: He can control some spiders, but anything that has more than 8 eyes and is bigger than 7 inches. Dylan will pick up slippers and slap it into the spider, with hopes of killing it.

  • God: He dislikes God, because he is an atheist after he lost everything to an explosion. He thought how God could do that to him, does God even exist? If God existed he would have not let this happen! 

Standing at 6 feet, he is a bit taller than the average for his age, he has body weight of 72 KG. Which is mostly muscle because he has no excess fat; he works out after eating fatty food, mostly 5 hours he has ate, when his food is digested. He has messy light brown hair reaching till his shoulders and is noted to be quite handsome and sexy by most of the girls he met in his lifetime. He has the lighter shade of brown in his eyes, which seems a mix of brown and white, although the white is not seen in his eyes. His skin tone is light and he has a chiseled body with biceps and triceps the adequate amount needed to look a bit sexy, his quads and calves are perfect and fits his body style. He also has those 8 pack abs, while most people have 6 abs. He has 8 abs meaning he trained a lot more than the others to keep his body fit and fine. He usually wears a white v-neck t-shirt saying with a lightning bolt on it's front which says "Lightning is the best death." and dark blue denim jeans with blue and white running shoes. At some occasions, he would wear lighter when he knows the he has to battle. He has a good sense of style too, and wears clothes perfectly according to the situation. Being the sexy man he is, everything suits on him. With messy hair, people would think he doesn't wash them. But he regularly shampoos and conditions his hair. Making them super soft and slicker than what people would. Your hand would just flow through hair, without even getting a knot once.

Faceclaim: Light Yagami - Death Note

Dylan was born into a really wealthy household in Crocus; his father was rich man who was known in all of Crocus and the areas around it. He was born a very healthy and beautiful baby and was loved by his parents who would give their lives for him. He was nurtured and brought up in a hygienic and loving, with educational toys and other toys but he mostly played with the educational, he loved playing with those educational toys as they thought so much to him.  He showed natural talent as a child and had much talent in most fields such as music, sports and academic excellence. He was home schooled by their parents so as they could protect him from their enemies, they didn’t want their son to suffer for anything that they may have did in the past. He was their only son and so was showered upon by all of their love, though they didn’t spoil him by giving him everything he wanted, anything wrong he wanted. He was given everything he need and wanted what was right.


He exceeded the amount of knowledge a 15 year old should have at the age, but that was just when it happened. It was a lovely and overcast weather, with light rain and clouds on the sun. He was sitting with his parents in the dining room eating baked Alaska and they were having a discussion about what Dylan would like to do in the future, he was thinking of taking up his father’s business. Just when his personal butler signaled them to come outside, Dylan went as their parents told him to as they thought it was for Dylan. Dylan ran outside and asked him “What?” and the butler shouted “There’s a bomb in your house!” as the mansion blew up behind Dylan’s face, a few shreds landing on his face causing blood to come out, Dylan fell to his knees weeping and then though that they be alive and ran towards the rubbish of what was left of the room, he sprinted inside and dug into the remains of the room. He found them, dead with their face and body burned badly by the explosion, their lifeless body on the ground as another tear came out of his eyes. He did not think that this day would come so soon, his butler tried to comfort him as Dylan fell on the butler’s shoulder. The butler’s dress got wet in the tears and the butler hugged him.


His own uncle kicked him out because he didn’t like Dylan and was jealous of the fact that Dylan was the heir to all of their greatness and wealth. Dylan blamed God, for God would not have let this happen. He did not exist, if he did so how something this bad to a kid will happen. He still had his clothing and intelligence and some money he saved up. He checked into a hotel, and got neat and clean and dressed up formally. Then went to a company and scammed them, for 2 years he scammed people. A warrant was issued on his name, but nobody ever did catch him. He ran into the forest and his records disappeared from the histories of Fiore.


He had to survive in the forest and he hunted animals with stones and tools he made himself until the day his life changed when he met a dragon and the dragon trained him in the arts of Lightning Dragon Slayer because this dragon was kind and seeing Dylan’s current condition, the day came when he had to leave the dragon and he did but not before hugging the dragon and promised him that they will meet again sometimes in the future and that Dylan would never forget this. He joined Sabertooth because it was a badass guild and had a pretty good reputation of being one of the best guilds ever existing. Dylan’s story began like this, nobody know how the heading will. Maybe he will reunite with some people or somebody?

Sharing: Videns Akemi.

Posted on June 23rd 2016 11:24 AM
Mana: 5000

One thing you need to add is the colour of your insignia. But because that's the only thing I will already say: accepted! Please tell me the colour in either a PM or in chatbox, I'll edit it in. 


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