SCÁTHACH GOT READY TO BOARD THE FIRST CLASS TRAIN AT THE HOSENKA TRAIN STATION, clad in a white camisole underneath a sheer white blouse and a black pencil skirt with lace designs on top of the thin black fabric. A black belt with a rose gold buckle was placed around her midriff; on top of her blouse. Staring at her black pointed pumps, she held her black clutch and occasionally glanced down at her matte black and gold rimmed watch for the time.

She had left her suitcases in the hands of the train staff, which was now placed in the storage compartment of the train. An announcement tune came on, announcing that train A11 will be now boarding passengers. Being a passenger of that particular train, she boarded the train.

Inside the snow white and azure cabin, she had settled down for a seat by the window. The former crystal mage missed being on Fiorean soil. Feeling the engines roaring to life, her journey to Era began.