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As Good a Place As Any [ Valason]

Posted on July 3rd 2016 12:47 AM
Mana: 500

"I would assume she would have blonde hair and blue eyes in some way like mine. how tall and such she would be i would not know, but i know she is at least ten years younger then me."  Valason mentioned, slightly trying to remember rather well what else he could mention. "Since it has been a while. a person's look could change, I was quite older then she was." ten years difference was a large amount of time. Valason remembered a little blonde hair little sister he looked after, fed and such while he did various house work. It was so long along, Valason remembered what he looked like then, his hair shorter and tied back, He had decent amount of smiles on his face, He too pride and enjoy in being that he was. It would be a depressing down fall to loo at how he was now. His hair grew out because he had no one tell him it was too long, His outfit was the way it was because no one ever mentioned it was stylish or lame.

"I do not drink coffee or tea often, I end up in places during the even hours and have grown use too beer and ale for drinks, Hot drinks like these are in fact, different for me." Valason mentioned such things he was use too. much like him traveling at night it was what he was use too sometimes, then again the stories of why muggers ended up dead, speaking of horrors of dark spells ripping a person in front of them was also his doing. Night time muggers were worthless, gutless cowards in Valason's eyes.

Valason then mentions of her leaving happen Valason did not seem to take much mind of it. "If it is what you have then, have a good day, I am fine here." Valason mention to her. "If it doesn't get publish then good luck on anything else you end up writing as well and may life be good to you." Valason seemed to wish  her well.

Posted on July 7th 2016 02:16 PM
Mana: 500

Taliam Smile at Valason before she  stretched  with her mouse,  It seemed almost to imitate her as she reached her arms up and to the side slightly “ well thank you for your Time, I do hope that I do get published and all,  but either way ill look keep my eyes open for anyone by that description, but this leads to one more question, where might I find you if I do find anything?” She asked  before she got her self together, and was ready to leave, of course she waited for the answer first before she called out “ Farwell”

Taliam Looked out the Window, it seemed in the time they had chatted away, the rain seemed to have cleared a bit, but who was to say for how long, it seemed to come in Waves as the wind blew the air over Era off the ocean, monstrous winds tended to Push everything away and towards the mountains.

Taliam walked out the door, the bell on the top of the door went off as she closed the door behind her,  it had been interesting encounter,  Maybe one of her better Guises, but  for what? She didn’t gain anything, she didn’t find anything else out.  Maybe she just wanted to interact with someone who didn’t judge her.  but she would be able to meet him again without using that name.  it saddened her a bit that she wasn’t real with him and that she missed out one possibly having another friend.  Because up until recently she had only her mice, and then later she adopted Akiva as a friend/mentor.

Maybe she could claim it was a pen name, but it wasn’t wise to piss off wizards from Era, or else were really. Seeing as Taliam wasn’t overly Strong she needed to be smart, and what she just pulled wasn’t very wise by any measure of the word.


Posted on July 9th 2016 09:52 PM
Mana: 500
Find him? "Find me? that one is a hard thing to do." Valason had to think if it was possible. He traveled that often he had no home no had easy way to contact him. "Since i am homeless and on the go all of the time, I am unsure how you could be able to contact me." would he leave this situation to the ties of fate? "This is an interesting situation" Valason seemed to ponder what do now to help here.

"I am trying to think of what there is to do for that." What did he do. Did he attempt some for this help that is not forsure about it working out for him. There was not solution coming into his mind at all this might be annoying for sure but just how is the question. "Mention in inn and travens you are looking for me. Eventually it will reach me." Was all he could come up with.

Valason waved kindly. "Farewell, and good travels." Valason mentioned. Upon her leaving Valason just let out a sigh. He realized how quite sad the situation was for him. He never truly thought about it fully through. How long has he been at this? how badly did anything go for his sister since he did what he did? Did any of them actually figure out some how even with him never speaking of the situation at all. thoughts would follow.

Getting up from his chair, collecting his stuff putting it on, and slowly just walked out. "The rain is gone for now...but darkness and rain will most likely follow...It always does." Valason mentioned coldly to himself while he walked out. For now he just continued on his way. making that thought to himself if he was staying here or not if this did help. But too many unknown he would just do as he did normally.


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