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As Good a Place As Any [ Valason]

Posted on May 28th 2016 05:59 PM
Mana: 500

Saia sat quietly contemplation her actions, had she been too aggressive during her training session? Or more importantly was she reverting back to her aggressive and hostile self, or was letting go of her Feeling from home making her more Spiteful? She knew that she wanted to Progress in the magic council but  returning home was a good option as well, but how could she turn against the Magic council, and what would it make her if they found out, a Traitor most likely.   The issues ate away at Saia’s Mental capacity as she sat in a local Café, her hot cup of Tea  steaming still, was Clenched in both of her hands as she attempted to warm herself.  This day was particularly Grey and damp,  a chill that warned everyone of the rain to come, and at any moment the city was to be poured on, thunder Lightning and wind, the whole package. And had Saia Thought about it instead of Dreading her Life choices she might have went home and settled down for the evening.

Saia’s Thoughts Were broken she idly fumbled her hand over the rim of her cup and it flipped over. . . ~ So Smooth ~ Saia thought as she Shifted backwards to get out of her seat. In one Fluent Motion she jumped back and shoved the chair backwards, only the Chair hit a crack in the floor and stopped dead,  Still in the motion of jumping to her feet, she was stopped  loosing her balance and dropping backwards flipping her chair and table over along with her already spilt tea. ~ This is just Great!~ Saia Thought as the Blood rushed to her face.  The fall didn’t hurt anything other than her pride.  How clumsy she had been wasn’t really A surprise for her but more of an inconvenience.  From the other side of the room she could hear her cup still rolling across the wooden floor.  The Eyes of a few people looked upon her as she struggled to get to her feet, not knowing where her cup went she looked around the room, hoping no one would talk to her at all she made sure not to make any eye contact. “Sorry everyone, I didn’t mean to disturb your meal” Saia Said out loud as she bowed her head a bit ashamed of her Awkward Actions. Embarrassed she went to flip her table and chair back over and leave.

A Fine idea accept for the impending weather. As saia reached the handle of the door she could hear the rain drops picking up, opening the door up she seen the Wall of Water that Rained down in almost by the bucket full,  suddenly a Slam and Crash as Lighting Stuck down somewhere close,  Startled and Frightened a bit by the suddenly noise and Light she stumbled back losing her balance again and landing  back first on someone else’s table. “ Im so sorry” she said apologetically as she tried to find her footing again. 

Posted on May 28th 2016 06:57 PM
Mana: 500

The long reflecting walks slowly were starting to bother him badly. A person could only deal with so many thoughts these walks ere always so long, generally also no one bothered him at all. No one else was actually out during this time while he was heading off to whatever it was. He never kept track anymore why it was it important to him to remember which places he went right away so far the only notable place was were he was last but. time moves quickly so does he. he had not eaten much of his supplies his main thought for the moment was a woman with long silver hair and in a long black dress. It worked like he was day dreaming seeing this woman roam around him like they were both in a house like she was talking to him as well, not being able to see her eyes at all just her nose,mouth and lips moving and talking. Snapping back into reality Valason looked up to the raining area around him.

Feeling like it was not matter to him he did not even put his hood up even with how had it was raining he did not care, a slight thought of it was a mere moment of it then just went one. Most people could wonder, how long until Valason either, broke the law or snapped and did something else he would easily regret but self control was something he could still do well.

Stopped for a moment Valason realized how wet everything he had one was, So thinking about it maybe he could take a break. Looking were to head off too barely paying attention upon walking towards were he heard some noise, the rain was hard enough that it actually effected his sight, then again the lighting didn't help. It would look scary for Valason to walk into this place. during the time he walked in to the sound of some one falling, Staring waiting to see if some one would even help her up. He was taught to at least be polite and do that, so he stopped for a moment upon entering this cafe he assumed it was with his arms crossed looking at what he walked into from the front door.

Posted on May 28th 2016 07:48 PM
Mana: 500

Saia Arched her back, this fall had hurt a little more then her other one,  but after being almost stunned in the moment of her Utterly Clumsy incident, she quickly Got to her feet “ Oh my I hope I didn’t spill anything” Saia turned around to make sure everything was okay, her back towards the man who had just entered, she had noticed him but she didn’t have the time to greet him, she was too worried she had spilt this random persons drink.  The man didn’t need to answer as Saia Observantly picked up on that he had his cup held up in her hand. “ Oh good,  good. Saia said again Confirming her thoughts. 

Saia Turned again towards the door, where the man had entered, he looked like a mess, al wet and dripping, she wanted to make sure he was all dry and warm, but knew that it would be really weird.  And now that she was kind of Stuck with these people she had just made a fool of herself in front of. Saia Straighten her Red Coat with her hand, smoothing out her black dress that she was wearing underneath, at least she wasn’t out in the rain she thought as she Nodded at the Man With long blond hair. Looking around it seemed like everyone had gotten back to what they were doing before  Saia’s incident. 

Realizing she was not going to stay she figured she would probably get another tea and try to figure out what was bothering her so much.  Flashing a quick smile to the Golden haired Stranger she turned towards a bar seat,  there was only 3 of them across the bar and Saia took the middle one,  having been there before she knew the one on the left was  Slanted and it had caused her to fall off  on a different occasion, and the  one on the right was too close to the guys table she had just landed on.   Ordering herself a new tea she put down a few coins and counted them out getting ready for when they came with her tea.  For now it was just a waiting game. 

Her mind flashed back to her training session,  she had Released her former self, having given up the life of Fighting and war for one of peace and healing a little more than a year ago, but as soon as she took up a weapon it seemed to come flooding back, she needed to find a balance,  she couldn’t be a pacifist any longer if she was going to train to fight again.  She wanted to be useful and to do that she would need to advance through the ranks and become a knight,  but a knight needed to show their Skills and mere healing and Defense wouldn’t be enough,  what if she was the last one of a Team, she couldn’t heal anyone mid fight and risk being defeated she would need to be able to strike back and hold her ground  for the sake of her Allies. 

Posted on May 29th 2016 02:56 PM
Mana: 500

He let out a sigh, Realizing how much of a mess he could actually could look like now form the storm of the raining.  His golden hair was now covered a section of his face uncovering his arms, so he flipped it over his shoulder so he could see normally. As per expected the place was not overly busy. The only thing he just seemed to do was casually walk to a table of his liking it might have seem strange but he said nothing.

Setting his backpack down on were he intended to sit. placing his hand closed and pressed into his back he stretched out you can hear his bones slowly cracked able to count the amount of time you hear it crack too a count total of five. Oddly enough Valason did not feel cold, he was just wet really wet the normal bright orange part of his clothing was a bit darker, there is no noticeable change of the black parts of his outfit, So untying a part of his outfit he placed it on the table, it seemed like he just threw one robe off and wore just a normal black outfit under it.

 For the moment just wanted to not have the feeling of being wet for the moment. So far he did not care about anything else he did take note of that red hair stumbling and falling over most people would either be mad in some way or laugh. Valason just did not care not the slightest level falling over happens. But there was not anything else that would become of it so Valason would not be also worried about it.

He would also start thinking about maybe get something to to get his mind off of the rain, water and thoughts he was always hiding away maybe he could just sit there and think about nothing yet again, What else would happen here? would some one attempt to speak to him here? or would this be another time of everyone just stares endlessly upon each other as normal people do. It would be a waiting game, as time slowly passed, waiting.

Posted on May 30th 2016 07:36 PM
Mana: 500

Saia sat there at the bar looking at the man who came back with her tea, he seemed almost irritated that she didn’t just leave into the rain, but Saia paid no mind to him, figuring she would likely move over to a table when suddenly the bell over the door rang out and two more couples came in to escape the rain,  they looked Soaked,  More so then the Really Striking older fella that came in and sat at a near by table.  It wasn’t So much that he was overly attractive but he seemed a little out of place there, she couldn’t put her finger on it exactly but he seemed different then the mundane people she was use to being around. Maybe he was a wizard of sorts or perhaps he just felt out of place like a Traveller?  Or better yet a musician, Saia had always wanted to meet someone with that sort of Talent.  Where she had grown up it was ~War this~ or ~Fight me that~, never a Moment of Silence or Beauty nothing like that was taught by her clan, they were battle born and the only skill seen to be useful was Fighting, even Saia’s Healing abilities was seen as stupid until she started making a rise in the ranks, but Fortunately those days were behind her.

  Saia watched from afar for a few minutes before she finally got up, picking her drink up and walking towards Valason. “Pretty wet out there eh?  Saia said breaking the ice, before she crossed her arms slightly a bit nervous, making sure to hold her cup upright so nothing spilled thought.

So. . .  I was wondering if I might join you, Are you up for some company?” Saia Asked, never really one for social Norms, she just simply felt like talking to him, Maybe she could hear about his stories.  Saia Glanced at his Back pack and then to his Wet Cloths, Saia’s green eyes shifted back and looked Valason over again trying to figure out what he did for a living. She felt the presence of magic in the room but Saia wasn’t skilled enough to pick up the trail, she just knew it was within the Area, possibly even a build or two over. 

Posted on May 31st 2016 05:39 PM
Mana: 500

For the most part he seemed so, locked up into thoughts of what to get for a moment. he almost tuned out everything and one around him which in hind sight was rude but Valason was not exactly a the out-spoken and social person out of the box he was different. True he knew he gave off a rather, off putting feeling around him. No one new him here it seems so for now maybe even if stuff had slipped nothing would happen. He let out a sigh places like these also reminded of times in the past he once dealt with.

His mind started telling him that he needed to stop his reflection of the past, It did him no good all he needed to do is just move on forward and keep things going as they were. Then all he heard in his ear was the fact of the weather. Listening to the casual sound in the woman's voice he wanted to think about how some one could be so casual around him. But he wanted it to be this way, yet again no problems would happen this way.

Also realizing he should actually say something to her, after all she told the first step in talking to some one so he should actualyl talk back to her."Expected amount of rain, Can't say I have walked in worst weather before." He mentioned right away. "But it is indeed rather wet and rainy outside." Valason still spoke as he normally did. One of his wives told him he needed to talk and speak with more emotions when he was around one of them, He had forgotten which one told him this.

"If you wish too, then by all means it will not bother me at all." She wished for company? strange to seek comfort in a strange that showed up so out of no were. But then again he wasn't the type to judge people were people and need to meet some way."I will be here for a while until the rain clears up." Valason then seemed to take his time and walked back his spot moving and shifting a few tings so his table had room to have cups placed on it, slightly moving the other chair at his table forward for her to sit in too.

Posted on June 1st 2016 09:00 PM
Mana: 500

It Looks like we are in the same boat then, the same wet and Stormy boat” Saia Said letting her normally cheerful disposition shine through.  Saia placed her Drink down on the table and shoved the chair out with foot and slide into the seat opposite of the Stranger. “I’m Saia by the way, thanks for letting me sit here.” Saia said cupping her warm Tea in her hands, she was kind of cold this day more so then normal.

“So?” Saia said as she crossed her legs under the table, “you look like a Adventurer of sorts, would I be right in saying so?’ Saia asked as she looked at Valason, he had a really nice hair, even from being wet it seemed almost soft despite being soaked.  He looked older by a Few years at least, but that wasn’t the part she was really interested in, she just wanted to wait out the storm and talk with people.  She was a social person, having conversations with strangers were always more interesting then with people she knew very well, you never knew what they would say or do, or where they came from for that matter.

Saia’s eyes wandered the room as she turned in her seat a bit allowing her legs to poke out from under the table to the right, she bobbed her left leg up and down from the ankle in a rhythm, she was content being where she was at this moment. “ oh how rude of me,  Might I offer you a drink, it’s the least I can do for allowing me to be seated with you, im sure you’d rather not be bothered, but here I am anyways  Gabbing away talking your ears off”  Saia Said her Smile seemed to widen as her pale lips stretched a little thinner and the corner of her mouth seemed to lift even more.  Saia Was always the type of person to smile,  she could find the good in almost any situation.  She used defeat and Failure to inspire her and Tragedy to Remind herself of the times life was good.  Overall she stayed Rather content with her life.  Her only real compliant was that of not having more money, but then here she was drinking out and offering drinks to Strangers in return for a good Conversation. 

Posted on June 2nd 2016 02:40 AM
Mana: 500
Valason really did not have a remark about the weather. But they were in at least the same in that sense, But it was not all bad to meet a person for once, maybe for once it would do him some good to talk to some one a bit of the different kind of person then him. Valason really did not have a lot of things to mention, a small talker, until the right subject came up."Some one new sitting with me, isn't going to be large deal." Valason spoke up after they had started sitting. For being out in a rain for so long Valason really did not seem largely effected by it.

Would that be the word to mention? Well it was that or he mean he just traveled because he was homeless too but....details were details and this woman did not need to now that Valason could be a homeless dark magic user, that is not something really say to random people. "Yes I am, easily seen from the stuff I carried here." normally most peolpe would go for some form of ego points and he really didn't because there was nothing heavy there."After a while you learn to carry to light and what you need." which to him was just food and water nothing else.

Valason realized he sounded quite boring, but he did not know how to really sound different."My name is Valason." Manners were manners someone else stated there name first so he did return such words."I do not know of anything to drink here, none of these drink names are anything that i would have had before." Its been a while so he would not remember names of things here this place was different he was use to bars,pubs and inn's the smell of coffee or tea was something a bit different for him."Gabbing away such a thing is something i do not consider this, i am rather to annoy."
Posted on June 2nd 2016 03:38 AM
Mana: 500

Saia Smiled at Valason, he seemed pretty down to earth, he spoke in a way that was calming and not at all condescending, his speech pattern was a little sporadic however, but Saia didn’t mind. “ if you’re a Traveler, what brings you all the way to Era? “ Saia asked before she took a sip of her tea, it was sweeter then she had  ordered but she didn’t mind, she didn’t like making an fuss about things that didn’t matter, besides she had basically just threw a cup and  flipped a table,  the fact she wasn’t thrown out was a little less than a miracle  She would give him an minute to answer before she would ask the question she wanted to know most,  “ Are you Musically inclined?” Saia Asked trying to Sneak a question in.

Suddenly a Magic council member Busted in through the door, it was another page from the council, “Saia There you Are,  I know the weather is bad but you’re supposed to Stand by  encase someone gets hurt during out Spar. . . “  

“ Oh Snap I forgot all about that, are you sure that was today I don’t normally forget things like that “  She looked from the page to Valason,  “ Sorry its been a pleasure but I have to take my leave,  maybe ill see you around or something” Saia said shooting a flash of her innocent smile and Rushing to join her comrade

“ Your hard to find, luckily Evan seen you take shelter from the rain here.”   Saia quickly Nodded “ Sorry it must have slipped my mind.  Ill make sure to be there next week.” Saia said as she went out the door into the rain.  She never liked the rain but she wouldn’t let it stop her from fulfilling her Agreement with a fellow council member, especially  when they were just trying to become stronger.


Posted on June 2nd 2016 04:41 AM
Mana: 500

Taliam had been in the Café long before having been Staking the place out when she had watched the stupid girl flip her table and toss her cup, she was interesting to say the least, and Taliam liked that she stayed interesting through her time being there,  next she had fallen onto someone table, and then Rested at the bar, what else would the Clumsy little Council Puppet get into. 

Taliam’s interest peeked when she started talking to the man she came to find out was Valason, or  so he said, if he was a traveller maybe he had some things to Trade or better yet, give away, even if he didn’t know it.  With the Council puppet gone now Taliam could Interrupt on her talk.  Taliam even waited until the door closed before he got up and went to the cash register, she ordered a second Cup of the house special Vanilla Chai with Almond and Chalken Berries,  a native plant of the mountains that the Owner had gotten seeds to a while ago.   Taliam knew all about the people here and the way they ran their business and when they even took their breaks,  she figured that she would likely break in after to take what she might want or to just look around, maybe set up some Mischievous things just to Create Chaos for the Staff,  it was too bad she wouldn’t be there to see it when they opened Akiva was running her pretty Ragged with the training she had to endure. 

Taliam never really Like the idea of Training to get Stronger  but she also hated being weak, she wanted to find a way she didn’t have to do as much work and still get more of the experience, maybe the traveller would have some information as to something of that nature.

Taliam walked the cups over to Valason pacing it down at the table “ hey there , Valason Was it?  I over heard you saying you didn’t know what to get,  well here you go the house special, on yours truly of course.  I just need to answer you Some questions of course,  a Little Survey if you will,  I am writing a article for the sorcerer weekly, or well more Accurately  I am trying to Get A job there, and I feel that if you could just answer some question I can get A good Enough Article together they would give me a job ya know? 

Taliam didn’t really Even Wait for An answer before she slide into he spot that the little Council puppet had sat in, “ First question, Are you a Wandering Wizard of sorts?” Taliam Asked,   of course she knew already that he had magical abilities,  her mouse Hickory  had the skill of being able to Detect magical powers within people and object, and Though he was hiding at this moment he was near by.

Taliam took a Drink of her Tea and watched Valason for a reaction to see if he was buying into anything she had to say or if he would act irrational towards her,  he seemed like a loner of sorts, but  hell who was she to judge, she preferred the companionship of  her mice summons over that of people.  Akiva being the Obvious exception   

Posted on June 2nd 2016 09:17 PM
Mana: 500
As Valason oddly realized that as Saia was leaving the semi-casual conversation that was going to happen was gone but you know for the moment it was Valason did not mind it, He waved at least in politeness good bye. he didn't say it but waved at least. A kind hearted woman, it could easily remind him of so many things but that was not important at the moment. getting dry was, then again Valason really did not feel cold for the moment he could feel it later.

He stared at the drink placed in front of him, It was strange, he came to one place and more people have talked to him with in the hour of time of being here then he felt it was strange and then she just started talking right away, even mentioning his name right away and all Valason thought right away was. And you are whom exactly? his mind wondered and why was she so quickly asking questions? even with attempting to be writing for whatever it was did this kind of work have an interested in a roaming person like him?

He would just pick and choose questions he answered, So far this one wasn't a massive problem. "Yes I am." that art of him was harmless to know. After he answered he picked up the cup of whatever it was, placed it under his nose and sniffed it to smell if he would enjoy it. So far he wasn't sure but gave it a slight sip. For the moment he didn't wish her to get the job or anything else. Valason would give her credit for being brave enough to talk to him with out even a second thought.
Posted on June 8th 2016 12:43 AM
Mana: 500

Taliam Scuffed a bit, as he responded with such an Unenthusiastic answer, was she not good enough  for his time? Maybe she would rob him blind and leave him for the cold streets,  but she knew he was a wizard, she couldn’t be sure how strong he was, or if he was as stupid as Taliam Thought anyone but her was.   But deciding she would give this another try she motioned with her hand for him to continue on “ Yes, you are, aren’t you, a Strong one at that I bet” Taliam said with a Slight wink “ I bet you use Something like Steel Make, or earth magic don’t you, or am I wrong about that, its hard to say, there are just so many types of magic out there. Figuring she might Stroke his ego, see what kind of person he might be, most people Responded well to Taliam and her seemingly innocent intentions, Valason was kind of giving her the cold shoulder, which was to say the least frustrating. But if he wasn’t going to play ball then Taliam would just move on to her next mark, after all she was casing the Café as a place to take from. 

Blinking Slowly Taliam Envisioned the Keychain she had taken when she visited The Café in Hosenka when Akiva had taken her out to coffee that day had been interesting and now she had the Keepsake from it as a Reminder of how nice he had been and the time they shared that day.  Since then they had traveled to Era for god knows why, but Akiva was quite adamant in bringing her. She decided that it was best to keep a lower profile in Era with all the Rune knights roaming around, so she would stick to cons over Burglary. We wouldn’t want to get sent to prison in this place, Besides the White dress wouldn’t hold up very well in a dusty dark and dirty Prison cell.

Oh snap, how rude of me, I never introduced myself properly did i? Sera Tydee, Reporter and Jurnalist “ Taliam Lied as she smooth as a hot knife through butter, as she oved her Left hand out to shake hands with Valason “ sorry about that, I just Get so Excited and Caught up in my work sometimes, and when you meet so many people in a day its tough to remember who knows you and who doesn’t ya know?

Posted on June 8th 2016 08:31 PM
Mana: 500

Stroking his ego didn't do much Valason did express a massive ego, he had a large amount of arrogance in him and a strong amount of honesty."No, I use darkness magic." To mention to the lady mostly to make it clear, But yes he used that kind of magic."Then again, Other magic were nice sounding...but darkness is always fitting." He mentioned there was a slight depression sound in it. The stupid always bouncing from reflections and normal it was why he was so boring or seemingly like he doesn't care then again travel and being alone, does much to a person and it doesn't show.

"No, you have not. But since you mentioned it, My name is Valason Seffer." At least it was now going places, for names were mentioned."However i do not know of such, It seems like not a lot of people know of me, it is s blessing then most assume for me." He has yet to encounter a single person who did. Then again who remembered anyone who never left a strong impression around him he never did, maybe it was Valason's saving grace from being in trouble."It is wonderful to meet you, Miss Tydee" Valason mentioned being as polite as he could and express at his normal. But he still had some manners. "I am sorry you have to see me in a rather damp state of attire, On a bad day I will give you credit for that." Valason gave her a compliment for braving and dealing with the weather to talk to him. "But i never expected a wishing to be reporter to come speak to me of all people a rather unknown traveling mage, So i am interested to know what this report will entail." It was the sticking point to this current conversation. He pick up his drink and gave it a sip and just seemed like he was thinking weather or not he liked it, it was strange for him still. While also thinking of what else would go on here, The whiteness of her hair reminding him of snow, Were was her pen and paper if  she were to take notes. so just a few minor thoughts and assumptions of what he assumed a reporter would have, That and he considered it a good thing at her age she considered and was gunning for such a job.

Posted on June 10th 2016 04:31 AM
Mana: 500

Valason the Darkness Wizard,  makes sense I suppose, however you dress quite Bright for such a Magic with a Negative Stigma, but to each their own I suppose right?  , okay next question,  what brings you to Era, Mr., Seffer?” She asked as she picked up her own cup and took a drink,  the drink its self was quite awful, she didn’t really care for it personally, but it was A means to introducing herself, and after the emotional Breakdown she had during Training she needed a bit of time to wind down and relax before she went back to Training and Made herself Frustrated again.  “ oh that’s completely understandable, but you didn’t need to Prepare yourself, these questions are based on your accomplishments and what you do for a living, See with the Nation being split up between Wizards and Common folk, there is a higher need then ever for wizards to join guilds and do Requests,  speaking of which  are you affiliated with any particular guild? “  Taliam asked, this entertaining little Ruse having no really particular point, it was more about destressing then it was about a heist, though she thought about taking stuff, there didn’t see to be anything too interesting within view and she wasn’t going to dig around through his things with him sitting there.   But until this became less amusing she would keep it up.” Oh the Articles, topic is quite interesting if I do say so myself, its  sneak peek into a later segment id like to get going, see as I mentioned before there is a poor Ration between Magic users and people that don’t, and because of this there are so Issues that the public have when it comes to Approaching people with magical Talents,  you seem quite intelligent yourself, but there are some people that are closed minded and  don’t feel they have any relations with a wizard, this column is going to attempt to Close the gap between the magic users and Non magic people  by showing regular people that wizards have the same habits and hobbies as they might, for example  I myself  sow, but I am also a summoner of sorts,  you’re a Darkness Wizard but what did you do before you were introduced to magic?  Or were you born with it as some people started off very young?

Taliam’s Game mixed some truth with her Weave of lies, she was a summoner and a Seamstress but she was interested in how far this could go.

Posted on June 11th 2016 02:08 PM
Mana: 500

What brought him to Era? that simple question seemed to, annoyingly difficult for him to answer but he at least had one. "Well i am in Era in my normal bout and explorations to learn of and maybe stay, live in a town for more then three days at a time." Valason mentioned. "I travel far too often, living at least a single day upon staying a day there." It showed how often he traveled the bag what he wore seemed like a far cry from a always on a go person. "Travel all to often, gets draining after so many years." Valason started. "You become clueless, unknowing to anything around you." That was the first part of his statement.

"I have never been in a guild, It never interested me, Prideful thoughts and opinion get on nerves of others quickly, That and no guild in the current time has not a single interest for me, I do not stick to a place to learn of them or see if they are too my liking to stay around in." The relations between non-magic users and music users came up."I just travel, Barely doing anything else a few requests every once and while, But most of it is travel." He had finally came up with his thoughts of the relations questions. "I do not have much to comment upon the non-magic and magic users situation, I have been around magic users to my knowing so far I have yet to deal with any non-magic users to my knowing." He could have at one point but he really doesn't remember.

"My history of learning magic, is nothing of sort of boring. Just living at home with my family living about normally, I just eventually chose it, it felt a bit more natural to choose the darkness type magic to use for my liking." Valason seemed to stop for a moment."And what i did before magic? that was long a go." He seemed to have a long thought of such things. "I was more of a person to take care of my family and watching over them before, house chores and such." He was a bit shocked he remembered what he use to do, Because he had done worst things to his own family eventually afterwards but he wouldn't bring it up."I slowly learnt and understood how magic worked and progressed into how it is now."

Posted on June 25th 2016 07:19 PM
Mana: 500

“ wow really? You don’t say” Taliam Answered, no guild, how odd, then again there were a lot of free-lance Mages out there, But a Darkness magic  person often Carried the Stigma of being Evil and so they tended to join the dark guilds such as her own,  not that Taliam’s Magic Really fit her guild, Like C’mon a mouse Summoner,  She couldn’t Even Take herself seriously sometimes, and even when she lied and told people she was Mouse Sage.

“ Travels good,  Good for the heart,  good for the soul, ya know?, two feet and a heart beat can get you more things then Praying” Taliam’s eyes widened as she Set up her next Question as an apology. “  oh my I hope I didn’t Offend you, ii never even though to ask if you were religious.”  Taliam’s eyes glanced over to the side of the table as she thought about her

Trailing back to Your Previous Comment, you mentioned you Stayed at home to protect your family,  where about was that if you don’t mind my asking,” Taliam tapped her plain unpainted fingernails against the table in Rapid Secessions of 3s *Tap*Tap*Tap* ~Pause~ *Tap*Tap*Tap, as she appeared to be thinking,  her eyes had wandered down to the ground where she had seen something roll across the floor,  it was likely A coin out of someone pocket, but it hardly mattered if it was money it was the shine that caught her attention, Taliam was a odd thief, Stealing not for wealth or Survival, she only took things she likes or things her Mice would like,   Shinny things, things that Smelled nice.  Basically what ever she liked and wanted for herself.

“ I, Myself Was a Seamstress, back in Hargeon before I took up Summoning magic,” Taliam lied a Bit about who she was, mixing lies with truths to provide a more believable story,  it was Easy to remember this way and would provide some interesting conversation.  “ Okay now  one more question then you can Send me packing sort-a-Speak, but first a Recap,  Mr Valason Seffer a Darkness Wizard currently holds no relation with any Guilds, makes his Living taking on odd Requests, having Started from scratch while living with his family and looking after them, Moved on to Bigger and better things here in Era, Correct me if im wrong but this wouldn’t be complete without your Goals,  What do you hope to Achieve short term  and long term?” Taliam Asked With a Slight wink before she stopped tapping lightly and picked up her cup of Gross Goop and Took a small sip. 

Posted on June 26th 2016 11:09 PM
Mana: 500

What was truly good for the heart and soul? Was a soul that he had if there was one any good at all? with the few things he has done were so dark and horrible, But even if this woman was around to learn of such past Valason would never mention a single thing at all of that, his family situation would be lied about, most of it anyway A few parts would be mention of the truth but most of it would be lied about."Faith, Religion. Such things are built upon lies of other people, Religion easily picks up people whom follow faith too far to dangerous level, Also easily tricking simple minded people." Valason almost when out of how he normally acted, his voice cracked with a very noticeable amount of hate just in his voice it was out of place of him so badly it was easily picked up how much he hated it.

Valason even almost went slightly out of control the slightly dark aura around him built up  a tiny bit, but stopping for a moment he let out a cough. "I am sorry...that was unneeded and rude to see." picking up his cup and he took a long drink of it taking a  moment to gather and settle down his mind. There was rage built in him, But rare to get out of him. Hopefully no one could really pick that up."No, asking about my thoughts and views of religion is not a problem at all." It was strange that he settle so quickly from that.

"Were? I do not exactly remember, it have been a while, i would only remember if we were in the area, I just looked after them cooking and cleaning the normal things people do." Valason mentioned, He would have remember the area so well if it wasn't a pile of ash and such on the ground along with a few other things.

"So far you have everything right with you recap." what were Valason's full goals? it would be interesting but this was also now maybe to his helping. "My goal is to find my either of my two sisters and meet them again, I have not been in contact with either of them for a long period of the time since I left. I would like to see them again, I just simply have no idea were to start..." It might be hint at why he traveled so much. The things left out were the murders of the village he grew up in and the murder of one of his wives since it was not brought up even if he were to lie about it  if it were brought up it was not for the moment.
Posted on June 28th 2016 08:46 PM
Mana: 500

Taliam Nodded, she had not the same Belief about religion but a Similar one, she didn’t find it to be as Black and white as Valason Described it, but it was clear he was at some point in his life was affected by a Religious group, or person.  Taliam  felt that the world was everyone for them Selves, sure it was great to have friends, or  to believe in a Religion but she didn’t like when it controlled you, she was too much of a free spirit, she didn’t get bogged down with Social norms or Religious accustoms.  “ I couldn’t agree more,  But moving on.” Taliam said as she steered the conversation to something a little more light

Valason had apologized for his Reaction, but it was fine, she liked to see that kind of reaction, she had  more information now, and it wasn’t like he was a target or a Job she was pulling over,  but it was the way she went about things. It was interesting meeting him, she might have even wanted to use her really name and try to be more honest, but it was a bit late for that now.

“ Weird, most people Remember things like that, but I don’t wish to pry. “ Taliam said flashing an quick smile, she then took another drink of her Drink finishing it off, feeling the Grit of whatever Ground Substance was inside to bottom of her cup,” Ew,” she said as she stuck her tongue out slightly at the taste, quickly retracting it, but rubbing it off her top teeth a few time to get the grit of her tongue.

“ Sisters eh?  Well I can Print their names in the Article, did you want to add anything in, like a Message for them, it might help if I got in, Then they might be able to find you, So their names are? “ She asked  now feeling a bit bad about running this Sham, she wasn’t going to help anyone by doing this, and maybe she was taking it i to far, but nothing was to say that Taliam  couldn’t look for them herself if she was so guilt Ridden. 

Posted on July 1st 2016 04:06 PM
Mana: 500

Moving on, no reason to blow up a building and killing a few people in the process. It was also not needed and not exactly the best idea, even being enraged for as much as a simple conversation Valason was more collected then that, He was also thinking this was not an area of place to also have such situations happen too.

"Sometimes, a person tends to forgot even important things if you travel or the longest time and wondering what to do forth with each day, That or i am just slowly losing my thoughts and memories as well...both are possible." Valason mentioned quietly sipping the last of his drink. It did not really seemed like it was his things maybe Valason should actually figure out what was good for his taste later. "That drink as decent....I am not a huge coffee or tea drinker..." Valason mentioned aloud to himself he saw the reasons for it but he expressed it.

When it came up Valason had to think. "Hmm.. It has been a t least 10 years or so...I might not remember names at all." Valason mentioned. "One i remember currently is Lita. The other sister i do not remember the name of so bare with me." Valason admitted some of his errors, All of the darkest ones, would never be stated here not at all. Not the place nor the time. "It has been a fair long time and i would like to at least see how if i can find one of them they are doing." Valason finished off that statement then. letting out a small sigh, his mind also maybe was feeling guilt for such things a long time ago as well.

Posted on July 1st 2016 11:07 PM
Mana: 500

“ oh dear that seems awful, I would hate to think I would forget someone’s name like a sister,  But Lita Seffer right?   Any Idea what she looks like? I know its been a long while and all but it seems like something that could help,  and if I happen to run into her where would I be able to locate you? “ Taliam said as she played with the rim of her cup, running her Pointer finger along the rim of the mug before she  slowly let her hand rest on the top of the table, where she began to click her Nails across the table again lightly.

“ and I wouldn’t worried about the tea, its an odd mixture, but the locals cant seem to get enough of it, must be something in the water am I right?” Taliam said with a widest smile,  she Kind of felt bad for the man, he seemed to have lost quit a bit to not know what his one sisters name was. Maybe he had been badly hurt at one point, who was to say? 

Taliam Knew that the longer she interacted with someone the chance of being Exposed was higher and she didn’t Want that to be the case, she didn’t want him to find out she wasn’t making an article,  that’s why she said it right not get published,  but she was genuinely interested in helping him if she happened to come across this Lita women.

“ Well I must thank you for the tea and the interview, but this reporter should get home and start on the article while this is still Fresh in her mind ya know?  Id hate to put something in that was wrong or forget something” Taliam’s stood up and Stretched for a moment  before a Small mouse come racing across the floor, it jumped onto a near by chair and then onto the table where Taliam picked him up and placed him on her shoulder.

The mouse was about 12 inches tall, much bigger then an average mouse, but it carried a Bag on its back and it cheeped happily as Taliam mentioned leaving. “ Well met Mr Seffer, But Hickory and I should take out leave.

Before Leaving she would wait to make sure he didn’t have any last Questions.

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