Maybe there was no time wasting about in here, maybe it was time to move on as he always has different areas different experiences in life to follow. Only questions he were would he head off too? Maybe it is back to to choosing one way and going off on his own. Valason would do his normal things gather what he needed too then go. It felt normal of him to keep going forth to new area even if he didn't remember the area right away eventually he was bound to go back to a place he has been before so far he would keep in mind that this place was not overly so bad, met a few people and did something with his time all and all pretty good.

He was looking at all of the stuff laid out in front of him. The blanket, a single small pillow, various food items.In the back of his mind Valason's reminded him that he threw comforts of normal life away long a go, But he missed a normal bed, He missed the people he threw away form his life. All the things people considered minor he threw away. Blinking a few times His mind went back to the normal Valason everyone saw on the outside the cold heartless machine, always left people thinking upon his actions and what he would do or say. He knew it was a problem but stopped caring so long a go.

That careless behavior is why he was alone, No one really knew what he felt behind, still maybe he would tell some one the story of his first and or his second wife and other actions that turned him so empty and cold. Not even his still living family members knew anything of him anymore a little sad.

Word count:


Arrival in Era in three hours.