Hello everyone and welcome to the Advanced Weapon shop. Here you can create your own two-handed steel weapon for 65.000 Jewels. You can for example create a halberd or an spear. There will be a template provided underneath this information part, you have to fill this in according to your information that you think is important. Most parts are already given those can't be changed, if you have questions please ask staff. 

I will give a short walk-through with the template. You are able to give it your own name and pick your own weapon. Keep in mind that this shop is divided by the class of damage. As well as the fact that two handed weapons have their own section. After that comes the properties in which you can fill in what your weapon looks like. Keep in mind that if you make the weapon bigger than one meter it becomes a two handed weapon. The Durability is already filled in, it basically means that your weapon can't be destroyed. In case you make a bow and arrow you need the information about the quiver, if you don't need it: please remove it.

When you finished all that you are done! Leave a message in the Jewel section of Staff Center. Staff will check if everything is correct and if it is, they will fix your order, (substract jewels) and place the weapon on your character sheet and profile. 

Here you find the template:

Name: (Optional)
Rank: B-rank

- Looks:
- Durability: this <Weapon> can take up to 70 in stats. It can’t be broken with simple magic or breaking by hands. When you pass the 70 stat mark on PA, it will break on use.
-Quiver: Your quiver has 8 arrows standard but you can refill this with 30 mana. Cooldown 1 post.

- Damage: Standard damage done is B-rank damage. This is a damage of 12. However you can train to higher the damage by training your PA. Normal attacks with this <Weapon> is based on Physical Attack and you can block it with Physical Resistance.

Prize: 65.000 Jewels


Careful: You can only have one weapon. 
However there is a magic bazaar where you can sell your weapon to the community again. If your weapon isn't sold within a month, the shop will buy it back for 10% of the original shop value.