Dear everyone,

Some of you might have noticed that Blue Pegasus disappeared from the Board statistics. There are still a few PC members from Blue Pegasus and they are informed and are changing guilds rather soon. At this point I try to get enough members in the other guilds, because of this reason and the plot it's logical that Blue Pegasus left the organization of the country and is no longer on the Guild meetings. Blue Pegasus still exists but only for NPC people, that's why I am not removing the Guild from Hosenka. It will open up later again when we got enough members on other guilds. I would also like to point out that the descriptions in the Guild section is not per se how you have to behave. It's a generalization. 

For the plot of Blue Pegasus I'll write it down here as well later in the site plot section. 

Because of the weird situation with the mysterious Island on the south side of Fiore, the princess demanded for candidates nominated by the Guilds to send as a help and explorer to the island. Robin Goodfellow, the Guildmaster of Blue Pegasus didn't agree with this way for he didn't want to sacrifice one of his members. Blue Pegasus wasn't made that way, fighting might have been something from before he was Guildmaster but it was not how it worked now. Because of this he pulled himself out of the board and went back to Hosenka and pretend nothing was happening. Not every member agreed but most of them were grateful for not being ordered to fight.