Name: Henry Cross
Age: 18
Birthday: 20th July
Gender: Male
Guild: Lamia Scale
Magic: Ice Magic
Insignia: Left Heel, Purple

A liar. A thief. A boy trained in deception and trickery. The slyest man on the planet. The cutest man on the planet. These are the things some people say about Henry Cross. The first three, all true. To put it simple, he is an evil, yet lonely boy who wants to get what he wants (and just make it through in life) by using his natural looks and charm to pull off certain things. Usually he'd use his cute face to get money, but as he grew he would sstart using it to get women, food, even services and entertainment. He couldn't believe how goo he was at this. He was trained by, of course, an actor when he was young. That was what made him so good at playing the part, you see.

Deep down, his true personality, while selfish, Henry simply wants to be surrounded by people. A lonely person who actually likes fiction, expecially mystery and romance, as well as sports, he just wants someone he can feel comfy enoguh to show his true, slightly quiet personality around. Is that so much to ask for?

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