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Posted on May 7th 2016 12:24 PM
Mana: 500

"I save you cuite! I How about a date?"

Name: King (Real Name: Alex Steel/Alexis Steel)
Age: 19
Birthday: December 23, X773
Gender: Female
Guild: Guildless

Magic: Summoning Magic - Battle Harem

Insignia: Back - Gold

King walks around with an air of confidence (usually) and a friendly smile to go along with her confidence. Acting as if she an actual King ruling over the land of Fiore. With friendly and approachable aura, she is more than willing to listen to other people and help them out if she can. It rare for King to show signs of being anti-social. King is a people person and enjoys hanging around large group of people or dealing with only few people at a time. Though she can get a bit touchy with people she attarcted too.

King is a somewhat aloof woman whom is easily distracted. Much like guys at her age she has a strong attraction towards the female side of things, or better yet feminine girls and guys. This can cause King to get easily distracted, and at times even daydream to the point of fantasy even if she in middle of a conversation or doing a task. King has daydreams about becoming queen and gathering as many cute girls and pretty boys as possible to serve under her, Or finding that one perfect mate for life. Also due to one glaring flaw of hers, she can be easily fooled, seduced or tricked into doing something by more cynical and selfish people. Despite this major flaw of hers. King is full of passion and dedication to her dreams, and will do anything to have her dream(s) come true.

Insecrue about her Gender. While King is confidence in multiple things, she does fret over her gender at times. Being born a female and yet having her father raise her as a man and her mother treat her like a woman will no doubt cause King to question her gender and how she should act. This uncertainly also extends to her body as well. She not as curvy as most females, but not as buff as most guys either. If King has to get intimate she tends to lose her confindence and become shy and unsure of herself. She might try to avoid it if possible.

King is good listener most of the time as that was a trait drill into her head at a young age. When comes to romance King is direct and honset with her approach as she doesn't want to send mixed signals and well she not sure how well she is good at seduction anyways. When is dating someone, King can get jealous and even at bit possesive. She does her best to keep it under control. Her confidence can be view as over confindence as she has a habit of claiming people she likes as 'Hers". Often saying he/she is my friend, my soldier and etc.


  • Cute Girls & Feminie Looking Guys: King's ideal type of romantic partner appearance wise would be a cute girl or feminie guy/trap. King just admire how pretty they look and how smooth their skin always seem to be. There just something about them draws King in. When she sees as cute girl/guy she won't hesitate to hug and firt with them. Personal space is something she will ingored and if she doing something don't be shock if suddeny stops whatever she doing to see a cutie.

  • Sweets: King does have a sweet tooth and enjoys her baked goods like cupcakes & cakes. She fond of anyone who can bake unless they are ugly.  King doesn't have a favorite flavor of cake she enjoy all types and flavors of cake equally.

  • Exploring: King is fond of traveling and get to discover new places or uncovered serects of places where she already been at.

  • Royals of Fiore: She heard stories about them and thinks they are cool. She hopes she can meet one of them someday.


  • Ugly People/Things: She isn't fond of hanging around or talking to people who are unattarctive. King know that its shallow, but she can't help it if she places looks high on list on what is important to her. Plus she has an silly fear that she will catch 'uglyiness' if she hangs around it for too long.

  • Animals: King isn't too fond of most animals Wolves and dogs are fine with her though. They are man's best friend after all. 

  • Child Abusers: While King isn't too fond of children herself. She finds anyone who tries to hurt them as scum who should be toss into jail forever.

  •  Gender: Not that King hates being a woman, but at times she seems to be confused about her gender. Since she was raised as a guy for a good part of life. King sometimes wonder if she should been born an actual boy or sometimes she wonders if she 'girly' enough to find someone. Maybe she too girly? King tries not to think about it much. 

King is a young woman in her late teens with a slender physique and soft, white skin. She has lovely golden hair that runs down to length of her shoulders." Her face shows some signs of naivety and displays elegance. She is more muscular than most females her age even having some abs, but she still appears to look feminine. At least in her mind. She normally wears shining armor with an old styled dress, made from old-fashioned blue cloth, underneath.  Her eyes are lovely shade of blueish-green. King is normally see wearing an armored dress with a blue bow in her hair. For causal wear she tends to wear blue and golden clothing.

Faceclaim:  Saber - Fate/Stay Night

King's tale doesn't begin at Fiore. No, its starts in a different nation named the Nation of Tari. Before King was born, both of parents tried to have children and were quite succesful in their efforts as King's mother gave brith to three daughters, but her father was unhappy that his wife only seem to give brith to girls. He was an aging king who needed to pass down his throne to his son or lose it too some nobleman. So when King's mother was only again carrying a foruth child he was hopeful that he would finally have a son. He was even told a several doctors that his next child would be a boy, but sadly things don't always go as plan. When Alex Steel (King) was born, King father was furious that his wife gave brith a foruth daughter, he was even thinking about getting rid of King until he got an idea. He would have his son. The baby girl he carry in his arms would be given a male's name 'Alex' and King's father would raise him like the son he always wanted, but this didn't sit well with King's mother as she thought King's father should accept Alex or as she call her, Alexis for who she is. King's father would have none of that as he groom his 'son' for the throne.

King's father took nearly full control of Alex parenting. An iron fist if you will. As soon as Alex could walk and talk, her father would teach her the ways of being a proper man, If Alex show any traits of being a girl her father would often breate her for doing them and telling her it was wrong, In short he was trying to beat the girl out of Alex and it seem to work for sometime. Alex lack of curves and traits from her mother also help to reinforce the fact that she was a boy as she got older. Her mother and her older sister were much more cuvry and girly looking than Alex ever was. This countine up to around when Alex was fifteen when her mother finally manage to spend time with Alex away from her father listening ears and iron fist.She taught Alex how to be a proper lady and call Alex, Alexis and told her that she is an actual girl.

Alex/Alexis as she countine to grow up was heavily confused about her gender. She had her father saying she a young man and her mother saying she a young woman.. Which made her second guess herself quite a lot. Like if she found herself attarct to boys. Her father told her it was wrong for boys to like other boys and her mother was the same way when Alexis show signs of liking women.

Before Alex/Alexis could replaced her King and become the new king.  Alex/Alexis would pack up somethings and gather her faithful servants and would be banish from her home nation. The scandal about Alex gender would leak out across the nation. People weren't happy with idea of a female ruler or gender-confused youngster ruling the land. With his hands tied, King father had no choice, but to banish his 'son.

With no home to return to, Alex/Alexis would first start calling herself King in honor of her father even if it was his fault she got banish, and roam the lands until she enter Fiore where she would make a new life for herself .'

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Posted on May 9th 2016 11:13 AM
Mana: 5000


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