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To Era [Travel]

Posted on May 7th 2016 10:08 AM
Mana: 1445

There was so much that he needed to take care off, his house needed to be put up for sell, because he would most likely not be able to come back to Hosenka and if he did, he would probably stay at Festival her house and other wise in a hotel if she didn't want him. Yesterday he had sent the letter to her. He had forgotten that he wanted to do that, more than a month ago. But he had been very busy and much training and he couldn't do everything all at once of course. It was rather tiring if he did. He packed a lot of suitcases, but he would pick them up later, he mainly had his backpack and the traveling box for the little black kitten called Karou. She had to tag along of course. The jars were clearly stashed away and he had to move all the boxes to the shed that was down stairs in case people came to watch his house, because he hired a company in the mean time. 

He was almost ready to leave, he left everything behind very nice and tidy and all he had to do was catch Karou and put her in the little box. But that wasn't the most difficult thing. Even though Karou knew something was happening, she probably wasn't panicking too much. Although she didn't like the traveling box and he could very well understand why not. But he was done after that and headed out with the bag and little Karou, he would either be waiting for a companion but wouldn't leave too late, he wanted to be in Era before the end of the afternoon, so he would have the time to walk at ease. He wondered what would happen there but no one knew unless he wouldn't continue just journey.

Arrival time:
in 3 hours. 

Victorious Theme

Posted on May 10th 2016 07:15 PM
Mana: 500

Sleeping out side was not something Taliam Thought to be Strange if anything humans grew weaker from not being able to sleep anywhere they needed to.  It was a strange concept to need a bed to sleep,  Why the park bench did just fine again this night, thought when Taliam awoke her cloths were a bit damp and the sun was just starting to rise. 

She first thoughts where about Akiva, not that she liked him that way, but because of his offer to go to Era, a place she wouldn’t dare travel to by her own willingness, but somehow was convinced to go by a Stubborn man and a Pushy mouse. Waking with a yawn Taliam rubbed her eyes, knocking any of the sleep that formed in them,  she then even before getting all dolled up for the day she  found her feet making their way towards the coffee shop. It would be nice to order a coffee and use their bathroom to get ready this time,  the same place where she had taken the key from,  it would interesting to see the trouble she might have caused.

Taliam opened the door to be greeted by a young blond haired girl, Likely close to Taliam’s age, Still Tired and her hair all knotted she nodded her head sleepily and Murmured out a ‘Morrnin”   she then pointed at the coffee pot and headed towards the bathroom, where she got herself all ready to go out and walk for another full day.  Why couldn’t they take a train or something it would be easier on Taliam’s poor swollen feet.

Emerging from the bathroom Taliam glanced at the girl behind the counter she had the coffee already made up, it was black but this early in the morning coffee was coffee. So she simply paid for it and  Lazily waved as she left to meet Akiva at the Location he told her.  she would wait for him before heading off with lazy shuffle of her dragging sore feet.


3 hours Travel time 

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