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Khione Vanima

Posted on April 20th 2016 12:39 AM
Mana: 500

Tags: Anime, redjuice, GUILTY CROWN, Yuzuriha Inori, Blue

Name: Khione Vanima
Age: 16
Birthday: January 9, X777
Gender: Female
Guild: Lamia Scale <3
Magic: Ice-Make
Insignia: Underneath of Right Wrist - Baby Blue

Khione is exactly what you would expect out of a light mage. She is kindhearted, acting out of good intentions... most of the time at least. She wants to help people, but she also wants to grow in power to find her sister, so there is a mix of personal gain and the urge to help others in there, just as there should be. Aside from that, Khione is a relatively trustworthy person. You could trust her with information or secrets. She won't tell. She's always been pretty good at keeping in secrets, which she thinks goes hand in hand with how easily she could lie as well, which there is no real good explanation for. It's just a skill that easily comes to some people, Khione included.

Everyone who possesses a maker magic has to have some degree of creativity, and Khione fits that bill. She is very creative in many aspects which includes writing, sewing, and (of course) her Ice-Make magic. You have to be creative with your spells to be effective on a battle field, don't you? That's Khione's thinking at least. She believes that unoriginal spells are just too predictable.

Khione is generally an optimistic person. She finds it nice to hope for the best, and without doing that, she believes that you'll just end up feeling like you're in a hopeless situation, which Khione definitely does not want to be in. However, with optimism can come overconfidence, which is what Khione has. The best outcome in battle is victory after all. Khione can also be sly, a trait she shares with her sister, which doesn't make her untrustworthy, but more unpredictable during battle, which includes being unpredictable to her teammates.


    The Cold - As an ice mage, it's only natural to like the cold. Even to feel comforted by it.
    Writing - Writing has always been a hobby of Khione's.
    Sewing - Khione makes most of her clothing and along with writing has just been something she enjoys doing.


- It's the hottest time of the year. Khione is an ice mage. Oh joy.
    Being Alone - Nobody truly likes to be alone (at least in Khione's eyes) but it's more then that. Khione has a phobia of it. (To the extent of not having anyone close to her)
    Classical Music - Classical music is much too boring for Khione's taste. She prefers fast, upbeat music with lyrics to it.

Khione is a small framed girl with delicate features. Now done growing, she stands at 5"5 (167 centimeters). She has naturally light pink hair, but dyes the ends a darker shade of pink for a reverse ombré look that she keeps at back length. She will normally take two chunks of her hair and put them into two pony tails in front of her. She will normally wear loose fitting stylish clothing that she normally makes herself. For her footwear, she will just wear anything that's comfortable but still matches.

Faceclaim: Inori Yuzuriha - Guilty Crown

Khione was born twin to her sister, Skaoi not in Fiore, but in Stella. However, as her mother was born in Fiore, and her father in Iceberg, she was considered a citizen of Fiore, Iceberg, and Stella. When Khione was born, her sister had serious medical problems so her family had to go to Fiore for her treatment, and since they would be staying in Fiore for so long and since Khione, Skaoi, and her mother were already citizens of Fiore, the family just figured it would be easier to move to Fiore, and so they bought a house in Crocus. Luckily, Khione's mother had some friends who could get her connections for a well paying job. With her father's job, he could easily be deemed "relocated" and work from Fiore, so everything seemed to work out.

Skaoi's condition stabilized but would still be on heavy medication and would unlikely be able to go to school (since it weakened her immune system) at the same time Khione would, so Khione ended up going through two years of school until her sister joined her, which was also around the same time Khione and her sister started to experience their magic.

It was during the winter. A layer of fresh powdery snow blanketed all of Crocus. Khione and Skaoi were playing outside. They tried to make snowballs but since it wasn't the right kind of snow, they failed. Khione really wanted to have a snowball fight with Skaoi and the other kids on her street, but unfortunately couldn't. She remembered that some people had magic and wished she had snow magic right now that she could make a snowball. So, she decided to try it, but instead of making a snowball, she made a ball of ice. She honestly didn't expect that. She was just doing some wishful thinking there. She didn't actually expect a ball of anything to appear in her hands. She instantly went to Skaoi and showed her what she did, and when Skaoi tried, she did it as well. The two ran back inside and exclaimed to their parents about what happened. Their dad then told them about how their grandparents from Iceberg were ice-make mages. They weren't all too powerful or anything, but they knew how to use Ice-Make Magic well enough.

From there on, Khione and Skaoi were fascinated with magic, Skaoi more interested in the power it held and Khione interested more of the creativity of the magic. They both had completely different perspectives of the same magic, and therefor would develop their own style to their Ice-Make Magic.

Time passed and things went downhill for the Vanima family. Skaoi started getting into trouble more and more often in school and would come home with large, unexplained amounts of money, not to mention the rumors of thefts coming shortly afterwards. Eventually, Skaoi just dropped out of school with no explanation. Of course her parents were cross with her and tried to punish her but things went from bad to worse. Skaoi ran away from home. Everyone tried looking for her but had no luck. It was as if she disappeared off the face of Earthland.

Though the search would still continue, Khione had to focus on school as well, and as soon as she got out of school she would resume her search for Skaoi, but then again she needed a way to get money. So, Khione decided that it would make sense to join a guild. She had magic, she could go anywhere she wanted to for a job, and could possibly get information on other mages, which would include her sister. So, Khione found Lamia Scale, joined it, and would first start with practicing her Ice-Make Magic...

Sharing: N/A

Stats: 15

MA:2 MR:10 MS:0 PA:0 PR:0 PS:0 H:73

Posted on April 20th 2016 10:33 PM
Mana: 5000


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