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Be my cinder, Ella [Valason/Request]

Posted on April 19th 2016 12:11 PM
Mana: 1445

It was already a couple of days ago but it was this moment that Beastbane remembered that afternoon with Valason. He wondered where the man was right now, was he still in Hosenka? It was the afternoon and evening that they met for the first time. They would do a request together because Beastbane wanted to figure out how Valason Seffer worked, what he thought and what he was doing in his life. He wanted to become allies, because Akiva could use that. Especially sitting in a nifty guild such as Blue Pegasus where no one was good enough to be an ally of him. He hadn't told Valason he was Blue Pegasus but that didn't matter, it was just a facade. 

That afternoon he had showed Valason the city of Hosenka and especially the places where Akiva knew that solitude would great you. He wasn't sure what Valason knew and would like but it was always useful information. He had showed the pond where barely anyone came because it wasn't really interesting, the library, training ground and more spots where the tourist side of Hosenka barely came. As soon as he was done with the tour, he asked Valason for a request and had guided him to the request board in town. He had even suggested that there was one in the shadows, he wanted to know where Valason was standing, so he had to tell him about the Dark Requests. Where they ended up and found a request from a girl that had a stalker and wanted to get rid of him. That night there would be a charity ball so it was a great timing to do a job. "Are you up for it?" Beastbane asked Valason while he pointed at the Cendrillon request. 


Victorious Theme

Posted on April 20th 2016 12:51 PM
Mana: 500

When the time had arrived the one things that was for sure Valason. Looked more then ready, it was hard to tell but he was. His mind set was he was wasting everything and his life by doing nothing. His time roaming around was interesting he saw a woman in the wood in the area and that was about it. Most of the time as reading books he found in the area. Mostly avoiding book on religion. His self control might be high but if it ever came to talk about that subject Valason would explain his view and it would seem out of place of him. But he read some interesting history books and some of the study of magic and its past too. Valason couldn't help but want to learn these things. He oddly felt also a bit eager to work with some one, It was the change in pace of life he was looking for working alone for so long got a little, pointless.

When be pointed at this request, He reached out and pulled off what held it onto the board he seemed to be reading this request very carefully,Valason was a man whom was picky on details, the kind of man if told to do what he wanted he would do whatever he felt in the moment."A ball?" Valason said cracking a the smallest possible smile from him trying not to think about something it reminded him of. Upon reading the rest of it he had a feeling of what to do. "I am up for it, After all...one less pain in side for one person to deal with." Valason seemed ready to go do this situation. While making the comment of "And when this is done, looks like some one will be with out a dance partner." He said it casually, that most people could feel a tiny bit unnerved by him saying it with his normally cold and emotionless voice and blank stare.

Word count:
Posted on April 26th 2016 10:42 AM
Mana: 1445

Beastbane was alright with the request, after all he had pointed at it at first. He wondered though if he should get dressed in a different way if they wanted to go to something like a charity ball. But than again he wasn't wearing obvious non charity ball stuff like a pair of jeans. He would be fine. Maybe he only needed to get a blouse somewhere but he would manage. "Let's meet the client, shall we." He said as the two decided to take it. Intruded by the smile Akiva wanted to keep an eye on this man even more, it was getting more and more interesting. He went over to the house of the client that was called Mira Hannigan. The house was rather big even for Hosenka standards and it was only a house, nothing with a spa or a hotel. Which was also kind of rare. He pushed the doorbell and waited for a reaction, which came rather soon. A pretty lady with hair that looked like dancing fire opened the door, her eyes a bright green. She raised an eyebrow while saying hello. "We're here for the request?" Akiva mentioned, he thought it wouldn't be smart to explain which one for two reasons, one: it was a dark request, placed on a not obvious requestboard and two: she obviously should know what the request was about. 

Mira let them inside and Akiva simply followed her to the lounge where she asked them to sit down and explain why she needed them. When she talked about the ball, he could see her eyes scanning their outfits, she didn't look that satisfied with the idea if they would not be dressed differently. "Since you're with the two of you, either can stand guard and someone can be my dance partner? But I'm not sure if he would allow it." She kept avoiding on saying the name of the man that they had to find. But it would probably be rather clear later. Akiva looked at Valason for a minute and nodded, "I'm fine with either option.", "Yeah and I can rent some suits for the two of you. I will do it immediately." From which she walked away to get the suits and after that it wouldn't take them long to leave and go to the charity ball. 

402 + 635 = 1037/1200

Victorious Theme

Posted on April 27th 2016 02:41 PM
Mana: 500

He was most likely the best idea too, after all what better way to actually know how to deal with the situation talk to the person he was going to mention."I believe that would be the right option, allowing us to see how things could do." He was a planner and a thinker these things would allow him to act how he wanted too. Valason's outfit even seemed to change but it always seemed cleaned and well kept much like everything about him he always seemed to look the same."Better to know what we are dealing with." Being at this point he was it was normal of him.

He would just follow so far it was Akiva talking to the person. Looking around the place they were just arriving he he did not trail off he looked around this place was larger then he assumed, but then again this is how the rich showed there wealth most of the time, they always seemed to have the large place for them to live around. Everyone had to have the large place and the fancy parties. Valason then thought to himself self upon here what was spoken all he thought in his mind was *why else would two men so out of place be here?* But he did not speak a single word.

Valason looked at the spot he was being requested to sit down at, for a moment it looked like Valason was going to refuse and stand. but slowly he sat down. He had no interest in making problems for some one whom had not caused anything to him yet, but if this was how the rich acted Valason would most likely be different the moment he felt like he was being ordered around and not respected. The problem in this moment he felt his outfit was fine. But he has to be professional as well so he did not let the thought do anything for the moment. "So now the question is, what of which did you want me to be? the dancer or by stander?" He was allowing Aikva to choose simple because Valason's ideas were vastly different then could be thought of with in the subject of this place. He spoke when the lady left simple because he felt like it was time to speak.



Posted on April 30th 2016 11:22 AM
Mana: 1445

Akiva thought about that question. "What if we both start as a bystander, to ask her to dance later. I could do that. It would probably show that person his true nature. We could take him outside, knock him out and be done with it." After all, he suggested himself because he was getting a bit of a name for himself in Hosenka. It happened because he was one of the active, strong members of Blue Pegasus. He was getting known, it was fine. He wouldn't stay too long anymore probably. He still had not made up his mind. 

Mira Hannigan brought the suits not much later after they finished their conversation. The charity ball would start in two hours and she said to them that they could stay in her 'humble' house. Akiva didn't want to throw that offer in the wind, so he stayed, although Mira left them alone to prepare herself. They would go to the charity ball without her but would keep an eye on her like bodyguards from a distance. Indeed the man showed up, Akiva could see the reluctant feeling of Mira but she had to hold on a little longer. He looked at Valason and nodded to give the sign that their job started. He walked over to Mira, asked her for a dance, which her dance partner refused. "Want to fight this out fella? Let's go outside. The one that is able to show up back inside the first, is allowed to dance with miss Hannigan." Karl, as the man was called was reluctant as well but Akiva started to challenge him too much, so he came. 

Akiva again looked to see Valason and followed Karl outside, whom immediately shot a Darkness spell at him. Which he just took straight to his chest. It didn't do anything. He made his hand into a fist and hit Karl against the side of his head, which made him immediately collapse. "I believe we're done." All that was left was to collect the money. 


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Victorious Theme

Posted on May 1st 2016 06:26 PM
Mana: 500

"That sounds like it might work out the best, We will see how it goes." Who knows, would Valason hold himself and do nothing leaving as it is, or would he do something. only the time would test him so far he felt like maybe this was all already not a problem.He would have taken his time putting his suit after all these events he would want it to look perfectly worn It was his first outfit not being in what he normally was he felt kind of strange being in something so nice to him, then again it has been so long since he was in something different that it is why he thought the way he did.

When the time came Valason just seemed as he normally did, quietly waiting, if it wasn't for the suit he could easily seemed like a horrible stalker or murder. Some one he would easily see so out of place. The party just seemed like something Valason would dislike arrogance, parties like these would seem to be full of it. other arrogant people did not get along with there own kind.

His thoughts would space out until he have gotten the sign from Akiva quietly moving along quietly only with his blonde hair bouncing slightly when he walked, following them to the outside, He would walk aside slightly and waited, thinking if he would take the action or Akiva did, Not caring whatever the lady they were looking for thought he was here on work, with no interest in anything else for the moment.

He thought about taking his action but when he was about to there target took a swing at Akiva first. Valason seemed like he was about to react when seeing that infact he really did not do anything so he was not really going to do much. He could have just as easily fire a bolt of darkness himself at this person."Well, seems like you were quicker to take action then I was." He mentioned with the ending of this situation. heading off to collect as well.

Word count:

(OOC:I had not realized but, I guess when you are having fun with it as well sometimes get carried away.)
Posted on May 3rd 2016 11:16 AM
Mana: 1445

"You will get used to it. I trained myself to be quick."  Yeah because he didn't want to hurt his pretty little face, though he didn't say that out loud of course. He really liked working with Valason and he didn't think that he did everything and he hoped that Valason wouldn't see it either, he was just used to doing jobs on his own so he was rather quick with everything. "I have to go."  He said because he was getting a little bit tired, it was the switch, he wasn't used to being his true self again. "I surely do hope we meet again soon."  Akiva said with a smile and he stretched his hand out to Valason to shake hands again. Just before he would leave, just as he had hoped, Mira Hannigan showed up to pay them both for their job. She thanked them and he said to call again if that karl guy would show up again, but he doubt it would happen. Which made her thank them again. Akiva looked at Valason and grinned. "See you next time." and thus he left. 

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Victorious Theme

Posted on May 4th 2016 12:31 PM
Mana: 500

Valason just smiled a tiny bit."I see, I would have jut fire a dark orb back at him, But that is personally me." That i what he thought, Valason yet again was too honest. Just what all he would fully do could have been said but the simple bolt was all he said."But that is me being lighthearted with my actions in thought." He might have done more, he would have not really guessed fully he was sometimes spiteful."I see, I shall be off myself then, I will indeed see you around again." At least with how it goes both of the would be happy with working together and then being off of on there own. Seeing the end of this of this Valason "Indeed see you around another day." with that he also just left back to doing hi own thing.


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