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Praying /Playing with a Devil [ Yumi and Lita]

Posted on April 18th 2016 05:37 PM
Mana: 500

Lita Shifted in her seat, during her train ride in she had taken a small nap, she found that while she was asleep she had used her bag as a pillow most of the way, but her neck felt stiff and sore “ I’m far too young to be this sore” she said to no one in particular. Lita stood up and made sure she had all her belongings, it would be a Shame to leave something on the train, it would surely never be seen from again if she did.   

It looked like she had gotten everything before she exited her booth, finding the nearest Exit she stretched as she hopped down from the step.  The train station was quite busy for even this small fishing town, and Lita had found Crowds to be a little more frightening ever since that day Castus and she had attempted to take on a Angry Religious mob.  Her face still hurt a bit from where the bottle hit her. But it had to be a months or so since. Lita combed her pale blond hair with her glove covered fingers.  She wore her usual High Priestess garment,  an armour type Robe that had been the trademark symbol of the priestess’s of Aura.

Lita found herself taking deep breaths of the fresh air, taking in the harbour’s scent, it smelt more like home that the city of Era did, maybe it was just he oceans air that made her remember home,  oh how she missed how things were, it seemed life was much simpler then. In fact Lita had her whole life made, she was high priestess of the central keystone of the whole village. The temple that was the founder of the village had its own Religion, one that was now faded and long forgotten.  Perhaps Lita was the only one left alive with the knowledge of it, but it was hard to say.

Before long Lita had started her way up from the train statin towards the Lamia Scales guild hall, she had hoped to have run into someone outside that could help her, but it seemed kind of Quiet in this side of town.   Lita at first hesitated as she was going to walk right in, but instead decided to knock.  She quickly Wrapped her knuckles against the door, it turned out to be much quieter then she had meant to. Maybe it was because she was a bit nervous of attempting to talk to a guild full of mages.   Lita took a long drawn out breath and the Knocked again this time much louder. She then stepped back and hoped someone would open the door. 

Posted on April 19th 2016 12:41 PM
Mana: 975

Yami or Yumi as he liked to be called during the day made his way through the port down of Hargeon. As his alter ego, the bubbly oh so sweet Yumi, a light mage of Lamia Scale, he was skipping merrily on through the street's, waving and greeting all who passed 'her'. As usual 'Yumi' was dressed in her typical gothic style lolita of dress. Yami's long raven locks flowed freely behind him, seeming to sparkle in the light of the sun, as he walked through the streets in his day persona. It had been sometime since he had returned to his guild, Lamia Scale. It had been a week since he last set foot in the light guild, not of his own choosing mind you. For the last week he had found himself dreadfully ill, his body aching all over, his body temperature rising as his mana flooded his systems. He had under gone an evolution. He use to be a practitioner of Water Magic, but due to unknown circumstances it had taken a step further and evolved changing into a style of Magic thought to be a myth, a legend. He had heard of the legends of Slayer Magic, Dragon Slayer and God slayer magic, he however his magic evolved into a form known as Devil Slayer magic. He didn't know what let to his magic changing, only they he felt stronger than before, however he would have to work again to build his repertoire of spells, he would have to wait as his reserves were at an all time low and he was feeling depleted. He would rest and recover. 

Yami would have much preferred to stay at home, but he needed to make an appearance at the guild to show that 'Yumi' was healthy. It would not do for his other half to go to long without being exposed to the world. He had received many get well card's and gift baskets from not only his guild-mate's but the towns folk. By making his sudden appearance and appearing to be perfectly healthy it would stop them from snooping around, checking in to see if the innocent girl was any better. The number of times people had barged into his home during his change annoyed him greatly, it was only thanks to luck he hadn't been discovered. Having to pull out the Yumi act while going through his change had been so exhausting physically and mentally.

The wolf in sheep's clothing came to a stop as an older woman who ran one of the bakeries cut off his path presenting him with a basket of freshly baked cookies. Yami paid no attention merely thanking her, kindly refusing the offer, before leaving. As Yumi he made his way up the pathway that led towards the guild. His crimson hues narrowed catching a glimpse of a figure in the distance, at the end of the road by the door of the guild. As he got closer he soon found it was a person, a woman. He was soon standing only five steps from her, allowing him to get a good view of. She appeared in her early twenties, even with Yami's four inch high feels she was easily a good eight maybe nine inches taller than him. From behind he could see her long golden blonde locks, unlike 'Yami/Yumi' who let her/his hair fall down freely, the strangers hair was pinned up. 

As Yami moved towards the front, he took note of her large round sky blue eyes that seemed to match her hair perfectly. His eyes glanced over the woman quickly and discretely committing her appearance to memory, she was wearing some kind of armour like robe. 'Yumi' stood just slightly in front of the woman who appeared to be staring at the guild door, as if waiting to be let in. As Yumi, Yami tilted his head cutely to the left, lifting 'her' left hand, placing her index and middle finger to her left cheek, "Ano (Um)....Yumi-chan doesn't think door-san will open if you stare at it" spoke Yami using his unusually girlish voice to sound cute, wonder and confusion as he looked up with big bright crimson hues, filled with innocence, and although fake it was impossible to tell.

Yumi turned to the door looking at it confused. She lifted her right hand and innocently poked the door, as if expecting it to suddenly open. She blinked cutely and looked back to the woman, "Yumi-chan thinks it doesn't work" Yumi continued to smile innocently. The girl suddenly stood up right placing her right fist into her left palm as if a light bulb suddenly went off in her head, "Stranger-san are you joining the guild!" exclaimed the prepubescent girl excitedly, as she began to bounce on the heels of her boots. Not knowing the woman's name Yumi had taken to calling her 'stranger-san'. it would be clear by the way she spoke in the first person that the little ball of energy was called Yumi.

Yumi grabbed the hem of her gothic lolita dress and began to rather scandalously raise it upwards, revealing more of her already exposed thighs and rather long legs. Yumi lifted it higher on the right moving her leg on an ankle to reveal what appeared to be a purple Lamia Scale guild mark on her upper right inner thigh. Yumi's innocent smile never seemed to drop, even when passers-by began to glance in her direction causing them to ram into one another, she appeared completely unaware to what she was doing, if she had left her dress any higher she would no doubt be flashy the world her underwear.

"Can Yumi-chan help stranger-san?" enquired the little 'girl' with enthusiasm. She appeared clearly excited at the prospect of someone else joining the guild, or being able to simply help them.

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Posted on April 20th 2016 07:31 PM
Mana: 500

Lita must have jumped a full foot In the air as the little girl Startled her.  a bit jumped due to the fact she had planed for someone to open the door, not sneak up from behind.   Well maybe Sneak was too harsh a word,  Lita hadn’t really been paying much attention to eh Area around her, and so when the Black haired ~child~ spoke up, it had frightened her quite a bit.

Lita quickly shook off the shivers and attempted to Calm her rapidly beating heart. ‘ Oh my you sacred me there, sorry about that” Lita said as she flashed a quick smile at the ~child~  the girl seemed quite adorable speaking in third person and all. It really helped sell the illusion of the young and spirited Child. Being a bit of A sucker for kids, Lita had always wanted to be a mother, and had all the motherly Instincts when around children. Making sure she was polite and nice to the kids.  Though she really didn’t expect meet a child in front of the guild.  “you don’t say?  Maybe you could show me how it works then” Lita said playfully, allowing for the kid to take charge.  It was that kind of inspiration that Lita enjoyed giving children, it helped them develop and learn.  

Yumi quickly asked if she was joining the guild, Caught a bit off-guard by the question Lita Simply Smiled and shook her head “no, no, I am here looking for someone, I don’t think a guild is a good place for me, and I have a house elsewhere.” Lit answered honestly as she stepped back wondering why no one had opened the door yet, it wasn’t likely that no one was in there.  Yumi had started to lift her Dress a Bit, and Lita for the life of her couldn’t figure out what she was doing.   But before Lita managed to look away she caught the glimpse of the guild marking.   The spark went off in Lita’s Mind, that’s why the little girl was so excited for a new member, maybe she was still new to the guild or wanted friends.   In a way it was kind of adorable

The third person speech was kind of adorable, but it gave a clear name to use that Lita had figured out anyways, “Yumi was it?,  I’m sorry but I really don’t think you could help me out, unless you could get me an adult,” Lita answered, feeling bad for belittling the little girl, sure she was willing to help out, but Lita needed someone with access with information about her brother. It wasn’t something she thought a little girl should be troubled with.

Posted on April 22nd 2016 05:41 AM
Mana: 975

Yami hid his amusement as the woman jumped, having been startled by his sudden appearance. It wasn't as if he had been attempting to hide his presence, of course the woman had appeared to be preoccupied with waiting for the guild door to open, as if expecting someone to answer her, whether she had knocked before his arrival he was unaware, he was only aware of what he had seen at the time. During the brief moment with one another Yami filed away her speech patterns, her mannerisms and her body language committing it to memory. She had responded by flashing a smile in his direction, one that held no disdain for his appearance, if anything he would call it friendly. Her tone was polite as she spoke as well, showing discipline as she knew how to act around others. Her playful tone suggested perhaps she enjoyed the company of youth, he could detect no disdain in her words, so it was just that playful, her words appearing to want to inspire his persona's youthful visage. He was already guessing she was something of a people person, or at the least someone who enjoyed being around children, but she wasn't giving much away. 

Looking for someone? Who could she possibly be looking for here? A friend? A relative? Perhaps a rival? Maybe she was tracking someone down for a request, many questions began to form within the Mage's psyche. Was she a resident of Hargeon or simply visiting? He didn't recognise her from his walks around town as Yumi, but Hargeon was an incredibly large town so it was possible he had never seen her before, but he was guessing she was a visitor. Yami opted not to break his visage as Yumi, opting to allow the woman to continue to think that his youthful outer shell was a simple child, he would allow 'Yumi' to break the news of her being a teenager and close to adulthood later on, for now he would continue to play, to see what else he could discover about this woman. Yami allowed himself to retreat back into his mind as he allowed himself to return to Yumi.

The raven haired gothic lolita smiled brightly as she allowed her dress to fall covering her guild mark once more. Her smile only seemed to grow with every passing second, one could even say it was infectious as she seemed to be just radiating with positivity. She began to bounce on her heels, "Hai Hai (Yes Yes), Yumi-chan is Yumi-chan! Nice to meet you!" exclaimed the 'little girl' she puffed her chest out and pointed at herself with her thumb. At the mention of retrieving an adult the girl deflated slightly tilting her head to the left and placing her cheek in the palm of her left hand, closing her eyes as she adopted what could only be called a thinking pose. She puffed her cheeks out cutely as she strained to think about the request, "Maybe Chiyo-baa-chan could help" muttered the girl before opening her eyes wide placing her right fist into her left hand as if a light bulb went off once more.

Yumi giggled as she forced the doors of the guild open, before grabbing one of the stranger's hands and with surprising strength began to pull her into the guild. Yumi waltzed on in pulling the woman behind her as she headed towards an older male seated behind the bar, he was in his late thirties with messy brown hair, golden eyes wearing black trousers and a white top, on his left cheek was a bright red lamia scale guild mark. Yumi skipped up to him, "Nee Nee, Kai-onii-chan have you seen Obaa-chan?' asked the bubbly youth as she looked up at the taller being who was easily six foot tall. The messy haired individual turned to face the little girl his pitcher of beer half way to his lips. He blinked before a smile widened onto his lips, "Ah Yumi I see your feeling better" exclaimed the man as he lifted his free hand to pat the girl on the head ruffling her hair making her pout.

The man, Kai laughed as he turned to the back of the guild, "Last I saw Chiyo was out back tending to the rose's." Yumi nodded her head enthusiastically before turning to the older woman, "Come on stranger-san!" exclaimed the youth, as she began to lead the girl away from the bar towards the back of the girl. She pushed through a pair of doors which led to a rather moderate sized green house with a variable of magical and non magical plants. Yumi moved through the structure towards the back where an elderly woman in her left eighties with purple hair tied in a bun wearing a long dark blue kimono stood tending to the rose's, "Obaa-chan!" shouted Yumi as she released the woman and ran up to the elderly lady.

The woman, turned to face the two a smile beginning to form, "Ah Yumi-chan good to see you, and whose your friend?" asked the old woman as she greeted the raven haired youth with a warm hug, which was returned. Yumi broke off and blinked, "Ah...." exclaimed she youth suddenly realising she hadn't asked for the woman's named. Yumi turned to face the woman and bonked herself on the head lightly, "Whoops, Yumi-chan forgot to ask stranger-san's name tee hee."

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Posted on April 24th 2016 01:37 PM
Mana: 500

Lita smiled at Yumi again, adorable was the only word to come to mind, she seemed like quite an energetic kid,  “ its nice to meet you as well little one” Lita said bowing her head towards the youth, Lita glanced back to see if anyone else was around to witness, how cute Yumi was,  she seemed like the kind of child that would be in  advertisements and such, not so much a wizards guild,  but lamia scales was well known for a lot of things. Maybe it was simply  a matter of Yumi’s parents were part of the guild, maybe it was tradition, much like Lita’s acceptance to aura’s temple.

Lita had looked back at Yumi at just the right time to see the sudden idea sprint to action in Yumi’s eyes,  as she quickly bounced about “chiyo-baa-chan? Lita said out loud  bit confused by the title they were given,  Yumi was surly a different breed of kid, not really knowing what she meant other then there was a name wrapped up in there somewhere. Lita took a deep breath and motioned “lead the way little miss” Lita said  as she Yumi snatched her hand and dragged Lita into the guild house, she was dragged towards the bar,  not very from front he front door, dragged being an exaggeration , as Lita happily walked in at her pace. They were greeted right as they entered, ( well Yumi was) which sparked a bit of annoyance within Lita,  she had knocked quite loud the second time, did they really just ignore her?

The large man behind the counter seemed to know Yumi quite well, and Yumi seemed at home in the guild house, maybe she had grown up here, she kind of wondered where her parents might be, and if they ever taught her not to talk to strangers. . . But then again she could be a full blown mage,  Lita stood there contemplating parenting lessons,  was it okay to let your child talk to strangers if they were a mage?  What if the opposing person was a also a mage.  Surely there was little harm that could come to a kid so close to their home if they were a mage.   Hell it was more likely that a wild animal would be more of a threat to a child now a days then other people.   Or maybe Lita was entirely wrong on the subject.  Many times Lita had thought about settling down and having kinds of her own,  always having hoped for a daughter, it was something that had a lot to do with a little half demon girl she had met,  Amelia had made quite an impact on her life, having only met her once, before she disappeared completely, Lita wondered if she should have went off in search of her, or if maybe her parents had taken her back to her home realm she had spoken of.

Lita’s thoughts wee broken by the man’s voice, he sounded quite coarse, but sweet and soft like a gentle giant.  He patted on Yumi’s head, messing her hair up a tiny bit, and commented on her health.  Maybe she had been sick, or maybe worst,  Lita couldn’t tell that this girl was or is still sick, she seemed much to energetic and happy to be.  Yumi’s pout was enough to melt even the coldest person heart, being the very definition of adorable, Lita had found it to lift even her sprits on the whole matter.

Lita had looked for her bother for the last few years, only really taking the last few months to settle down, she was use to the disappointment of no one having seen him, and it had been so long since then that it she didn’t really even know what he had looked like,  it had been close to 6 years since she had seen him, and even longer since she had talked to him.  But Lita felt it was her job to bare the bad new onto Valason.

Yumi talked in a way that still brought confusion to Lita, but she seemed to know what was going on, and before long she was dragged towards the back where there was said to be a man tending to flowers, stranger-san, stuck Lita as a bit odd,  as they were roaming into the back  they walked through two double doors, which Yumi pushed open as she raced out, leaving Lita to tank the  doors returning force with her shoulder, not that it really bothered her, kids would be kids,  leading out into a combined garden of magic and non-magic crops  and straight up to an elder,  Lita had originally thought Yumi was brining her to an man, but not being familiar with the name it made sense it could be a women. She had purple hair with a tightly knit bun, she seemed to know Yumi as well, maybe this was a parent?  No, no, Yumi’s parents would need to have either her raven black hair or her crimson red eyes. This women seemed to have neither. Yumi seemed quite excited to see the older women, and Lita followed in behind now bowing her head for the elder.  When Yumi was asked Lita’s name Lita had realized how rude she had been, it had just been so routine to check places like this in order to find her brother, she had forgotten her formalities. Her mother (bless her soul) would be furious if she knew.   Yumi turned towards her and asked her name with a light giggle near the end.  Lita smiled wide as she glanced to Yumi and then to the elderly purple haired women. “oh my mistake i must have forgotten to introduce myself with all this excitement, it’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Lita seffer, please forgive my disrespectfulness 

Posted on April 26th 2016 10:38 AM
Mana: 975

The older woman examined the young woman before her, her kind smile never seemed to leave. Chiyo took a lone step forward and bowed to convey her own mannerisms and respect to the young woman as she introduced herself, "Pleased to meet you Lita, Seffer. I am Chiyo Tadame. But everyone around her calls me Baa-chan or Granny" spoke the woman in a soft, almost motherly voice. Her smile was affectionate, one that a mother would show her own child, her voice soothing and calm no sign of venom within it at all. She was leaning forward slightly with her hands behind her back, she really did look like a friendly old lady, but if one would peer into her deep amethyst hues which were as bright as any gem, they would see a deep wisdom and a swell of power that came with age. The woman shuffled her feet as she began to approach the girl, as she did Yumi seemed to whisper something into her ear, since they stood at the same height it was easy upon the smaller 'girl', "Yumi-chan tells me you seek someone. Come child let us move to more comfortable means, so we may speak, Yumi-chan come." spoke the soft hearted woman as she began to walk through the green house using a motion of her hand inform the two to follow after her. The way she walked, depicted grace, someone raised in a very formal house hold, perhaps even nobility. 

Yumi kicked up her heels and smiled at Lita, "Come come!" shouted the child excitedly gently taking the older girls hands to lead her through the green house following after the much older woman. For being an elderly woman she was surprisingly fast already having made it to the other end of the green house, showing while old she was quite spry for her age. While they would be walking to catch up to the spry old woman, the raven haired youth sparked conversation, "Baa-chan has been hear FOREVER, so long she's a fossil" whispered the little girl with a cheeky grin, "She know's everyone. If she can't help you know one can." While Yumi thought she wouldn't be heard, it was not true as the old woman seemed to have canine ear's delivering a soft chop to Yumi's head the moment she had caught up, all the while a playful smile rested on her wrinkled features.

Yumi pouted cutely from the blow and rubbed her head, "Baa-chan" whined the little girl only to receive a poke to the forehead from the playful old woman, "I may be a fossil, but I can still whip you youngsters into shape" spoke the woman as she opened the door into the guild and led them in. Chiyo escorted the two to the right avoiding the main hall and down a hallway, making her way to the end room and opening it to reveal a small space, comfortably to sit seven or eight people. In the middle of the room was a square table that sat four guests, however unlike normal tables this one was rather low to the ground, around it were four cushions each white with mixed floral designs with a mix of colours pink, purple and light blue. Each cushion appeared to be made from incredibly fine silk. On the table was a tea set with four cups, beneath a light purple silk table cloth. 

"Come in, please have a seat" instructed the old woman leading the two into the room. She would move over to a corner of the room taking the tea pot with her, "Tea?" asked the woman as she began to fill the pot with water, steam beginning to rise as a heating rune appeared. She began to mix in her brand of tea leaves, "Feel free to sit down dear, in whatever way make's you comfortable" address the woman without turning around to look at Lita, she was focused on what she was doing.

Yumi literally skipped from the door way over to the table where she straightened out her dress. Yumi rested her knees on the pillow, folding her knees under her thighs, resting her buttocks on the heels of her feet. She then folded her hands in her lap, at a glance it would seem like an uncomfortable seating position. Yumi would then pat one the cushion to her right which was directly facing the door way, instructing Lita to take a seat. Chiyo's earlier words, were to address that the blonde woman did not need to sit in the same method as she, but in whatever way made her feel comfortable.

Chiyo returned from the corner resting the tea pot on the table. She removed two cups and began to skilfully pour the tea into the cup, allowing the sweet scent of Jasmine, one could even say that it was a soothing, a calming scent allowing one's nerves to relax. Chiyo slid a cup towards Yumi before she started to pour the next, which she placed in front of Lita. The elderly woman grabbed a third cup and started to pour for herself. Once down she rested the pot down on the silk cloth in the middle of the table. Chiyo straightened out her kimono as she took the same seating position as Yumi, "Now then dear, who is it you seek?" enquired the elderly woman as she lifted her handle-less cup to her lips with both hands, taking a dainty sip from it, "I cannot guarantee I will be able to assist you in your endeavour's, but I shall aid you the best I can. So please allow this old woman to lend you her ear's" she finished by lifting her tea to her lips once more and took another sip of her tea. On the opposite side of the table, Yumi was silently drinking her tea, unknown to all the thoughts running through 'his' head.

Yami was sipping his tea silently, at least now he had a name to go with the young woman who had stood before the doors of Lamia Scale. He was most curios to see if she could find her answer her.  Perhaps once he was aware what she was after he could twist it, plot to use it to his advantage to manipulate the woman, bring her under his thumb. He was after all so, sorely lacking in pawns for his master plan. He hated to admit it, but he would need other's to aid him in his own endeavour's and he would cheat, lie, blackmail, kill, threaten and steal in order to do so. And so he began to plot, allowing the Angel on the outside to keep the Devil hidden within concealed while he sat and waited patiently. 

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Posted on May 3rd 2016 02:04 AM
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Lita bowed her head slightly “  it’s a Pleasure meeting you  Chiyo” Lita’s hand Reached forwards for a small handshake, making sure to be Gentle if her gesture had been accepted and  though she had just met this women, Lita had a great deal of respect for her, being that she was part of a mages guild at her age meant she was quite wise, strong or intelligent, all were desirable traits of a mage, it was no doubt that Lita would never want to get on her bad side, if this sweet and charming women had a bad side. She seemed so soft and kind hearted, but Lita wasn’t fooled, it took a lot of things to get where chiyo had gotten, and it wasn’t something to underestimate.  When Chiyo Mentioned what yumi had told her, Lita simply nodded,  she was correct she had been looking for her brother, but the search had long since gone dry, but she liked to check  every now and then.

 Lita was Guided Quickly towards the Green house lead by the hand as Yumi tugged on her to follow, of course Lita had no reason not to, she was simply visiting and had nothing to fear and the greenhouse was full of Life, Lita had no idea that Lamia Scales had such a collection of plants, or maybe all guilds did, lita didn’t really know.  Yumi quickly turned towards lita and spoke about Chiyo.

Lita did her best not to smile as Yumi Explained the Age of the elder, where Lita had come from it was totally against social norms to Mock or be insensitive to the elders of the Village, but much seemed different from Lita’s home, but she was slowly adjusting to the Life of an average person. It seemed that the elderly women had the same kind of mindset as she Taped Yumi’s forehead with her poke. “Oh my” Lita remarked with a sight embarrassed smile, she felt a little out of place in the mages guild but she was happy they were such nice people, willing to hear her out and offer any help they had.

It wasn’t long before Yumi had Lita’s hand Griped again and raced her through the guild doors, gain Lita Brushed the open door with her shoulder so she didn’t get stopped complete by the force of the closing door, down a remote a hall way and into what Lita had presumed was Chiyo’s office.  It had some old Fashion furnishings but it looked nice and cozy, something Lita had expected someone of her age to have. In the middle of the room was a low table with cushions for seats, it wasn’t too out of the ordinary,  and though her temple had a similar idea for its mess hall, it had been quite a few years since that.

The Blond haired girl smiled as she was offered a seat, and told to make herself comfortable,  Lita’s ears perked up as she heard the offer for tea,   that sounded great, she would love cup of tea after her long train ride in “ that would be Wonderful, yes please” Lita Responded turning to look at Yumi

She would Soon decided to take a seat next to Yumi, after Yumi was settled in., as it was both the closest seat and she figured that  Chiyo would sit opposite of her to make it easier to speak to one another.  Lita Sat down, smoothing out her Garments as she crossed her legs resting her tailbone in the middle of the back,  her legs  just fitting under the table.   Her hands folded politely in her lap her right hand resting over her left, she used a similar position for prayer and meditation.

It quickly brought her back to her years at the temple, it was a blessing In disguise, one really never knew what they had until it was truly gone, life seemed so much simpler back then. And now there was so much in their world that Brought sorrow to Lita’s heart.  Her Thoughts quickly being dismissed as Chiyo joined them at the table with the tea. Chiyo moved a cup towards Yumi and then poured Lita her cup, placing it in front of her, Lita nodded again politely “ Thankyou kindly” Lita could smell the Aroma of the tea, it emanated of fresh flowers and Jasmin, a nice Blend of tea, that Lita wouldn’t place anything like sugar or milk in, not wanting to ruin the Blend, she took hold of the cup, clasping it with both hands as she felt its warmth.

Chiyo Asked who it was she was looking for, which brought Lita’s heart back to place as it sunk into the pit of her stomach, not that she had forgotten it, but it so nice just being a Guest to this place, but almost forgetting her purpose. Or maybe it was more like she wanted to give up, or that she had already, the only reason she had even looked was because of convince. “ I’m looking for my brother, Though its been close to 4 years since I last seen him, possibly even longer. I have news of our Family, that I needed to Discuss with him, but I have not come across him in my Travels,  his name is Valason Seffer, he’s a tall man, long blond hair the last I seen him, blue eyes like mine.  We were never overly close but I id love to Rekindle our Relationship, any information you have would be lovely but I understand the severe lack of details makes it rather hard to be sure. “ Lita still felt the pit in her stomach, like a Knot that Twisted as she sat nervously now across the table, she lifted her cup toward her mouth still with both hands on the cup, she shook a bit, each time she went out in search of him, she relived the devastating experience of the night her whole life was torn apart. Taking a Small sip she left the warmth calm her nerves as she placed it back down on the table, with her hands still clasped tightly around the ancient looking cup. 

Posted on May 12th 2016 01:02 PM
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Chiyo raised the cup to her lips inhaling the scent of jasmine. She pressed her lips to the cup and took a sip, allowing the warm sensation to fill her old bones. The elderly woman settled in listening to the young woman as she spoke, spinning her tale of why she was visiting the guild and just who she was looking for. A brother, so that who she was looking for. Family was one of the most important things in this world, that is what she thoroughly believed. If one could not trust their family who could one trust? It touched her heart thought that the girl was wanting to reconnected with her brother, to rekindle the close sibling bonds they once held. She couldn't help the smile that began to form on her lips as she lowered the cup of tea down onto the table, allowing it to rest, "I must offer my humble apologies. The name, does not ring any bells within this old woman's memories." The woman closed her eyes beginning to think, her hands folded in her lap. AN idea came forth, "Yumi-chan would you please retrieve the ledger?" requested the elderly woman.

Yami, sat by the cushion listening intently to the young girl speak, saying she was looking for her brother. He suspected it might have been a family member. Valason Seffer, the name didn't ring any bells, perhaps he should put his ear to the ground and see if he can find out anything about this, Valason Seffer. Perhaps he should seek this brother out, attempt to correct the brother, bring him under his control. Perhaps he could do the same to the sister with promises of helping her reunite with her beloved brother. Continue to keep them apart, promising they would be united as long as they continued to work or him and do what he says. He could use them as useful pawns in his delightful little game.

Yami was brought out of his thoughts as he looked up the moment his alter ego's name was called, asked to collect the ledger. It licked as he as Yumi sat his cup down and began to rise. 'Yumi' bowed politely, "Hai Hai Baa-chan! Excuse me!" Yumi excused herself and proceed to literally skip out o the small room, shutting the door behind her and made her / his way down the corridors towards the main hall of the guild, in order to retrieve the guild member registry. The registry was a magic book that was self updating every time a guild mark was placed on a mage. Active members their names would be a deep black, while inactive would be faded to grey on the white pages. Inactive from being either dead, retired, missing or having abandoned the guild. Yami paid no mind to his fellow guild mates as he towards the book case which held the registry, Once he retrieved it he would begin making his way back towards the little room with Chiyo and Lita.

Chiyo sat in silence sipping on her tea waiting patiently for the 'youngest' of the group, "Miss Seffer should you not find what you desire today, know that we of Lamia Scale will always be here to aid you should you require it. We will always lend a hand to those in need. And I'm sure Yumi-chan would be more than happy to lend you her aid." The elderly woman rested the cup back down on the table never breaking eye contact with the blonde haired woman sitting at her table, "A saying has been passed down through my family for many generations 'help will appear to those who seek it, it will come forth in many strange ways'." The woman took a deep breath, sunlight pierced through the window behind her illuminating her form with an ethereal glow, "Do you have a place to stay, while you partake in the festivities of Hargeon? If not I'm sure young Yumi would be more than happy to share her humble abode with you." Spoke the woman again, as she did the door slid open and Yumi stepped in with a large leather bound book in her hands.

"Here you go baa-chan!" exclaimed the young 'girl' as she skipped over to the older woman and handed her the thick leather book, sitting down on the table making sure not to knock over the cup of tea, "Thank you Yumi-chan. I was just saying to Seffer-san if she requires place to stay, that you would allow her to stay with you until she leaves Hargeon." Yumi showed no outside reaction besides smiling brightly, "Hai Hai Baa-chan!' of course on the inside, Yami was tempted to just kill the old bird right their and then damn the consequences. How dare she invite someone into HIS home. Of course even if she accepted, luckily for him he kept anything that would connect a male presences in his home under lock and key, leaving only traces of a female presence, whether it be decorating, display or clothing. Never knew who could be looking.

Chiyo opened the leather bound book and slowly pushed it over towards the blonde haired woman, "This is a magical ledger, one which stores the names of every one of our current members. If their name is clear in black it means they are active, if the name is greyed out their will be a reasoning beside it. The reason may be they passed on, retired, missing in action, or possibly abandoned the guild for what other reason. Please look through and see if your brother's name appears" the elderly woman gave Lita a reassuring smile, as if to say she their would be no issue for her to cast her gaze upon the name of the guilds members.

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Posted on May 15th 2016 11:52 PM
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Lita Nodded she understood, it wasn’t like it was often people said they had,  it seemed like he have vanished off the face of Fiore, at this point it wasn’t clear if he was even still alive, how long would Lita be able to keep up looking for someone who she hadn’t seen in so many years?  Was it a wasted effort? Regardless of the expected outcome it still stung like it always did, it didn’t seem to matter how many times she had gone through it, it seemed to pain her each time.  Lita’s Cheerful disposition slowly disappeared hearing the news, it was quite unfortunate but their hospitality wasn’t something Lita was about to take for granted.  Taking a deep breath and then a Drink of her tea she forced herself to look on the bright side of things.   This was something she had done so many times before.  Thinning to herself what would she even say to him is she did find him. There was so much left unsaid and they never had an overly close relationship, in fact because f her acceptance into the Temple she seen him even less then her other sister.              

Lita’s Lips forced a smile to peer through her look of disappointment,  shoving off the cloud of sorrow in order to enjoy the outing she was having regardless of the outcome, after all this was just simply to say that she did attempt still. “It’s unfortunate, but it was to be expected, I thank you for your time and hospitality. “ Lita said as she glanced over to Yumi, not really sure what to say to her, but not wanting to leave her out “And on the bright side I got to meet this Cutie pie~” Lita Said quickly as she smiled at Yumi.

Chiyo seemed to have another idea and swiftly sent Yumi out to get their Ledger, something she had never been offered before. Normally she didn’t get to speak to anyone in such a position in a guild, normally it was some low ranking wizard that was busy. It never seemed to matter either way, missing remained missing and the only thing that changed was the date. Yumi left quite quickly and it left Lita with Chiyo for a few moments, not sue what to talk about at this time Lita just Picked up her cup again, grasping it with both hands to accept the warmth of the tea, taking the cup to her lips she took a small mouthful and Examined the taste to see what kind of blend it was, she didn’t really know if it was a bought brand or if it was her own special Blend of herbs and leaves.  The silence was broken by Chiyo, where she explained that their guild was always willing to help, Lita nodded once sharply, it made sense that they would say that kind of thing.  And Lita could always put out a request to find him, but she was afraid she had wasted a great deal of time looking and hardly had enough coin to live let alone put a high enough reward that anyone would be willing to take it.  “ Very wise words to live by” Lita commented after Chiyo told Lita of her Elders saying.

It came to Lita as a bit of surprise that an women of Chiyo’s apparent age, would ever tell a Stranger they can stay in the house of a young women’s. It was almost unheard of, Lita wasn’t,  but she could very well have been some sort of Kidnapper or worst.  But Lita didn’t really looked at it too much longer before she was thinking of a way to Kind decline the offer,  mostly because lita didn’t plan on staying the night in Hargeon, in fact she planed on taking the late train back and sleeping on the way.  “  a Very Kind offer, but I must Regretfully Decline, I have business back home in era to attend to tomorrow morning, and the earliest train wouldn’t be early enough.”  Of Course it was a slight fib, but it would have been a petty awkward night staying with Yumi, and  Lita didn’t want to trouble anyone that didn’t need to be.

Yumi had handed Chiyo the ledger, who in returned pushed it towards lita, she explained how the book worked and how to go about using it,  she was allowed to look at something like that?  It seemed like something you didn’t want to let just anyone see,  information like that could potently harm a guild.  It seemed liked a senseless risk. But Chiyo seemed smart, she didn’t seem like she didn’t have plans for this  if something was t have gone wrong.  In fact she kind of assumed that Chiyo was prepared for anything and everything, especially  if she was revealing something like this. 

The book slide across the table and Lita found her hands drawn towards it, she wanted to know if her brother was alive, but she couldn’t be sure he was art of a guild, last she had seen him he wasn’t a magic user, but then again neither was Lita.   Lita scanned the pages slightly looking for the Names beginning with V or ending with Seffer,   it seemed that nothing was there for either, but that was to be expected.  Lita simply closed the book  shaking her head softly and paced it on the center of the table stretching to make sure it was close enough to everyone. “ no such luck I’m afraid, but thank you all the same, the effort will not be unnoticed, I appreciate how willing you were to help a Stranger such as myself.  “ Lita said Looking to Chiyo and then to Yumi “ that goes for you too Yumi, Thank you.”

Posted on May 30th 2016 02:08 PM
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Yami could see a fake smile from miles away, allowing him to clock the forced one that Lita showed upon her lips. He could see the flash of disappointment that appeared within her eyes once she found nothing in regards to her brothers whereabouts  The sorrow that followed filled him with such joy, he could feel his body begin to boil, his blood heating up as he felt adrenalin course through his body. Oh how the negativity released from her in that one moment filled him with such joy, he wanted more, he wanted to see even more. To jump to his feet and tell her she would never find her brother just to see her reaction, but he kept himself in check, there was no need to allow his true self to rise to the surface. Especially not in front of a stranger, let alone the old woman. There was no point in unveiling himself to the world just this moment, especially when he had plans for the future. He was disturbed from his thoughts however by the blasted old woman.

"You should allow yourself to rest dear, do not be so eager to leave while you have not given your body adequate time to recover from your journeys. You are no good to anyone half dead dear. You must learn to take care of yourself. Take it from an old woman dear, do not run yourself so ragged, take the time for yourself. You are still very young, take the time to enjoy everything the world has to offer while you search for your loved one. If you don't you will find your life has simply passed you by" Oh how Yami just felt like stabbing the old woman in the eye, ooh how easy it would be, smash the cup on the table, leap across the table and shove the cups shards into her eye, forcing it through her skull and deep into her brain, of course if he did he would have to move and take out the girl before she could scream for help or even retaliate. Perhaps to kick the pot of hot tea at her would work. Of course he quickly shook the thoughts away as the old woman addressed him, "isn't that right Yumi-chan?".

"Hai Hai Obaa-chan!" exclaimed 'Yumi' with her regular cheery disposition. She glanced in lita's direction flashing her the biggest  smile she could muster. She seemed to be radiating with pure positive energy, so much that one could probably call it infectious as it seemed to make the old woman chuckle and smile in return at the young girls actions. Of course on the inside  Yami was feeling pure exhaustion from having to act all cheery. Anyone would if they had to act their natural opposite. It was truly exhausting work, not physically but mentally exhausting and everyday he went home reverting to his original self he would simply collapse from exhaustion either in bed and sleep in off, or he would lounge in one of his recliners with a glass of red wine in order to relax. 

Once Lita had finished with the ledger Chiyo would slide it back towards yumi, indicating for her to return it to it's rightful place, "Yumi-chan once you return, why don't you take our guest and show her around the town." Yumi nodded her head as she climbed to feet and happily skipped out of the room. Taking the ledger with her, safely tucked under her arm.  Chiyo finished her cup of tea resting it back on the table before retrieving the pot and began pouring, refilling her cup, "Would you care for a refill dear?" asked the grand mother figure of lamia scale as she offered the pot towards Lita, with the intent of refilling her drink should the young woman desire it.

Yami the moment he was in the clear after placing the ledger back removed a blank piece of paper from the back before sneaking a pen from one of his colleagues. He would then proceed to scribble a little message for the young woman, instructing if that if she wished to now more about her brothers whereabouts to go alone to the black lagoon tavern at midnight, he would sign it anonymously. Now all he had too do was wait for the chance to slip it to her and hope she would find and read it.  Once he had the note he would slide it inside into his right pocket and make his way back to the room. While acting as Yumi he would innocently poke his head through the door, "Done Obaa-chan!" exclaimed Yumi as she game into full view hands folded behind her back. The old woman climbed steadily to  her feet and bowed politely to the young blonde, "Again it was a pleasure to meet and talk with you, but I must return to my garden. There is much I must do before the day is up. Please do not hesitate to return should you ever need us. Yumi-chan if you would be so kind" The old lady then shuffled out off the room her hands folded in front of her.

Yumi began to shake in her shoes with excitement, "Yumi has so much to show you! Yumi knows the best places in town! The sweet shops! Cafes! Theme park! Magic stores! Yumi knows it all!" shouted the 'young girl' if she could be any more excited she would bounce right out of her skin.

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Lita sat there for a moment still feeling the Defeat of not finding any more information about Valason, it was always like this though and she had gotten the same result time after time, she still felt the Defeat as if it was freshly replaced each time,  why she ever got her hopes up was beyond her, maybe it was her faith or her good natured ways that set her up fresh for the fall each time, but it always felt like being hit by a train spiritually.

Oh its nice of you to look out for me, but I have face this same feeling many times before and will likely face it again next time,  my intentions of coming here wasn’t in order to find him, I was just here in Hargeon and didn’t want to waste the opportunity, I’m here for a day trip actually  , there is a Bookstore that had a book I would like and a Ramon hut that can’t be beat, I’d be happy to bring you there, or get you something.  “Lita said after Yumi had chimed in with her Adorable enthusiasm she certainly did have a way to her that made Lita feel good, it was the innocence that Yumi was good at Pretending to have that almost had an uplifting effect, Yumi seemed to be like nothing never was Wrong In the world, it gave Lita hope for the world to come.

Chiyo sent Yumi out again to return the book and offered more tea to her, Lita had to decline however, too much tea would make her too full for the meal she wanted to have. “ Thankyou but I must decline, it really is a good blend though did you mix it yourself?” Lita asked  as she drank the rest of her tea, placing the cup down and moving it closer to the center of the table.  When Yumi returned Chiyo suggested that  Yumi take her out on the town.  Maybe they felt bad for her, but Lita didn’t want to make anyone feel bed at all, in fact this wasn’t meant to be a bad thing, just because she hadn’t found Valason didn’t mean she never would, she was sure that her was fine, maybe he had started a family of his own,  god knows Lita had thought about it, if only she had found the right person to start it.   she had even wanted to give up magic and Settled down  maybe have a few kids and stay at home cooking meals and cleaning.  But that wasn’t the life she was set up for , not yet at least.

Yumi came Rushing back in celebrating her completion of the task given with a loud remark and a cheerful smile, Chiyo made her way to her feet and bowed to Lita, leaving Lita to jump to her feet to Return the bow, it was something that was beaten into Lita at a younger age, you always did as your elders asked and you did so as happily and enthusiastically as possible.  That’s why Yumi seemed like such a good kid.

Thankyou again for Everything I’m beside myself with how kind you have been.” Lita Said with another bow before Yumi’s excitement seemed to overtake her, She started to call out about how much she could show Lita, it was again amusing  to see someone get so Exciting. “  Well I did want to go out for Lunch, would you care to join me? My treat of course” Lita said getting ready to follow Yumi. Completely unaware of Yumi’s other side or his intentions to Manipulate her, she started out of the room turning to Bow one last time to Chiyo before she left. “ have a Good rest of your day”  Lita called out before making her way with Yumi out of the guild house, and to the front door to where they had first met, Lita even offered out her hand for Yumi to hold/pull her around by, as they left. 

Posted on June 24th 2016 12:05 PM
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Yumi reached out with her right hand allowing her delicate fingers to entwine with Lita's. The moment she had grasped the woman's finger's, a tiny growl escaped from the black haired youth's stomach. Yumi quickly blushed, her cheeks turned bright red, as red as a tomato. She appeared not only embarrassed from the vocalisation of her hunger, but the sound it made could only be described as 'cute', seeming to perfectly fit her appearance. Yumi used her free left hand to rub the back of her sheepishly, "he he he, gomen, Yumi forgot breakfast" she then lightly tapped herself on the side of the head, continuing the act of her cute mannerisms. 

On the inside Yami felt like throwing up, even though he had been using this act for some time the thought of being 'cute' and everything that was Yumi made his entire being sick. The little course of making his stomach release that 'cute growl', was another part that made him sick, he had practised for many moons in order to trick his own body, through sheer will power alone he had convinced his mind that he was hungry, causing his brain to send signals through his body and the reaction was the little stomach growl that had been released. He could do the same when he needed to make his little Yumi mask cry, it would do know good if he didn't have mastery over himself, if he hadn't then know doubt he would have given himself away many moons ago.

Yumi shook her head, shaking away her blush, leaving a tiny faded red on her cheeks. She tightened her grip and began to lead Lita away from the room leading her through Lamia Scale. During their conversation with the old woman the guild had became rather crowded, making it impossible for the two to walk through without brushing up against someone due to the confined space. The noise within the building made it hard for one to hear their own thoughts and the mixture of colours and figures, one could barely see a foot in front of them without everything moulding together into a single shape. Using this Yami slipped out his note as he lead Lita, making her and yumi 'accidentally' bump into a number of his guild mates, allowing him the opportunity to slide the note into the left side of her robe. When she discovered the note, due to the sheer amount of people that had been in the guild at the time of their leave, Yami was aiming for her to draw the conclusion that someone had overheard the conversation between her and the older woman.

Once they had escaped the guild, Yumi would take charge again leading Lita down the path and into the the streets of Hargeon. The streets were bustling as the citizens went about their days, going to show just how vibrant the port town day, but during the night a completely different story. As they passed, the woman Lita, would hear the whispers, rumours being spread. They would catch the conversation of two elderly women standing around a flower store. "Did you hear, it happened again." "Again! Oh my, which poor dear was it this time?" "The son of the butcher on the east side of town, and his parents. Apparently the poor child ran home yesterday raving about seeing 'it'. The poor dear's parents packed immediately and attempted to flee, their bodies were found early this morning by the east gate." "Oh what poor dear's. We must send our condolences to the rest of the family." It was by this point an elderly man approached, taking part of the conversation, "How despicable! Why haven't the police caught the culprit! Last week it was the young hairdresser, the week before that, that couple went missing by warehouse twelve." "They say the police can't catch the killer, because it's some ghost, an vengeful apparition." "Poppy cock!"  

Yumi drowned the conversation out, allowing her smile to drop ever so briefly as her expression reflected one of sadness, but it vanished as quickly as it appeared, as the young girl reverted to her bubbly state, as if she wasn't allow the news to get her down. Yumi pushed on, leading Lita away from the rumours and towards a small dinner like cafe. The building was painted a light shade of purple with a yellow roof. Out the front were clear glass tables with umbrella's sticking out of the middle. The inside had a tropical design, with small indoor palm trees positioned around the building, light relaxing ocean blue. Spying a table at the other end of the building, away from prying eyes, Yumi escorted her 'guest', grabbing two menus on the way. Once they were both seated she would slide one of the menu's across. Even though Yumi had hoped to get away from the gossip, it was all that was being voiced within the cafe, "it's not safe to go out at night." "Won't someone please think of the children!"

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