After being here for so long it was time to head back to Era. Which was actually what Rose preferred. Crocus brought too much memories above and now the one extra accident that happened a couple of days ago. She wasn't sure what to think of it still at this point. But she was sure that she would some day find an answer. Maybe not now, and maybe not soon but she would let it go for now. The wounds around her middle had healed perfectly mainly thanks to the healer and well actually Zhao for showing up. She had to travel all alone back to Era, she had no way of hurrying even though the Grand Prior had asked for her more or less. She doubt if he actually new her name but fine. Not now, it didn't matter that much. She would be there in one and a half hours, if she walked a little bit faster she would be there sooner. She had walked already a lot through this country. She would survive. 

With her satchel and bagpack she moved away, back to the headquarters and her office. Standing defense. Ready if there was something going wrong and ready to continue training because she wasn't strong enough, that thing was for sure. 

Arrival in Era: 12.15
Wordcount: 220 
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