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First time in Hosenka [Invite]

Posted on April 7th 2016 03:01 AM
Mana: 500

Laying in the grass not so far away from town she looked up at the sunlight that was peaking through the woods. Her brown topaz eyes would shimmer a little as her skin would have a small gleam on her left chest area. Kisa was wearing her red jacket, jet black crop top as well as her red black skirt and black boots. Her eyes wandered at the sky, the clouds and nature of bugs and birds flying about. She thought about on what to do on this wonderful weather as it felt calming, a small breeze and warm. Her hands stretched out a little as she gripped onto the grass, pressured upon the ground and picked herself up. She stretched, yawned and smiles, ''Wonder what life has in store for me today.'' she spoke as she twisted her body slowly an inch to look at each side to see the animals there. ''Well, afternoon to you guys.'' she speaks and chuckles.

Kisa started to walk slowly through the woods as she would look both sides. She wondered if she should go to town to get some food and drinks. While thinking that she would hear a rumble coming from her stomach making her left hand touch the middle part of it and rubbed it. ''Oh man...Ugh..Don't wanna go into town during the day when there are...people about.'' she speaks to herself softly and looks away from the direction she was walking. She didn't mind one or two people, but during the day she knew there were destined to be more.

The wind blew in her face lightly making her short brown hair tickle her cheek, bangs slashing softly back and forth in her way of her eyes and cooling her body off. She had a calming facial feature normally and currently as she didn't really show much emotions till triggered. Kisa would then hide behind a tree and look towards the town where she would see people...anxiously wondering on when the town would die down so she could eat.

Posted on April 7th 2016 01:54 PM
Mana: 500

Each step seems almost quiet from Valason, each step being a crunch every once and a while. Normal questions of why did he come here, why did he just walk into. But also finding it odd there was still woods in an area for a place is bright full of casinos and people. It was a busy place but he never thought he would find a place like this out here, so quiet places did exists aside from parts of the town being more to them selves and peaceful.

Even with the chance to reflect, along in his thoughts the wood were a god place, Long periods of time had pass since he actually was around woods that he was just passing thru in. But still why did he come here? He was slow with walking and rather casual over all about it, maybe it was time when past reflections would actually effect him for once, since it never expressed or would show it at all.

With the wind blowing his long blonde hair lightly. The forest seemed empty nothing was moving around him that he could note, So he would just keep waking. During his walking he heard some one talking but do not even looking forward but he kept note some one. A woman close by but what would happen or would become if they met he did not think about mostly because it was not important to Valason at this time for him to even think about.

He would stop at one point and stand still with his arms crossed thinking to himself with his straight face and cold expression it was almost impossible to tell what could be on his mind at all he just stood there quietly thinking. maybe he was collecting his thoughts maybe he was reflecting on the past maybe simple even simpler then that.

Posted on April 7th 2016 08:40 PM
Mana: 500

Kisa looked at the people that were walking around the town. Her brown eyes were shining with mysterious delight as her lips curved in to a small smile. She saw their pretty outfits, children playing, couples holding hands and it was filled with life. She wasn't so sure though on if she should even enter in as she felt afraid for some reason of not being accepted. She hasn't really spoken to humans or really talked to anyone since her family have died which was a couple to few years ago. Her short brown hair waved and tickled her cheek and upper neck area as she gripped tightly onto the tree while feeling her rapid heart beat. Her right foot stepped beside the tree as if her body was trying to lead towards the town, but her hands wouldn't stop gripping onto tree.

Her heart was nervous as she then stepped back, let the tree and turned away. ''Maybe...maybe some other time.'' she spoke coldly to herself in a rather also disappointing way. Slowly she started to walk away from the town as she gripped her stomach.


Kisa's stomach growled once more. ''Shut up damn you...'' she mumbled as she glared ahead and sighed in a deep breath. She hated this, this feeling of whatever it was. She didn't even know what to call it as it felt like some hands were inside her stomach, twirling her insides as someone else tortured her chest. It gave her a headache honestly. Her eyes halfway closed as she tilted her head down in a shameful manner, arms dangled against her side and wondered on what she was going to do now.

Posted on April 8th 2016 02:57 PM
Mana: 500
Turning his sight to see what was going on around him, Valason finally noticed the other things going on around him, Mostly thinking to himself and not actually paying attention to anything around him but there were people around him, couples, kids normal living people. And it all just kind of bothered him, not for the reasons most people would assume. It threw that kind of life away to chase something that he is still going after. No one knew that Valason threw that kind of life away twice, just for the simple goal he has yet to even start.

He stopped standing still and continued walking around he would trying to find an area maybe one with less people around after all he was here to figure out and collect this thoughts not only of the area but in general when you repress so many things about yourself eventually it becomes impossible to handle and control yourself.

Valason would stop paying attention to everything around him again walking close by the trees and look up upon them to enjoy the leafs that were on them, these all left him and such past memories of the life he had before him, made him what would have become of his life he if didn't do one of the many dark things he did. What would be going on with him now? As long as Valason did not go seeking forgiveness, repentance or a going back to a a god for his actions he would be okay, Valason allowed himsel to always say to himself to never look back in regret or sadness what actions were taken were done.

Looking upon the leafs and up into the trees Valason would stop, stand still and cross his arms. For the moment he assumed no one was around and he could think. All he had was a image of bloodshed and a darkness spell form him being casted from a long time a go. the years had not gone that quickly but it felt like a long time a go to him, he remembered the very spot some blood of that day hit him.

Being stuck in his state of reflection only left him in place with the wind blowing not only his long blonde hair to lightly sway and seem like it is taping on his clothing. But part of his clothing seem to do that same as well, swaying and such with the everyonce and a while sound moving of the bands and jewelry he wore, nothing too expansive just tiny thing he had on on his hands but they were just on his wrist and that was the only thing of minor value he had on him.

Posted on April 8th 2016 04:20 PM
Mana: 500

Kisa continued to walk slowly through the woods as she lowered her gaze to look at the natures ground. She could feel her medium brown hair be pulled back every so softly as the wind was blowing in her face and the direction of her front. She wasn't sure on how to approach any humans as she's been in the woods, traveling and surviving with the helps of animals. The animals were her friends and the ones she can trust and talk to unlike humans. Her arms dangled against her sides as she heard her stomach once more. 'I wonder if...No.'' she started to think and shook her head as she then suddenly stopped.

She heard ruffles of trees and this couldn't be no animal as she was too close to the town still for it to be such. She stood like a stone statue as she then quickly moved herself to the closest tree. Her hands gripped onto the tree and then to the branch to climb up. She kneeled and looked with her eyes hawking around as if she was searching for pray. 'What...'' she started to think as she saw a man. The man had blonde long hair with waves of golden luxury, his stare was as if he had one goal, one training thought. What was he here for?

She stayed kneeled and watched him. Her head tilted and stayed quiet, hidden up in the trees as she gripped tightly upon the branch with her right hand and the trunk with her left as she curiously watched him.

Posted on April 8th 2016 10:12 PM
Mana: 500

Valason then quietly in his mind thought and realized what his mind was going to reflect on starting building a personal feeling a rage he never wanted to think about these situations he was figured demons would never come back to hunt him. Valason's expression went form blank and empty to him feeling like a he was a full out monster, with built up emotions and let out a a bitter unhappy expression and just hit the tree closes to him. It was not anything that could harm anyone it gave off the thump sound as he hit the tree in his built up rage then looked around in making sure no one saw him actually express something for once in his life.

When looking around he thought he stopped some one the small little look at some light brown hair, He would go searching Walking slowly towards trees and looking around them to see if he was just assuming. but being paranoid about it be would be looking he would solve this feeling and then control himself yet again.

For the moment each time he figured he had saw some one looking around intently he did not see a single person but he wasnt going to stop until he was sure no one was around or he found some one. Valason was too prideful in that manner to show weakness as much. He so far passed about four trees and found no one but he was going to check more.

It would be pointless for him to call out if there was a person there, it would draw attention and Valason didn't draw attention he just dealt with it, in a way he normally did by himself and a quiet manner and rather just be quiet normal. He wouldn't harm anyone if he saw them he just wanted to be sure if some one was there he knew.

At this point he would be passing 6 trees in his search, he felt he was close to the area he thought he saw a small section of hair in his panic so he would be still searching there, still silent still intently. with his mind thinking *I am either right or wrong, I will see soon.* What would happen here? what would the reaction be? Would he actually find some one.

Posted on April 8th 2016 10:24 PM
Mana: 500

Kisa gripped on the tree trunk as she continued to watch the stranger. She wasn't so sure still on what he was doing here. She remembered the last time she spotted a human that was in this forest. He had some sort of magic and was hunting the animals within it. She remembered it well as she had to go and save the ones that couldn't defend themselves. She wasn't so huge on humans even though that was part of her feeling that way. She always felt like she was more than just herself, maybe two people in one body perhaps? No...

Her right hand gripped onto the branch still as her left hand slowly let go, but she didn't even consciously realize that she did. She saw him move more forward she so slowly stood up and walked to the next branch, hopping each time. To most people it would seem that she was just some animal like a squirrel that was going tree to tree, but she wasn't no cute squirrel. As she saw him stop she would hide as much as she could and gripped onto the tree. She glared towards him as she was trying to get a clearer sight of him. 'Mmm...a little closer.' she thought as she leaned forward.


As she heard a snap her body lounged forward as her body then fell, losing grip of the trunk and plopped on the ground. Her body landed forward as her stomach side hit the ground. ''Ow..'' she spoke softly and soothingly as she then tilted her head up, rubbing her head a little with her left hand and pushed herself up a little with her right. Her eyes spotted shoes, pants and next thing she knew she was in front of the human male. Her heart raced, pupils enlarged as her body reacted with it going back a little..scattering away behind the closest tree. Her head peeked out a little to see him as he obviously noticed her by that...What shall she do now?...

Posted on April 9th 2016 04:06 PM
Mana: 500
Looking over at the snap sound Valason just looked at some one just laying on the ground in front of him, Just turning his sight looking at this person for the mere moment.But he remained quiet and did not say a word. not being surprised with the reaction of this person running off as soon as they seemed to sight each other, Just watching this person move slowly you could see his head moving and following the person who was running, seeing them run behind the tree near by them.

So walking over the the snapped wood Valason would follow were he assumed the person. He wasn't going to say anything to this person he just knew for once, some one was there and he was right. maybe once he found the person he would say something to them. but it would all matter of what happened when he could actually manage to find and get the point into his sight and choose to speak to them or not.

He did take slow steps however, it was to ensure that if some one was thrown his way he would be able to see it or hear and not just the loud crunch noises of nature on the ground being stepped on. Normally when a person is hiding and running off means something dangerous was going to happen or they were trying to be hidden for a reason and something could come back to bite them.

Looking around the trees again he stopped each time he moved to a different one and looked around each of them carefully, He would not speak a word until he caught sight of this person again so far his mind was saying to himself.*You were right.* so far Valason would not harm this person he just wanted to figure out what they were there for and what they intended so it was hard to do playing a game of hide and seek.
Posted on April 9th 2016 04:33 PM
Mana: 500

Gripping onto the tree she lowered her gaze and then straightly looked towards where she ran away from. She was watching the guy try to creep towards each tree. Was he looking for her? Did he get much of a glimpse? She was curious about the male and wondered why he was now interested in finding her. Her brown topaz shining eyes would watch him go futher away. Was he this bad at hide-and-go-seek? she blinked, but blushed as she was scared in a way to show herself to the male, but someone had to talk. ''W-what are you here for?'' she spoke loud and softly for him to hear as she gripped the tree tighter, heart beat became fast as she waited for his answer.

Kisa didn't and couldn't see the male now, but could hear the snap and crackles of natures materials. She looked around and saw how there were no animals out which was strange. Was it because of him? She would stand there nervous, awaiting for his answer. 

Posted on April 9th 2016 04:58 PM
Mana: 500

What was he here for? does he answer? Valason wondered if it would be worth it to answer, after all was talking to some one who was scared of him even be any good to him. But maybe he should consider to give himself less time wasted from just chasing around some one he can not see. So just to start it going Valason with some talking to see were this went. "Why does it matter to you what i am here for?" He did hear her voice so it was something. but it was still a game of hide and seek. but his voice was empty sounding and cold normal of Valason.

But he would take a moment and stop moving around for once he would be doing some listening to maybe hear some movement himself so far it was no sound, but he would wait there as he normally did. back to his normal self his built up emotions were gone he wouldn't be showing himself breaking down in front of anyone, Nor would he allow himself to even break down again.

The last time he did, it was caused by some one else and well that a story not told by him, they never saw the person again either his past relation to that person was also unknown since no one knew much about Valason himself. So it was not up to this scare sounding woman to figure out what to say to him, if she felt like he was dangerous what all and all he would or what she would do it was all going to happen here was a question to wonder.

Posted on April 11th 2016 11:15 PM
Mana: 500

Kisa grabbed onto the tree and waited for the guy to answer. She was curious on what the guys answer was going to be. Her brown topaz eyes looked up and then on both directions in which she wanted to make sure that he didn't find her at all. She bit her lower lip as she felt nervous, but for some reason there was a feeling of coldness. She heard his answer and it was rather shallow. Her eyes turned a lil colder like her voice then did in a cooler fashion.

''A male within the woods that I slumber in...Of course it'd matter.'' she spoke coldly as she then felt no inch of nervousness. This stranger was no friend and if he turned out to be...than things would change at that time period. She would walk out of hiding and be behind him as she looked towards him in a one-way train trail within the woods. Her medium brown hair would wave towards the left as she would stand there like stone and her eyes filled with blankness and no emotions would stare at his direction.

Posted on April 11th 2016 11:42 PM
Mana: 500

It made him think, was this woman homeless? if she was maybe there was different options then hiding in woods, Or did this woman show traits of being a hermit, could easily be both wouldn't be the first hermit Valason has met before either so maybe this situation would not be so, on edge. "You sleep here? do you have no place to go?" He figured he would ask even with this he still sounded the same. It was like he was asking while searching for an unknown reason, like maybe just maybe he was use to playing hide and seek with people who have lived in the woods before.

He was be paying attention to the sound of were the voice was and how it was sounding, what would happen with a sudden cold sounding person, Valason assumed something bad could happen but does he be on edge enough to think about casting a spell? the answer would be no, he would wait until something happen or she became a problem to him to cause such a thing.

After looking around Valason and this woman's eyes would meet in a cold dead stare, that both would be giving at all. since he had been moving around he actually finally able to lock a gaze with this woman, her brown hair and eyes. His long blonde hair not moving at all for once when he stopped moving thinking if it wasn't moving the wind path was being blocked. they both seemed to be was that empty blank stare only difference was Valason's eyes seemed to be a very light an noticeable blue color compared to her brown, What would happen here. so he would ask. "What do you intend to do here?" he waited no matter the time needed he waited for an answer if it did take too long he would leave.
Posted on April 20th 2016 10:17 PM
Mana: 500

She stood there like a stone as she wondered on what this human was doing here. Kisa wasn't so sure on what she should do either towards him or just to turn and walk away. Her eyes of coldness would stare into his somewhat light colored eyes. She heard and listened to him speak of his somewhat stale words asking if she slept here and if she had no where to go. She tilted her head a little to the right in a questionable way. ''Why would you wish to know?'' she wondered in a cold cooling voice. Her eyes closed a lil more as they were one-fourth closed. Her eyes looked away to see the trees and the animals watching and then back at the male. ''I have here to go... Which is why my curiosity of why you're here has been taken.'' she spoke and stood up straightly.

She looked at him as she looked up and down his features. She hasn't seen a man since...since as far as she could remember. Her body moved forward a little but stopped. Her heart skipped a small beat, but was ignored and wasn't noticed to where her emotions would be affected. Kisa felt her brown short hair tickle her neck as her bangs tickled her cheek. Her arms dangled to her sides as she concentrated on this guy and his movements. ''I tend to stay here, that is what I will be doing...Since..-'' she started to speak and then her stomach growled.


Her eyes lightened a little and blushed as she noticed how loud it was. Her hand clenched onto her stomach and looked away as her facial expression went back to the coldness stare.
Posted on April 21st 2016 12:42 AM
Mana: 500

Valason just seemed to nod his head, This person just seemed like a homeless lady to him, a young one at that but it was not a matter to him Valason just seemed to think that, after all living in the woods was silly in his eyes, he had stated that before to some one he knew, he viewed it as silly and unneeded. even with living in the wood he had to assume this person was also poor and had no money to get anything to eat so he wold state exactly as shortly. But Valason at least seemed at ease like this person was not a problem to him at all.

"I do not see why you would want to live here, I told some once knew that it was a bad idea." Valason started off by saying that whatever the reason was just stated would not change his mind."I do not know your reasons for living out here, but living in the woods you are more likely at risk of death and a chance of no help." there were animals and people out there that would harm people like this woman, the person he knew who liked to live out in the woods was different they proved that they would not able to be messed with many examples in front of him, so this was the small chance of Valason actually showing a tiny amount of worry for a person.

Some one seemed very hungry, Valason did not have any food on him. He was in town he didn't need to carry food on him that was only when he traveled, since he had finished traveling for a moment it was pointless."So you live out here...with not a single thing to eat...Are you homeless and poor?" Valason spoke even with his cold empty sounding voice he asked this, it was disspointing if she were, Valason did not think he would encounter homeless people here.

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