Nate crammed another bundle of clothes into his kit bag and forced the zip shut with a slight grunt. Not the easiest of tasks, but he was in a hurry. He’d finally gotten strong enough to take the Knight promotion exam and become a fully fledged Knight of the council. His usually precise folding and forward planning had been thrown to the wind, right now he needed to get back to Era and fast. If he put in for the examination before he arrived he’d have just enough time to train a little before coming under fire, something he was adamant he wanted to do. Though he was strong enough, didn’t hurt to make absolutely sure. He could barely wait to see the look on the proctor’s face when his high powered spells were blasted to pieces as soon as they made contact with his destruction aura. The spell’s power was at a phenomenal level now, despite the fact that it was a low ranking cast, and cost him very little mana to generate and maintain. With his limited arsenal, that one spell formed his proverbial ‘ace in the hole’ and had gotten him out of a number of scrapes, and awarded as many to his would be attackers. It was time to make his little hunts a sanctioned and supported thing.

Nate swung his bag onto his shoulder. Another month on the road and he was now finally ready to head back, and get down to business.