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Kill number uhm.. 15 [Training/Solo]

Posted on April 2nd 2016 08:49 PM
Mana: 1315

Okay Clover had not really ever been her thing, it was so small so protected for anything bad and harmful. It was puke-able if Nastasya would give it a name. There was only wood, the big hotel that she was staying at, which wasn't that big if you compared it with Crocus and Magnolia, was entirely made of wood. Really it was one big log cabin, for more people to stay in. It was annoying as well as anything that was unpleasant. Also the fact that Clover was rather small, even though they had a guild. Made it not a smart idea to hang out with Crowley too much. People might start to notice things. She was rather not so good at thinking ahead, she was when she was working her way through the information that she needed and through the killing. For example there was only one person to kill in Clover. But that made it rather boring. She wanted to explore, she wanted to see the woods, the last time she really visited a proper forest was in Worth Woodsea, as the name already said. But there was a lot here, and she would also have to check on Sabertooth today. She had seen a lot of members of course throughout the city, if you could call this log house a city. But they looked quite bulky and strong, she didn't want to fight them if it wasn't necessary. However they should have probably hurt about the incidents and she was rather unsure if they would guard the house of the doll maker here in Clover. She had on purpose avoided the place. 

Right now miss Nastasya Crowe lay in bed, with her eyes scanning the ceiling for anything interesting to see. The ceiling was made of logs. It looked horrible but who was she to complain, she didn't have the money to afford a big trophy place. So she would make do with this one. She should do more missions but she hated to do them alone, and Crowley didn't count really. But also she had better things to do, she was still looking forward to kill her father and well the only thing that was stopping her was because she had to kill the other doll makers to make herself done with the final task. Rid the world of all the proper doll makers. Although she might have had to kill grandparents and everyone else of some family lines but too much work and now there were still some people that would be able to learn, if the elderly didn't die of crying and sobbing yet. Which was an interesting thought that made her giggle in pleasure. But softly so she wouldn't wake up her favourite companion and best friend, the metallic crow that she called Crowley after the demon name that Rafael mentioned. She decided that it should soon be time to get out of bed. She had more things to do and the starters was to get food, the question, which made her remain a little longer in her bed, was what she would eat. Since she never really cared about what she ate, for she performed enough magic to know what she was doing and didn't gain weight because of that and her traveling around. She had eaten sushi lately, and pancakes, waffles, pizza. A lot of things, she liked to variate and not repeat too often when it wasn't necessary yet. It had been a long time since she had a sorbet and she actually liked that idea, but because she was trying to lay low here, she didn't think it was smart to go on with that now. She would do something either here in the hotel, something like a grilled cheese sandwich or something like an omelette. Hmm both sounded rather interesting but she knew very well that she wouldn't be able to manage and eat both. Especially if she managed to eat two pizza slices and be full, how to eat two such strong pieces of bread and egg. Nope, not going to work. She threw her bed sheets of herself towards Crowley whom jumped up in a scare and fluttered around before he realized it was just the bed sheets on his face that woke him up. She tried not to laugh, so she bit on her lower lip and kept her hand in front of her mouth while Crowley shook of the sheets and set on the edge of the bed staring at her. "It was not my intention, I swear." She said with a chuckle that she tried to swallow, which made her cough and made him laugh. All set and done. She let him take a little bit of a nap or to call it: waking-up-properly, as he said so himself. Which was ridiculously funny but again Nasty tried not to laugh. She walked into the bathroom, which was a tiny bathroom cabin of wood. She had to push a button if she wanted to take a shower, so the mechanism of the hotel would work on burning logs to make hot water for her room and cabin. You seriously had to fill in the time of what you wanted to, she thought that maybe she should visit a spa again today. After all the stupid work in Magnolia, that had been rather refreshing. Yeah that would be a great idea, not a massage though, really a spa. She would kill a person and go directly, if there was no blood on her, to the spa so she would have an alibi. Whom would remember at what time you got into the spa. Unless you would have an appointment, which might be a smart idea. A grin crossed her mind while she instructed the machine to get her some warm water. 

After that she prepared her shampoo and shower gel, brushed her teeth and stripped of her clothes. She stepped into the shower that was hand set to the temperature that she wanted, she was used to so much more luxury that it was annoying her a little bit when the water was to hot but after staying here for quite some time, she had figured out how it worked perfectly. She hummed happily underneath the perfected temperature of the water and washed her short black hair, that was unfortunately getting passed her shoulders, which she didn't like that much. She might find a hair dresser later today, which might actually be a good idea, she could look for a hairdresser and check upon the shop of the doll maker, for the first time. It must be somewhere near each other, even though there were probably more hairdressers in town. She yawned and continued with the shower gel before she was finally done with showering. She dried her hair a little lightly and continued with her body, ignoring the drips of her hair that fell on her back and shoulders. She found some underwear as well as a top, because no need for bras in her case.. Which she actually didn't mind. She prepared the power socket and put in the hair dryer that she borrowed from the hotel. She fixed her hair that way and pulled it in two little pigtails once she was done. She went back into the bedroom side of her room and went to the wardrobe. She got herself a light blue set of jeans with holes in it and a white blouse. She would fix her old winter coat, even though that was way to warm for her, but she still had not bought a new leather jacket after she burned the one in Magnolia. After the incident with the Fairy Tail water mage called Emma. Annoying twat, she deserved her sister dead. When she finally was done being dressed, she layed her coat on the bed and said goodbye to Crowley, she had let the window open in case someone came in. She had the note on the door that said do not disturb as she left to go to the breakfastroom that was downstairs, where she would have to choose between either the grilled cheese as well as the omelette. Such a disaster going on, it wasn't fair.


Posted on April 3rd 2016 10:52 AM
Mana: 1315

She was getting very lazy and she knew that. Sure you could compare it to what she did and what she could do but she went never out for a run to see if she was still able to run as fast as she could. Because she had been fast, it was her plan to become faster but would it matter? She also never did push-ups or sit-ups or what all the names for those weird things were. She wasn't made for that, she knew that too but did that matter? She actually thought about doing something to make sure that she wouldn't lose her power, that would be rather logical. If you didn't continue training, why would you remain the same speed. Especially if you ate that much and weird as she did. Pizza's in the morning and so on. She really looked forward to that omelette. So she skipped down the stairs and the hallway to the room where the served breakfast. She had to give her table number and was guided to a table with only one plate made up and only one chair. Boring to be alone all the time when you actually weren't. The thing was that hanging out with Crowley here was much more dangerous. She believed that the Sabertooth members had a much keener eye to see what was going on or not and that would mean that it might be dangerous to have him close. Fairies from Fairy Tail didn't pay too much attention, they just liked to fight and challenge everyone that was against their idea, all the ones that were opposite. She had no time or space to lose with those losers. But Nasty had planned her day and Crowley could be with her in a few minutes. This was actually the first time, while sitting at her table reading the small menu, that she thought about the man that wanted to help her train in Worth Woodsea. What was his name again, it had started with an R but wasn't Rafael.. Romeo? Yeah she was sure because she had laughed at the name, ridiculous as it was. 

She finally found the omelette and ordered one and couldn't wait for it to come. She had seen many versions of rooms with breakfast in it. One you had to order, others you could have the buffet that was served. Sometimes or actually many times she didn't go to get breakfast in the hotel even though she paid for it. It was so general and stupid, nothing special as she required but lucky for her, this hotel knew how to make the omelette she wanted. She imagined it being cooked on a hot stove with wood from the forest, she hoped for the sake of the hotel that either a Fire Mage worked there or that they had a not wood kitchen, for it might be dangerous with other sorts of machinery and she rather did not find the hotel in fire, she had not the possibility to replace everything that was in her room and Crowley couldn't carry everything out there, apart from it being suspicious where she didn't care about, it was mainly too heavy. She might leave a barrier on the clothing if she was powerful enough to protect it that way but she suddenly started to get a little paranoia from bringing this scenery up in her own mind. Or what if her room, which was probably one of the furthest away from the kitchen was only damaged and they would find the Valkyrie mask. This was not getting well, she should have a pocket dimension thing, where would she be able to buy that and even would she be able to buy that how freaking expensive were those things? She wouldn't even know. She should stop being paranoia and it helped that her omelette came and she could focus on the food that was more important for she was starving. She still had a lot to think about, how she would go on today and if she would immediately leave in the night, tomorrow morning or after a couple of days. The last one seemed the better but there was still this pattern going on. She would have to find a way to disappear. If only she had a better magic that would come in handy, but she loved her shadows and she didn't plan to simply give them away. She had jobs to do to get more money though and it was exactly what she planned to do here, so she would look like she was doing something, that sounded like a great plan and she would immediately start it or well she would check out a request today. 

When she was done with her slice of bread and the delicious omelette, she went back upstairs and grabbed her coat and left. She tried to leave as invisible as possible without using magic. You never knew if someone was able to feel the magic or not and she rather stayed invisible in many other ways. Shadows were her friends after all. She and Crowley made up a rendez-vous point where they would meet again in the forest. There was a open space with one super big oak tree, which reminded them of Phantom Lord so it was a perfect spot to meet. She would go by jogging, which was annoying with the coat that she was wearing and she swore she would go and buy a new leather jacket today. If only Clover had such good ones as Crocus that is. But she managed to run and she first started to do that in front of the hotel and around it, taking of her winter coat when she got warmer. She was waiting very carefully. There were always nosy people that had to give their opinion and since she was running around the doors of the hotel, sooner or letter that person would come. It took twenty minutes before an old grumpy lady came outside. "If you want to run, why don't you go to the forest." She said annoyed and pointed as if Nastasya didn't know what a forest was. "Oh, that's a marvelous idea." She said mocking because this was what she was waiting for. "Ta ta." She grabbed her coat and ran towards the forest, no idea how long Crowley had to wait since she didn't carry a watch but it worked, now she didn't just disappear into the forest, she was told to go. Apparently the old woman couldn't stand young blood running in front of the windows, it felt so brilliant. It was still quite a run towards the oak tree, even though she was faster than some other human beings, it was not fast enough according to her own idea. But it would come, she would be training again, she had to do something. But there was more to train and she would actually have to have a training partner according to her own idea but it was difficult to find one that she could more or less trust. She sighed as she finally arrived at Crowley his spot and she had to first catch her breath because she might have been jogging for an hour or forty minutes but close enough. She looked up at the sky, trying to pinpoint where the sun was to make a wild guess to see what the time was. She had been awake rather early and so it must be around ten o'clock in the morning, which gave her enough time to do everything that she had planned for today. But first of all she would have to train her defending. 


Posted on April 3rd 2016 04:16 PM
Mana: 1315

The run had taken twenty minutes too and she didn't like it, she wanted to be faster but she had better things to worry about. However a fast fox was a difficult one to catch. She had to be a fox. Catching her should be impossible. She needed to work on thinking like a criminal. Even though she didn't believe she was one, she wasn't an angel either, but she was just cleansing the world from ridiculous people and people that deserved to die, that's as easy as it would get. They all deserved to die though and that made it a little bit more difficult. She sighed and started to count in her breathing to make sure she wasn't breathing too fast. She sat herself on the ground that was still a little bit cold from the winter weather and mainly because the sun couldn't get here because of the thick circle of trees around here. Crowley didn't say anything for a moment and that was fine, she just enjoyed his company for now and started to move her hand up his head to the side of his wing as if she was stroking his metal feathers, which didn't feel as comfortable as normal feathers or fur but she didn't mind. She didn't like fur all that well. The first thing that she ever seen as an animal she had killed, the kitten from the neighborhood in Húsavik. But yeah well she had always known that she was a little screwed up but that made her world a little bit less boring as it was. People should be happy about it, how weird would it be if everyone would see themselves as good. However that was a stupid thing, people weren't good. Or well those were very rare, there were barely people that didn't do anything wrong and such a boring lives they must have. She shuddered when she thought about it. 

She closed her eyes and went to sit on her knees and started to hum an old song from her hometown Húsavik just to concentrate herself on her breathing and her magical energy. Although she didn't want to train her magic right now. Magic was her everything, it was her pride and her possession, her shadows meant so much to her but she had to be clever. She had to be a fox and focus on everything, she had to be prepared, she had to be fast and she had to have the ability to clean her mind and just be able to do what she had to do. Which wasn't all that difficult to her, the only problem was when she was bored and she didn't feel like concentrating. She knew that at some point here in the forest she would get bored and she didn't feel like training anymore and she could go on a rampage, ruin the whole cover that she so carefully had set up here but still there were other towns that didn't know her name yet. After Clover there was only Era and she needed to wait carefully for that, maybe even stay in a city close instead of in Era. Those Rune Knights were dangerous. But it felt like a satisfaction because she would be so close to finishing her duty send by the devil. After Era, there was only one more stop and that was Oak, kill that man called Ted. Something she had wanted to do earlier but because there was still no news about her face, she knew she was safe. He hoped he would save her and she was sure she would play with his emotions. Kill him when he least expected it, as if she would come as a thank you. She had become so much stronger, he had to look out for her and that made her only laugh more but she didn't, she had to remain hidden here for now. A maniac laugh was the least she could use now, well apart from a cover that was broken. But after Oak she could go to her hometown in the North of Fiore, she could find her father Regulus and she could kill him. Bring his dead body towards Augstar and Regna and... she couldn't focus on her thinking, her eyes were twinkling with the lust of killing a part of her family for not taking good care of her. They should have know that she, the bitch, could bite. That she would get her vengeance on them for leaving her, for tossing her away because she was not Lilja, and only because she could see Lilja. It was not her fault that she could see ghosts and monsters, it was Regulus his own fault, he had been a wozzy of a father and he would be paid back for it nicely. She really couldn't wait but she had too. She had a message from Master Durain about some Island that needed to be discovered and was probably dangerous. The Light Guild members and the Grand Prior had send their representatives and she had to find a way to get in there too. She still had a week before she had to be in Era to get on the ship. At least she thought they would leave from Era and to find a way to get on that ship. Maybe she would steal a uniform of a Rune Knight or Royal Knight and cover herself as a Squire but that would be weird if no one was able to recognize her. She could play the small child that was lost, from another country. On the wrong ship! That was an excellent idea, if she simply managed to sneak in a little earlier, which was easy with her shadow body. She should not forget to be very childish than. Which was a long time that she did something like that, for example: the floor is Lava. She shook her head, this was her best idea, she couldn't take the squire idea, unless she threw someone overboard and made sure he drowned, which was an option if she threw her chandelier on him but that would be suspicious, because why was he the only one that drowned. Maybe she should hide below deck and see what happened when she arrived. She doubt if that was a good option, there was always a smart pants aboard that knew all the faces and she wasn't one of them. It was a difficult point but she would find some solution, she always did. 

She opened her eyes again and thought she had meditated enough, or well she was getting bored about it and it was better to work out something physical, if she would have to drop her magic on Galuna and be the non mage person from Seven or Caelum, she would have to get on with her physical strength and that could use some extra help. 


Posted on April 3rd 2016 07:37 PM
Mana: 1315

Her meditation had been going on about her magic and her magical power and that was not what she wanted to train for today. The reason for this was pretty clear. She would have to play a spy next week, which was pretty soon and she wanted to make sure that she would be alright if she would have to survive with more than just her magic. She needed to work on becoming stronger and more impressive in another way than just magic. It had already been her goal to become impressive for a long time and challenge Totomaru, the ace or right hand of the master of Phantom Lord. She didn't actually aim for any of these spots, not for ace nor master because it brought a lot of consequences and serious business that would probably be hell of a boring thing and she didn't plan to limit her life to something like that. Besides she was only nineteen and even though she had been made a Renegade, she wasn't yet at that point that she wanted to be and she still had a lot to do, so she should work hard. 

Instead of remain sitting on her knees and doing nothing but regulate her thoughts and breathing, she should do different things. She actually planned to work on training her physical side, she needed that to survive a little harder than anything else. Especially if her magical side needed to be put on hold, she might have to be more prepared than just this way of fighting. She only needed a coach and she didn't feel like informing a lot of people but she turned her eyes on the road back to Clover. Maybe there was a nice teacher here in this town but than again, everyone was related or known with the Sabertooth people and she had already a lot of other people to visit such as a hair dresser. She would have a good enough alibi to work on and she knew a few things about physical training, she had done it before for example. She had already quite some power behind her fist, but not enough and besides, she had turned lazy and did not do much for physical training before. The only thing she could do that would help her resistance against the cold and anything else was something easy and that had never bothered her. Actually she liked doing it and gave her a sort of freedom feeling. So she tore on her laces to be able to kick her dr. martens out and stand on her bare feet on the mossy ground of the forest. Now she would start training fully, after she dropped her coat on a clean place. 

She started to go on hands and knees, which moved to hands and toes and tried to do push ups but those things were more difficult if you have never done them before. She first didn't go low enough according to Crowley but when she went lower, she fell right through her arms and got a mouth full of moss, which didn't make her happy either but she simply started again. She started again but after around ten, she felt her weak arms burning and was almost too embarrassed to stop as well as to continue, she turned on her back and let herself lay on the moss and stared at the canopy of the trees and leaves. She had to get used to the burning of her arms and would do another ten, she wouldn't stop because she would have to get stronger and otherwise she might not get anywhere. Which would be a waist of space and training for herself so she did another ten but after the last one, number twenty she took again a five minute break before she continued to do sit ups, which went quite alright, maybe it was because she was a skinny pole and there were also no breasts that ruined her fluency. Or rather her streamlined body, which made her giggle because of the stupid word and the stupid reason that she thought about it, but she needed something to make her day alright. She didn't like these training because they were boring and that made it even more horrible for her than any other person because you definitely didn't want her bored and she was already a little scared for the others on the trip per boat. She had never been on a boat and she wasn't so sure if she would like it. 

When she was done with twenty sit ups, which she also didn't like, she took a bigger break and took some water from the bottle that was in the bag that she had brought with her, it was a small one though. Next on the plan to do list, was boxing but with trees it might not be so nice but she tried anyway. Her hands were a little used to a lot and she was alright with being able to snap someone's neck but also with her hands being alright with getting a little rough. She might have to find a healer though if she would wound them too much before she would go to kill someone, she didn't want to drop her blood at the crime scene as well as not going to the spa with open knuckles. However she was doing rather well and she didn't scratch them. She had picked the pieces of tree bark of the tree to make the surface a little smoother and not being able to scratch herself, only if she missed with hitting the tree in the square that she had made but than she deserved the punishment so she continued doing what she needed to do. Her skin needed to be stronger if she wanted to handle a lot and she was sure that it was just as important as working on becoming healthier, she didn't care for magical protection but maybe at one point in her life she would figure out if that was important enough too. 

She continued boxing on the tree until she could see scratches in there, scratches from the bark going away as well as cracks in the surface which made her grin with a satisfaction that made it look almost evil. She was getting to a point of no return and she loved the feeling going through her that satisfied her. She didn't want to break a tree either and when she checked her knuckles she was sure that she had stopped just in time because the skin of her knuckles was tight and red but yet not broken, so no possible blood and if she would leave it alone for a few minutes and stopped boxing against the tree, she would be fine. She would now continue with her feet. But first she would put her socks and dr. martens back on and started to kick the same tree until the same result appeared. The scratches and dents in there as well as the cracks in the bark. Which was a rather interesting concept. She could leave Crowley alone for that time being and it took her all quite some time, she believed it was closer to eleven now, that would mean she had been busy for around an hour and that was quite alright, the day wasn't over yet. Now she had to keep in mind that hairdressers and spas would close, this was not a city that ran almost twenty-four hours like Hosenka and not a city that would go on till long like Magnolia and Crocus. So maybe there was a little speed behind her actions. 


Posted on April 5th 2016 11:06 AM
Mana: 1315

Still even though she had speed needed, time was at her side because of the fact that she had rolled out of her bed earlier than ever expected. Most of the time she woke up around eleven today it must have been around nine if not half an hour earlier, it didn't matter. It was close around eleven and she knew that she had to go to get a few things ready for today but not now, she was first working on her physical strength with doing squads and training her left leg just as much as her right leg. She had to be ready when it was necessary and that would mean that she had still a lot to do. She even tried push ups again and she knew back in her mind somewhere that she could also do too much but there was no time. There was no time for anything, she had to hurry and be there where she needed to be on the right time, on the right place and on the right ship. It might even be so that she would end up on the wrong one, although she suspected that there might be a new note coming from her Master, hopefully with more information or in any other way that she would know exactly what he wanted her to do. The letter she had got said something about the fact that he didn't want only light guilds to have the bright shining light of a new adventure on them, he wanted to know exactly what was going on. She wondered if someone from Grimoire Heart would come with her. That would make it a little more interesting as she would have some sort of ally, but no probably she had to go alone for Grimoire Heart would say that they had better things to do. She shrugged, she actually didn't know because she barely knew how the guild thought, she only knew Minerva. It would be wonderful if Minerva was coming but she doubt it. It would be a too big of a coincidence that she might not even have the ability to trust Minerva at that point. 

She yawned and her muscles were aching too much that it was clear that she would have to stop working out. That was the moment her stomach decided to imitate a whale and she embarrassed put her arms around it and looked at Crowley. "I'm hungry." She said as if it was nothing but before she would leave another idea caught into her mind that showed her that it might be smart to simply get stronger on the physical aspect of resistance if he would attack her with his metal wings. She would find a healer to get rid of her wounds, she knew the underground way here in Clover, she had by accident seen someone with the insignia going in the vacant building and had followed him. The only reason that she did at first was to beat him up for the fact that his insignia was clearly visible, which she still had done, as well as the fact she wanted to know where he was going and tadaaa she had found the place where she had been looking for in magnolia. The black market for dark mages, that's also where the request board was and she would find some request there later. 

She talked out loud now about her plans for today so Crowley knew what was going on. He would have to find one spot where he would see most of the city, because he couldn't follow her around, with that many Sabertooth mages, you never knew if they paid attention to really everything and the both of them didn't like it. But neither did they like the idea of Nasty ending up in jail and be split apart for that reason, she might either be hanged or at least not see each other in a long time. But so that was another reason that she needed to become stronger. So she would stand up defensively, ignoring the pain in her leg- and arm muscles because it wouldn't help her anyway, she had to go on for the rest of the day. Crowley would attack from higher up and slice close to her with his wings, which was painful the first time but the scratch wasn't that big, she had taken off her shirt so she stood there in her jeans and top, the cold never bothered her because of the fact that she was raised high in the north where there was always snow and she continued to walk in dresses and bare feet. It stung a little the scratch but it didn't matter, they would continue until Crowley was tired of it and Nasty was close to collapsing on the floor more because of the muscle pain. 

She would sit on the ground, putting her shirt back on and she crossed her legs to meditate and focus on the energy of her body that would help her restore some of the pain and ignore the scratches just made by Crowley. She already got the idea that she was getting stronger physically, but it was not enough yet and she would continue training as long as it was needed. Although she still had magic of course and she would kill the doll maker with her magic, since that's the way she had always been doing, right through the heart, but maybe first pinning the person against the wall or the floor, with all the knives and thorns she had in her possession, that made it easier to hit straight in the heart. But she wasn't there yet, she had to have an alibi. The only thing that made her not doing every kill the same was the time. She was coming like an oncoming storm but no one knew the time of the weather, it could be in the early morning, afternoon, evening or in the night. Just like the rain, you never knew when it was coming when the clouds were dark and the wind was hurling, but you knew that today would become a rainy day, no matter when you looked up at the sky. She grinned because of her own small metaphor and decided that it was enough for now, enough physical training. 

However she meditated for a minute or two to calm down. Regulate her breathing from the heavy work she had done and ready her body for the rest of the day. When she was done she got up and grabbed her coat from the place that she left it. It was already almost time for lunch, but she had first a few other things to do. She looked how Crowley hopped on a branch low enough for her to reach and she gave him a surprising new thing: a hug. They would see each other later or well be able to talk later and they wouldn't share lunch either which was a long time ago that they had not done that. Soon she would go to Era where he would have to leave her alone again and she wasn't sure what to do with him on Galuna Island, where there any crows there? Because from a distance you couldn't see he was made of metal, which was a perfect hiding actually. She actually believed she needed him but she had not thought of the consequences. To keep her muscles smooth, she grabbed her bag and jogged in an alrighty pace out of the forest, greeting the elderly woman that was still at the hotel looking as pissed as ever. "That was a great run, thanks for the idea." She said as if she was the lovely girl herself, Nastasya Crowe. But she wasn't. She went back into her room, only to drop her coat and bag, they would be nuances and she didn't like that idea. She would go and find a request to do in the black market and later would either buy a jacket if she could find one or have lunch. Both things were appealing, especially with stomach rumbling about, she didn't want to have that in a shop, that was just stupid. The Black Market wouldn't hear her, it was too loud there anyway. 

1416/ 6631

Posted on April 5th 2016 04:06 PM
Mana: 1315

Nastasya had gone back to the hotel to jump her goth lolita winter coat, that thing was too heavy to carry and to warm for this spring weather. Another reason why she should technically go back to Oak and dump her stuff, but she knew there was a place to stay in Era, a man like Allen from Crocus, if she recalled correctly he was called George and owned a bar with an inn combined. Most of the time he only let a few people stay, maximum up to three. But she didn't need to stay with him. She wondered if his name was really George. She was very bad at remembering names and faces which was definitely a flaw in her own perspective. but she didn't care and she flew to life as if nothing was wrong. But yeah it would probably a good idea to store her stuff somewhere, she would not bring a bag and a suitcase with her, that showed she had been on the road already too many times and too long and she didn't want anyone to put the loose ends together. She was already in danger as she would go to the city with all the people that roared that they would serve justice and there were probably a lot of knights at the ship. She didn't feel like being too much of trouble, the reason why she wouldn't perform magic and be just the wrong one on the ship. Yeah she should do that, it wouldn't be smart to play a squire of a Rune Knight without magic, same goes for playing a squire of a Royal Knight though. It would be far too coincidence if that was the only one dying. So this was the only way that she could figure out how to do it. She had to pretend to be asleep on the ship and only be woken when they were already too far to go back for her. She should work on her crying on command. But not right now, later today. She had to go to the black market and that was exactly where she was going. With herself dressed in a dark blue jeans and a black blouse, she wasn't that flashy and she could just stroll across the city, which she had done before. She was already looking for a shop where she could possibly buy a leather jacket. The people here in Clover needed stuff like jackets too, so it made sense that she would buy it here. She was looking around, window shopping before she came to the empty shop where underneath was the black market. She twirled around it, making sure no one had an eye on her before she stepped inside and hurried down the stairs as softly as she could. There were at least fifty people downstairs when she came there and a lot whispered towards her: girly come to me, I can show you things you need. Potions, golden teeth that should be good for some poison and so on but she didn't need any of that. But she was eager to look, although she didn't want to take too much time here, you never knew when the Sabertooth or the Rune Knights would figure out what was here below. But that didn't matter for now, she would be gone in a whisp. Just checking, some disgusting looking food and all ingredients to potions that one could wish for that some healers wouldn't simply sell to young girls like her and other people unless you could proof you were a healer. Now she never focused on potions, for her it was magic and disasters so that's what she would be working on. She yawned a little when she walked passed someone that took it as an offense and wanted to kick and hit her until some big bloke showed up behind her. "Don't you know who this is?" He said to the old lady that wanted to attack, probably throw a potion or two, he pointed at Nastasya. "This is the Valkyrie." He must have seen here in Magnolia and she grinned, but she quickly saw his Phantom Lord Insignia on the inside of his right arm. She understood how he knew here, which was better than have been seen in Magnolia. The old woman that had wanted to attack her bowed towards her and muttered a few times an apology. "Don't worry. I didn't yawn because of your stall. I'm just tired. I got up very early." She said to be nice, she turned towards the other Phantom Lord member and thanked him for his help. She continued walking but this time straight to the request board because she didn't like how everyone was looking at her. She didn't like places with many people but she had almost looked invisible while she was inside here so that's why she had come, now everyone knew her as The Valkyrie, the youngest Renegade at the moment, it was a little more awkward. There were quite some requests in Clover but not that much as in Clover or Magnolia, and not so much spectacular ones. Those were of course all claimed by the Sabertooth members, filthy cats. But it didn't matter, how bigger the request, the more dangerous it was and not per se with enemies and so on but it could be dangerous for being exposed to either a Rune or Royal Knight and in this case maybe even a Sabertooth member. She probably had to deal with one later when she was going to the doll maker and she already didn't look forward to that. They probably didn't send their easiest targets such as Fairy Tail did, because of honour. Here it was just bluntly for protection. Probably something like: Go hard or go home. She rolled her eyes and picked up a request that asked for the kidnapping of a girl. She folded it a couple of times and put it in her back pocket. It was so small and fragile that she doubt she would loose it. Which was a good thing. She went for another round on the black market, ignoring her hungry stomach because the food here absolutely looked not delicious but more close to disgusting and so she left not too much later after that. She probably wouldn't return now that they knew who she was because the prying eyes were annoying. On her last round she had heard them calling for her but instead of girly, they said: dear miss Valkyrie, look at this. No. She was Nasty, not the Valkyrie, only when she wanted to be the Valkyrie. The mask still hidden in the double bottom of her suitcase. Safe and sound for as long as it needed to be. 

When she got out of the broken shop, there was a guard there that would say when the coast was clear, she walked to the first person that she saw to ask for a parlour. Just looking as dumb as possible for she couldn't find it. It was actually a very nice old man that explained perfectly well where she could find it. He said she shouldn't eat too fast in case for brain freeze and she could only laugh about it. She promised him that wouldn't happen, as she looked forward to her ice cream but not to the brain freeze at all. 

Physical Attack 10 - 20: 7500

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Mana: 1315

So the elderly man that obviously lived here in Crocus described the way to the ice cream palour where Nasty wanted to go and have her lunch, it would be rather boring to go alone but since she really didn't have any friends nor any of the guild that she liked except for Lilith who was gone for a good couple of weeks. Make that months, after the Christmas request that they had taken together, she had not seen Lilith anymore, which was weird, maybe Lilith hated her simply because it had been her idea to look for the medicine. Not that she had liked it herself, she absolutely would never want to look for something like that again, she would never ever do something nice to people again if it didn't gain herself something as well as it would take so much time as well as traveling that that stupid request had done. They had started in Worth Woodsea, went to Hargeon, Crocus, Hargeon, Era and back to Worth Woodsea, it had definitely been too much and not funny at all. That had learned her to not be generous because they never really thanked her and so the couple which she saved, the wife had been pregnant and thus so ill, said couple had never ever done everything for her. An eye for an eye right? Now they probably lived somewhere very happy with their dear little baby. Yuck. She definitely didn't need anything like that, she didn't need love, it would only slow her down and make her mind vague and her knees wobbly and she would end up crazy when that person would either leave her because he couldn't stand the fact how she handled life or he would not like her anymore, he would end up dead, anything. She didn't feel like going through that trouble and definitely would she never wish for a baby! That was practically ridiculous. And more stupid than simply falling in love. She was already a punishment for her mother and thus also her father and look what happened to her. She wasn't the most sweetest kid in the world and she had no problem with that but she was born this way. If she would have a kid, he or she wouldn't have the free will as she had and it would only become a bugger to go on killing sprees and stealing stuff. 

She passed the shops again where she had wanted to buy the jacket, she quickly checked the opening hours and the clock tower that was in the middle of the centre of Clover. She still had enough time, four more hours and they would close. she wondered for a short second if that would also be for the spas. That made her iffy, she wasn't sure if she would make everything in four hours, especially not if a stupid Sabertooth member would show up and stop her from killing a person immediately, the person being the doll maker not the Sabertooth member. She sighed but that sad face quickly turned into a smile when she saw the ice cream parlour and she began to walk a little faster to go inside. She went to find an open table that was round and had this cute little chairs around the round glassy tables. She had forgotten in her haste to order to say hello to the person that was behind the bar but she didn't think about it for a second and opened the menu cart in front of her face. There was so much to order, waffles with ice cream. She wondered for a second, imagining that she would order it, if she would be able to finish all that. Sure she had trained a lot and had only eaten one omelette this morning but she wasn't a hundred percent sure. There were sorbets with strawberries, which was interesting, she actually liked that idea more than the ones with chocolate, which sometimes felt like too much. She had a bad one in Crocus, There was so much chocolate sauce and just dip that she couldn't finish it and had been nauseous for the rest of the day which had ruined her whole day. But thank god she had already done the killing or was it after that and was it with the Circus or was it apart from the Circus? Hmm she wasn't sure anymore but it didn't matter anyway. She looked at one that had yoghurt in it, which was a complete no go. So she in the end went with one with pieces of fruit, not the strawberry one. There was kiwi, mango and she thought it was pitaya. The bright pink fruit with the insides being white with black pits. It looked like a melon but it wasn't, the size was definitely smaller. Shame that they had no melon with it but she wouldn't complain as she simply ordered it. She had to wait for five minutes before it was done and in those five minutes it was the first time she looked around the parlour and noticed that she was the only one. "Are you so unpopular? I would suspect ice is proper sold?" She said out loud to the guy behind the counter. "Oh we mostly get people that get from their jobs around five and the weather isn't that warm yet." He said with a smile and she absolutely didn't care if she had been rude, it was just strange to her. She had always eaten ice no matter if it was winter or summer. Now in Húsavik the difference barely mattered. 

She enjoyed her sorbet when he finished it and brought it to her. It was nicely sweet with a little sour thanks to the fruits which made it even better. She tried to eat as calm as possible and not squeeze in delight from able to eat this. She might get a brain freeze, the absolute thing that the elderly man tried to avoid for her. She thought about it and smile while looking at the quite huge sorbet to her standard. She ordered a glass of water to fiddle with so she wouldn't eat too fast. She chatted a little casually with the guy behind the bar about Clover and if there was anything that she needed to do or see while she was here. He admitted that it was a small town, working mainly with wood and thus there wasn't much for an outsider that didn't like strolling through the forest, she said that it was the reason why she came here and that she liked the quietness of the town and the fresh smell of nature, which seemed to make the guy happy even though to her it was an obvious lie but he said that's why most of the people that came from Clover never left, it were sometimes the teenagers that would go to other guilds and that was the main reason. Which was an interesting concept and she said that she was traveling and wanted to see the best spots for the city, she lied about just getting out of the house and trying to find a place where she wanted to stay or maybe a guild. This guy wasn't in Sabertooth, she also didn't feel any magical energy around him so that made sense. When she finished her sorbet, she paid a little extra as a tip, besides she needed him as an alibi and that's also a reason why she talked with him. Normally she disliked strangers enough to not even care about them, but she had to work on an alibi and work on it rather hard. She waved him goodbye and went across the street to shop. 

Physical Attack 10 - 20: 7500

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Mana: 1315

Was it difficult to play someone else than who you really were? To Nasty it was not. The world was her stage and she was using it rather properly to make sure that the puppets were disappearing and she was the only one left. By killing the puppets she meant to kill their masters, killing the doll makers, what she had been doing for around three months now had made her a very serious person and it was a long time ago, even though it was only four months, that she had played or had been her childish self. It was not an act, nor was it just playing, that had been her true self until she went to travel with Lilith through the country and after that with herself. Instead of being a child, she had to become a smart predator like a fox or a wolf and more of the small smart predators. She had to think clearly about what she was doing, making sure that people had seen her on the same time without noticing the time that it was, all so that when she would do the killing, which would be the afternoon, it would be all around the same time. She smiled at her reflection in the shopping window, only smile, like she was happy to see that she looked quite alright today, as she did. But she had already seen that in the mirror when she came back for the forest where she had worked on her physical standard, becoming better in a lot of things was her goal and she was working very hard on that, to make it true. 

She entered the shop where she had been standing in front of, it was exactly opposite the ice cream parlour and she just went to randomly check things, they didn't have the leather jackets that she wanted, that was a few shops up in the street, but everyone had to think that she had nothing better to do and went shopping. And so she did, although pretty hasty. She checked some things, shrugged and went outside, right at the moment that the guy from the ice cream parlour wasn't looking outside, she did want him to believe that it would take a little longer to check the shop out and so on. She had to become smart, play smart and work it all out very carefully. Nastasya moved on to the next shop which was shoes and she did found a pair she actually liked but with her tight money, because she needed to save for other things as well, she decided not to buy it. But she pretended that it was hard to let go. They were boots, not like her doctor martens but proper girl boots. Black, reaching just above your ankle, the same way the dr. martens did. With a little heel and just an overall cowboy or maybe cowgirl feeling to it. She wouldn't say that there where this hideous straps on or anything, it was just the form of the boots. "I will probably come back later." She whispered loud enough for the sales woman to hear her, whom giggled. "They are beautiful aren't they?" So Nasty turned around as if she had not seen the sales woman there and nodded while holding the boots. "Why don't you try them on? Just to be sure, you can always come back tomorrow but what if you don't like the way they look on your feet?" Smooth play because that's how she was probably selling the boots to all the other simple souls because those boots would look fine with everyone, except males probably but that didn't matter for now. Just to play along Nasty put on the boots and checked how they looked. "Yeah," she muttered, "I might get back here tomorrow." She wouldn't buy them, she had enough stuff to bring along and she was sure that it was impossible to get everything stored and so on. 

So she put them off, thanked the sales woman and went slowly out of the shop to walk to the next while still checking the store window, since they were also there but in a more gray blue colour that she also liked but she wouldn't buy them as she just had made the conclusion that it would be more impossible and improbable to get them around especially if she had to go to the Island of some sorts. She finally arrived after the shoe shop at the place where she wanted to buy: the jacket shop. Full enthusiasm she entered and she went looking for the same sorts she had bought in Crocus. This time the sales woman was a young teenager that sat behind the counter blowing bubble gum and doing nothing else. Which made it a lot easier to just look instead of having to listen to the sales talk of the person that worked here. She wondered how old that girl was and if she didn't have to go to school but it was none of her business and apart from that, not even that interesting so she went on. Finally in the back on the third row above she found, after two other jackets, the one she was looking for. It looked quite expensive but she couldn't read the prize tag. She had to bother the bubblegum girl to get it off the row and show to her at the counter. Which was annoying but good enough. It was a little more expensive than in Crocus, probably because the shop here needed the money for that but she didn't care as she still had some, she bought it and she would take a few jobs soon enough. The girl asked in a very bored voice if she wanted to wear the jacket now or take with her in a bag. Nasty voted for the bag, as it was too warm for her opinion to wear it and she needed that alibi very badly. The tourist, looking for places, since she had noticed that the doll shop wasn't immediately in the inner circle of the most popular shops, which made it already a lot easier. She pretended to be her over hyped self and left the building to visit some more shops as well as go to the hairdresser. 

Physical Attack 10 - 20: 7500 
Physical Resistance 10 - 13: 2250

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Mana: 1315

So after the random first shop, the shoes shop and the one with the jackets, she thought it might be smart to just get some other bags to look like she was really on a shopping spree, because with one random bag you didn't look like a girl on a shopping trip. Now she never really believed that she looked like a girl on a shopping spree since the way she looked and on those times she really, really hated her green eye because she could never take her eye-patch off because of two reasons: one, people would stare at her because the big difference in her eye colours, bright green and blood red. Who would not stare, and she didn't deny that she might have stared if it was someone else, that shadow guy from Worth Woodsea was an example, but it didn't matter for now. Only the money to spend was a little less than she had hoped for. Besides she had just made the reasonable reason that she couldn't buy big things because it would not fit her suitcase, like those god damn shoes that she wanted but fine. She would do something else and she entered a bookstore, and bought the random most fluffy looking love story that she could find. Which was Romeo and Juliet, which was really stupid in her opinion but she wasn't that well with books and whatever, she preferred to read with two eyes and that was the second reason, she would see ghosts and sometimes, like her mother, they wanted attention to tell her something so she had never the time to just easily read a book. In this case she didn't mind but there were a few things which made her hate it. She walked a little more in the book store before she already took her leave to find something else, but now she had two bags which was already a step in the right place. Maybe she could buy more than just a jacket but something like a new skirt, for the journey to the mystery island, she should look like a normal person and it might be better to not be dressed into too much black. She would find something with her red leather patent shoes or she should buy shoes that would fit the dress and just leave that be, she would take some things with her to the island that was obvious, but her mask and stuff would stay home, with George or whatever his name was. But going all the way to Era with all that stuff, she didn't really look forward to it but she had not much of a choice and entered another clothing store where she went to look for a dress or skirt that would fit with her clothing. There wasn't much her style but than again that was probably what was necessary for a kid like her. She needed something cute and not making her look older than she was. Ugh this was horrible. She found a dark blue dress that would come just below her knees that had a little bit of a puffed sleeves that came just passed her shoulders. There were white flowers on the skirt part that looked like daisies with little bees and the patterns of where the bees came from, the black stripes that showed the road of them flying. It was not as childish as she had hoped but she actually liked it and that made it even a little better. Besides the bees were drawn childish, so that made a little bit up for it. It would probably give her the ability to come off as sixteen and she might play bratty but she wasn't sure yet. Spoiled was of course never really fun to have as a companion on a ship but better than an evil person. Besides if she was going to pretend to be without magic she should be able to do something else for fun. She sighed loudly while standing in front of the cash register, which made the person behind the counter look up surprised. "Oh you have so many cute things, I can only afford one for now. I will quickly do jobs to get more." She said the most stupid lie but it didn't matter for the sales woman believed her. Was everyone so good in here? Was that the reason why Sabertooth settled itself here, for it made sense. Gosh it was getting boring. But she had to hold on for a little longer, only this week and she would be satisfied and on her way to an adventure that needed her full attention. 

She yawned when she stepped out of the shop and turned back to the shoe shop, where she told the sales woman that she couldn't resist buying new shoes but that she thought the cowboy boots wouldn't fit her clothing line. So she told the woman that she didn't have that much to spare but needed shoes to fit the summer as well as her many dresses and skirts, because she simply wore them a lot, which was good that they found sandals with a little wedge that was finished with what looked like robe and were blue with white, the sailor pattern and she liked them even more than the cowboy boots. So she bought them, they were cheaper! Yay, and continued to head out into the main street. This time she was already caring four bags and it looked like quite something, she now had time to go to the hairdresser. Just before she entered, the clock tower rang it was already two o'clock, which meant that she really had to hurry. So she entered and was immediately greeted by someone from the shop. So like a shy person, she was quite alright with acting like that, she asked if there was still some room for her. She had noticed that her hair was getting too long and bothering her eyes. The hairdresser said that she would have a chair free in ten minutes and that Nasty could wait in the area assigned for that. So she sat down and dropped the bags, she started to read some of the magazines because it was what normal people did and just looked over it, really curious to what was happening in this shop. The assistance came to offer her some coffee, which she gladly accepted and she simply took the shy question if there was a spa in the neighborhood and till what time it was open. So the assistance told immediately everything what she needed to know and the idea that she was probably on a shopping spree, so she added: "So you still have enough time to check some other shops.", Nasty smiled as friendly as she could I need only one store after this and that's the doll shop. But of course it would be very stupid to say that out loud, so she didn't. 

After staring at stupid magazines about haircuts, gossip and fashion, it was finally Nastasya her turn and she had to take her eye patch off because the hairdresser was afraid she might cut the line of the eye patch and that would indeed be unfortunate. Instead of staring at her eyes, the hairdresser stared for a short while in the reflection of the mirror that was in front of Nasty. "Such bright and beautiful eyes." She said softly as if she didn't want to be heard because she felt like she was prying but Nasty actually smiled because she liked it, most people didn't say anything and otherwise it were always question about seeing different with both eyes and she found that such a stupid question but she didn't plan to say anything about it ever, but this time she could also say nothing but smile. The hairdresser asked what she wanted and Nasty said that her bangs should be a little shorter as well as her other hair, because she always had it reach just above her shoulders and now it was getting so long it was already over it and she didn't like it. She didn't need to say more as the hairdresser already started to brush her hair and see what height was perfect and cut the back first. Working it out all fine and making sure everything was on the same height. Than she went to the bangs and was finished in no more than ten minutes later. 

So she paid and left not much later to find the place of her destiny but she didn't immediately go there, she was walking in circles and looking around, placing herself more and more away from the main street that wasn't even that big. Which was fine and there it was, an dark looking store with the letters not even visible to read but it seemed that the windows were clean and that there would of course still be busy, it was very fortunate if you were the only doll maker in the city even if you sucked. She put her eyepatch in one of the bags and continued to walk up and down the street before she was sure there was no one looking, she could hear a caw and looked up to see Crowley on the opposite roof and smiled, before she entered and annoyed herself on the jingling bell that was above the store's door. It was everywhere the same and it was hideous but fine. She entered and started her over hyped self again, looking at the dolls and teddy bears that were placed next to the door and wall. It was all very beautiful. A grumpy old man came from the back door and muttered an afternoon. She smiled at him as broadly and cute as she could, which didn't make him much happier, but that's not what she was trying. She complimented him for his work. She wished she could see more, she was looking for a special sort of doll. It had to be perfect for her little sister, so she told the story that she was on a journey away from home to find a place for herself to stay. Exactly the same that she had done with the ice cream boy. Only that guy was the only one able to tell the story again. She came closer to him, wondering if she could see after the curtains, which would be brilliant for she wasn't visible from the street anymore. She had put her bags down in the right angle that they weren't visible either from the street view. So in the end the man let her through and she continued her story that she was looking for either a place to start living and maybe a guild to join, which was obviously a lie, she was just touring around to kill people that were a bother and needed to die. This old man reminded her of the one in Hargeon which made it difficult to keep up her happy mood for she had wanted to kill that man so badly and she had done but here was almost an exact copy. Maybe he was the twin brother? that would be a problem, than he knew about the doll maker killer but of course more people knew that, no one only knew how she looked like. She had to admit that it was brave to continue having a store as doll maker because everyone or well except for Era, every other doll maker was already killed. She coughed to hide her chuckle and continued to ask if he had dolls with black hair and rose red lips. So he showed her a few but he didn't have what she wanted. So with a disappointed facade, she walked back to the curtains, because they were a little open but instead of walking away, she closed them and turned around with her hands in each other necessary for the Molding Make Magic that she possessed. Her Butcher's Knife and pair of scissors appeared and she grinned evil. Tossing her hyper active story away because it was no longer necessary. This man knew what time it was. He had heard the rumours and the stories and maybe even the story about his own twin brother being killed and otherwise old people just looked a like. She couldn't help it either. 

She went to sit on the little stool that was standing in the corner of the room, close to the curtain and turned to the man that had turned very pale and she was almost afraid that he would get a heart attack, just like the old grandma in Hosenka, and all her fun would already be over. She crossed her right leg over her left one and leaned with her right arm on her leg and stared at the man that stammered words but nothing formed and nothing was very loud. "I see you are up to date about the news. Such a shame you have nothing to say, no last words or anything?" But the man continued to stammer and she was patient enough to wait. Since no one had been in this street she was sure that no one would also suspect any bad when they would see that there was no one behind the counter. Only thing she should have done was move the open sign to closed, but she had been to over hyped by her killing that she had not thought about it. There were tears in the eyes of the old man and she wanted to puke she hated self pity more than anything, or well it was one of the things she hated a lot and thus she stood up, creating her Rose Thorn to pierce his heart but when she came closer to the man she was able to see his face, even though the tears, his lips were curled into a smile and she quickly turned around to look if there were other people in this house that were now trying to kill but when she finished her detection spell scan she grabbed the man at his colour. "Why are you smiling?" She said with a cold and angry voice. Because it was not a funny business to be killed, she had almost thought she was going to be arrested herself and now it was nothing, he probably would have refused to be guarded by the Sabertooth people but she had to make sure that there was no one here. "I'm just glad that the Black Puppeteer have finally found me to kill me." Really this person was waiting for her? The Black... what? She wasn't sure if she understood the name but she shrugged it off and stared at him, self pity it was. This man was grumpy because of life and he didn't have the guts to take his own life so he had been waiting to be killed. Instead of being scared in the anticipation that you never knew where this black, whatever it was, puppeteer, would come for you to kill you, he was waiting scared that she would not find him. Really, she rolled her eyes and pushed him back against the floor. She couldn't afford not to kill him because he had seen her face, both her eyes and everything else that he could tell towards the Rune and Royal Knight so she would be arrested. His face was twisted in pain for a few seconds simply because of the scissors made of shadows and the Butcher's knife kept holding a little bit of his skin and by pulling him up and pushing him down it of course hurt him. That gave her an idea. 

She didn't even wanted to know why this man wanted to die, he was probably alone, she only needed to know if there was a Sabertooth here but he explained that he had not wanted their guard and said the shop was close for business and that he wouldn't stay in here. Which had been a lie but Sabertooth had not find out, or not according to him, that meant that she still had to be very careful that there was no one waiting for her outside, but her detection spell had said that it was safe. She would see when she would leave. If she could sneak away through the ground, although it wasn't necessary, she would take her shadow body and would go away. That was actually a nice idea, she let the Rose Thorn disappear and grabbed her daggers after she made them with her magic and grabbed one in each hand. She remained hunched next to this man that was plunged to the ground. "That you have waited for me, won't meant I'll be nice." And with a frown on his face, she started to stab him with one and peel pieces of skin away from him, which made him scream. So she went to find a piece of felt and put it in his mouth so he could scream out of pain whatever he wanted but no one would hear it. Although she would quit soon enough because there was too much blood coming from him and she didn't want her shoes to end up in there and leave a trail. She made very sure of that. So instead of the Rose Thorn she had to find something else that was sharp that she could pierce his heart with. She became more violent was the way it looked. She created her chisel and left it straight in his heart. she stood up and took a few good steps back to see the crime seen that she left behind, the shadows were already cleaning up behind her. It was the bloodiest after the one with the crows. She went to the curtains and opened them a little and grabbed her bags before she left the shop, she checked if Crowley would nod, which he did, meaning no one was in the street and no one was watching. She got out and walked already towards the alley two houses away from him and let out a loud scream, right before she turned her body into a shadow and ran away as fast as she could and as silent as she could with those bags to the other side of the city center. Where she came next to the ice cream parlour where the guy just came out because a lot of people were running. "What's going on?" She said surprised and hopefully a little scared. "I have no idea." He said surprised to and they walked that way, he left the shop unattended but this was a village to a city where most of the people knew each other. "Old man John has died or better murdered!" someone yelled and Nastasya turned her look at the ice cream boy, she looked scared as good as she could and he nodded. Really thought? That was his title here? Sabertooth members came from far and close to check and Nastasya was so close to saying to the boy from the Ice Cream Parlour that she would rather not stay here to live but she didn't. It would probably point out too much, she didn't know how those people thought. Only that she had to make a life to think like that too. She had to be a fox, to survive this. 

She had her new alibi even though her idea was to go to the spa, she had made it far enough to come here. She looked up at Crowley and checked her bags if she had everything. She quickly put on her eye patch. Hoping no one would mention it. She turned around, saying she didn't want to see it anymore, it would probably gave her nightmares and the boy from the ice cream parlour invited her to come and eat another ice cream in the shop. He had to head back now too since he was still open and he didn't want to be fired. She said a little soft that she would vote for him, if it was needed for his boss. So at least the two of them went back and he offered her a strawberry sorbet, which they sorta shared because she said she couldn't eat, it was so weird and she felt a little sad even though she didn't know the man. It made her feel like a sympathy person, which she obviously wasn't. After the strawberry sorbet she thanked him and said she would like to meet him again, under better circumstances and they decided to maybe meet tomorrow, she wasn't sure if she would show up, it depended on the fact if she would go away today or not, she would see and otherwise she might fake an illness or so. She had to go and head to the spa, because she felt dirty, there might be blood somewhere but she wasn't sure, the ice cream guy, whose name was Randall, had not seen anything. 

Physical Attack 10 - 20: 7500
Physical Resistance 10 - 20: 6414

Posted on April 8th 2016 10:24 AM
Mana: 1315

The killing was done and while she was walking out of the ice cream parlour, too full because of the fact that she had a second sorbet, thank god she had more or less shared. Not the same spoon or whatever but she was at least happy that she did get it for free and didn't have to eat it alone. She had the perfect alibi. She was a little afraid that someone might have heard her due to the four bags that she was carrying but all good. No one had come to her yet, no Rune Knight, Royal Knight or Sabertooth member and she was sure that the Sabers would not be able to sit still if they heard who was the culrpit behind this killing. She wondered what was meant with the Black Puppeteer but she didn't mind. They didn't know her name was the Valkyrie, she would let that know one day but when and where was still the question, the fact that the country had given her a name, meant that they were lost and had no idea who it was. Which was a very, very good thing. 

She waved to Randall, the ice cream parlour guy and headed down with her four bags towards the spa that was in the street behind the main street as well as on the other side of the crime scene, which was more in the north and this was in the east. If it was the other way around, because at this point she had no idea what North or East was but she guessed because of the road she had come from when she came from Magnolia. Otherwise it was South and West, but who cared. As long as she was save, which was a weird idea for being the culprit but she didn't care. She had four bags, two in each hand. One contained a leather jacket that she had bought, almost an exact replica of the one she had that was destroyed thanks to the burning water of dear Fairy Emma. Well fair enough Nasty had killed her sister. But than again, the sister with no name had been even more annoying and stupid than Emma. If Emma had told her anything about the fight, would her bloody sister not see the references between the 'Black Puppeteer' and 'The Valkyrie' their magic. Oh god she was so stupid, even though the difference in eye and clothing as well as a mask it had been at least worth to try, she had to tell the sister with no name herself and because of that she had killed her. Now it had been quite a struggle till Nasty had dropped a chandelier of shadows on her so she was stuck. Poor Emma she had heard the girl scream because of her sister and she had to run pretty fast to avoid the Fairy Tail members finding her. But she managed, had been in her hotel for two more days before she left. 

Right now she would take her relaxed moment at the spa, but she didn't want a massage, she want to feel the victory of the cold. She wanted to have a warm and cold bath. Which the cold might feel like Húsavik which would feel like her victory because she was getting closer to her goal of killing her father Regulus Crowe and his father, her grandfather, Augstar Crowe. She couldn't wait and was so excited but she had to hold herself in. In Clover there was nothing to be excited about and since the Sabertooth mages were everywhere, she sure had to know how to keep her face, sad and scared. But she managed to get to the spa, where the ladies helped her with her coat and stuff and asked what she wanted. So she looked around and asked about those baths that she had seen in Magnolia, and they helped her go there. At this moment, she was the only customer in the spa area, so not the beginning where they performed manicures and pedicures. Which she might take up later, and again she more or less cursed on herself, she should have taken the money. She had had enough time since they only came after she screamed. She rolled her eyes when she was alone, she had an hour before she had to get out or else pay more. One half hour in one of the baths and another in the other. But not immediately a complete half hour. No person could stand that. But than they haven't met Nastasya. She was naked because she didn't bring a swimsuit and it wasn't necessary as well as that there was no one else. Apparently they also doubted if someone else would come. So she stepped in the cold bath and her skin turned to goose bumps but already turned back very fast as she went down till her shoulders. It was colder than she was used to lately but that was because it been already a few times since the cold was like Húsavik. She didn't this and even though she was curious to the heath of the warm bath, she actually would love to stay only in this one. But she didn't, she waited half an hour and stayed in here which felt really nice and comfortable like home had felt before they betrayed her and she ran to Oak for Phantom Lord. She climbed out of the small round pool into the next which was indeed very hot, she also didn't remain a full half hour in there because she wasn't able to. Now she had seen that one coming and climbed after a good fifteen minutes back into the cold one where she stayed for the rest of her time. It was even colder after the warm one and even though there were goose bumps on her shoulders, she loved it. With her hair being short thanks to the hairdresser of today, it was still dry, even the lower points when she climbed out. She carefully dried herself off, made sure to check in one of the hundred mirrors if there was blood anywhere, but there wasn't. She had been careful enough. Thanks to the Sorbet and the feeling of going to her place, as in her hotel room, she thought about eating in the restaurant provided by the hotel, which would save her a lot of trouble. She got back in her jeans and black blouse, her doctor marten boots and back into the lounge area where they provided other services. They brought her tea and some sweets and asked if there was more that they could help her with. So she asked for a french manicure. Her nails had to look perfect for next week, she told them about a special party, which was obviously a lie. But a special party from her parents, to celebrate her sister's birthday. Instead the reason why she wanted these nails was because you couldn't keep them clean, so she wouldn't be able to murder as well be less of a suspect. Her nails would be too perfect. Now she had liked her nails now, thank god she didn't have this nail bite thing but they were not the most beautiful and they were once the woman of the studio was done. She had to wait a little before they were fully dry and than paid for everything. That was finally the moment that she could head back to the hotel and relax some more, with her best friend by her side because she had actually missed Crowley. There were no intellegent species around her with whom she could talk the way she talked with this metal crow. 

Physical Attack 10 - 20: 7500
Physical Resistance 10 - 20: 7500
Left: 234

Posted on April 8th 2016 10:13 PM
Mana: 1315

She hurried back to the huge log that was the hotel, she really didn't like how it looked but she skipped complaining about it as she hurried to her room to meet up with Crowley again. Humans were not good enough for her. Maybe it's because the people that she thought she had befriended were absolutely leaving her about. Which was rather disappointing. Lilith as well as Minerva. Now alright this list of people that she liked was rather small but could she do more? She was constant away from the Guild and she was probably a difficult person to like. People like Lilith thought her childish and she had no idea what Minerva actually thought of her but the two of them had met when Nasty became already a little more mature on what to do. 

As soon as she reached her room, Crowley came flying in and they started to laugh softly, today had been an adventure, he had followed her when possible or sitting in a high tree so he could see her from quite a distance. It had been boring and lovely at once, she wasn't sure altogether what to think of it. But it was over for now. The only thing now was that she wasn't sure if Crowley would be able to go with her to the mysterious Island shredded in mist. What if there were no crows and he was the only one. She sighed heavily and thus the laughter stopped. She explained her problem with Crowley and he said he could always have a look and make sure that they were not seen together or him seen in total. He could hide by sitting on one of the masts and be a real crow for people that would look at him. Maybe a crow lost or lazy, he didn't care as long as they didn't have to be completely separate. She told him about the plan and he said that she had to become stronger if she wanted to make sure she would survive against all the light guild members and thus she started with the horrible push ups and sit ups again. With the support of the bed above her feet, it was much easier to do sit ups. Of course being skinny and having no breasts made sure that it was less difficult for her than compared with some other girls. She was tired because of today, running around and training in the forest, killing an elderly man and so on. She was so glad when she would have food and be able to go to bed. She didn't care at what time, just sleep was what she needed for now. 

As soon as she was done with her training that Crowley had more or less given her, she went to sit on her bed and tried to think of very sad things. The problem for an weird possible insane person like her was that she found nothing sad. She had killed a cat by hurting it very badly, she killed people, children, old people and regular newly wed couples. Ah there was one thing. The old man in Crocus that was left alone to die and she focused all her attention on that memory and on what happened. That she killed him out of pity because he was dying anyway and not really because of the fact that he was a doll maker, that made it actually a bonus. And she tried, she tried very hard to think about crying because of it. But now she actually wanted to hunt his grandchild and tell her what kind of bitch she was before killing her but alright. She tried again, this time explaining to Crowley what she was trying to do. Cry on command, something that she would probably need more often and especially when she was going to that island with a lot of knights from the country. She wasn't afraid but totally at ease wasn't she either. She would see how it goes but if she wanted to pretend to be a young teenager from Caelum, she had to be able to cry. 

In the end a few tears come and she decided to take a break and head out for dinner in the restaurant that was provided by the hotel. She wasn't very hungry but she always looked for new things to eat or things that she hadn't eaten in a while. So today it was time to eat some pasta. With all sorts of cheese, meet and what not. It was difficult to pick and she couldn't even finish everything but it was fine. She took the last bit with her in case Crowley thought it was a smart thing to eat and otherwise she would just throw it in the dustbin or so. It didn't really matter to her, only that she was done with today. But she had to try and cry on command again before she was able to go and undress herself to wear something as a pajama and really go to sleep. Something she deserved. Tomorrow or so she would do a job but not yet as it didn't matter. She had to stay here a little, interact with the people to not become a suspect. But it was fine, she would manage. Even in this big log house that served as hotel. Gosh she hated it. 

Physical Attack 10 - 20: 7500
Physical Resistance 10 - 20: 7500
Magical Resistance 6 - 8: 1000

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