Working for her money was definitely not something Leia enjoyed doing, but it was something that had to be done if she wanted to have some food at the end of the day. A long sigh escaped her lips. Sometimes she wishes she was back six – almost seven, wow – years ago. Her father was loaded, meaning she could get everything she wanted. But alas, all that was taken away from her and he had been having to work for what she wanted since then. But hey, it was good for building character, right?

When she got up that morning and counted her money, there had barely been any left from the last job she did – and that had been two days ago! So she either had to do more jobs, or she had to be more careful with how she spent her money, and the second one definitely wasn’t going to work. She would not make cuts in her comfort – it was important. So, that meant doing more jobs, and what better moment to start then right away? Well, after breakfast and coffee, that was.

Anyhow, Leia was standing in front of the request board and ripped of a random piece of paper – no need being picky, because all these jobs were crap anyway. She quickly scanned the text before crumpling up the paper and shoving it in her bag. She then set off towards the place written in the description, to meet this ‘Uriah’ dude.

Once there, she knocked on the door. When nobody answered, she rolled her eyes with a sigh and pushed against the door – which turned out to be open. “Hello?” she said loudly, after seeing nobody because the place was kind of dark. Shady. Fun.

It didn’t take long for a figure to emerge from the shadows very, ehm, gracefully? Who was she kidding, the guy was obviously drunk. “Whozzat?” he slurred, while walking towards her, making Leia roll her eyes. She hated drunks. And on top of that, he was also smoking. A cigar! Egh. “I found your request, here to do the job.” she said, as cold as she possibly could.

So the guy gave Leia the instructions of what needed to be done. She needed to beat up one of the dealers of the casino to take their clothes and pretend like she worked there. Then he would come in and she would have to help him cheat etcetera. Didn’t sound too difficult. Lying and deceit were probably two of her first words.

And with that she was off to the casino. She decided to wait around the back, at the employee’s entrance for someone to come outside. The plan was simple: they would come out, she would shoots some simply spells at them, then tie them up behind the dumpsters so they wouldn’t be able to get away, she would put on their clothes and go back in pretending to be them. It helped that she had set foot in casino’s before – a lot of her father’s business meeting had been in casino’s and he always made a point of it to take her along. “So she could learn the ways of the job,” he always said. Well, she would thank him now if she could.

Luckily, it didn’t take long for a dealer to come out of the door, and it was even a woman, which meant she wouldn’t have to pretend to be a man in way too big clothes, so that was a nice plus. Once the woman had closed the door behind her, Leia stepped forwards from the shadows with a grin on her lips. The woman was obviously startled by her presence and asked what she was doing here – to which Leia obviously didn’t reply.

She made quick business of it all and she soon entered the casino dressed as one of the dealers. Security in this place obviously sucked, because nobody seemed to be even slightly alarmed by one woman going outside and another one coming in, but that only made it easier for her, so why complain?

It didn’t take her long to find Uriah sitting at one of the blackjack tables – luckily, because blackjack was the game she knew best.

The game went smoothly. She did what any dealer would do, but occasionally slipped Uriah the cards he needed to win. After a couple of rounds people started to get suspicious, though, so the two of them left (separately, of course). She then met him back at their first meeting point, where he paid her for her services.

So Leia went home with her pockets refilled with money – enough to last her at least two more days before she would have to do another job. Maybe three if she pushed it, but she wasn’t planning on doing that.