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This website is based on the Fairy Tail series. But you don’t have to read/watch Fairy Tail to be able to write here. We only use some canon names for NPCs. Feel free to look around and staff is always trying to help you as good as they can if you have questions or suggestions. Please read the rules before you start to make it a lot easier for yourself, after that you can decide to join and we wish you a lot of fun!

Fiore RP is for everyone, we support socials but also have the opportunity to use a lot of combat. Apart from that the staff hosts a couple of events per year in which you can gain more experience to rank up, powers to train and other potential prizes. Our site is character based, which means we support character plots and development.

July 15th 2016 - We're sorry to announce that Fiore RP has closed down.

III. Magic & Combat Rules

Posted on November 9th 2015 06:29 PM
Mana: 2500

III. Magic Rules

10% of the citizens in Fiore have the ability to use Magic. This site plays the 10% of the Fiore Citizens. This means that all the members here possess magic.

When you create your character, you can pick a magic. A starting character can have either level 1 or level 2 magics. Levels can be seen as simply categories of what kind of magic you have. Level 1 Magics are simply the normal elements and thus basic. Level 2 are advanced and Level 3 are even more advanced. Level 2 and 3 Magics have aspects that Level 1 magics do not have. All magics can be found in the shop, as well the ability to make your own Custom Magic. Custom magic is limited but this is up for discussion with the staff (Hanon di Fiore).

The current list of magics can be found here in the magic store.

You can pick a theme for your magic. Even change the name but the original magic will be noted down in brackets behind it. This so other members still understand what kind of magic you possess.

I. Symbols in the shop
There are two symbols in brackets: [L] [P]
The [L] stands for Limited Magic. This means that there are only a few mages in Fiore that can have this magic. For this we have the limited list that you can find at the top of the page or here

The Limited Magics are:

  • Dragon Slayer
  • God Slayer
  • Devil Slayer
  • Requip
  • TakeOver

    NPCs do not count towards the maximum number of Limited Magics. Limited magics must have a theme, For example: The Fire Dragon Slayer, Divine Requip and Monster TakeOver. There can only be one person with a certain theme.

    All of the Limited Magics and some other magics have a [P] behind there too. This [P] stands for Primary Only. This means that these magics can only be your first magic. The other magics are:

  • Life Magic; and
  • Summoning Magic.

    II. Secondary Magic
    Mages are able to get a secondary magic once they realise they are strong enough. Your Secondary Magic will be able to get the same rank as spells as your primary as well as the infinite amount of spells, as long as you are creative enough.

    The only thing that is very important to keep in mind, is that you can’t combine your Secondary Magic and Primary Magic into one spell. They need to be separate.

    A Custom Magic counts as a secondary magic. Mainly because if you want to start roleplaying with your character, it’s easier to pick a magic from the shop. Staff of Fiore RP did this with the purpose that you as a new character do not have to wait till first your character is approved and second your magic.

    III. Spells

    With your magic you have to make spells before you are able to use your magic. These spells use a certain template where you fill in the information that is needed. The information about magic spell information is found in the magic section of the site, which is here. There are different templates for Requip as well as Summoning.

    We also use Unison Raid, which is a spell that two mages can cast on the same time. The rules about Unison Raid as well as the template can be found here as well as in the same magic section.

    When making spells, you create a new topic in the Magic section. In post of this topic, you can make up to five spells of the same magic. When you are done, you’ll need to post a link to the spell topic in Staff Section so that staff can check it.

    After staff has approved your spells, you can train them. If you have done the training, you need to reply to your spell topic with a link to the training and post the spell topic in Staff Section again.

    Every magic gets five starter spells for free. These are 3 D-ranks and 2 C-ranks. If you get a Secondary Magic, you again get the same five starter spells for free. 

    IV. Spell Training & Retraining

    When you make spells that are not your starters, you will have to train your spells. To train spells you need a certain wordcount. The wordcounts will be mentioned below as well as in the magic template & information. Once you start your training topic, the spell training must be mentioned at least once. The rest of the training can be used for other purposes, like stat training.

    Spells are made for one rank. As your character grows, it may exceed past this rank, but the spell remains the same rank. You are able to make the spell raise in rank. This is called retraining. Retraining allows you to permanently use a spell one rank higher than it is right now. This will obviously take less effort, but still some.

    To start retraining, you have to make a replica of the original spells in a new topic in the Magic section. All spells mentioned in the original topic must be written down in the new one, regardless of whether it is going to be retrained or not. Next, post a link of the new topic in Staff Section, making clear that you are retraining the spells. From there, it will go the same as for training spells (see above). Once the retraining is done, the original spells cannot be used and the retrained spells will take their places, one rank higher than before.

    Retraining costs less word count than training spells, as can be found below. Note that if you retrain a spell as a sixth one spell that has one higher rank than your own rank, you still need half the word count of training the spell, not the word count for retraining. For example, a D-rank mages decides to retrain one of his spells, making it his sixth C-rank spell, he needs 250 words for retraining to C-rank, but also 250 words for his sixth C-rank spell

    You can have unlimited spells up to your own rank and up to five spells of the rank above. You can have more but then you will have the increasing wordcount. This means for spell training as well as for retraining.

    Retraining Summoning Spells is different from normal magic spells. It is mainly different for Summons. The Summon threads can be pulled to edit the summoning score. More information can be found here in the Summoning Template & Information.

    V. Mana
    You are able to cast spells because of the fact that you as a mage possess Mana. Mana means Magical Power. A spell will cost a certain amount of Mana, which you will find in the spell template that will be provided at the development section. With every spell that you cast, there will be mana taken off the amount that you have. 

    A D-rank Mage starts with 500 Mana and a D-rank spell for example costs 30 Mana. So if you use one spell it would be: 470/500 of the Mana left. This should be noted at the end of each of your posts where you use mana.

    Mana is a stat that cannot be trained (see Training) for more information regarding training stats. Instead, each spell that you have trained (not including Starter spells) with give you 5 additional mana. For example, a D-rank mage has 500 mana. When he trains two additional spells, his mana stat becomes 510. If you think your mana is incorrect, you should note that in the ‘Other’ section of Staff Section and staff will look into it as soon as possible. Note that retraining spells does affect mana.

    VI Banned Magic
    Even though we allow a wide range of magics, since we definately encourage creativity on the site, there are certain types of magic we do not allow to be used.

    These magics are considered banned:

    1. Controlling minds/emotions
    2. Gravity/territory
    3. Sound
    4. Nullifying magics
    5. Draining magics
    6. Black Arts
    7. Death magic
    8. Eye magics
    9. Poison (unless it's a subspell, with Dark Écriture)
    10. Curses (up for discussion)
    11. Magic that creates life (If you want this we suggest you take summoning magic)



  • Posted on November 9th 2015 08:23 PM
    Mana: 2500

    The thing with Combat is: please be nice to each other. It sounds really weird, we from the Staff know but the thing is meant OOC. Don't be a Mary-Sue, which means that you can do everything. You are not immortal neither invincible. So take a shot now and then, make sure to block correctly and try.
    Maybe most important with combat is: reading carefully and writing it down carefully because that's how you make it clear to the opponent what you want, and that sure can be difficult. You can't decide if the other gets hit or not, since you can't decide what the other does. If you're taking the Mary-Sue road, your opponent can inform the staff and we will check upon you.

    Please keep in mind that this site is focused on socials and we're not going to be very strict on the combat rules or watch every battle. Unless it's an event. Another thing that I want to point out with this is: please make sure that everyone in your thread enjoys there time.

    Physical Attacks

    There are vital points on the body for Physical Attack. Now we as staff know that those vital points are also there for magic but this can already be stronger than Physical Attacks, so for now the vital points don't count for Magic.

    Head: If you aim on the head it deals double damage.

    Neck: If you hit directly in the neck it deals triple damage..

    Chest: If you hit heart, lungs or liver, it deals double damage.

    Battle/fighting Threads

    When a battle post or thread is going on. You have only one chance to make a post. It is not allowed to edit. Please make sure that you add your spells and stats in the battle posts. Mainly staff will not check your profiles or spells themselves. If you're doing this in a social, you can of course discuss with the member you're up against what he or she thinks. 

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